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do we have any idea of how Benjamin Tallmadge was physically?

I remember reading somewhere that Benjamin Tallmadge had long curly dark brown hair and it pains me that I cannot remember where I read it. 

This we can notice from John Trumbull’s painting of Tallmadge (but I cannot find a date) that his hair was curly, dark and brown in all honesty. Fuller lips. 

His brows are brown, and his eyes are a sort of mind I say *dazzling* blue and again he has lips on the more full side. 

More full lips (again), large nose that’s slightly angular, thin brown brows. 

In his painting, unlike his other paintings, we also get a view of his lower body. John Trumbull once called Tallmadge’s legs and those of George Washington’s “an exact pattern”. 

Nathan Hale was 6′0, and Benjamin Tallmadge was about an inch or two shorter from what I’ve read previously. George Washington was 6′2 but wearing boots he would stand at 6′4. Tallmadge was about a height of 5′10-5′11. If John Trumbull thought their legs, “an exact pattern” (considering he used Tallmadge’s legs for the bottom half of one of his Washington paintings) Tallmadge’s legs had to of been the same or extremely close to the size of George Washington’s legs which were described in a primary source as “rather large” and “muscular around the hips.” 

Tallmadge must of had very long longs. 

Above in Tallmadge in his later years. While his hair is rather thinned, we can see that his brows hold some shade of brown in them as well as light eyes in a shade of blue-gray. You can see the same large angular nose I described before. 

A primary source description of Tallmadge was also in Nathan Hale’s biography by M. William Phelps which says what soon after arriving in Yale at the age of sixteen, Benjamin Tallmadge was a “chubby boy with a baby face.”

From these paintings and the primary source, we are assume (and see): Benjamin Tallmadge had long curly dark-brown hair; lips that were pronounced; light brown brows; blue eyes that grayed to a blue-gray hue as he got older; a large, long and angular nose; was about a height of 5′10-5′11 and had rather long legs; and finally that in his mid-teens he was a little chubby and had a baby face (probably from baby-fat), from his paintings we can see he somewhat outgrew it. 

With the help of ancient memes, this thing writes itself. The biggest complaint I have when it comes to Clare’s writing style in this particular piece of art is the very fact stated above. As though using ‘and’ or scrapping useless sentences every once in a while is the greatest offence. The text becomes predictable and boringly simplistic, wannabe-fancy mush. If we consider the style, there is absolutely no originality in thought, no distinctiveness other than the annoying amount of “fancy” writing, over-dramatic descriptions of the most mundane things, and cliched expressions in respect of anything ever. There was not a one sentence in this whole book that I liked or thought was inventive.

Other source of great annoyance lies in the descriptions also. As far as these books go, love can only be skin-deep. Characters’ whole person revolves around what they look like, what they are wearing, or how gosh damn it good-looking they are. Even Jace playing the piano had more to do with how good he looked while doing it. His slim hands and sock-hating bare feet. Very exciting if you ask me. In any case, I had two counts while reading the book, and I don’t know what to make of the fact that Jace being dashingly golden is more relevant than a soul-binding bond of two fellow warriors. 


I have gone over this fairly many times and still can’t fathom why the only thing that was so close to originality was pushed so far back that it barely had any presence in the story. Only thing that the complete disregard of the parabatai concept enhanced was the absence of close, unromantic relationships and their own particular depth and meaning in the story. The fact that you can have meaningful relationships with other people without them undermining the meaning of the relationships you have with someone else was such an alien idea that it goes beyond me how an author can be that jealous and envious of her own creations. 

Romantic relationships are not the most essential or ultimate form of a relationship, but even a potentially profound and deep brotherly connection is smudged all over by an indication of the other harboring romantic love for the other. And as mentioned previously, the attraction is nothing if not shallow. Which brings me to my other count:

Clare obviously forgot that “golden” is not a personality trait. And if not gold, then silver (the next best thing). What would our Jace be without his godly golden looks? Just an ordinary douchebag with no handsomeness and dashing beauty to redeem it. Tragic.

