ART: Abstract Photographs by Akihiko Miyoshi

Although photographs are mostly about surface, we rarely think of them in that way, preferring to see “through” the image to its ostensible subject. But Akihiko Miyoshi is an artist very much concerned with this planar aspect of the photographic image, creating scenarios where it can be revealed as illusive and often, discontinuous.



A few days ago was the opening of the first major solo exhibition in France of renowned Dutch photographer ERWIN OLAF at La Sucrière, in Lyon. The exhibition “Emotions – Installations till 2012 by Erwin Olaf” depicts ten years of his work, both in photography and film.

Known for his 60s influence photographs, Olaf creates through his work an extremely rich world, working with both installations and film. Not only a photographer but a real stage director, each photograph is carefully composed like a movie shot, with a real precision in the choice of the set, the furniture, light as well as the models and clothes.

Mixing photojournalism with studio photography, Olaf won recognition in 1988 when awarded the first prize in the Young European Photographer competition and since then has exhibited nationally and internationally. Through his work Olaf intends to raise awareness and explore issues of class, race, sexual taste, beliefs, habits and grace. Although depicting a beautiful appearance Olaf’s work shows how culture can become repression – the unexpressed and imperceptible at first sight.

His work is featured in our current Soura issue 35.

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