jimkirksapple  asked:

I want your 旦 and ☆ pairings, plx and thank you!

Heeh, you just asked my favorites (right now)!

旦: my “friends-with-benefits” pairing:

Calthazar! Althought I can easily see them as something more commited especially in a post-war settling, I love to picture them as having a best friends-with-benefits type of relationship through S6, with all the sex and companionship and none of the strings and drama.

Balthazar would try so hard to get Cas to relax first trying to share his hedonistic ways than quickly realizing that’s not Cas thing so he’d wisk Cas way to far away beaches and forgotten forests and they’d watch sunsets together but sometimes they wouldn’t have the luxury for those kind of things and then they’d meet in hotel rooms and Balthazar would try to make Cas feel good and forget about the war just for few hours and he’d teach Cas all  he’d learned while they’d been apart and he’d laugh at Cas’ jokes because if there’s someone in the universe who would get Cas’ humor would be Balthazar right?

And Cas would know there was someone who cared about him just for him not because of his cause and what he could do for them


☆: my “adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”)

Crowstiel. I know! I know, trust me! It’s easy to look at them and see just hate sex and for a long time they were my hate sex pairing and I was happy with that but somewhere along the way, re-watching S6 mostly,  some domestic Crowstiel started to take over my brain.

It really doesn’t help that they act like husbands with the petnames and “i’d rather ask forgiveness than permission” and “You look stressed” lines.

I just…Crowley wanted to keep Cas for himself so badly, you know? To the point he pushed Cas to alienate his friends(tho Cas did plenty of that on his own, at first) and thus alienated Cas himself, but he wanted them to be the new Devil and the new God and they would rule together and live have happily ever after and Crowley started his descent into super dark territtory right after Cas’ betrayal so you know it affected him tremeduously and asdfghklçç 

And Crowley would take care of Cas and spoil him to death and be grumpy about Cas’ weirdness like his love for flowers and bees and in the next day there would a new greenhouse on the grounds just for Cas and Cas would spoil Crowley’s hellhounds which would infuriate Crowley because they’re beasts from hell damnit and Cas would give Crowley massages after a bad day and they’d cuddle together in Crowley’s gigantic bathtub and take naps there when sex would just not be an option and they just be the scariest supernatural couple evah and the hottest and grumpiest and basically THEY COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL GODDAMN IT

Hey, just making a post to get in touch with the people who said they’d be interested in forming a GISHWHES team with me!

Registration is coming up, so I figured now would be a good time to finalize who is on the team and whatnot. ^_^ We’re allowed a max of 15 people and I believe we have exactly 15 people… please do let me know if any of that has changed!

I’m tagging this with everyone’s URLs and will probably send you all messages over the next few days to make sure we’re all still for it and get your suggestions for our team name!