The Bose Soundtouch 10 reviewed.

It’s a very capable bit of kit for a relatively small area of the house or, say for instance, an apartment where this would quiet adequately be the only speaker you’ll need. Sound from the speaker spreads easily to more than one room.

The speaker reaches loud volumes and remains stable. There are far too many speakers on the market that lose their clarity at high volume and start to vibrate on the surface they’re based. The Soundtouch has quite a weighty bottom to it so that keeps it in position and allows for a richer more stable sound.

The base tones are great and its output is very clear. I’ve found that the speaker is suited to any style of music, so as long as the volume is controlled. You may find that if you’re playing a track that has heavy base you won’t be able to hit the highest volume as the speaker will start to distort and I fear that this will cause the speaker damage.

With the speaker being relatively tall, this enables for a larger woofer and tweeter to spread sound around the space its in. You will see in my comparison photo above, where I have placed the speaker next to the forth generation Apple TV and a 42 inch tv.

Connectivety is simple. Bose has adopted the same idea as Sonos by allowing you to have a group of these speakers all around the home and you can control each speaker from the app. The app also allows you to play Spotify, iTunes and radio channels along with many other sources. The speaker itself comes with 6 preset buttons where you can save radio stations of your choice so that you can get them in an instance.

The Bose range is yet to gain Apple Music compatibility but with bluetooth you can easily rectify that and just pair with the speaker and away you go.

The speaker supports Wifi and Bluetooth and the nicety of this is that you can start it up by just playing music from your device. It essentially is always waiting in the background for you to command it to play. The Soundtouch range also allows for you to connect to devices such as the Apple TV or a tv that supports bluetooth compatibility.

Setup is very easy and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes from opening the box.

The speaker comes with a very handy remote, although you will find that you’ll be using your smartphone as its remote.

The verdict is that it gets a massive thumbs up from me.

You can own a Soundtouch 10 for around the £150 price point. At this price point the Soundtouch 10 directly rivals the Sonos Play 1 and in my opinion having testing and tried both, the Bose comes out on top due to its clearer sound, better connectivity options and the bundled remote. You also do not need to purchase a ‘bridge device’ (as you do with the Sonos range) to create a network of speakers.

Happy listening.