soup broth


Jungkook’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: You have no mental sharpness but you are good looking. You are like the main character of an anime. you have so much passion. your eyes and body are massive. You really love Muji Tea. Number 1 at making our team’s average age younger. Jeon Jungkook <3 the ‘guk’ (Broth/soup) that I love the most? Bean paste soup ~ <3

Jin: Jungkook turn on your speakers quieter at home. Come with me to the water park again. Let’s not forget (to go)

Yoongi: Jungkook you are trying to write music lately. If you have something you don’t know, use the internet. I am not a professor/genius. To be honest. I am too lazy to help you hahaha. I’m joking. I will help you a lot. So gain strength. Hwaiting!! (a cheering)

Hoseok: Jungkook-ah!!! Turn down the volume of the speakers in our dorm. I can hear it even in my room. -_- You pig!!

Jimin: Just continue growing up like you have until now. Just don’t grow up taller. Just grow up kind.

Taehyung: Jungkook-ah. It’s hyung … really I’m hyung (He is saying that he is older than him) … you became nicer and gentler lately. *acting cute* let’s have fun/play together.

Taehyung’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are so loud when you play (computer)  games. you bother me but I also snore so I understand you. You are the best looking these days. You are like a farmer. You were born as an idol. You are glued to Gucci. you are so innocent/pure. You have no mental sharpness (not able to catch into things quickly) but you are so cute. So lovable. Kim Taehyung <3 the 'hyung’ that I love the most? a-hyung <3

Jin: When you’re playing games please be a little bit quieter. But you have become brighter these days and that makes me very happy. I hope you make the world brighter with your brightness.

yoongi: It’s right that you do everything to the best of your abilities.try your hardest. It’s right that you play games very passionately. Since you do everything very passionately, let’s passionately enjoy music and games too. Hwaiting.

Hoseok: taehyung-ah hyung always loves you ~~ <3 <3  stop sleeping with the air conditioner on. You will get sick ~ <3 <3 stop playing games so much ~ <3 <3 study with hyung instead <3 <3

Jimin: I don’t know since when but you seem to have become more like an adult, but you are also always like a kid (satori). My friend, stop playing games so much before I go throw your computer away. Wake up when I wake you up my friend. I will shove my hands in your armpits. (drew V as the heart figure he always draws himself as). thank you my friend (In tiny letters).

Jungkook: V hyung! Hyung, stop biting me it hurts so much I am going to die. I always feel this way but you are so good looking.

Jimin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon; You are sometimes cunning but also sexy, short, attractive when you dance, you always work so hard, you like billiard, you changed the most, but you aren’t obvious Chimchim <3 THE 'Chim’ (acupuncture) that I like the most? Poison acupuncture. 

Jin: Jimin-ah you are an angel. I will do a three lettered acrostic poem using your name. park: In park’s family something good happened. Ji: You are a very cool friend. Min: Min Yoongi 

Yoongi: Jimin you are always doing things to the best of your abilities and that’s so charismatic. Let’s be together for a very long time. I applaud your hard work. thank you.

Hoseok: Jimin-ah our Jiminie who is the most attractive in the entire world ~~ <3 <3 when you go back to our dorm today, please clean the things on your desk ~~<3 <3 have strength!!

Taehyung: Jimin-ah~ even if you do aegyo (act cute) to my eyes you are not cute at all ~ do it to a certain amount ~ but when I see that cuteness thank you *acting cute* 

Jungkook: jimin hyung! be thankful that you are older than me. I am kidding, hyung you are always shining!!! Rice cake (jimin’s nickname) forever!!!

Namjoon’s rolling paper by the members:

Jin: Mon-ah I pick up a lot of things that you drop on the plane for you. I wonder how you have so many friends that are like moms around you. But you are cool.

Yoongi: Our eternal leader Rap Monster. Even though I don’t say it I respect you a lot. please always gain strength hwaithing. Thank you.

Hoseok: My center!! My supportive friend Rap Mon!! Namjoon~~~should we go for chicken and beer??

Jimin: A person that drops everything x 18. Stop dropping your phone hyung. You look so cool when you do solo stages. You are the number 1 coolest person when you are on stage. When you are off stage you are the number 1 dummy.  

Taehyung: Watching our leader who’s always cool, I learn something every day. Continue teaching me composing and producing and stop dropping things ~!! Kim Namjoon is the awesome and the best looking.

