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art requests are open, correct? (even though i'm hardly in this fandom anymore i still love it) could you draw some King Candy and Sour Bill? (if you want maybe King C X Sour B? you don't have to, i'm just obsessed with that ship.)

Ask and ye shall recieve. Thanks for being my very first request on this blog of mine!

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Haven’t drawn KC in a loooong time, not too bad for being so long tho eh? Also thanks for your patience, My wife and myself have been super sick the past few days and are finally on the mend. Figured KC might take to the eventual selfie trend if it ever made it into Sugar Rush. :)

I still love the WiR fandom, even though it’s basically dead at this point. Lol! No worries about the shipping deal, I myself have an unusual non-canon WiR ship. I’ll post it to the bottom under the cut in case you’re curious.

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“Hostile Takeover”, part 7

Fandom: Wreck-It Ralph

Summary: The world is a dangerous place. With his power to control cy-bugs, King Candy reigns supreme, and his biggest target is capturing Vanellope. Her only hope is a small group of rebels hidden in the wastelands of Hero’s Duty that are aiming to take out the tyrant king.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Writer’s note: I had a first for me in this part: I wrote Sour Bill! He’s a hard character to write (at least for me), but hopefully his cameo turned out okay. Onward to the fic!

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Seriously, Disney really should make an official Sour Bill plushie! Look at him, he has all the things required for a plushie: he has big eyes, he’s round, he’s cute (come on, you can’t deny it) and it would be nice if he smelled like lemons, it would suit him (much like Taffyta who smells like strawberries or Candlehead who smells like chocolate chips). Who’s with me?

today myself and my brother decided to order some chinese for dinner. he decided it would be funny to give me the wrong number. the number i called was a sex hotline. I CALLED A SEX LINE AND ASKED FOR SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN DO YOU KNOW HOW AWKWARD THAT CONVERSATION WAS???