source engine 2

Judith Mossman undergoing transformation from LOD values 0 through 6. LOD value 6 is the absolute lowest polygon version source will allow models to be rendered in on the default directx9 version of the game. By default all models in source games will be assigned higher and higher LOD values as they become farther away. 

If you would prefer that everything always appear in its LOD 0 value (the highest fidelity one), you can simply type r_lod -7 in console after enabling cheats. Inversely if you want to force the lowest quality model to appear type in r_lod 6.


um. the talking heads in this 2004 release look miles upon miles better than anything i’ve ever seen in any bethesda game. like. they’re barely comparable. this actual undead person looks more animated than the average fallout 4 companion. 

on the other hand, i do consider this walk cycle a direct assassination attempt on me personally, because i spent an entire minute choking and wheezing as if somebody had grabbed me by the throat and/or kicked my lungs in when i first saw it.

work it. don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t.

an entry I did for lil-aptor’s (on steam/twitch) sfm contest! The theme is summer! Just before it’s about to end soon :’)

I really have not much to say, It was a last minute entry so had to hurry asap ;v;

crossing my fingers

Edit: I may need to add that Medic once again tried to put demos eye back…but he’s gonna loose it soon