Jungkook: To RM. you are sleeping behind me right now and you look very very handsome. please continue showing us your cool side <3

Hoseok’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are often like a horse, but you pull us like a horse. You are like an angel 1004-9 (sounds like “you’re like an angel” in Korean). the most professional. When I see you my heart feels at ease. you dress nicely. Your shoulders got bigger. You’re very neat. You work hard to make songs lately. The point of our choreography. Jung Hoseok <3 the 'seok’ that I like the most is? Kim Jiseok hyung <3 (making a joke about liking another actor with 'seok’ in his name)

Jin: Hoba, your existence guides/leads my path. you teach me dancing and if I’m about to go down the wrong path you yell at me. You are scary :( I’m sorry I was wrong :(

Yoongi: Your bright energy always gives us hope. I hope you always stay bright and hopeful.

Jimin: You are a cool hyung whether it’s on stage or off stage. you’re such a perfect roommate that people who use their bedrooms alone don’t make me jealous. Sometimes you’re really like an adult and sometimes you are such a silly hyung. You are a hyung that always goes shopping with me. you are a hyung that’s brighter than anyone but also a hyung that gets tired faster than anyone. you are a hyung that loves seafood that I can’t eat. you are a hyung that’s always always loud. You are a hyung that always makes fun of me but also tells me that I’m cool. let’s not be sick.

Taehyung: Hoseok hyung you are someone that makes me laugh. You are someone that gives me joy. you are a hyung that takes care of me. I’m always thankful and I love you. Our hope.

Jungkook: Hope hyung. You are always a bright energy! Thank you for always making the environment happy. I’m catching up to your producing!

Yoongi’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: I wish you would gain some strength. when I look at you sometimes, you really are good looking. You are often very attractive lately. Your body is very weak, you are like a grandpa. I don’t know since when but you started wearing only black clothing. You got a bit more tanned so you are like brown sugar now. Your music is cool. MinSuga who is important to BTS <3 The 'ga’ that I like the most is? Shim Chunga (an old Korean folk tale)

Jin: Yoongi-ah you are my roommate, even when we marry let’s live together and be roommates how is that? 

Hoseok: Suga hyung!! I always have a thankful heart towards you ~~ <3 <3 I am also thankful for the gift you gave me recently <3 <3 <3 I anticipate you hyung ~~<3 I will give you a birthday gift this time ~ !! <3

Jimin: It makes me happy seeing you laugh often. Always stay this way. Don’t faint when you get older and do extraneous activities. you are very attractive when you perform these days.

Taehyung: A hyung that is pretty doing many things, and smiling. Don’t be sick, always be healthy, and make only good memories. The best smile angel of the universe Min Yoongi hwaiting (cheering)

Jungkook: suga hyung. let’s go eat lamb skewers one day. let’s lose weight first though!!!

Jin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: Your mental age is like 2.6 years old, but you love eating. When you drive, when you play the guitar, when you are good at things at times, you are the most attractive. Your age worth is -99999999 won. You are often cute. You were a lot more attractive when we debuted, but you are still good looking. Kim Seok-jin <3 the 'jin’ that I love the most is? Crane wing formation (in Korean)

Yoongi: Jin hyung please act your age … I’m joking. It’s fun seeing you so bright lately! Thank you!!

Hoseok: Jin hyung that I love. I’m so glad that you are the oldest hyung in our team ~~~ !! please act your age though!!~<3<3

Jimin: I’m thankful that you are you. You’re the funniest out of all of us. I think this often lately, but you’re really good looking. You’re also like an old man though … also like a child … also like a fool … also like an angel … Thank you hyung.

Taehyung: Jin hyung please come back to the time when you were good looking~!! Now *sigh* .. never mind .. I like you. also, hyung you match short hair a lot. everything Jin does is good. have strength always!

jungkook: Jin hyung … It’s so tiring stooping to your level but when I see you it’s so fun and joyful … please remain that way. Aja! Aja! hwaiting (cheering).

Cr rosoidai 
That took me like forever to write. Hope you enjoy it ^^ @mimibtsghost

Best kitchen tip my Grandma ever taught me

I keep veggie peelings, cuttings, herb clippings and all other veggie compost in a freezer bag in your freezer for up to a month. At the end of every month I dump this bag into my crockpot, add 6-8 cups of water and cook on low for 6 hours. I drain out the veggies and herbs, and viola! You have like 8 cups of veggie broth.

I save things from veggies like: celery, garlic, onion, carrots, kale, squash, parsnips, peppers, etc. Basically any vegetable that would go into a soup, I save.

I also save bits of herbs that don’t make it into other recipes, or veggies about to go bad I have no other intention for. It’s an amazing way to cut back on costs and food waste. This stock can make enough soup to feed a whole family, or you can freeze it if you are only feeding yourself and thaw as needed.

