Notice Me Senpai! Guide

Since I’ve been getting a few asks on how to get all of the senpais, I decided to make a quick guide for everyone who needs help!

Unlocking everyone isn’t hard as long as you have their favorite items out. If you want a certain senpai to show up often, the best way to do that is to have their top three favorite items which is listed in their profiles. Note that what I list down below isn’t everything that can make them appear and they may not be their exact favorites since I haven’t switched around my items recently. If you know what their exact favorites are (which would be an item where they’re actually interacting with it rather than just standing i.e. Basketball Club Senpai is the only one who dribbles the basketball) then please feel free to message me so I can update this list!

Thanks to a few people who have kindly messaged me, I have managed to find almost every item that a senpai interacts with. Whichever item below is listed first is the one that he has a special action with. 

Senpai List and Favorite Items

  • Nerd/Izumi Senpai - Chess Set*, Soft Armchair, Small Bookshelf
  • Young/Yuu Senpai - Gumball Machine*, Strawberry Shortcake, Pet Cat
  • Lazy/Ren Senpai - Blue Sofa*, Strawberry Shortcake, Soft Armchair
  • Art Club/Touya Senpai - Painting of a Lady*, Flower Vase, Mirror
  • School Festival/Hajime Senpai - Taiko Drum*, Small Orange Tree, Rose Vase
  • Science Lab/Reiji Senpai - Pet Cat*, PC Station, Miso Soup
  • Gamer/Shun Senpai - Chocolate Cookies*, Chocolate Cupcakes, Reclining Chair
  • Gourmet Club/Souma Senpai - Ice Cream Machine*, Strawberry Shortcake, Miso Soup
  • Delinquent Senpai/Wakatoshi - Jukebox*, Flower Vase, Basketball
  • Basketball Captain/Makoto Senpai - Basketball*, Pet Cat, Guitar
  • Drama Club/Tokiya Senpai - Mirror*, Strawberry Shortcake, Stuffed Bear
  • Goat/Baa Senpai - Bonsai Plant*, Rose Vase, Small Orange Tree
  • Calligraphy Club/Soujiro Senpai - Traditional Tea Set*, Reclining Chair, Piano
  • Butler/Suoh Senpai -  Fancy Tea Set*, Piano, Large Bookshelf
  • Student Council/Touru President - Large Bookshelf*, PC Station, Reclining Chair
  • Crammer/Hideki Senpai - PC Station*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Idol/Suzuki Senpai - Piano*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Rocker/Yamato Senpai - Guitar*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Sensei/Kyouya-sensei - Reclining Chair*, Stuffed Bear, Guitar
  • Childhood Friend/Takeru Senpai* - Stuffed Bear*, Reclining Chair, Guitar
  • School Infirmary Sensei/Haruka-sensei - Afternoon Tea Set*, Banana Couch, Traditional Tea Set
  • Playboy/Jean Senpai - Heart Couch*, Strawberry Shortcake, Mirror
  • Cupid/Ai Senpai - Heart Chocolate*, Alpaca Stufftoy, Heart Balloons
  • Tea Ceremony/Hinata Senpai - Tea Ceremony*, Parasol and Mat, Beach ball
  • Archery Team/Sousuke Senpai - Dango*, Parasol and Mat, Beach ball
  • Ninja/Kei - Senpai - Bush*, Beach ball, White Day Set
  • Part-time Job/Takahiro Senpai - Cooler*, Parasol and Mat
  • Swim Team/Katsuo Senpai - Minipool*, Sandcastle, Beach ball
  • Villain/Ryuu Senpai - Villain Chair*, Maid Cafe Set
  • Director/Katsuo Senpai - Director’s Chair*, Maid Cafe Set
  • Vampire/Viktor Sensei - Red Iced Tea Pitcher*, Dark Carriage, Gothic Table Set
  • Ghost/Unknown Senpai - Skeleton Model*, Operating Table, Gothic Table Set 

* = Favorite item and the one they interact with 

Getting CGs

These are just rough estimates of the amount of visits, so don’t worry if they don’t give you a CG exactly on say the 150th visit. Note that I haven’t unlocked every CG yet, so if you see one that I don’t have, please let me know so I can put it on the list!

Because of the new update, you can get new senpai CGs by interacting with them. So far, it seems you can get a special birthday CG if you’ve maxed out their love meter to level 8 before or on their birthday (you can see each senpai’s birthday on their character bio in the game!). As they update the game more, you can get extra CGs from senpais depending on the number of visits they have.

