I know, most of you won’t bother having a look at these, but yeah… here’s a mixture of my current tumblr crushes and some of my personal favourites:

  • smallcutsensations: Anke takes great and intimate pictures and is an overall swell human being.
  • razorbladesalvations: Mica’s art blog is one of the most popular on tumblr. It’s also one of the best.
  • executions: Mica’s personal blog. I just… like it.
  • soundthat: Second best photography blog on tumblr.
  • thepeeleffect: Ashley is one of the nicest persons I’ve met online. A very personal blog and very good at that.
  • iamhirsch: Pauline is a good friend of mine. Her tumblr is a collection of all the things she draws inspiration from.
  • agoera: I really like her/his (?) paintings.
  • nullsummenspiel: A German blog about news and politics. If you want to be up to date on this kind of thing, follow this blog.
  • humbuginmyhead: The mind of an 18-year old girl from Germany (I mean that in the most positive way possible).
  • aurapheliona: Ian has strong opinions on a lot of things and is not afraid to articulate them. I appreciate this in a person.
  • floraldress: Laura takes pictures of herself and others. If you need a reason to visit the Netherlands…