You can customize with herbs and spices now, or when you go to make your soups. I like to at least toss in garlic, onions, a bay leaf, pepper and rosemary to the broth itself.

I havent bought soup broth in years, and I can make sure my broth is salt free or at least low salt!

It’s such a simple thing to do, and its noticable in your food budget.

Magickal Tips to Get Through Exams

📓Keep a clean wishbone with you for good fortune

📓Take a bath for good luck with ginger root, cinnamon, and basil

📓Meditate with yellow candles for memory, intelligence, and positive attitude

📓Paint your nails yellow or green for success

📓Draw sigils on your notes and pencils for good luck or knowledge

📓Recharge yourself using amethyst crystals if you’re feeling tired from studying

📓Eat soups with pork broth for intelligence (If you can’t eat meat a pumpkin or mushroom soup is good too)

📓Make a rune chain with runes for knowledge

📓Make green salts by combining sea salt and green herbs associated with luck and success and use them in a bath

📓Make simple bath bags with your favourite corresponding herbs and salts

Expressions of Flavor 맛을 표현하는 한국말


달다 sweet, 

맵다 spicy, 

짜다 salty, 

시다 sour, 

쓰다 bitter, 

맛있다 yummy, 

맛없다 gross.



1. 감미롭다 sweet and tasty

2. 달콤하다 slightly sweet

3. 달콤새콤하다 sweet and sour

4. 달달하다 has sweet undertones

5. 달착지근하다 has a touch of sweetness

6. 들큼하다 unpleasantly sweet

7. 들척지근하다 has a touch of unpleasant sweetness


1. 매콤하다 slightly spicy

2. 맵싸하다 spicy and pungent

3. 칼칼하다 very spicy

4. 얼큰하다 quite spicy (usually used to describe broth or soup)

5. 아리다 unpleasantly spicy

6. 얼얼하다 very spicy (lasts for a long time)

7. 화끈하다  very spicy (quickly goes away)

note: the korean language has more than 20 words to describe spiciness, these are just the more common ones. 


1. 짭짤하다 slightly spicy 

2. 짭짜름하다 has a touch of saltiness

3. 찝찔하다 has a touch of unpleasant saltiness

4. 간간하다 pleasantly salty


1. 새콤하다 slightly sour

2. 시큼하다 unpleasantly very sour

3. 시척지근하다 unpleasantly slightly sour

4. 새콤달콤하다 sweet and sour (used more than 달콤새콤하다)

5. 시디시다 very sour


1. 쌉쌀하다 slightly bitter

2. 쌉싸래하다 has a touch of bitterness

3. 쓰디쓰다 very bitter


1. 감칠맛이 나다 tasty (usually describes a savory dish)

2. 개운하다 refreshing

3. 고소하다 savory (usually describes grainy or nutty flavors)

4. 구수하다 hearty (stronger than 고소하다)

5. 꼬소름하다 quite savory

6. 느끼하다 fatty, greasy, oily (koreans often describe non-korean food to be 느끼하다)

7. 담백하다 light, clean flavor (the opposite of 느끼하다)

8. 덤덤하다 lacking flavor

9. 떫다 bitter & sour

10. 떠름하다 slightly bitter and sour

11. 밍밍하다 bland

12. 보들보들하다  soft, tender

13. 비리다 fishy

14. 비릿하다 slightly fishy

15. 살살 녹다 (verb) melts in one’s mouth

16. 삼삼하다 tasty and slightly salty

17. 심심하다 lacking salt *

18. 시원하다 refreshing (used more then than 개운하다)

19. 쫄깃쫄깃하다 chewy

20. 바삭바삭하다/아삭아삭하다 crunchy

21. 싱겁다 bland (used more often than 밍밍하다)


sometimes when u eat soups or broth-based dishes and you have long hair, the ends of your hair gets wet. it happens. if this is something that you identify with i want you to know you are valid and not alone. spread this like wildfire

Recipe: Pale Broth

Description: A delicate broth with a hint of sulfur. 

Game ingredients: White Algae (x2)

This recipe restores 125 energy and 56 health. It can be obtained from Marnie after reaching 3 hearts and sells for 150g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 4. 

This recipe is a bit of a stretch. I didn’t know how to make a cream of algae soup, and seaweed is the only edible algae, but then it turns out that yogurt contains carrageenan, which is an extract of red edible seaweed, so it’s a Turkish yogurt soup. Like I said, it’s a stretch.

