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This recipe is something that I use at home all the time. I don’t do exact measurements. Spice to your liking. Great for when you’re sick!

Sweet peppers
And 2 cans of drained beans

1. Dice vegetables and cook them in minced garlic and olive oil.
2. Add vegetable broth
3. Add beans
4. Add spices

Chili powder- hex breaking
Cilantro- home protection
Garlic- healing
Cumin- protection
Oregano- happiness
Black pepper- banishing negativity
Salt- protection

5. Let simmer
6. Enjoy!

Feel free to change things up. Add more, add less. Seriously if you try this let me know.

There’s nothing I love more than a nice bowl of soup and a toasty grilled cheese on a rainy day…Generally, I find grilled cheese to be a little boring, so I like to spice it up by using pepper jack cheese rather than American. The minestrone is homemade, of course!! I’d post my recipe but honestly it changes all the time depending on what vegetables I have on the day I’m making it (this is my favorite way to cook, throw together whatever you have and try it out)!

The Feeding

I look down at the bowl inches from my mouth, trying to focus my eyes to see what’s in the creamy soup. He tips the bowl before I can protest, and I think I taste cheese and chicken. The bowl’s too big; I need to breathe, but the flow is constant.

Just as I think I’m drowning, the bowl empties. My gasps hurt me more – the sharp breaths putting more pressure on my abdomen. He smiles, rubbing the naked belly he grew. His soothing rubs calms me, despite the pain I’m in. The ropes that tie me to the chair were already uncomfortable to begin with, but with a ton of food stuffed in me, they cut into my fat, giving me little room to expand.

“Please, I’m maxed out,” I say, as he brings a milkshake to me. He frowns, and I’m afraid he’ll pinch my sore nipples again, but he just cuts the ropes around my belly. I feel my belly expand several inches, finally free of its bonds.

He pulls my head back with my hair, strapping the funnel to my head. The chocolate milkshake reaches my tongue. The feeling was familiar – the tight straps clamping the end of the tube to my mouth, the rhythm of swallowing I needed to breathe. My freed belly is a relief, but the space I thought I had is filling up quickly.

Topping up my funnel with another milkshake, he straddles me, his fat dick poking my hard belly. I feel his tongue on my left nipple as he plays with my right, his sucking making me erect. My dick is pressed between both our bellies, and we rub against each other slowly. I want to touch his chest and squeeze his butt, but my restraints leave me to his will.

As I become more stuffed, my belly presses into his more and the pressure nearly pushes me over the edge. Backing off suddenly, he unstraps the empty funnel as his dick pokes my chest. His fat gut presses into my face as he reaches behind me, and I hear my handcuffs un-click. Grateful for my free hands, I grab the ball of fat in front of me and rub the best I can, kissing his happy trail.

It was his body that got me into this, his girth impressive and tempting. Foolishly, I told him I’d do anything for him, craving his affirmation. He took my word, forcing me to grow to be as big as he was, even when I felt like quitting. Only fucking me when I ate, my hungry dick let him stuff me every day, my belly always growing, a bit fatter every day.

I wasn’t allowed to get new clothes until I burst out of my old ones. My co-workers started whispering about how fat I was behind my back, as I struggled to stuff my face with whatever he ordered me to eat. I often got back to the office after lunch break with my buttons straining, my blazer already unable to button to hide the damage beneath. Once, my pants ripped during a meeting when I bent over to pick a pen up, the cum-stained briefs he made me wear fully visible. On other days, the tight discomfort made me buy extra boxes of donuts, and I’d eat them until my belly finally burst out of my clothes, freeing me from my bonds.

My kisses travel south and I begin sucking, my forehead bumping into his fat belly. I hear him chewing on the eclairs meant for me. Squeezing his belly with my free hand, I hope he finishes the plate for me.

I wasn’t the only one growing since we fucked for the first time in that empty stairwell. While he focused on feeding me, he couldn’t resist the available food too, and some of it inevitably made its way to his stomach. His hairy gut had grown to twice its size since we met, the ball belly now usually one of the largest in any given room.