  • Nerd/Izumi Senpai - 30 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Young/Yuu Senpai - 40 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Lazy/Ren Senpai - 60 visits(1st CG), Greet him on June 29th(2nd CG), 100 visits(3rd CG)
  • Art Club/Touya Senpai - 70 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG) 
  • School Festival/Hajime Senpai - 85 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Science Lab/Reiji Senpai - 100 visits(1st CG), Greet him on July 16(2nd CG)
  • Gamer/Shun Senpai - 115 visits(1st CG), Greet him on September 23(2nd CG)
  • Gourmet Club/Souma Senpai -  130 visits(1st CG), Greet him on June 22nd(2nd CG)
  • Delinquent Senpai/Wakatoshi - 150 visits(1st CG), Greet him on August 11th(2nd CG)
  • Basketball Captain/Makoto Senpai - 160 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Drama Club/Tokiya Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on October 25th(3rd CG)
  • Goat/Baa Senpai - 190 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Calligraphy Club/Soujiro Senpai - 205 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG), 125 visits(3rd CG)
  • Butler/Suoh Senpai - 220 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Student Council/Touru President - 230 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Crammer/Hideki Senpai - 160 visits(1st CG), 250 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on June 17th(3rd CG)
  • Idol/Suzuki Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 265 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on August 26th(3rd CG)
  • Rocker/Yamato Senpai - 182 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Sensei/Kyouya-sensei - 195 visits(1st CG), 295 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on May 30th(3rd CG)
  • Childhood Friend/Takeru Senpai - 205 visits(1st CG), 310 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • School Infirmary Sensei/Haruka-sensei - 180 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Playboy/Jean Senpai - 90 visits(1st CG), 150 visits (2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Cupid/Ai Senpai - 30 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Tea Ceremony/Hinata Senpai - 240 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Archery Team/Sousuke Senpai - 210 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Ninja/Kei Senpai - 300 visits(1st CG), 150 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Part-time Job/Takahiro Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 260 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Swim Team/Katsuo Senpai - 145 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Villain/Ryuu Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 260 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Director/Kurou Senpai - 145 visits(1st CG), 220 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on October 12(3rd CG)
  • Vampire/Viktor Sensei - 175 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG) 
  • Ghost/Unknown Senpai - 165 visits(1st CG), 250 visits(2nd CG)

Senpai Interactions

Once you get your senpais to a full 5 hearts, you can interact with them when they visit the cafe! Here’s how it goes:

  • Basically, you have to keep touching the hearts that show up on the senpai for the love meter to fill up/level up
  • You can interact with a senpai 3 times per day, and the love meter will become full after three interactions
  • If you want to increase your level more than just once a day, you can feed your senpai cake which costs 80 gems
  • Once you’ve filled a senpai’s love meter to level 8, your senpai will be in “super love mode” for 12 hours. During this period, every time you interact with them you will have a CG-like portrait of them rather than their usual chibi selves you see in the cafe. They’ll also say a lot of cute/sweet things to you when you talk to them!

Extra Information:

  • Try to save up your gems for the cafe expansion (200 gems). It helps you encounter more senpais at once and since there are more of them, you can easily earn back all your gems. 
  • Once you feel that you have enough coins, switch over to Gourmet Beans since rarer senpais will show up more often. Then once you have enough gems, switch to Gold Beans and Magic Beans because the special senpais will occupy often if you use those! 
  • To get all the notes and CGs from each Senpai depends on the number of hearts they have. Once you get to the third/green heart you will receive a note from them. After that you have to wait until they get to the fifth/red heart to see a special scene and get their CG. For the special senpais, there are two unlockable CGs (4th heart = 1st CG, 5th heart = 2nd CG).
  • To increase their hearts, you have to get them to visit the cafe often which is why it’s important to leave out their favorite items especially if you want a CG from a specific senpai.
  • An anon made a great suggestion for those who keep getting senpais who already have their hearts maxed out. It’s a cold method, but if they’re occupying an item, simply remove the item which will make the senpai leave and then put it back and hope for the senpai you want to show up. It’s kind of harsh, but it will definitely speed up the process of collecting everyone’s notes and CGs haha.
  • Always make sure try your luck with the daily gacha! The prizes can range from different types of beans, gold, and diamonds.
  • Even though Ninja senpai can now visit your cafe, you can still watch ads from him to get free coins and gems.

Those are all the useful tips I can give you guys for now! If I find anything new I’ll be sure to update this. Again, feel free to message me if you have any other questions or if I need to correct something on this guide. Happy senpai hunting!