source engine 2


Remember the “taunt fortress 2” video? Well the ‘The Winglet ’ just posted they’re entry into the Saxxys like 2 hours ago
Well worth a watch.

| Take Your Spy To Snipe Day | 

2560x1440 Resolution | Made In Source Filmmaker

Requested by @greypillowsheet

No sniper can headshot and dominate the entire team without their trusty spy companions B)


Finished my entry for’s current Intel/Spawn Room detail entry - welcome campers, to Camp Redmond!

With nearly 200mb of custom assets made for the revamped theme, it’s surely a labor of love, with over a dozen easter eggs scattered around the campground, along with a fine-print backstory to the locale!

If you wanna check it out in-game, I highly recommend checking out all entries alongside it in the contest over on! There’s a lot of good work there!