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Introducing Strega Babe Spiritual Supply!

Strega Babe was founded by Dakota Hendrix, a Brooklyn based queer, non binary witch who’s practice is based at the crossroads of their heritage.

Their mother’s line was steeped in Southern Folk Magic, Hoodoo, Conjure.
Their father’s line was made up of Strega, practitioners of Italian Catholic Folk Magic/Witchcraft.

Both of these traditions are of “the lower class” - poor people, peasants, folk who survive.
This is practical magic at its most creative and it’s most effective. 
No fancy, frivolous, lavish words, rituals, tools or ingredients needed.

Please take a moment to check out our Etsy shop to learn more about our StregaBaths and if you’re so inclined, Favorite us.
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All of our baths are made with high quality, organic, ethically sourced herbs. 

Strega Babe Etsy Shop
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Dakota’s YouTube


Looking for fun Public Domain Art

I found this lovely bit of art from a Medieval Manuscript a couple of years ago from @sexycodicology, and made some embroidery designs from it. 

Like here:

And this next one I found greatly amusing:

But while these two bunnies, particularly the axe-wielding one, get a lot of views and compliments, they do not sell very well.  

Any suggestions on more unique art sources I can use, or nice manuscripts I have overlooked, to turn into files for machine embroidery?