sour orange

our chinotto is ripening nicely. we have many exciting plans for these lovely orange orbs (hands rubbing).

the pesky rats are our biggest concern. we can’t apply my deadly kashmiri chili concoction as the rains are finally here, so are crossing our fingers that the city rodents are staying put while the rains come down.
Best Friend Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- you meet seungcheol in high school
- after weeks of searching, you finally found a job and today’s your first day working there
- it’s a fast food restaurant that’s right around the corner, and let’s face it, customer service SUCKS but….. the money….. you need it
- so you get there and your boss introduces you to everyone
- most of them look like they want to die or they didn’t even care to give you a warm hello, but there’s one boy who does
- he introduces himself as seungcheol and you introduce yourself too once afterwards
- now listen when i tell you seungcheol’s the BIGGEST sweetheart……
- since you’re new and this restaurant’s your first job ever, you get really confused and mess up a lot
- but they’re little things that get brushed off like accidentally giving a customer a small instead of a medium—small and fixable mistakes
- one day, this REALLY rude customer walks into the shop and after they ordered, you forgot to punch in the “extra cheese” button for their order
- you didn’t even realize your mistake until they stomp over to you SCREAMING at you like “I TOLD YOU I WANTED EXTRA CHEESE DOES THIS LOOK LIKE EXTRA CHEESE TO YOU”
- and they just embarrass you in front of the whole restaurant….. you can feel your ears burning with all the eyes on you…..
- but then someone steps in between you two and you look up to see that it’s seungcheol
- he says “i was the one who didn’t put extra cheese on your burger don’t blame it on them” and he tells you to go to the back while he handles this mess
- you nod your head and hurry off, feeling guilty when the customer starts screaming again
- after work, near closing time, you and seungcheol are cleaning tables and you say “seungcheol? thank you for earlier….. sorry you had to get involved…….”
- but he just smiles at you and says “don’t worry about it!! i deal with customers like that all the time, plus i couldn’t just stand by and watch while the guy screams at you over a slice of cheese” and you laugh because wow……. he’s so kind
- and it stays that way, seungcheol comes to your rescue every time you’re in need
- you repay him by buying him lunch since you both have your lunch breaks at the same time
- you often have shifts together and you both get scolded by the manager because you guys just don’t stop talking to each other LOL
- he even walks you home when you leave the restaurant after a long night shift
- and with all this time spent together—you guessed it—you both become BEST FRIENDS
- seungcheol is very over-protective of you
- willing to fight anyone who hurts you
- he’s pretty clingy tbh
- always within five meters of you, wants your attention 24/7, like WHO ARE YOU SEUNGCHEOL WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS
- teases you A LOT
- one time he got really sick and had to stay at the hospital to recover and you literally visited him every single day
- you spent the whole day at the hospital the nurses were so used to seeing you, they’d be like “your boyfriend’s expecting you!!”
- and you’d always exclaim “HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND” but then you’d enter his hospital room and he’d be like “DARLING I MISSED YOU SO MUCH WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG”
- and the nurses would be like hmm you sure you’re not dating?? LOL
- you just walked up to him and said “you heard that didn’t you?” and seungcheol just grinned because it’s so fun to tease you sometimes
- but then you didn’t show up to the hospital the next day, and he texted you “i’m sorry please come back” and you were like THAT’S RIGHT
- would probably run to the other side of the city just to buy you a snack you wanted
- seungcheol was in a bunch of sports teams back in high school and you’d always be there to cheer for him
- but they weren’t cheers like “you can do it, seungcheol!!” but more like “hey hEY WTF HOW DARE THEY SEUNGCHEOL CRUSH THEM OR I’LL KILL YOU”
- he can’t eat spicy or sour foods
- when you get mad at him for teaching you too much or something, petty you adds a bit of hot pepper into his food or you get him like REALLY sour oranges
- “….i’m sorry, (name).” “yeah you better be.”
- bear hugs
- definitely the type to compliment you at all times and make you feel confident about yourself aka the friend everyone needs and deserves
- always lets you have the last piece of food on the plate
- honestly seungcheol is the type of friend who will stay by your side no matter what
- no matter how much you mess up, he’ll always be there to get you back on track and tell you that it’s all right and hug you for as long as you want
- he’s the type who wouldn’t mind standing in the back if it meant you’d be in the spotlight, and at the end of the day, he’ll be there with your favorite drink telling you how much of a good job you did
- seungcheol’s just really selfless and would do the dumbest things just to make you smile again after a bad day
- “this is embarrassing sTOP YOU DANCE LIKE A DAD”
- “you’re smiling!!”
- “no, i’m not—“
- “(while grinning) ARGH YOU’RE THE WORST”

