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Get to Know the Mun

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Things I currently love:

ONE SONG: Elijah by Rich Mullins

TWO MOVIES: The Prince of Egypt and Ragamuffin

THREE SHOWS: Star Wars Rebels, Total Axxess, and Nostalgia Critic

FOUR PEOPLE: Mike Donehey, Ken Davis, Rich Mullins, and Mandisa

FIVE FOODS:  sweet and sour chicken, turkey sub, peaches, crepes, and soft pretzels

SIX PEOPLE TO TAG: @nvertoolate  @dawnofspeed @lucklessprincess @celerem @elextrospeed @futuresuper

All new metal goodies are soon to arrive featuring our fruit gummy sea bunnies! We have Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Grape, and Blue Raspberry in individual charm form, and a necklace with all three!

Who are you looking forward to the most out of these three cuties?


Happy 43rd birthday to this beautiful limb of a man, Mr. James Donald Root! We love you ‘til we die, Jim! You never cease to bring amazing music to our ears, whether it’s you playing that sic guitar or the writing you do for Slipknot (and from Stone Sour before). Have a wonderful birthday! The Maggots love you!!!


1st May 2013, 18h41, this blog began. And never I could imagine than one year later, 960 people will follow my little Sweety !

When I look at all Sweety did, it’s amazing ! :DD

I’m really happy to have created this blog, I met a lot of wonderful people, and it helped me to improve a lot in my style !

You all bring me a lot of good things during this year, thank you a lot, and I hope this next year will be as awesome than this one ! ^^