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While the fever isn't bad, he also hasn't eaten in three or four days. And as someone who's done that before, I can definitely say that he's not going to be in great shape right now. So maybe you can make him soup? He needs to eat something soon, or it's really going to get bad. Juice is also really good. -EC

*is worried* It isn’t good that he hasn’t eaten in the long of a time. I think soup is a good idea, juice does sound good as well. Has he at least been drinking water??

so i was gonna do Real Coloring for this but I gave up lmfao


I started this before episode 10 aired and I was sad because I realized only their right hands were showing and i was too lazy try to change it so i threw the rings on their right hands anyway




today’s nourishing food ♡ :: 19/12/2016 ::

(i cook all my meals by intuition so quantities are really not my thing hehe. follow your gut! only way to learn is through experience :) & you’ll find exactly the quantities *you* enjoy & need! but of course, do feel free to ask me for a rough idea of what i put in if you really feel the need ~)

~ vegan pumpkin soup ~

:: pumpkin + potatoes + onion + garlic + sweet potato + chayote + carrot + a lil celery + fresh turmeric root + red lentils + ginger powder + sunflower seeds + himalayan sea salt + dried oregano & sprinkled fresh coriander once it is cooked. :: i cook it altogether with water in a pressure cooker & just blend it all when it’s done. easy & simple. soups are the best :)

~ simple couscous meal ~

:: chickpeas + couscous + carrots + himalayan sea salt = all cooked in the water where i cooked the chickpeas (with onion & garlic). & i added fresh celery (but probably won’t do that again hehe). & sprinkled nutritional yeast + fresh garlic smashed with salt and then mixed with olive oil once it was all cooked. :: i cooked the carrots in the chickpeas water & once that was done, i added the already cooked chickpeas into it & once everything was cooked & the liquid still boiling, i turned it off & added the couscous. meanwhile, because i don’t really enjoy cooking garlic as many of the medicinal properties fade away with the cooking process, i just learned a new trick with a friend that is super simple, you just cut the garlic in tiny lil pieces & then mix with salt and smash it altogether with a fork until it is like a paste. let it be for a while & then mix olive oil into it! & once the food is cooked, just add this oil on top & mix it all :) it gives such life & healing power to our food! and that’s that :) super simple too!

these pics are really not the best but my main focus is on the nourishment & healing of the food we eat :) as i was cutting the veggies & cooking everything, i always sing beautiful songs to my food hehehe. love really is the most important ingredient ~*~ in joy!!! <3

A simple pescatarian bento for the Bottomless Pit that people fasting for Lent or general pescatarians can make! (I only realized it had no meat after making it, lol.) It was pretty easy to assemble, since I had quite a few of the side dishes in my fridge.

- Egg Potato Salad (you can make my Wakako Zake potato salad recipe with no ham)
- Stewed Clams (came in a packet)
- Sauteed shimeji mushrooms (heat up some butter in a pan, throw in a clove of minced garlic and stir until brown, and add the mushrooms!)
- Salad and Umeboshi
- Dried Squid
- Sakura Denbu on Rice. I was going to make a heart shape again, just that I accidentally spilled it…
- The packet next to the bento is an instant miso soup sample! Just add hot water.


It’s almost that time of year again- soup season!! Bringing you my recipe collection of four Thai soups I have cooked over the past year or so.

from top-bottom:

Tom Kha Gai (Galangal Chicken Soup)

Tom Saeb (Hot & Sour Pork Rib Soup)

Tom Yum Boran (Ancient Soup)

Tom Yum Goong (Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup)

Tip for Ramadan! During Ramadan try to avoid consuming foods with high amounts of sodium as sodium triggers thirst through the day when fasting. Instead, eat foods with high potassium, as you will retain water and suppress your thirst. 

Worst choices for suhoor: 

  • biryani 
  • kebab
  • pizza
  • fast foor in general 
  • cheese
  • halem 

Best choices for suhoor: 

  • bananas 
  • milk 
  • dates
  • avocados
  • dried peaches
  • pistachios
  • pumpkin
  • peas
  • dark chocolate