His eyes soften as he takes in the dress in its entirety. “It’s beautiful. You’ve really outdone yourself. But,” he says as he stares at the lemon and orange appliques and blossoms growing up like vines into the torso. “Weren’t you going with a space theme for the collection?”

Distantly, she recalls the bitter flavor of ground asteroids and the spicy sting of sparking galaxies, but it’s overpowered with sweet oranges and sour lemons and honey blossoms and the cotton candy of bright spring colors. Once upon a time, she must have known what space tasted like, but that in itself feels like a myth. “Yes,” she says slowly. “I guess I forgot. But isn’t this dress wonderful? It popped into my head, and I couldn’t not make it. Do you know what I mean?”

- At the Dawn of Day by @paperskirts

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNA!!!!!! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!! I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated Joanna!! It’s only fair considering all the love you give! Endless hugs and kisses for you today and everyday! Cx

On a side note: I was so pumped to draw this dress when Carmen suggested that we look to ATDOD for inspiration. I figured Alya should model it since citrus colors look so good on her and since Nino loves the dress too haha. ;D

some alec and magnus headcanons:

(and more headcanons since i guess i can’t stop)

  • magnus is 100% the type of person who has a song for every occasion. alec knows almost none of them, but you’ll still catch him singing the lyrics he’s learned from magnus sometimes. he doesn’t have nearly the same sense of timing that magnus does though.
    • after alec leaves sometimes, magnus will sing the line “i’m outta my head hopelessly devoted to you” at the door behind him and alec catches him at it once but doesn’t let him know until he surprises him with a (terrible) rendition of the full song with the lyrics rewritten to be positive on what would have been his anniversary with lydia, if magnus hadn’t asked just once more. this is excellent timing. magnus cries.
  • magnus introduces alec to pop music. and to sex music – both the concept and his own playlist. alec thinks that maybe jace wasn’t always wrong about getting more familiar with the mundane world but he doesn’t regret putting it off til now for a second.
  • in addition to saying his full name as though it were the only word that’s ever mattered as a term of endearment, magnus calls alec “dear heart.” alec loves this more than anything.
  • magnus finds alec’s enthusiastic inexperience to be devastatingly charming in bed.
  • it helps also that alec takes direction well. extremely well.
  • alec, for his part, loves direction. loves knowing without doubt how to make magnus feel good. loves making magnus feel good. also he learns so much. soooooooo much. he had no idea there were so many positions for this type of thing. so many uses for hands and tongues. so many reasons to laugh in breathless, boundless joy while gettin’ jiggy with it (a phrase magnus bans him from using, can hardly believe he even uttered in the first place).
  • alec likes whiskey sours and pretty much no other kind of alcoholic beverage. (he can be talked into amaretto sours and will take orange juice in either – the latter is how magnus excuses their occasional breakfast drinking: “it’s just a variation on the mimosa theme, alexander.” he looks up at alec from over his own full glass, coy in full effect. “drink with me.” alec’s weak for this and he’s fine with it.) it takes them an entire day devoted to finding alec a drink he likes to discover it and as soon as magnus sees alec with it, he thinks “duh” and never offers him vodka anything ever again.
  • alec does get righteously drunk on vodka once – straight vodka, on his own. something goes bad at the institute – magnus never does find out quite what – and neither izzy nor jace are speaking to alec, for their own reasons, and alec shows up at magnus’ loft drunk off his ass. he chose vodka because it seemed faster and painful – magnus sees him gazing at his raw hand on the fire escape – and he pukes over and over and over again with magnus leaning over him feeling murderous towards everyone who had anything to do with alec feeling this way. they get through the night in magnus’ bathroom, alec telling him painful, incoherent things the whole time. magnus does not cure his hangover the next day, though he wants to, because he does not do things to alec’s body without permission – bar instances of immediate threat to alec’s life or someone else’s – and he does not have permission.
