soup tips



This recipe is something that I use at home all the time. I don’t do exact measurements. Spice to your liking. Great for when you’re sick!

Sweet peppers
And 2 cans of drained beans

1. Dice vegetables and cook them in minced garlic and olive oil.
2. Add vegetable broth
3. Add beans
4. Add spices

Chili powder- hex breaking
Cilantro- home protection
Garlic- healing
Cumin- protection
Oregano- happiness
Black pepper- banishing negativity
Salt- protection

5. Let simmer
6. Enjoy!

Feel free to change things up. Add more, add less. Seriously if you try this let me know.

If you have an Asian store near you, or a big grocery store with an Asian section, this is a great way to make instant noodles less boring without taking the time to prepare add-ins that need to be chopped or cooked.

What you need:

  • instant noodles (pre-packaged instant ramen, udon, etc.)
  • one serving of instant miso soup (miso paste packet + seasoning packet)
  • utensils (spoon, fork, chopsticks, whatever you usually eat instant noodles with) and possibly a microwavable bowl (if whatever you’re making doesn’t come with its own disposable bowl)

What you do:

  1. prepare the instant noodles according to the package (use the broth flavoring packet if you want - I do, because I like a stronger flavored broth - or omit it)
  2. dump the miso paste and seasonings in and stir

Personally I find this is a great way to prepare those packaged udon noodles that most grocery stores carry. Normally instant udon is a little bland for me if I don’t add anything to it, but the miso paste takes it from “meh” to something I can happily eat an entire package of. You can buy miso paste in a tub if you’re going to eat a lot of it, and it probably comes out cheaper per serving that way, but I like to have the instant stuff on hand because it’s pre-measured and keeps forever. If you have access to an Asian store you can also find a lot of variety in types of instant miso soup. You can also look for other types of instant soup packets and try those with your noodles.

If you want to make this vegetarian or vegan, make sure you look at the ingredients for the flavoring packets! Miso paste itself is meat-free, but the dried dashi stock in most miso soup seasoning is usually made with fish.

tips for freshmen:

  • please save all your notes
  • please do not throw away your notebooks
  • pls keep them safe and restudy them every now and then
  • they never fucking tell you how important they are in your senior year and how much regret youll have for not having them