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  • Wade: Did you know a spider can hold eight guns at once?
  • Peter: How does it walk?
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Did you know a spider can hold seven guns at once?

“You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator.“ - Abraham Hicks ✨

I am so happy my soul picked a physical human vessel on earth. We as humans have the ability and a mission contribute to change in the planet earth. We are creators and we are here to manifest change. We are connected. Wake up. We are love. We are energy. We are light. We have a purpose. Open and Awaken. 🌿


President Abraham Lincoln Gay

In 1837, the 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois, to found a law practice. Almost immediately, he struck up a friendship with a 23-year-old shopkeeper named Joshua Speed. There may have been an element of calculation to this friendship, since Joshua’s father was a prominent judge, but the two clearly hit it off. Lincoln rented an apartment with Speed, where the two slept in the same bed. Sources from the time, including the two men themselves, describe them as inseparable.

Lincoln and Speed were close enough to still raise eyebrows today. Speed’s father died in 1840, and shortly afterwards, Joshua announced plans to return to the family plantation in Kentucky. The news seems to have stricken Lincoln. On January 1, 1841, he broke off his engagement with Mary Todd and made plans to follow Speed to Kentucky.

Speed left without him, but Lincoln followed a few months later, in July. In 1926, writer Carl Sandburg published a biography of Lincoln in which he described the relationship between the two men as having, “a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets.” Eventually, Joshua Speed would marry a woman named Fanny Henning. The marriage lasted 40 years, until Joshua’s death in 1882, and produced no children.

From 1862 to 1863, President Lincoln was accompanied by a bodyguard from the Pennsylvania Bucktail Brigade named Captain David Derickson. Unlike Joshua Speed, Derickson was a prodigious father, marrying twice and siring ten children. Like Speed, however, Derickson became a close friend of the president and also shared his bed while Mary Todd was away from Washington. According to an 1895 regimental history written by one of Derickson’s fellow officers:

“Captain Derickson, in particular, advanced so far in the President’s confidence and esteem that, in Mrs. Lincoln’s absence, he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and — it is said — making use of His Excellency’s night-shirt!”

Another source, the well-connected wife of Lincoln’s naval adjundant, wrote in her diary: “Tish says, ‘there is a Bucktail Soldier here devoted to the President, drives with him, & when Mrs L. is not home, sleeps with him.’ What stuff!”

Derickson’s association with Lincoln ended with his promotion and transfer in 1863.

The Universe knows you so deeply, so intimately. It knows who you need to experience more of life, and it knows who needs you. It knows when, where, how and why. That is not your business. Maintain your faith. Dare to believe in the unseen forces and they will not let you down. They don’t know how to let you down. They only know how to match your level of belief. 

During hypnotic regression, Suzy Hansen recalls, in 1962 at the age of 8, being in a room with other human children and alien children playing a game. According to Suzy, “We are playing my favorite game, learning to use the mind to create activities and challenges, and holograms hang in the air above our heads, vibrantly colourful and radiant. We see them not only through our physical eyes, but at the same time, we view them from within the mind or consciousness, mentally and energetically constructing and manifesting the shapes. Our thought forms can be projected to others in the group who can continue to develop them in complexity, transforming them into whatever we wish, and we can expand or reduce the size and dimension of each others creations as desired. Each child adds to it in some way, continuing the process, forming spectacular conjoint designs, shapes or images floating in the air. They are intricately beautiful and complex: crystalline, geometric, organic, with intense colours, interlocking, flowing, and transforming.”

Source: ‘The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien o for Human Advancement,’ by Suzy Hansen. p. 89-90

according to some early Greek writers, Cancer rather than Aries started the zodiac. This seems to accord with the idea that it represents the first emergence of life, the entry of the spirit into a corporeal body. The cusp of the fourth house in the horoscope, which is Cancer’s natural house, has long been associated with the end of life; here it is also imaged as the beginning, for this is the point of the sun at midnight when the old day dies and the new day is born. In Egyptian myth the sun god traverses the heavens each day in his golden boat, and each night he descends into the caverns of the underworld; there he battles with the terrible Serpent, and emerges at each dawn victorious to begin a new day. This deeply mystical thinking of Cancer with the very seed and source of life connects it not only with the primordial Mother, but with the Father as well, for this mythic language is concerned not only with the emergence from the womb but also with the spiritual seed that fertilises and begins new life.
—  Liz Greene
Touka and Mutsuki, setting up foils and conflict

What you said about mutsuki and touka how they are both fixating on the same thing kinda like a dream was really interesting and true to me. It makes the whole touka mutsuki kaneki/haise conflict even more complex would love to hear more about that from you 

Alright, since I’m the one who brought up this idea and also I’ve seen it go around in others inboxes, I’m going to devote the Touka and Mutsuki comparison to its own Meta rather than just having it as a point in a shared meta. 

To clarify, what do I mean when I say that both Touka and Mutsuki fixate unhealthily on the idea of Kaneki/Haise? Also, why does the narrative set this up?

