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I got my very first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, Red Rescue Team on December 24th 2006. It’s been ten years, and I’ve never been same after that. It was the first and so far only Pokémon side game series I’ve gotten into and my love for it has only grown as the years passed. Now, to show my love to those games, I’ve picked my favorite moment/soundtrack from each game in the series.

Summer 2009…I think it was summer 2009? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was that. Only months after I got my first DS (around april 2009) I got my second game on it. I purchased Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time while our family was on a trip in Lapland. We even visited Santa Claus’s village (because Santa is from Finland!) but I didn’t get to see Santa because I was too busy playing my new game. Not that I regret it, but…
Now that we have four main Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, I can say that this is my least favorite of them. But! I don’t hate this game, far from it: I like it like I do the other games, but this never had a such huge impact on me as the others had. Fourth generation in Pokémon is in general my least favorite, and this game is no exception. And the fact how overrated this game is might’ve something to do with my opinion over it. Explorers of Sky had some neat additions with the special episodes (probably the best feature in the game in my opinion) and the Shaymin quest.
That being said, I had some difficulties picking a favorite scene/music from this game because nothing never stood out so much for me. While I’ve drew this scene two times before, I decided to go with it anyway because of how memorable it is. Also, this was the point of the game when I realized something: at first I thought Grovyle was a bad guy and I didn’t like him much. But as the game went on, I learned more about him and eventually we became allies. Then this scene happened, and it struck me - I cared about Grovyle. He was my friend on this journey, and seeing him go like that left me little empty inside.

The team here is obviously not any of my ingame teams, but just a small team I came up with long time ago. The team consists a Poochyena (leader) and Charmander (partner). For some reason I prefer drawing this team in anything related to Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.

Soundtrack to My Summer
Two Cow Garage
Soundtrack to My Summer

71) “Soundtrack to My Summer” - Two Cow Garage

Since they landed in my “Biggest Miss” list in 2011(for 2010’s Sweet Saint Me), these guys have been solidly on my radar. They have this perfect blend East coast punk and Midwestern Americana that just speaks to me. “Soundtrack to My Summer” was just that for my summer of 2011, and now I’m sharing it with you so it might be the same. Enjoy.

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she became my summer soundtrack so quickly. every song reminds me of her, smells like nights spent holding her, chin resting on her shoulder, face buried in her hair. every note tastes like her strawberry chapstick lips. the melodies are fireworks exploding in my throat, I can’t feel my body but I know she’s pressed up against it. she is in all my songs from that summer, and I won’t ever listen to them alone.

Soundtrack to My Summer 2013

1. The Innocent - Good Charlotte/Goldfinger/Mest - The Best Of Goldfinger - 2005

2. Here In Your Bedroom - Goldfinger - Goldfinger (self Titled) 1996

3. Opinions - Mest - Destination Unknown - 2001

4. Nuclear Family - Green Day- Uno - 2012

5. Myage - Descendents - Milo Goes To College - 1982

6. Bakers Dozen - Guttermouth - Musical Monkey - 1997

7.Time - Blink-182 - Flyswatter - 1993