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And then there's Rumble...

((I think I actually made Rumble a smidgen too tall, but close enough. He is Shorty McShort. I also don’t have an official design for him, so whenever I draw him I just draw him akin to his G1 self.

His frame right now really isn’t that different, anyway. Just a little more “Prime” looking, tbh. Eventually he’ll be reformatted, but that might not be for a while…))

Cassette-sitting Nightmare pt 2
  • Frenzy: Boss is coming back!
  • Soundwave: [walks in]
  • Skywarp: Oh, thank Primus. Soundwave, how the HELL do you put up with these filthy little memers?
  • Frenzy: He doesn't.
  • Rumble: Yeah, watch! Hey Boss!
  • Soundwave: [tilts helm to acknowledge him]
  • Rumble: ...
  • Rumble: ...
  • Rumble: ... gun.
  • Soundwave: [stiffly turns around to walk out, emitting static that sounds suspiciously like a snicker]

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"Fight me" - may I request TFP Soundwave and Starscream fighting each other, either sparring or seriously, I don't mind which. Soundwave ultimately wins but it's very close, as Starscream is a good fighter. Thank you!

  Soundwave absently clicked on the notification at the top of his screen, quietly humming as he scanned through Logically-Science’s latest work.
Subtlety had never suited Shockwave. The scientist had been known to prefer more straightforward methods. Something about how parsing through Tower politics and double meanings wasted time that could be put to better use.

Such as his dramatic reveal of Predaking. And look how that turned out.Soundwave turned his attention back to the post, fingers tapping rapidly as he finished a report before sending it off. Multitasking had never been an issue for the spymaster, no matter Starscream’s muttering about having a drone as TIC.


  Starscream’s heels clicked against the dark floor of the command center as he walked past Soundwave, idly twirling a shock baton between long talons.
Soundwave’s helm tilting, warily keeping the SIC in sight. Starscream was never one to give up an opportunity. Always the first to strike, chase down any perceived weakness, but quick to turn and run if the advantage turned against him, to unashamedly beg for mercy when caught.

The smirk playing around his mouth wasn’t easing any of Soundwave’s concerns.

 “Lord Megatron has been absent for longer than usual, Soundwave. Aren’t you getting concerned?”

 The mocking tone threading Starscream’s usual rasp felt like dipping his fingers into an oceanic oil spill. Deceptively pretty, quick to suck you under and drown you in suffocating layers of rage and despair.

 Clinging, desperate to survive and spread, even at the cost of others.
Soundwave turned, aware that Starscream would not miss the significance of giving him more of his attention.

 “Aren’t you getting concerned?” He played back, getting a petty pleasure from watching Starscream’s wings twitch with irritation at having his words turned back on him.

 Starscream glanced away, fingers curling tighter around the baton. “I… seek only to be helpful, Soundwave. There’s no need for your games!”

 Starscream temper, ever mercurial, flipped from insecurity and frustration at being caught, turned to self-righteous anger in an instant.

 “No need for games. - Starscream, maintain the ship until I return.“

 Soundwave loomed over Starscream, playing back Megatron’s last command as he forced back the seeker toward the hall’s entrance.

 Starscream, tripping over his feet as he scuttled away, thrust the baton towards Soundwave’s unprotected stomach, snarling in compounded fear and anger.

 Soundwave’s remaining patience snapped. Swatting away the first clumsy jab, he stepped further into the shorter flier’s face, reaching up to pin him to the wall.

 Wise from millennia of Megatron’s abuse, Starscream shrieked and leaped backward, clearing space to transform one arm to a blaster and firing off three shots in rapid order.

 Soundwave raised one long arm to protect Lazerbeak from the blast. Helm swiveling to track his trajectory, Soundwave turned and waited.

 Starscream shouted insults as he flipped in the confines of the hall, limited space not fully allowing the showiness for a battle display. Soundwave opened a tab to log some of the more inventive curses for later study. Never let it be said that Starscream couldn’t adapt.

