Divide and Conquer

In episode 6 of The Transformers, Spike continues to utterly fail at everything, Optimus is hurt in a confusing chain of events, another wall is torn down, baffling lines are uttered and Chip Chase does all the work.

The next episode will not only introduce us to what has to be the worst pun in cartoon history, but also to more questionable morals and, in a shocking twist, an actual moment of character development. Will Starscream finally be happy for once? How does one become an Autobot? And will the Decepticons finally find a door they can walk through without destroying it?

All these answers and much much less will be revealed next time.

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The RPGformers collection (1/?)! Just some of the artz of my RPGbots I’ve gotten at the last few cons. This isn’t all of them, but I don’t have pics of the others. I’ll make another post when I have pics of the rest <3

  1. Grimlock - Casey Coller
  2. Soundwave - Brendan Cahill
  3. Jazz - Kotteri ( @kotteri000 ) (who won’t tag for some reason)
  4. Onslaught - Livio Ramondelli
  5. Hound - Alex Milne
  6. Tarn - Hayato Sakamoto
  7. Chromedome & Rewind - Josh Burcham ( @dcjosh )
  8. Shockwave - Brendan Cahill
  9. Megatron - Corin Howell ( @rinpin )
  10. Steampunk Paddles - Josh Burcham

Alas, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to any cons this year to continue the series D: Certainly not BotCon, and US TFCon is yet to be seen. Which suuuucks. I still need to get a Bumblebee from @dyemooch~

Edit: How do I make this into a photoset D: I’m so sorry about the line of giant pics!