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Soundstream - Just Around (Sound Sampler vol. 1)



Sound Stream-Deeper Love.

one of my favorites


sound stream  - inferno


Exams are finally over! Had my last exam today and I finally get to relax (sort of). After my exam I went with a couple of my friends to Harbour Town because I needed to collect my replacement headphones which I handed in for repairs around 5 months ago. Once I got to the entrance their store name had disappeared off the front and I saw all these soccer equipment and soccer jerseys. My friend then asked me, “Are you sure you’re at the right store?” I went and asked where the original store was and they said they had closed down. So what? They just ran away with my money…? I paid $50 for those headphones! I had a bit of a good laugh about it and afterwards we were just walking around a few stores. My friend tried on a plain t-shirt and he said he wanted to buy it but then the lady said that it’s a girl’s t-shirt. I couldn’t stop laughing. I had lunch at Red Silks in Chinatown so overall a pretty good day :)