It’s the one year anniversary of the SWC on tumblr. Here are some of the highlights from the last 12 months!

Back in February we told you about the creation of the Texas Legislature’s Crime Investigating Committee. Dedicated to sniffing out organized crime throughout the state, the Committee operated throughout the early 1950s…and the Southwest Collection has hundreds of pages of records to prove it!

With all of the Committee’s evidence, testimony, and hearings to keep track of, surely the Committee’s stenographers were hard-pressed to keep up? Not so! By the 1950s, sound recording media such as Soundscriber discs were fairly popular. Although Dictabelt and Soundscribe recordings might now be perceived as of lower fidelity than more recent magnetic tape and LP discs, they are sometimes the only record of very pivotal moments in history (one of the most notable being Lyndon Johnson’s inauguration on Air Force One just after Kennedy’s assassination!) The discs pictured here are a sample of dozens created during the course of the Committee’s statewide proceedings. It’s a unique (and very cool) experience to hear the events playing out over sixty years ago.

Read some more about the Crime Investigating Committee here.


EXCERPTS >|< Modern Business Machines for Writing, Duplicating, and Recording (1947)

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 | From: Academic Film Archive of North America
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A series of Animated GIFs excerpted from Modern Business Machines for Writing, Duplicating, and Recording: an intriguing historical film, demonstrating many expensive business machines found in modern offices of the era, including electromatic and Chinese typewriters and machines for filming, stenciling, folding and lithographing. Among the machines shown are Diebold’s Flofilm microfiche recorder, the Fileomatic Desk, the Pierce Electronic Wire Recorder, the Soundscriber with plastic disk, the Elliott Stencil Machine with Graphotype machine, the Davidson Duplicator for litho printing, the Davidson Folder for letters, the Varityper, the Autotypist Perforator, the IBM Chinese character typewriter, and speed typist Stella Pajunas, using an IBM Model A Electric Typewriter, who set a one-hour typing speed record in 1946 of 140 net five-stroke words per minute.

We invite you to watch the full video HERE.

Excerpts by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/unknown/rare/controversial moving images. 
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