 Eventually, Starscream came closer, lured by in by Soundwave’s apparent passive acceptance of Starscream’s tirade.

 Snaking one tendril out from seemingly nowhere, Soundwave slammed the blunt end into Starscream’s undercarriage.  

 The Seeker’s startled yelp cut short as he triggered a transformation sequence in an attempt to throw off the grasping tentacle.

 Metal screeching loudly at the abrupt landing, Starscream flicked the baton out to full length and pointed it menacingly at the offending appendage. It spat sparks in contempt of the intimidation tactic.

“You always did enjoy things like this, didn’t you?” Sneered Starscream.
Soundwave stepped forward, tentacles raised in curving arches to either side of the walkway.

 Starscream shrank in on himself, optics darting, looking for a way out. Claws snicking, he flicked his wings again.

 “Persistent,” Soundwave recalled Megatron saying long ago. “Arrogance to swamp a metrotitan, but he could outfly an army without a scratch.”

 Praise from Megatron was rare then, practically nonexistent now. Could it be that the prickly Seeker was looking for company, but not knowing quite how to go about getting it?

 Soundwave lowered the charge on his cables from incapacitating to something that would simply catch the others attention.

 “Starscream - an entertaining companion - worthy competitor.”

 Starscream jerked upright, optics shuttering quickly in surprise. They narrowed, suspicious again.

 "What, are you expecting me to laud your deeds because you can state the obvious?” Even so, Starscream visibly preened.

 Soundwave tilted his head, pinging the next earth weeks’ timetable with open slots labeled ‘Sparring’.

 Starscream squinted at Soundwave as he checked the list three times over before sending a confirmation. Soundwave nodded acknowledgment, turning back without a word to continue his work.

 Starscream muttered something unflattering and stalked out the door, wings raised high.

 Starscream could remain suspicious.

 Soundwave had won.

TFP AU w/ Soundwave Reading Minds that got super long

I have this cute little TFP AU idea where for some reason Autobots and Decepticons have to work together, putting them all under the same roof (and eventually, it’s deemed safe enough for the kids to come back)

Also in this little scenario Soundwave has his psychic/mind reading abilities. Just putting that out there, cuz I don’t think it was ever confirmed to be canon for TFP.

So anyways it’s some sort of “Bring Your Pet To School” day, and Miko is in charge of the host family’s– unruly– dog (and maybe Raf has a bird or something). They bring their pets to base because they wanted to share the animal companions with the Cybertronians too. Soundwave takes an immediate liking to them, idly sitting with the creatures off to the side. (And is actually having a little conversation)

After a while Jack is like “Hey Miko, your dog hasn’t barked at anyone since she started hanging around Soundwave..!”

And Miko is like “Hm? Woaahh, you’re right!” So they all start making their way over.

“Hey Soundwave, how did you get her to calm down? Is it some sort of a secret space-robot technique, cuz I’d really like to know…!”

“No technique,” Soundwave says in his usual garbled words, “Soundwave just… told her she was safe.” he paused in thought.

“And asked her to be quiet.”

“Asked her? How?” said Jack.

“Is it… kind of like how Bee and I communicate?” Raf supplied.

“You can TALK to DOGS?!” said Miko.

“Soundwave can… TALK to DOGS.” Soundwave parroted, but then tapped his helm with one of his long, slender digits.

“With my… mind.”

The kids flip out, totally astonished. Meanwhile on the other side of the base, Ratchet slows his work enough to hear their conversation more clearly.

“How does that even work?!”

“Can you read MY mind?!”

“What’s my dog thinking right now?!”

Soundwave decided to answer Raf first.

“Cybertronian processors… operate on a… frequency. Earth… creatures… operate on… another frequency. Soundwave… simply tunes into… the correct one. Like a television.”

“Amazing…” Raf was already taking notes on his phone.