    • (there’s one particular story that alec tells about how proud his mother was of him taking a punishment doled out when he was a child, for being too good at something – “no one even knew it hurt, i couldn’t lay on my back for a week, but no one knew,” he tells magnus proudly. magnus thinks seriously that he’s going to be the one puking now. he also thinks that someone should save all four of maryse’s kids from her and save her from herself if that’s at all possible at this point. he thinks he’s gonna have to not be in a room with her for a very long time.)
  • after that alec decides that talking to magnus while sober is always a better dealing-with-shit strategy if he doesn’t want to wake up to his boyfriend insisting that he unpack some of the emotional issues he accidentally spilled to him and holding an overwhelming plate of the world’s fluffiest pancakes, saying, “you’re gonna wanna eat sooner rather than later, alec. yes i know this sucks, dear heart, but trust me. also, try to drink your body weight in water, starting right now.”
  • magnus has little to no concept of alec being just as gone on him as he is on alec and when alec figures that out, he spends a lot more time staring lovingly at magnus when they talk. he also gets a lot more handsy in public and magnus has had to pull him off of more than a few people who make snide comments about a warlock with a shadowhunter. soon, the spell where he pulls alec back by the fist is so familiar to them both that alec routinely takes it into a full backwards somersault and pops up on his feet at magnus’ side, where magnus has stepped to give him room to stick the landing.
  • magnus has a thing for ’90s bollywood. alec is still trying to figure out which songs are imaginary and which are actually happening in the story. he learns how to say “i love you” in hindi though and uses it a lot. he also uses the pet names he picks up, though he hasn’t quite grasped the pronunciations for most of them yet. he’s trying and honestly, most of the time magnus can’t hear it past the pounding of his pulse in his ears anyway because alec doesn’t do terms of endearment lightly so magnus doesn’t hear them lightly.
  • the first time magnus saw alec without his pants on he said, “boxer briefs, thank god.”
    • he followed this up by licking just above the waistband where it rested on alec’s stomach, hands on alec’s hips. this set off the biggest stutter spell in alec to date, which only calmed down after magnus kissed him on the mouth three times, i.e. once he had no choice but to use all his air for recovery.
  • magnus buys a punching bag for his loft. for shirtless alec reasons.
  • using it is alec’s version of “come hither” at least half the time.
  • they get caught fooling around in alec’s room at the institute – by clary, of course, because she, like jace, has no concept of knocking – exactly once before they never do that again. jace actually has to pay raj off to get him to stop talking about it. raj was passing by when clary spooked them and they started grabbing clothes and pulling on the wrong ones (magnus too frazzled to magick them clothed again which has never happened in his life but being intimate with alec just. throws him the fuck off his game) and he regards it as the best moment of his life. alec and magnus regard it as one of their worst. although that thing with his tongue that alec had figured out how to do just before that moment was pretty special, in magnus’ opinion.
  • alec is drifting one morning, laying against magnus’ chest in their bed, when he asks about the name magnus’ mother gave him. magnus tells him. “mm,” alec buzzes. “i think we should offer that name to the first child we adopt. they can take it as a middle name maybe.” and then he’s gone, completely asleep. magnus’ heart trembles.