-2 ½ cups water
-2 ½ cups chicken broth
-¼ cup rice
-1 teaspoon salt
-2 cups plain yogurt
-1 egg
-2 tablespoons water
-2 tablespoons flour
-2 teaspoons mint and/or tarragon
-2 tablespoons butter

In a medium saucepan, combine the water, chicken broth, and rice. If you want, you can use half a cup of rice instead of one-quarter. Bring the broth and rice mixture to a boil and keep the boil going until the rice is fully cooked. This’ll take close to 20 minutes. Add the salt.

In a bowl, combine the yogurt, egg, water, and flour. Whisk until fully combined. 

In a separate saucepan, cook the yogurt mixture over very low heat for 15 minutes. High heat will cause the yogurt to curdle, so you have to heat it slowly, and don’t let it reach boiling point. 

Ensure the rice-broth has cooled a bit before adding it to the yogurt. Stir the yogurt well while adding the broth to the mixture. This will distribute the heat quickly and prevent curdling.  

Cook on low for another 10 minutes. While it’s cooking, heat the butter in a small frying pan. 

Once the butter is sizzling, add the mint and/or tarragon (I did one teaspoon of each), and cook for 30 seconds. 

Serve the soup into bowls and then drizzle some of the butter over top or stir it all into the pot of soup. 

The soup is indeed very delicate, but is tasty nonetheless, and the rice is a good addition. Considering it’s supposed to be cream of algae soup, I think my take on it isn’t too bad. 


What I absolutely most can’t the least are American “entrepreneurs” capitalizing on our shitty-ass economy by just rebranding Depression-era relics and survival techniques.

Trailer park? No, it’s not a trailer park, it’s a “tiny house community.”
Flophouse? No, it’s “AirBnB”
Stock soup? No, it’s “bone broth.”
Moonshine? No, it’s “unaged bourbon.”
Rent-splitting with roommates? Naw, man, it’s “co-living!”
But the “best” (i.e., worst) has got to be how Facebook and Amazon are totally not building workers’ barracks and company towns, naw, dude, they’re “campuses.”

What they say: I’m fine


I definitely recommend for anyone moving away from their parents for the first time–whether it be moving to a school campus, or into a new apartment with a friend–make a small investment.

Thing is, when your sick in your new adult life, you aren’t going to have mum and dad to take care of you. The first time I really got sick away from my parents was awful. I had a serious stomach flu. And I wasn’t prepared. I ended up having to go shopping for things while I was still sick, because I didn’t even have friends around at the time to go out for me.

So what I recommend is making sure you have some things to help your recovery long before your ever sick. If you like, stick it in an “All That Ails Me” box. My personal must haves are as follows:

  • Some sort of electrolyte source; personally I go for Gatorade or Powerade, but if you prefer something healthier, coconut water is supposedly quite a good source, or you can make your own ‘gatorade’ with some fruit juice diluted in water and a pinch of salt.
  • Broth and broth based soups; if you can’t keep solid food down, broth is a pretty good way to get some nutrition until you can. Broth based soups are also good as you start to transition back into a normal diet.
  • BRAT foods are recommended by most healthcare professionals; they’re easy on the digestive system: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. You can usually keep rice and applesauce on hand and all times. Crackers are a good replacement for toast in my opinion.
  • Anything really with ginger (such as gingerale, or ginger tea) to help settle an upset stomach (make sure to let the gingerale flatten first if you go that route though)
  • Hot water bottle, for aches and pains
  • Make sure you have any medications that help with things like diarrhea or vomiting; tylenol, imodium, etc.
  • Tea; personally I have the Cold Surivival Kit from David’s Tea, which I love and it covers your bases (stomach ache, sniffles, sore throat), and I always try to have medicated lemon tea on hand since it puts me right to sleep and relieves everything from cough to runny nose. But any tea in general is good since they’re easy to get down, provide some nutrition, and the heat can help relieve various aches, pains, and other issues. 
  • Puke bucket; just keep one in your closet for such an occasion. It’s better than hanging over the public dorm toilets or running to the bathroom in your apartment
  • Favourite movie, stuffed animal, music, etc; I mean, you’ll probably have this anyway, and it won’t stop you from puking your guts out, but it may make you feel a little bit better when your sick and have no one to take care of you. 

These are my main suggestions, and probably the most important things, but make sure you take account of what your parents usually do to take care of you when you’re sick and help you feel better, and go out and buy that stuff so you have it on hand and are prepared if you ever get ill yourself. The things needed isn’t going to be exactly the same for everyone, since some people have little things that there parents did differently to care for them, or have other foods that they find do the same thing. Point is, make sure you have it on hand

carnations|kim yugyeom

   ⧽ prompt: “This isn’t going to be a thing—right?”

