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eclair  asked:

I saw you're open for prompts. What do you think of IwaOi with something inspired by a t-rex boudoir shoot? (I couldn't paste the link but it's a real thing and I found it so amusing.) But instead of a t-rex, Iwaizumi in a godzilla onesie or something? XD

i hope u dont mind that i changed ur prompt a bit! this goes under the cut for being “almost nsfw” but honestly it’s just because i’m way too embarrassed to show this art upfront EDIT: we show our kinky art like men and also because eclair didnt see the art lol

i drew oikawa instead because i already drew baby!iwa in this very same godzilla onesie, and i feel like i would have sinned if i drew iwa again (; ̄▽ ̄)   

and because i didnt draw iwa for u & because im me i couldnt resist making an  comic again is2g ( ̄  ̄|||) (read L→ R, as usual):

Home cookin’. A fear submitted by Marika to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! The new Deep Dark Fears book is available now, with fifty unpublished comics and fifty favorites! You can find it at Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, iBooks, Google Books, your local bookstore, and wherever books are sold! For those of you outside the US, is offering free worldwide shipping!

turtle-bread  asked:

If you have time, maybe a doodle of the seijou team camping~? This prompt is based on a cute fic called "Blood Rush" if you ever want to read it on AO3! archiveofourown(.)org/works/7387369

thank u for linking me that fic because i got to read about a mosquito dying via iwaizumi’s arm flexing……..nice (had to draw it)

i hope it looks like they’re gathered around a campfire hahaha

also i hope no one minds ill be working thru all the requests slowly

edit: I FIXED. for me. i can read the words now lmao

slothesaurus  asked:

hi!! I hope your internet gets better soon and you have a good day! for seijou requests maybe you could do smth with hanamatsu trying to make kyoutani laugh w/ telling the story of Hanger Tooru? idk they feel like the kind if senpai who'd lowkey try to make teammates feel more comfortable and I like the idea of them also helping try to get kyoutani feeling more at home w/ the team and wanting to see what his comfy smile is like ;w; ty for opening requests regardless if u try this one!!!

sloth-san i just love that you sound like you’re wishing my internet good health that’s just so cute and nice thank you haha (the good news is the wifi modem is happily blinking all its lights at me)

anyway, i actually thought it was pretty great the third years immediately accepted kyoutani’s return (even tho he threw shade @ them the first time he appears in the anime haha) because objectively, he’s a good addition to the team, so it was nice to draw this too!!

anonymous asked:

For the drawing request thing, maybe some Kunimi x Oikawa?

i dunno if u randomly requested this but I….actually like this ship now. omg what have u done. thank u for introducing it to me!!! adds one more ship to my rarepair list

speaking of rarepairs, it is apparently @oikawararepairweek in a few days lol just in time

i keep on drawing comics for most of the requests I have HELP
also idk if this comic makes sense lmao I drew it yesterday then forgot how the dialogue was supposed to go

edit: I should probably mention that the font size is 13 and the line spacing is 1 for the typesetting lmao oikuni numbers hahaha


acid soup is an interactive webcomic about finding yourself (whether you want to or not.) 

lowry lewis is 22. in the city she lives in, anything can be stolen from you - from memories to body parts to the abstract ability to give a shit. while she tries to find her boyfriend’s missing parts (so she can render him functional and dump him guilt-free), she finds out that she herself is missing more than she thought, and must decide how much she really wants to get back. 

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