“So how’d you get her to use her inside voice?”

“Soundwave… felt distress. Gave reassurance. Asked for… ‘inside voice.’”

“So what’s she saying now?”

“Miko’s pet,” Soundwave turned slightly to address the impatient, pink-haired human, “Thanks you and… the others… for treating her so well. Says that you… are new… but kind.”

“Aw! Tell her I love her too!” Soundwave nodded.


“Wait, who are the others? Us?” Jack asked. Soundwave cocked his helm slightly, as if listening.

“No. The others… are… ‘family’?” The Decepticon responded, still unsure of the word’s proper usage.

“She must mean my host family! They’re her real owners.”

“Acknowledged. Pet… also enjoys…” Soundwave paused, unsure of how to say this next part. Instead he opted to demonstrate by moving his spare servo down the center of his body.

“Oh! Tummy rubs!!!” Miko practically squealed, quickly moving to treat the pup.

“Action is correct.” Soundwave confirms the dog’s joy.

“That’s a very cool power Soundwave.” said Raf with a grin. The con was surprised, most feared his ability.

“Rafael… thinks this?”

“For sure!”

“I think it’s super cool too!”

“Sooo… what am I thinking right now?” Jack lightly challenged the Decepticon.

“Oh yeah! Do Jack! Then me! I’m next!” Miko bounced excitedly.

“Could you read Ratchet’s mind from all the way over here?”

Suddenly Ratchet fumbled and noisily dropped his work down on the table, making odds and ends fly everywhere. Soundwave grew very, very still, and Miko’s dog began to whimper. With the good mood dissipating, Raf regretted his question.

“I think that’s enough parlor tricks for today, Soundwave.” Ratchet said icily, not even bothering to look over his shoulder all the way.

“Agreed.” said the faceless Decepticon, carefully setting down Miko’s dog and Raf’s bird to their rightful owners. Laserbeak trilled sadly at the loss of her new feathered friend.

“Much work to be done.” Soundwave said aloud as he excused himself, moving near-silently down the hallway. Once Soundwave was gone, the kids made their way to Ratchet and his work station.

“Guess you don’t need to read minds to know that was a touchy subject.”

“Ratchet, I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t even thinking…”

Ratchet snorted “I’ll say. Trust me when I say this Rafael: no good ever comes to an Autobot that’s had Soundwave rummaging through their mind. I’ve heard their stories, seen the aftermath enough times as proof.”

“So he CAN read Cybertronian minds…”

“Yes! Not only can he read them, but he can rip them apart…!” Ratchet spun around to face the kids fully, moving his hands in emphasis.

“Anyone who is unwilling– and oh ho, it is ALWAYS unwilling– undergoes psychological trauma AND physical, internal damage to the processor when Soundwave interrogates them…” Suddenly Ratchet spoke in a more hushed tone.

“Many bots change after being held captive by the cons. I’ve seen a few come back rambling nonsensical MADNESS having been rescued after a session with Soundwave. They are never the same… no matter how many scorched wires I repair, no matter how many circuit boards I replace. Even Decepticons know to stay away from him!”

“Even the cons?” asked Miko, already clutching her dog.

“Mm hm. Decepticons see the damage Soundwave inflicts up close and personal.” Ratchet shuddered, “It’s an incredibly unpleasant experience.”

“But Soundwave didn’t cause Miko’s dog any pain. And I mean, we offered to let him read our minds, so I’d say that’s pretty willing…”

“Hmph. You’re lucky that dog lacks the intellect to know that Soundwave is bad news.” Ratchet turned back to his work, “It’s likely that she let him into her mind without thinking twice about it.”

“Well it’s not like she has any big secrets to hide… er, besides the stuff she buries in the back yard.”

“Mm. Well you never know what sort of information Soundwave is looking for, so you can’t be too careful. He could very easily make use of the stuff inside YOUR heads, considering how much time you’ve spent at our base.”

