sour stout

An English Teacher AU (Part One) // Kylo x Reader

Prompt: Okay am I the only one who thinks that Teacher Kylo is the hottest Kylo out there, because SAME. I wanted to do a teacher Kylo, but like different. Idk I’m really weird, but I have this vision in my head of how I want it and I’m making it happen. PS I’m thinking about changing my theme? I’m bored by my original theme on mobile, so I’m gonna change it. Input? Yas or Nah? Lmk  Author’s Note: THIS IMAGINE IS VERY LONG IT IS 8 PAGES ON MICROSOFT WORD SO PLEASE WORK WITH ME. I THINK ITS ONE OF THE BEST IMAGINES I HAVE WRITTEN YET SO HEY ENJOY. THIS WILL BE A THREE OR FOUR PART IMAGINE. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!!!!!!!!

You really didn’t think that a bar would be this crowded at this point of the summer. It was the two days before classes started at your college and the bar was filled of people of all ages. Some young, some older- but who cares. You wanted one last night where you could party before you had to focus on your work and finish up last minute stuff. Your best friend, Meg, and you headed out with a small other group of friends to drink it up and party.

When you arrived, people were at the bar talking, others were dancing, and some were the obvious sober drivers home. “Come on, round of shots on me!” Julia, one of the other girls, tells the group as everyone cheers. As you walk to the bartender, he starts pouring out shots of tequila. “A toast! To the class of 2017!” The group cheers, knocks back their heads, and downs the clear, liquid that burns your throat.

Throughout the night, you sip on beers, mixed drinks, and of course, more tequila shots. You dance with your girls as the hours pass, not having a care in the world. Yet, as the night progressed your girlfriends found guys to leave with one by one. Soon enough, it was just you and Meg left. “Well, this is not how I predicted the night to go,” you tell Meg.

Meg turns around. “What do you mean?”

“I mean everyone finding a guy and leaving. I thought we were gonna have a girls night, ya know? Just us and absolutely no guys,” as you speak, you notice a guy come up behind Meg and wrap an arm around her waist.

“Ready to go?” the tall brute asks her as Meg flashes you a small, awkward smile.

“(Y/N), this is Tim. Tim, this is (Y/N), my best friend in the world entire world that I love so very much. I mean, she is the abs-“

You laugh at her hidden pleads. “Go, have fun. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” you inform. She laughs, gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and disappears into the night. “And then there was one,” you sigh. Sitting alone on the bar stool, you call over the bartender and ask him for a club soda. There’s no point in getting drunk anymore, not by yourself at least.

“Friends ditch you?” a strange, deep voice asks. You look over and sitting at a nearby bar stool is an extremely attractive man. He has this thick, dark hair that is rippled with waves and dark brown eyes. His features are masculine and strong. His voice was bass and it sent tingles down your spine. He carried a laid back aura as he leaned against the bar with what seems like a whisky sour, swirling in a stout glass. You laugh and nod your head. You didn’t want to get caught up in a conversation with him; you promised that you would just go home alone. “Join the club. I came here in a group and before I knew it, I was doing shots alone,” he speaks, sipping on the chilled drink.

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