The Arcana Soundtrack

Note: These are in no particular order of appearance and can all be found on YouTube.

  1. Ascending the Vale - Kevin MacLeod
  2. Bittersweet - Kevin Macleod
  3. Master Disorder - Kevin Macleod
  4. Miris Magic Dance - Kevin Macleod
  5. Relent - Kevin Macleod
  6. Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod
  7. Vanishing - Kevin Macleod
  8. Heavy Heart - Kevin Macleod
  9. Intrepid - Kevin Macleod
  10. Mystic Force - Kevin Macleod
  11. River of lo - Kevin Macleod
  12. Rynos Theme - Kevin Macleod
  13. Memory - Keith Holden
  14. Magic Hour - Neil Cross
  15. Manuchi - Chad Farran
  16. Deep Haze - Kevin Macleod
  17. Tango De Manzana - Kevin Macleod
  18. Crowd Hammer - Kevin MacLeod
  19. Danse Macabre - Kevin Macleod
  20. The Complex - Kevin Macleod

i always have a hard time finding good stuff to listen to while i’m studying so i’m here to hopefully help some people with the same problem and share some of my faves! i’ll divide this post into instrumental and non-instrumental albums/playlists in order to make it even easier for you guys to navigate :-) 

happy studying!

instrumental albums and playlists

non-instrumental (with singing) albums and playlists


My Soundtrack for Splatoon 2 Octo expansion came in today!

I ordered the Limited edition of octotune which includes a bonus blu-ray disc of the live performance of off the hook!

The manual has an interview with pearl and here’s some images from it! Spot the Marina pillow and Marina herself reading in the background!


Writing + Spotify

Hey! So, as some of you may know, I have a playlist on Spotify named ‘ACFWB Main Playlist’, created for you to listen to while writing. On request (but mostly because I needed it lol) I have created four extra playlists to help when you’re writing certain themes! The Playlist cover photos are above and the links will be with them, I really enjoyed making these and have decided to make all playlists collaborative for you to be able to add your own songs! I will be tracking the playlists in case there is something that isn’t really appropriate for the themed playlist etc, but other than that, feel free to add away! I hope they help you all ^_^

Scenes of Sorrow


The Rebellion

Getting Heated

The Original Playlist is Here

EDIT- I’ve just been informed that the new playlist links don’t show up on the mobile app, alternatively you can tap the links above :)

Other names for the songs of Mean Girls

A Cautionary Tale: Buckle up kiddos this is gonna be a wild ride

It Roars: Wow America’s Gonna be Cool1!1!

Where Do You Belong?: Stereotyping people to the extremes

Meet the Plastics: The Introduction Song™

Stupid With Love: Math is my side chick

Apex Predator: It’s Animal Planet but with teens

What’s Wrong With Me?: Insecurity and Sadness!!

Stupid With Love (Reprise): Did he just FRIEND ZONE me???

Sexy: How Karen Single Handedly Cured Sex Cancer

Someone Gets Hurt: CAUTION: These vocals may wreck you

Revenge Party: I’ve got nothing better to do so let’s destroy the queen b (You Go Glenn Coco!)

Fearless: Wow we can finally be ourselves! (Sike!)

Stop: Boys suck and they need to grow tf up

What’s Wrong With Me? (Reprise): Insecurity and Sadness!! Feat. The Cool Mom™

Whose House is This?: KEVIN G DISHIN THE RHYMES (also shots)

More Is Better: I Love Being Basic!!

Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise): You F*cked Up!!!!

World Burn: CAUTION: These vocals may wreck you pt. 2

I’d Rather Be Me: The Middle Finger Song

Do This Thing: NERDS UNITE

I See Stars: Yall are gorgeous af slay my queens