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The Unicorn Frappuccino

@parisianqueen convinced me to try the new weird frozen sugar concoction offered by Starbucks, the Unicorn Frappuccino.


This Lisa Frank sparkle sprinkled milkshake thing looks like it would taste cloying and ultra-sugary, like cotton candy. Instead, it’s surprisingly mellow. 

The ingredients include (from watching it be made) white mocha powder, mango syrup, milk, and ice, with a sour blue raspberry rim, topped with whipped cream and rainbow powder. I dunno if that all adds up, but it’s a weird flavour combo to say the least.

It kinda tastes like sour mango fruitcake…with a cough medicine aftertaste. 

The unicorn frappuccino, like an actual unicorn, is best half glimpsed from afar.  

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I need more Trevor pls!!!!!. Maybe w/ a pregnant reader?? It's cool if If you're not comfortable with that. Idc as long as it's with Trevor

Word Count: 1.475

You shifted a bit uncomfortably on the red metal stool you’d been sitting on for the last half hour and let out a small sigh, hoping that it wouldn’t be that noticeable to anyone at the table or any of the viewers. You could feel your stomach twist and turn before giving a significant swoop which was unpleasant in a myriad of ways. You wanted to excuse yourself but Jack and Ryan were still in the middle of some sort of argument and you didn’t want to interrupt. You quickly found the monitor and saw the cameras were on the pair of them so you took it as your opportunity.

You slid off of the stool and all but ran off of the set towards the door; the only thing going through your mind was finding the bathroom before your expelled whatever was in your stomach.

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heaven for breakfast again! this was soo good. it was a grilled banana-vegan sour cream-raspberry sandwich with pomegranate, blueberries and peanutbutter on top! :)

We’re releasing images of our Fuwakui Fruit Gummy Sea Bunnies today! They’re in final prototype phase and will be released later in 2016. They will all be based off of traditional Salt-Water Taffy flavors! These Sea Salt Water Taffy Bunnies, based off of the Sea Bunny Slug, will be released in many flavors! This current flavor is Strawberry Lemonade! We also have plans for Sour Grape and Blue Raspberry as well! These three will be together in the first batch in 2016!

The moment I realized I became Sally Jackson:True story

So I work at a candy stand in the mall on weekends for gas money.

There are lots of people who steal from the candy stand.

To prevent this I make nice with all the mall rent a cops. Make sure to make them up a bag of candy every weekend.

There is one named Julius.

Julius I noticed only eats blue candy.

I go through all the candy only picking out blue candy for him. Blue gummy sharks, only the blue sour patch kids, picking out blue gummy bears, and if course the blue raspberry sour belts.

I’ve called him Percy for a month.

He has yet to correct me.

Falsettos drink dream

So basically I had a dream I was allowed to go see the falsettos movie and they had different drinks based on characters and songs and I remembered all of them when I woke up because it was so vivid and dream me kept trying to memorize them and even took pictures because i wanted notes, dreams are awesome.

I’m breaking down/ I’m on the brink: sour cherry vodka with lime and lemon dashes and mint in a martini glass with salt rim (alcohol)

Whizzer: Mango smoothie with raspberry syrup on top and the tigers blood flavor, strawberries on the rim ( @falsettosdiner ) (smoothie)

Marvin: Lemon, watermelon and weird sour blue raspberry on top but the base was just vanilla, very few people liked it (milkshake and alcohol, it was weird it changed half way through the dream???)

Mr weisenbachfeld: Hot chocolate, caramel drizzle and pumpkin spice. (Hot chocolate)

Psychiatrist returning: Vanilla shake, smoked marshmallow, peppermint and caramel (milkshake)

Head in the box: blue berry smoothie, graham cracker crumbles, caramel, white chocolate (milkshake)

Jason: coffee, chocolate, caramel, raspberry (milkshake)

I want it all: hot apple cider, cinnamon, vodka is optional (cider)

Shiksa catering: banana, strawberries, marshmallow, lime drizzle (because she isnt the best cook) (milkshake)

The queen (falsettoland reprise): lavender, rose, mint, lemon (tea)

Tight-knit family: Lemon, lime, lavender, caramel, green apple, and cherry (shaved ice)

A day in falsettoland: Banana, Rose, Cotton candy, (Milkshake)

See, kiss, call: Cotton candy, bubblegum, raspberry, sugar rim (alcohol)

Trina: Espresso, blackberry, lemon (coffee)

Cordelia: Lavender, Raspberry, lemonade (Lemonade)

Charlotte: Matcha Cappuccino, Caramel, Vanilla

Ill add on more when I feel like it


💙 Sour blue raspberry slime 💙


today’s yummy macaron list:
white = salted caramel creme brûlée 🍮
light brown = nutella 🌰
light pink = lemon raspberry 🍋
coral = sour watermelon candy 🍉
hot pink = birthday cake batter 🎂
grey = cookies and cream 🍫
#jennaraecakes #winnipegbakery open 12-6pm #jrcmacarons gift packaging by @georgettepackaging by jennaraecakes