   ⧽ rating: m

   ⧽ summary: In the end, it came down to the fact that you couldn’t live without him. Hybrid!Yugyeom ; Shifter!Yugyeom ; Cat!Yugyeom —smut.

❥ parts: I. II. III. IV. V(Final).

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Soups and Broths in Magick

I am rather new to the witch community on tumblr but I have been interested in witchcraft for years. I have come upon a reoccurring thing, many of my friends I wish to magically aid through teas and herbal brews, do not like the taste of tea. I have found that mixing herbal blends or herbs representing what you wish to occur into soups and broths work just as well! In fact if you choose the right soup you can get sometimes better results I have found. Soup mimics tea by being easily drank and can be served warm and hot, which I find very comforting.

First it is important to choose a soup or broth that goes well taste wise with the herbs you wish to use. You want it to taste pleasant for yourself or the one you are providing it to. Though, try to find a soup or stock or broth that corresponds with what you wish to achieve with the herbs to further strengthen and increase the outcome you wish. 

A short list of correspondences:

Chicken Broth/Stock: Uncrossing, new growth, fertility, sacrifice, New beginnings, rebirth

Turkey Broth/Stock: Close connections to Earth, generosity, inspiration, bounty, blessings

Beef Broth/Stock: New beginnings, femininity/female power, fertility, strength, balance

Pork Broth/Stock or Bacon: Intelligence, good luck, prosperity, curiousity, discovering new things

Fish Broth/Stock: Close connections to Water, health, improving oneself, the unconcious mind, awareness, fertility, good luck, wishes, change

Shellfish/Clam/Mussel Broth/Stock/Soup/Chowder: Protection, stopping lies/gossip/rumors, removal or treatment of stubbornness, honesty, truth, close connections to both Water and Earth, living a natural life

Shrimp Broth/Stock: love, abundance, fertility, trying new things, moving forward

Cheese base/Milk base soup/Chowder: Beauty, femininity, love, self-love, purification, rebirth

Tomato Soup: Protection, prosperity, love, uncrossing, femininity, romance and passion, negation of negativity and evil

Pumpkin Soup: Healing, prosperity, love, protection, granting wishes

Squash Soup: Psychic awareness, spiritual enlightenment

Corn Chowder: connections to the sun, luck, prosperity, abundance

Onion Soup: protection, keep evil away, healing, banishing, stability, exorcism, money, lust, and ends bad habits

Pea Soup: Kindness, connections with Air

Mushroom Soup: psychic enhancement, connections to Earth, longevity, strength, immortality

Curry/Curry Soups: banishing, healing, prosperity, protection from negativity

Soups with Noodles: Longevity, uncrossing

Soups with Rice: prosperity, blessing, money and wealth, security, good fortune to come

Soups with Barley: Love, Healing, Protection

Hopefully this will be helpful for any witches who are not very big fans of the taste of teas or for anyone else for that matter. I would love to hear or see any other suggestions for tea replacements or other soups that could be used. This came straight out of my Grimoire and I hope to add more of it to this site soon. Blessed be everyone!


Calypso’s Into Earth Witch Soup

Once upon a time I read the first of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian novels (I have yet to res the rest…library soon??) ~ anywho ~ this soup reminded me of that book.
The carpathian vamps return to the Earth (beneath the soil) every so often to heal, recharge, and gather power. I was rather sick all week, so I concocted a soup plan haha. It turned out well!
*Can easily be made vegan using veggie broth.*

5 or 6 organic carrots
One Vidalia onion (could def add shallots!)
Half head of purple cabbage
6 or 7 red potatoes, halved
13 medium cloves of garlic, chopped (those on the smaller side can go in whole)
2 fingers of ginger, peeled and finely chopped
Handful fresh oregano
Handful fresh sage
13ish large white (portabella) mushrooms, halved
2.5 TBSP beef bouillon
Red pepper flakes, salt, Rosemary to taste
Large soup pot filled halfway with water

To Make:
Fill soup pot halfway with water, turn burner to high.
Add garlic and ginger as soon as water starts simmering…after 5-10 minutes add fresh herbs
Wait a few minutes before adding onions and bouillon - wait for broth to come to boil
Add your peeled and chopped carrots
Stir, taste, adjust
Add mushrooms
Add cabbage
Cover, turn burner to medium and let simmer for 10 minutes.

***I suggest adding shallots, morels, merlot, and potatoes for a more bodied soup. In addition, onions & garlic could be browned in butter prior to making soup. Bone broth would be IDEAL.***