Imagine a late night study session with schoolmate!Hoseok

•His eyes would be drooping down and turning a light red color poor baby

•He’d probably get annoyed really easily because who the hell should be studying at three am

•"Babe can you get me another coffee?“

•"You’ve already had four…”

•His head would just kinda lean into your shoulder and he’d let out a big sigh

•"Two plus two is five…right…“

•"Idk probably.”

•Messed up hair

•Too many Trolli Sour GummyWorms

•Around fifty crumpled up papers that never made it to the trash

•A sloppy, half asleep, sweaty make out session

•"Fucking hell we’ve been doing the wrong subject the whole time"

•"No we’re not that’s just another thing we have to add on"

•Husky moans from Hoseok

•Eventually falling asleep at five am and getting up for class at eight am