“I guess that’s true…” Miko looked towards the hallway where Soundwave disappeared.

“Hadn’t thought about it like that.” said Jack.

“We’ll be more careful Ratchet. We promise.” Raf assured.

“Good to hear. Now go get ready, it’s almost dark and it’s time for you kids to go home.”

While Raf and Jack are packing up their stuff, Miko makes a quick run to Soundwave’s quarters to peek in. Unsurprisingly, Soundwave is just sitting there, unmoving in the dark. It’s kinda creepy she has to admit, but she’s getting used to it.

“Hey… could you hear all that?”

Soundwave didn’t respond, didn’t move.

“Ehh, I’m just gonna assume that you did.” Miko took the chance to fully enter the room.

“Just so you know, I’m not too keen on following the rules. So I’m still gonna hang around you, whether you, or Ratchet, or anyone else likes it or not!” This time Soundwave did acknowledge her.

“Miko… not afraid?”

“No way! I think you’re really awesome! You look cool, sound kinda weird, but you kick major butt in battle!”

Soundwave did not respond. He wasn’t sure if he liked that…

“Well…” She continued, “That’s not entirely true. I am scared of you… a little.” Soundwave huffed his vents at this.


“Good?! How is that good? I mean, it’s really just the stuff Ratchet said–”

“Soundwave… insulted. Miko should be… afraid.” Miko gawked at this for a moment before collecting herself… and laughed.

“Ahahaha! Leave it to a con to get a dent in his pride if he isn’t scary enough! Don’t worry Soundwave, I’m pretty sure I’ll always be a little scared of you!” she checks her watch.

“Ah scrud! I have to go. See you tomorrow Soundwave!” Miko runs off.

“… Acknowledged.” said the con cloaked in darkness.

soundwave--acknowledges started following you

He recognised the name–the contours based on his own careful observation of Rumble’s past contact with the silver mech in question. Naturally, the spymaster was curious about his alternate, as his own information was incomplete and demanded further explanation. Mm, perhaps demanded was too harsh of a word, but, in any means of semantics, Soundwave required to speak with this other. In his absence, it seemed Rumble had made quite a few new contacts..

‘Soundwave,’ the slender of the two Spymasters greeted telepathically.

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Soundwave heard something about kittens. Who knows how--he hears everything, that's how he knows. So he's gonna send about fifty pings to Twincast, ranging from demanding to practically begging to see said kittens. No fighting, or kidnapping here. /Promise./

If Soundwave wants to see a kitten so badly, then he will have to come to them. Steeljaw doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with allowing his kittens into unfamiliar territory, especially not with a Soundwave they have little to no bargaining power with. Coordinates will be sent so long as Soundwave promises to behave.

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5 fave officers?

Er.. in no particular order:

Breakdown: The one in my timeline was a dear! We were.. are? good friends, and I owe him quite a bit. Haven’t really talked to any within the multiverse.. which is a shame.

Knock Out: You see, me and my Knock Out don’t actually get along. Not usually, at any rate. There have been occasion of some, er, somewhat civil conversation, but that is far and few between.. though I like that is not the case with this other~

Soundwave: Now, whether you want mine or my favourite alternates, it goes all the same. I enjoy them, even if they’re less than enthralled about myself.

Shockwave: I think this one should be obvious enough. While daddy-dearest [and at least one alternate] has threatened me in the past, I will say that I like him all the same. He’s adorable

As for fifth..? Skywarp, I suppose. And specifically that one, not my own. Mine and I get along about as well as I do with most mechs.. which is to say we don’t.

For he-knows-who-he-is aka birb. Shhh. Soundwave still doesn’t know about this. Maybe Blaster doesn’t know either? Laserbeak isn’t sure.

Twincast hadn’t known, either, so the sudden pile of nonsensical items Sundor was hoarding came as a bit of a curiosity. Especially so when Sundor refused to let him touch it. They were his gifts; peasant musn’t touch.