Since I already have gone through the book in detail, I really can’t come up with anything profound to say that I haven’t said already to summarize this amazing and eyeopening reading experience that I will never want to do again. Ever. I have nothing good to say about this book. This book is pure shit in every possible way.

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about your love for jmo - i was a huge fan of hers but then I read her sundogs description and its really racist. ive read reviews and as a brown muslim woman seeing a film that has 2 white heroes mistaking a brown man as a terrorist is just ridiculously problematic. how did you get over that?

ok so the only thing about this that i’ve seen before this were hateful tweets (coming from v v biased sources) so i discarded them. also, no, i haven’t read the description of sun dogs so there’s that. 

not being knowledgeable on the subject, i turned to my friend @kevinmckidd, who knows more about this stuff so, with her permission, i’m just gonna quote her on this. 

‘i know two people who actually went to the sun dogs screening (one of which is actually a practicing muslim) and neither found the movie racist or insulting. the movie was made to depict the time immediately following the 9/11 attacks and the fear that was very real and made many people fearful (often unjustly) of anyone who practiced islam. the movie literally calls out the main characters pre-concieved notions about muslims and i think if a movie can depict a problematic behavior that is rampant in this country and especially back in that time period, and the MAIN CHARACTER can learn from that and modify their behavior, i think that’s a really great thing to do. the main character is also mentally challenged and already has a skewed view of his interactions w/ others. people who are already pre-judging a movie based on a summary are misinformed and frankly need to wait until the movie is released.

allison janney is also one of the stars of the movie and is an outspoken advocate for the ACLU and religious freedom and spearheaded the 9/11 episode of the west wing that dealt with islamophobia and how to counteract it.

the movie is a product of it’s time and if we can show problematic behavior and then show that we can learn to change, isn’t that a positive thing? most people don’t like to discuss their prejudices so film is a way to communicate that is non-threatening but still packs a powerful message.

but yeah the movie hasn’t even been released and people read a DESCRIPTION like two sentences of the movie and decided it was racist. sometimes movies are made about uncomfortable times in our history and that doesn’t make them racist??? i don’t get this. 

people really just want another reason to shit on jen. and you’re pretty much a dumbass if you judge a movie based on a two line description when it hasn’t even been released yet for movie critics, much less the general public.’

so hey. i don’t have anything to get over when it comes to jen & her movie. at least not until i’ve seen it & judged for myself.

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Oh my gosh! The audio description didn’t describe Matt checking his watch; i missed it! i love that Daredevil shows Matt using so much assistive technology. Do you know what else he uses that I may have missed? Or perhaps personality traits directly resulting form his disability? (Like where he’s bad at grammar/spelling and that could really easily be from not being exposed to letter by letter English text, instead using contracted braille/screen readers.) (1/2)

“…I only just got into Daredevil, and as a Blind individual I’m so inspired by Matt and I love hearing about little things like this thank you so so so much for pointing the watch out. ^^”

   You’re very welcome! Sorry this has taken so incredibly long, but we wanted to be as thorough as possible. The audio description doesn’t miss much, and the show doesn’t incorporate quite as many blindness-specific elements as maybe it should, but below we’ve listed some relevant details the description skips over.

   We also want to crowd-source this one. If anyone notices anything that we’ve missed, please feel free to add it!

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What is a reverse image search on Google ._.

Good question!

So, a few years ago, google added a fun little feature. It’s called Reverse Image Search. 

Usually, you type a description into google, and it gives you a picture, right? Reverse Image Search is when you upload/link a picture to Google, and google helps you find a description. Usually, the description also includes a source!

To use it - go to and click on the little photocamera icon! (It should say Search By Image when you hover over it.) Then, upload or link an image, and see what pops up!

