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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

  • [Hunk is in the shower]
  • Lance: Can you come out here?
  • Hunk: Just a second.
  • Lance: There's a snake in here, Hunk.
  • Hunk: What?!
  • [runs from shower]
  • Hunk: Where?
  • Lance: Okay, there isn't a snake but I need to ask you something.
  • Hunk: Are you kidding me? I could have been killed!
  • Lance: How?
  • Hunk: By running too fast! And getting twisted in the curtain!

Louis sassing Liam from backstage and Liam having none of it (16/6/15)

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end