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Cherry (Part 15)- wolf!jikook story

The zoo is noisy and crowded.

The cement’s littered with trampled popcorn, children laughing at the cute monkeys and stinky hippos. The parents look stressed, their ears alert and twitching irritably when their child screams. Even though it’s stressful, the weather’s warm and sunny, a rarity for a day in November.

Really, this whole trip was Jungkook’s mother’s idea. When she asked the Aunt if Jimin would like to come along, the younger woman had no other choice but to agree. She looked like she’d eaten a sour gum ball because her lips were weird and eyes scrunched up.

What’s wrong with Jimin going to the zoo? Was she mad that she wasn’t invited?

“Be back by supper,” the Aunt had ordered, watching Jimin grab his tiny backpack. “If you’re not home by then, you’re not getting anything to eat.”


“Don’t ‘okay’ me. Be respectful towards your elders.”

Stilling for a moment, Jimin’s lip had wobbled. Jungkook was leading him out of the house the next, arm comfortably slung around his shoulder, but he noticed how downcast he looked.

She’s not the Aunt; she’s the Devil Aunt!

“Jimin, honey, why are you crying?!” his mother asked after Jimin entered their van and promptly burst into tears. The tears dripped onto his Star Wars shirt, staining R2D2’s metal body.

“He misses his parents,” Jungkook piped up, not wanting his mother to break his promise. If Jimin didn’t want anyone to know about Devil Aunt, then he wouldn’t tell anyone. Even if Jimin smelled weird and cried a lot, and Jungkook knows it’s because of her.

His mother did nothing when Jungkook nuzzled his friend’s wet cheeks, even smiling a little when Jimin giggled.

To keep himself from being lost, Jungkook grabbed onto Jimin’s sweaty, plush hand once they enter the zoo.

“Stay together!” his mother had called, distracted by the alligators. Since her sense of smell was very strong, she could simply smell the air and locate where they were.

Jungkook was surprised when Jimin ended up dragging them everywhere, but Jungkook didn’t mind. As long as he sees the penguins and his best friend happy, he’s okay!

“Over here!” Jimin grins, his usual bubbly self. They’d just eaten chocolate ice cream cones and examined the giraffes eating from the trees. “C'mon!” Pulling his hand, they stumble beside a cotton candy stand, laughing. They’re having so much fun Jungkook thinks he’s in a dream.

Jungkook’s picking a leaf from his tail and smoothing the fur when Jimin tells him something.

“I wanna kiss you.”

“You already kissed me,” Jungkook glances up at his friend, halting his tail grooming. “At your house, when your mom was cooking meat.”

“No, you kissed me.”

Well, that is true. Pointing at his chocolate-stained lips, Jungkook shrugs. “I guess you can kiss me- Jimin, why’d you lick your lips?!”

“They’re dry!”

They both stare at each other until Jimin tells him to close his eyes. When Jungkook closes them, he feels his friend’s lips on his. How nice this feels! Something in his chest settles, lying on his lungs feather-soft.

They kiss again and again, Jungkook enjoying the cherry flavor of his lips. Their noses keep brushing together, and Jungkook snorts when Jimin wrinkles his nose.

“Jungkookie, these are baby kisses,” Jimin states after they kiss, hands on his shoulders. His lips have a glossy sheen to them, chocolate staining the corners of his mouth. “Adults kiss a lot better.”

“I’m only four!”

“I know! We’re gonna be good kissers when we’re adults.”

“'Cause we’re gonna kiss a lot?” Jungkook cocks his head, grinning when Jimin nods. “Cool.”

Grabbing his hand, Jimin smiles and suggests they visit the flamingos.

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PB&J multples of five

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays? omg haha okay Jack 100 percent 15 dozen roses on Valentine’s Day Zimmermann…

5. Who usually has nightmares?- these boys…all three of them do, but all three know how to comfort the way the others need it.

10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?- Kent and Bitty love sweet.  Jack actually loves sweet and sour mixed.  His favourite sweet are sour cherry balls covered in chocolate.

15. Who is scared of the dark?- Bitty, though he’s better about it as he gets older.

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?- They all have their moments where they’re each more dom or sub.  Neither of them firmly subscribes to a role, it depends on what they each need in the moment.

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?- Kent and Bitty both steal all of Jack’s clothes because they are Large and Comfy.  He pretends to be annoyed.  But he is not.

30. Who likes long walks on the beach?- Kent and Bitty.  Jack is not fond of the beach.  Sand and sun and just uhg.  NO thank you.

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?- Please.  Jack 110%, 15 dozen roses Zimmermann has no self control like.  At all.  Kent and Bitty are always very, very spoilt.  No one is complaining.

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?- Kent is over-protective, Bitty is more on the strict side, and Jack is the soft squishy marshmallow parent who just cannot say no, “She pouted at me, I had to give her all the chocolate!”

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?- Definitely Bitty.  Both of his boyfriends love buzzy Bitty.

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?- Jack.  He will use literally any reason and any excuse to shower his boyfriends with romantic gestures.  Kent and Bitty are romantic as well, but in far more subtle ways.