sour garden

Top 3 “Wow” Meals That Will Have Your Family Begging For More + Mercy

mustard steak garnished with sour beef and sour onion, sprinkled with horseradish peppercorn and marinated in chopped liver aioli

carnival style chicken breast pate with cilantro marmalade and boiled mustard-stuffed tortilla

coffee-battered turkey leg with ketchup-infused whipped sour cream and a garden salad consisting of nothing but spinach and 2% milk in a bowl

The idea that “real” witchcraft as this super srs thing is silly because people have been using magic for everything from protecting their monarch from evil spirits to making sure beer and butter don’t go sour to growing their gardens to trying to find shit they’ve lost. Practices vary by culture and fuck yeah they used technology, spinning wheels and looms are technology and they are a big part of Heathen magical practices, so why the fuck are looms okay but OH NOEZ not emojis!