Last week, we were at a Chinese buffet when he spotted a man whose belly eclipsed both of ours. Inviting the man to join us, the night became an eating contest as we inhaled thousands of calories, anxiously waiting to see who’d give up first. After eight heaped plates, the other two conceded to a tie, but not before forcing me to have another serving of noodles followed by dessert. Wild sex followed dinner, our stuffed bellies bumping into each other constantly with every thrust. The three of us woke up noticeably fatter than we were a night ago, our faces fuller, our thighs thicker and our guts rounder.

Pulling out of my mouth, he turns me over wordlessly, pushing me on all fours. Surprisingly, the rough carpet brushes against my stuffed belly – my belly’s finally fat enough to reach the floor for the first time. He rests his gut on my back as he inserts; it feels heavier than what I’m used to.

“You like that, piggy? You like feeling my daddy gut on your back as I fuck you?” he taunts, the rhythm picking up. I can’t bring myself to answer, words unable to form as I moan in reply. That’s the spot he always hits. My gut rubs against the ground, the new sensation only making it all more intense.

My eyes are open, but I can’t what’s in front of me. It’s only when I feel the warm bowl on my lips that I know he’s still feeding me. My huge belly has no more room. I begin gulping.

Handy tips from, Evie Frye.

Never let, Jacob, cook. I remember when we were younger and I was unwell. Jacob, make made me soup. Well, tried to make soup, it ended up catching fire….. You know alot of things fascinate me, the pieces of eden, the first civilisation and the fact my, dear brother managed to start a fire with a soup broth.

If you have an Asian store near you, or a big grocery store with an Asian section, this is a great way to make instant noodles less boring without taking the time to prepare add-ins that need to be chopped or cooked.

What you need:

  • instant noodles (pre-packaged instant ramen, udon, etc.)
  • one serving of instant miso soup (miso paste packet + seasoning packet)
  • utensils (spoon, fork, chopsticks, whatever you usually eat instant noodles with) and possibly a microwavable bowl (if whatever you’re making doesn’t come with its own disposable bowl)

What you do:

  1. prepare the instant noodles according to the package (use the broth flavoring packet if you want - I do, because I like a stronger flavored broth - or omit it)
  2. dump the miso paste and seasonings in and stir

Personally I find this is a great way to prepare those packaged udon noodles that most grocery stores carry. Normally instant udon is a little bland for me if I don’t add anything to it, but the miso paste takes it from “meh” to something I can happily eat an entire package of. You can buy miso paste in a tub if you’re going to eat a lot of it, and it probably comes out cheaper per serving that way, but I like to have the instant stuff on hand because it’s pre-measured and keeps forever. If you have access to an Asian store you can also find a lot of variety in types of instant miso soup. You can also look for other types of instant soup packets and try those with your noodles.

If you want to make this vegetarian or vegan, make sure you look at the ingredients for the flavoring packets! Miso paste itself is meat-free, but the dried dashi stock in most miso soup seasoning is usually made with fish.

It’s chilly and gloomy today so it’s perfect soup weather. Although, for me all weather is soup weather because I love soup.
I’m also super good at making soup.
This is a mexican-y chicken and veggie soup.
I used chicken broth, tomato sauce, poblano pepper, bell pepper, zucchini, red onion, boneless skinless chicken thighs, a potato, with salt, pepper, cayenne, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, and oregano. Plus a little lime juice.
Took about 20-30 minutes to throw together and cook.
Soup is cheap, easy, and with the right ingredients, healthy.


Getting this fic out during the last day of highspecs week, even though this is the day 4 prompt that I wasn’t able to get in on time due to school, but better late than never, right?

Highspecs Week: Day 4 Illness / Shopping

Quick summary: Aranea takes care of a sick Ignis by making him some soup from a recipe in his notebook.

Word Count: 3454

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