To begin with, I’ve received several asks as to what I mean by Touka is obsessed with Kaneki, and I’ve also seen other people point out that Mutsuki’s love for Haise is way different and much more violent than Touka’s all accepting love for him and therefore there’s no point in comparing them. However, I raise that this seemingly total opposite difference is exactly why we must compare them. Let me demonstrate to with another chart:

The two are in opposite directions, and Mutsuki is much more extreme yes. However if Mutsuki were not compared to Touka in this moment, you might mistake Touka’s own devotion as healthy if it were not being flagged like this. This is literally the origin of the term foil, which is a foil placed on a stage to highlight something, its something used to call attention to something in someone else.  Let’s elaborate under the cut though. 

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You Know Better - Part 22 - Connections

-gif source unknown-

Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship. 

Part Description: You find out what was important enough to cause the interruption.

Warnings/Labels: Language, Sexual Frustration, Boring Plot Stuff

Approx. Word Count: 3,500

A/N: I’m sorry this is so, so late. I’ve had so much going on and a giant brick wall of writer’s block. This is a lot of “plot moving forward” stuff, but I hope it’s still keeping you interested.

Story Masterpost

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Thank you so much J Cole for the HBO documentary 4 Your Eyez Only. There are so many artist that aren’t opening our eyes the way you have about the black community. Yes we are in a time where social media is now our source of expressing and connecting with others about the issues but we’ve got to do more. Keep talking, keep contributing keep the hope alive for better days. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much 🙌🏾
Please go watch and support good music and black artist.


Ch 125: The Blue Sect’s Age and New Questions?

In the latest chapter we’ve gotten some possible information on how long the sect might have already been operating which raises more questions.

We now know that the main sponsors of the cult were all suffering from renal failure and that they were all supposed to die sooner because of that illness. But since Bravat performed a blood dialysis on them their dates of death were delayed and they lived longer than they should have according to the original to-die list. 

Othello is showing Ciel the original time of death for one of the old guys which is March 27th, 1888.

So that means that Bravat must have started to replace the old guys’ blood before that date at the latest and therefore he must have been collecting blood for that purpose for at least one and a half years. The beginning of his activities must have started even earlier or at least around the time when when the story of the manga begins.

However, the popularity of the cult has only recently begun to get greater and the P4/S4 only joined the cult after they’ve been expelled from Weston, so after June in 1889 (more than one year after the latest possible beginning of Bravat’s work). The purpose of the Blue Cult is to attract visitors in order to get their blood. But if the cult has only recently gained attention, where has Bravat gotten the needed blood from before that?

Bravat even said to the sponsors that they’ve only ever gotten the leftovers. So it seems like his true purpose was to get blood for the Lords of the Stars all that time, meaning that the Lords must have existed already when Bravat started with the dialysis of the old guys’ blood (i.e. March, 1888 at the latest). 

So somehow Bravat must have had access to a blood source even before the cult was created or at least before the cult became popular. And something must have changed for him to make new plans on getting so many visitors to draw blood from. What could it be?

Possibility 1: He suddenly needed a lot more blood.

If he only had limited access to blood before and suddenly needed a lot more, this would explain why he changed plans. His old blood source might have not been enough anymore. However, it’s not clear why Bravat would suddenly need more blood. If the Lords have already existed before (which is likely as I’ve said above) why would their blood demand increase all of a sudden? Unless something in their ‘treatment’ (or whatever the reason why they’re needing blood in the first place is) changed. There are already many theories about the Lords being Bizarre Dolls and we know that Undertaker’s methods of creating them have improved lately. So maybe one of these improvements for getting the perfect Bizarre Dolls requires a lot more blood than before which could explain a sudden increase in the demand for blood and therefore Bravat’s plans on creating a cult where he can draw blood from the visitors.

Possibility 2: His old blood source didn’t work anymore.

If the amount of blood Bravat needs for his purposes has stayed the same something must have happened to his earlier blood source so that he couldn’t have access to it anymore. In that regard it would really be interesting to know what his old blood source was because it now seems like he needs quite a huge amount of blood and you don’t just get your hands on so much fresh blood easily.

Again, since it’s likely that Undertaker is involved in this sect there might be a connection to him. Maybe Bravat obtained the blood from Undertaker before the cult became popular. As a mortician UT might have had access to blood, his connections to hospitals or even the Aurora Society and maybe the Osiris Company might have been helpful for that purpose, as well. But after the Campania arc this might have become more difficult and after the Weston arc Undertaker even left England for some time to visit France and Germany. So Bravat might have been left in charge at that time and was forced to search for a different way to get the blood needed for the Lords.

So, in summary, the cult or at least Bravat’s treatment of the old guys and therefore the Lords’ presence must have existed for much longer than the public is aware of the cult’s existence. And since the amount of visitors only recently increased Bravat must have had a different blood source before. But something must have happened that made it necessary for him to gain another or a different blood source (i.e. the visitors) now. So that raises the questions:

  • Where did Bravat get the blood from before the cult became popular?
  • Why did he suddenly need a new blood source?
  • Could this be connected to Undertaker?…