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Letters from the North Star | Kevin Young

“Letters from the North Star”
Kevin Young

Dear you: the lights here ask
nothing, the white falling
around my letters silent,
unstoppable. I am writing this
from the empty stomach of sleep

where nothing but the cold
wonders where you’re headed;
nobody here peels heads sour
and cheap as lemon, and only
the car sings AM the whole

night through. In the city,
I have seen children half-
bitten by wind. Even trains
arrive without a soul
to greet them; things do

not need me here, this world
dances on its own. Only bridges
beg for me to make them
famous, to learn what I had
almost forgotten of flying,

of soaring free, south,
down. So long. Xs, Os.

Head canon that even though Buck acts super chill and swaggy and wears his sunglasses all the time he’s a total sucker for Jenny. Any time she looks tired at work he’ll run to the Donut shop and grab her a coffee (extra sugar and Hazelnut) or if she’s having a bad day he’ll automatically start giving her a shoulder massage and talk about how rad she is and how next weekend they can visit this modern art exhibit with SC and go out for burgers after. Or sometimes Buck will just randomly show up at Jenny’s with SC in tow as well as a big bag of Chinese food and the Box set of Dexter because he knows how much she loves that stuff.

Like Buck adores Sour Cream and Jenny equally but he’s a gosh darn puppy dog when it comes to Jenny.

「 Ah, Odasaku… I guess it just must be an off day? 」 Dazai lays his head on his friend’s shoulder, content as a cat on a heating pad. 「 … Sorry, I’m not really sure what’s wrong. I just want to be close to you right now. 」

Dazai stares at nothing in particular, letting a sigh escape his mouth. Then, he throws himself onto Oda’s lap dramatically, giving off a theatrical groan. 「 Ahh, Odasaku! What do we do to beat this sour mood?! Should we head over to Lupin? But we’ll be going without Ango… almost like a date? 」

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A dub has been made of my comic dedicated to Horrortale! Very well done, thank you @pshattuckproduction and to @kyzer-aqueron for linking it to me. 

Horrortale is an au that belongs to @sour-apple-studios