Every day is a gift.  Every single day.  I know it sounds like privileged, naive nonsense but it’s 100% true.  What they don’t tell you is that every day isn’t necessarily a good gift.  Ya know that itchy, ugly sweater that doesn’t even fit that you got four years ago and you had to put on a happy face while taking it?  Today is that kind of gift.

Conversation that definitely happened off screen:
  • Saul:Let's talk about branding for your product. I think you need to assert your brand by giving it a unique name.
  • Walt:I agree.
  • Saul:Your branding should focus on the product's unique color.
  • Walt:Definitely. What did you have in mind?
  • Saul:You should call it "Hamlindigo Blue."
  • Walt:What does that even mean?!
  • Saul:No, just trust me! Hamlindigo Blue! A few months from now everyone will associate the name "Hamlindigo Blue" with the strongest, purest methamphetamine on the market.
  • Walt:I don't understand why you're pushing this name, it just sounds like nonsense.
  • Saul:Hamlindigo Blue!
  • Walt:What about something like "Blue Sky" or—?


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“I sure love all the Human Game characters - Seth, Abigail, Seth,…”

[squints harder] “Agitated Herbicide”??

ah yes, i almost forgot my favorite character, the resident evil mastermind and masked menace [glances quickly at smudge] “cancer“

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What is all this stuff about Asperger's not being real, and everyone just being autistic, and there being no spectrum? Never heard any of it before and, tbh, it sounds a bit like nonsense. Is this based in any actual fact or is it just community and/or individual opinions?

if a score of autistic people’s opinions and feelings arent good enough for yu and you need the opinion of a neurotypical doctor to tell you what is ableist then i do not want you in my askbox. if evidence of the severity spectrum hurting others is not proof enough that it isnt needed as an idea then pllbhtht.

Kind of just realized that Titus Andromedon’s “Peeno Noir” song from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is a little reminiscent of Madonna’s “Vogue.” And it’s super ironic because Titus is a black gay man and Madonna blatantly appropriated voguing from the ballroom culture of queer black and Latino people and made it mainstream. And the thing about voguing is that it’s inherently linked to fashion and white European beauty standards, and it was kind of making fun of them and making a statement about them.

So Titus is a gay black man imitating a white woman who appropriated something from queer people of colour that was already sort of mocking ~white culture~ in the first place. 

If Tina Fey did this on purpose it’s fucking brilliant. (But she probably didn’t.)

Police Originated From ‘Slave Catching Patrols’

It might sound like complete nonsense until you do a little bit of historical research. People often assume that community policing has always been around, that without police society itself would crumble. Few realize that the model of policing that we know today in the United States has its origins in slave patrols, and that it has not been around for very long at all.

The sort of propaganda that many of us are raised to believe about the necessity of police on the block has led us to imagine that society was built by “law and order” policing, with regular community patrols, proactively seeking to prevent crime through “policing” the community. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The very concept of community policing – the model of law enforcement responsible for what we today know as “police officers” – did not originate in ancient times, nor even during the medieval period. Instead, it was conceived by Sir Robert Peel in 1812. Even then, that’s just when Peel theorized the concept, it was not actually implemented until 1829. It was still some time before it caught on in the United States.

Peel was a twice British Prime Minister and Conservative lawmaker. In fact, the popular British equivalent of “cops” is “bobbies” – originated from his name “Robert”. Another similar slang term in Ireland is “peelers,” also from Peel.

Peel’s theorized model of “policing” communities was novel, completely new and was not adopted in the U.K. for another decade and a half, when the Metropolitan Police Service was established on September 29, 1829 in London as the first modern and professional police force in the world. Peel created the modern Conservative Party on the ruins of the old Toryism in the U.K., and he also created “cops”.

Yes, there were more ancient forms of prefects and guards, as well as soldiers, but there was nothing remotely resembling policing as we know it today, before Peel and before the implementation of “bobbies” in the U.K. towards the late 1820s.

There were even private “brotherhoods” or “hermandeades” in places like Medieval Spain, but these arose because there was no real government protection, they were not government agents policing communities, they were the communities standing guard over themselves. Take any course on criminal justice or any history course addressing this period in British history and they will all unequivocally inform you that the Metropolitan Police Service was the first professional police force in human history, and it did not emerge until 1829.

