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Princess Charlene’s South African necklaces

On 21st July Princess Charlene and her husband Albert made an appearance at the IAAF Diamond League Herculis race to hand awards out to the winners, including fan favourite Usain Bolt. Charlene wore a one sleeved green dress and an eye catching necklace. 

The necklace isn’t a typical Charlene piece on the surface. The Princess doesn’t wear much jewellery and the beaded nature of the necklace is unlike her usual simple choices. But this necklace is inspired by the work of the Southern Ndebele tribe, based in Charlene’s native South Africa. The royal has worn a similar piece almost exactly a year ago on July 22nd, when she met with the Olympic athletes before the Rio Olympics. 

There are lots of options when trying to find an African inspired piece but the one I picked is from the wonderful source that is Etsy. The Fro Lady is a gorgeous Etsy store with a huge range of African inspired jewellery. The one I’ve picked out explicitly name drops the Zulu tribe, based in South Africa, so I thought it was the perfect copycat. It’s selling for £31.92 ($41.50), a price which reflects the craftsmanship going in to the piece. The choker and neckpiece combination really reminds me of Charlene’s more recent piece so I’m thrilled to be able to share this one. 


Introducing Strega Babe Spiritual Supply!

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Their mother’s line was steeped in Southern Folk Magic, Hoodoo, Conjure.
Their father’s line was made up of Strega, practitioners of Italian Catholic Folk Magic/Witchcraft.

Both of these traditions are of “the lower class” - poor people, peasants, folk who survive.
This is practical magic at its most creative and it’s most effective. 
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