They are the hunters. We are the foxes…

Okay, real talk. First and foremost, this is a real live person with real feelings and real rights to freely roam her home city. This photo represents what her days in NYC consist of, unless she wants to live as a recluse. Stop and think for a moment what an enormous responsibility this situation warrants. Tay has to be on her game and flawless every single time she goes out of her house because she knows she will face this mob. Not to mention the safety concerns of this huge group lying in wait for the latest greatest Taylor Swift candid. She has said in interviews that she is determined to live as normal a life as possible. That doesn’t include hiding out for days on end in your own home, so, she lives her life and goes her own way, dealing with this unbelievable intrusion every single day of her life. Can you imagine dealing with this every time you go out to visit a friend? Every time you run out to the neighborhood bakery for a pastry? Every single time you exit your building? We love this girl with all our hearts and we truly have no real concept of how she lives with this overwhelming intrusion in her life on a daily basis. We enjoy candids of Taylor. We get to see how happy she looks, what cool outfit she’s wearing, how high her designer heels are, what bag she’s carrying and we feel a little closer to Tay in seeing these flashes into her life. Let us not ever forget what she deals with day in and day out in order for these photos to even exist. To the photographers waiting to ambush Swift every time she walks down her steps: HAVE A HEART. TAKE A FEW SHOTS AND WALK AWAY. (KEY WORD BEING FEW). IMAGINE IF THIS WERE YOUR DAUGHTER OR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE. SHOW RESPECT. TREAT HER LIKE A PERSON, NOT AN OBJECT. BACK OFF A LITTLE. LET HER LIVE.
Thank you, Taylor, for being wise enough to shake off what could be and would be and has been the destruction of so many others. Stay beautiful. Your strength astounds us all.

Moving on is hard when a person still has a grasp of your soul. When all you wish is to be set free, but they feel you resist and cling tighter to your skin. Let me go. I want to run; I need to get away. I cannot be held your captive any longer. You cannot hold me forever. I am no longer yours; you cannot keep pretending I am. I cannot keep living this lie. You will never own me. You never have. You say that you need me and I laugh. You say that you love me and I sigh. You can pled, you can beg, but you cannot make me stay. I am no longer your trophy sitting on the highest shelf gathering dust, when I know I am born to shine. We have held on by the weakest links for far too long. It is time to break the chain. It is time to say goodbye.
—  bound //

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