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"I think it's an armadillo," said Sam.

Dean prodded it, cautiously, and the thing started to screech.

“A screaming hairy armadillo,” Sam said, flicking fingers across his tablet. “They don’t like it when you touch them.”

“Now you tell me,” Dean said.

“Never stopped you before,” said Sam.

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A Sound You Can’t Unhear (and What It Says About Your Brain)

Feel your brain at work as it transforms gibberish into an intelligible sentence.

Just listen to this radio clip. It’s only takes 50 seconds for the Franklin Institute’s chief bioscientist, Jayatri Das, to demonstrate something fundamental about your brain.

She starts with a clip that’s been digitally altered to sound like jibberish. On first listen, to my ears, it was entirely meaningless. Next, Das plays the original, unaltered clip: a woman’s voice saying, “The Constitution Center is at the next stop.” Then we hear the jibberish clip again, and woven inside what had sounded like nonsense, we hear “The Constitution Center is at the next stop.”

The point is: When our brains know what to expect to hear, they do, even if, in reality, it is impossible. Not one person could decipher that clip without knowing what they were hearing, but with the prompt, it’s impossible not to hear the message in the jibberish.

This is a wonderful audio illusion.

The reason is that we still think of our senses—sight, hearing, touch—as reflecting the outside world, purely. But they don’t. They provide us with a mixture of the world out there and our own expectations.

the worst part is that this sounds like a lie. this sounds like the most outrageous, nonsensical bullshit thing that could come out of a person’s mouth. because what are the chances of being asked to have sex with a man while ringing him up AND having skinheads try to avoid you at all costs and not even looking at you when they pass their money on the counter, because the idea of being even an inch away from my hand disgusted them that much

fuck i want to die

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Hi Sammy! I hope your recovery is doing okay. :) I wanted to get your opinion on some people's observations that Josh could be single again. I'm getting that vibe too, only because he always seemed, and to me physically looked, like he was 'weighed down' but now he seems 'lighter'. I don't know how to explain it, it probably sounds like nonsense lol. He seems to be more like himself I guess? Like he's doing and thinking about everything more for him and not anyone else. I don't know.

Hi. I’m doing okay, thank you for caring! 

And your ask doesn’t sound like nonsense. Far from it. I think a lot of people are leaning this way, even fans who shipped Closh in the past have been suggesting this. 

I was just discussing the change in him with a few people yesterday after I found the fanpics  with Billy and then the other from Spain. 




He just looks so different to me. I suppose you could attribute it to various things–actively working, playing the lead role, being home in familiar territory, etc. But, I do feel like we are getting the “old” Josh back, at least physically. He looks worlds better and there’s no shame in admitting that. I’m not going to lie. HIs eyes look much more alive. He seems genuinely happy and almost everyone who’s met him is remarking how chill and fun he was. The openness from some of the girls on set  in pics make me wonder, too.

I tend to believe he may be flying solo again. 

this charlie challenge nonsense sounds like a whole lot of white people trying to make a scary story that’s tangibly linked to not white people spiritual stuff and i’m already annoyed

I hope this doesn’t make me sound awful or mean but I don’t know what to do and I feel just really nervous

Someone I really don’t want to be in contact with has contacted me and told me they want to meet up again and I have mixed feelings about this person. We had a very strained relationship last year and they were a grade above me and so I was relieved at the end of the year because I could spend this year not seeing them at all. I guess it is kind of my fault because I spoke to this person online after when I should have ignored them altogether but I guess I felt bad for them and I still do.

This person suffers from depression and came to me for help. They are lonely and don’t have friends or anyone else to speak to, and I know that feeling of isolation feels awful and so I spoke to this person online and listened to them and stuff and they said I helped them which made me continue speaking to them.

But. This person wants to meet me at my graduation. And I really cannot handle seeing them there. It’s easier online because you’re just typing and you can wait a bit to mentally prepare yourself to talk to them. But in real life I cannot handle because of reasons. But how do you say that to a person?? And also they are going to comic con and I’m panicking a lot because I don’t want to go if they are going but I already paid for my ticket. There are a lot of people and hopefully I won’t run into them but I don’t think I could handle if I ran into them again


earth water fire air

I’ve been quietly piecing these playlists together for quite a while now, and I’m very happy to finally have them published!

The mixes are based kind of heavily on my own sound-color theology, as it stems from my experience with synesthesia, as well as my personal interpretations and impressions of each of the classical elements and what they embody.

Therefore, the personal-interpretation element is kind of high for these, so it may very well be that they sound like completely nonsensical combinations to everyone else!
Still, I like them, so I wanted to share them here, just in case someone else might enjoy them as well! (≧ᴗ≦) ❤

P.S. — photographer credit can be found in the descriptions of the corresponding playlists!

because my second monitor i just got set up has such a stubby little cord I had to switch what side of my desk my tower is on (having the monitors switched was fucking with my ability to draw digitally, muscle memory went to shit). I’m now really weirded out hearing the tower run on my left side rather than my right. I think it’s been about 5 years since my computer was last on my left side.

bornstray replied to your post:So apparently this 500-1000 ping issue I’m having…

everything i hear about TWC makes me glad that they’re not super prevalent here, best of luck getting things fixed though!

according to the blizzardCS twitter

it’s an issue with how service providers between blizzard and the customer (two of them, one idk, the other time warner) are interacting

which sounds like fucking nonsense to me but i hope they get it figured out before long i just wanna play

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gorl you were talking about white vegans, did you watch freelee the banana girl's latest video on the nepal earthquake? i'd like to hear your opinion on it

Is that white nonsense? It sounds like white nonsense and therefore not good for my post semester de-stressing detox