Usually it’ll bring back several results, but chances are, the artists’ original post will be there. You can double-check if they’re the original artist or not by looking on their blog-page and seeing - do they draw? Do they have other, similarly-styled drawings? Artists are not masters of disguise. It’s very easy to recognize an art tumblr when you see it. :)

EDIT: I’ve been informed that this also works in Chrome by right-clicking and selecting Search Google for this image!

It’s Fandom Event Time!!

As I posted earlier today I’d like to hold an event. I’ve got together my panel of judges and we’re all ready and raring to go so I spent all day working on the art for this post haha! Candies, get ready for your Spring Fling!

From the 9th until the 25th you have the chance to enter your Candy as a nominee for the title of Spring Fling Queen 2016!

I have decided to host a Spring Fling for the MCL fandom so it’s time to dig out your best duds and doll your candy up for a wonderful spring formal dance! Reblog this post and show me and my panel of judges your beautiful outfit for the dance and you could win a wonderful prize along with the title of Spring Fling Queen 2016! A first place winner and four runner ups will be chosen from all entries by myself and my judges to receive prizes so please take part in this event!

The rules of this event are simple;

  • Like any other spring fling, this is a formal dance. Your Candy will be expected to arrive in some form of formal attire. Now whether this is a dress, a tux or something traditional is entirely up to you.
  • Entrants will only be accepted up until the end of the 25th of March.
  • To enter you must reblog this post with either; a drawing of your Candy in their formal attire, an edit of your Candy in their formal attire or post a picture reference of both your Candy and their formal attire.
  • Doll entries do count but be sure to link the source!!
  • Written descriptions will not be accepted.
  • Please also specify which boy your Candy will be attending the spring fling with.
  • The event will run from the 9th of March until the 25th of March. Any entries made after this time will not be taken into consideration, sorry.
  • On the 26th of March five finalists for Spring Fling Queen will be chosen, of those five finalists all will get a prize!!
  • On the 27th of March, Easter Day, the Spring Fling Queen will be chosen and announced to all who took part.
  • No decisions will be made solely by myself, I have gathered together a wonderful panel of judges to aid me in this task. Also judges are not eligible to win though they may still take part if they so wish. My chosen panel is @mcl-writings, @3d-pd, @littlemwrites, @mcl-puku and @mcl-rando.

The Spring Fling Queen will receive art from me as their prize of both their Candy and date in their chosen formal outfit.

The first two runners up will receive art of their candies by either myself or @3d-pd.

The final two runners up will receive a drabble of the events revolving around their candies during the spring fling from either @littlemwrites or @mcl-rando.

Please be sure to thank them for offering their wonderful services as prizes for you for this event.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part and have fun with the event and I shall update everyone with the finalist list on the 26th!!

Have a great Spring Fling everyone!!


if beato turned rokkenjima into a business because we know krauss couldn’t

(implied spoilers)

anonymous asked:

Would aromantic be the same as asexual? Or is it still different?

Nope, different! Aromantic refers to a romantic orientation whereas asexual refers to a sexual orientation. 

[Here is the link for full-size image, source and description of this infographic.]

Also resource: AVEN wiki definition of romantic orientation and sexual orientation.

I hope this helps, anon! 

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What is up with the Cartoon Network 'hiatuses'? Can you please explain why they do this, who makes the decision, & if you the storyboarders have any input on why and how they do this? As much as we like Regular Show and many other of Cartoon Network's shows, it is upsetting to not know when the next date of a new episode will air as well as find the titles and descriptions out. Also, where is the best source to find out the upcoming episode airdates and titles/descriptions? CN is slow sometimes.

A lot of reasons. Maybe CN doesn’t want to burn through all the episodes too fast. Maybe they want to save some episodes for later. 

The storyboarding staff is pretty hands off on any decision making on that end. Most of the time we get the airing dates on the CN website or from you guys on tumblr believe it or not. 

We’re just artists! Not marketers or program schedulers. I’ve been to CN HQ in Atlanta and they have a huge whiteboard with the CN schedule plus ALL the schedules of our competitors and their ratings, advertisers, etc etc. They use science and math and sorcery to figure out where everything goes.