But this model did not make it’s way to the United States through the same route…>>

Same Difference

My grandfather used to tell me
I was just the same as him.
“You hate to know and you hate to not.
You hate surprises and you hate spoilers.
You hate the idea of fate, and you hate the idea we really are in charge.
You hate the idea of growing up, and you hate the idea of being a child.”
I hate many things, but he told me why.
“You’re just like me
You hate being oblivious of what is and what is not”
I was young and snarky and he sounded like nonsense.
I told him I hated long speeches a lot as well.
But he disagreed, he pressed that we are the same.
We hate the inconsistency of life.
We hate the unanswerable questions.
We hate not knowing which path.
We hate considering that there is no right path.
We hate pondering the complexities of life.
Because we hate being left with more questions than before.
But even so, he was wrong.
We are not the same.
Because in all his hate he loves the ride.
In all my hate, I’m crippled by the fear of my future.

- A. Hayes

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Thankss for offering to help so basically I'm a novice at writing fics. SO it'll basically get to the a sex scene or so between a guy and girl/guy)not going to name names hehe(and I get to parts that I have never experienced in real life(which is alot)and I get stumped. For example in my last fic, there was an oral scene and I thought omg when it ends what happens. Does she spit or swallow? Do I go by what I would do or what the character would do? So I panicked and deleted the whole thing. :/

Aww anon, I’m sorry you deleted it. :( But I know how those writing related worries can just pile up and get out of control, so I can get where you’re coming from.

I’ve only written one fic in the past that involves oral, and it was from the POV of the guy receiving, so I don’t know exactly how helpful I’ll be here … but I’ll give it a shot.

I tend to stick to canon as much as possible (sometimes to the point of sticking too closely to it, but that’s an entirely separate issue), so if I was writing a sex scene that’s the first place I would go. Do we know the character’s perceptions of sex? Have we seen them engage in sexual activities in the canon? And then, in the case of a shipping fic, have we seen them be (sexually) intimate with (insert character of choice)?

From there we can choose where to take things. You can use the building blocks of what the canon provides (assuming they exist) and explore further, or you can use them to take things in an entirely different direction. Sometimes the character is a blank slate and you can do practically anything you want.

… The basic rule I try to follow whenever I write fic is that the content can be as out there as you like, so long as it’s consistent within the context of the story you’re telling. So, an example (generic and most likely inaccurate, but as I don’t know what fandom you’re writing for I’m just making something up): character A is giving character B oral, A hasn’t done it before, so when the moment comes (no pun intended), A spits because they’re uncomfortable and don’t know any different. Or, if you wanted to do it a different way, A swallows, but they don’t know how they feel about it afterward. Whatever the character ends up doing, their inexperience is the centre of it all, and provides the basis for their actions and reactions. (Of course there are a multitude of different options at your disposal - this is just a very basic example.)

I don’t know if any of that was useful, but the point I’m trying to make is: you can write it any way you want, essentially. If you want to stick to canon, do so. If there’s nothing in the canon to help you, do your own thing. Everyone will interpret a character in their own way, so regardless of whether you choose to have the character do what you’d do, or try to imagine what the character themselves would do, at the end of the day you won’t be “wrong”. It’s just your interpretation of this certain character in this certain scenario you’ve devised. So long as there’s some internal consistency behind their actions (and in their world) you can have them do virtually anything.

… That was far more long-winded than I intended. Of course they’re all suggestions - you don’t have to pay them any mind if they don’t suit you.

I don’t know if any of this helps. I hope some of it does, at least. Feel free to message me again if you want to talk more.

If at this moment, you’re worried that I plan to present myself here as the wise old fish explaining what water is to you younger fish, please don’t be. I am not the wise old fish. The immediate point of the fish story is that the most obvious, ubiquitous, important realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about. Stated as an English sentence, of course, this is just a banal platitude – but the fact is that, in the day-to-day trenches of adult existence, banal platitudes can have life-or-death importance. That may sound like hyperbole, or abstract nonsense.
A huge percentage of the stuff that I tend to be automatically certain of is, it turns out, totally wrong and deluded.
—  DFW

How to react when someone tells you about a fear of theirs

  • Whether it sounds completely understandable or really silly, take it seriously. Fears are extremely personal and can have a huge influence on people. You don’t know how much it affects them.
  • Even if it sounds like nonsense to you, respect that it’s something they are afraid of. Fear is real and mostly uncontrollable and the last thing you want to happen is feeling stupid for being terrified.
  • People don’t tell you their biggest struggles for you to do nothing with it. Try to remember what they tell you and try to comfort them in every situation in which it seems necessary. Better have their backs when it’s not needed, than leave them hanging when they are in trouble. Every kind of encouragement will help.
  • DO. NOT. EVER. LAUGH at them for fearing something. Whatever it is, it is real, it is there. They are trusting you with something personal. If you laughed, it would feel like you stabbed them in the back. When you laugh, they will never trust you with anything again.

WHY you need to keep this in mind

I once spent an eternity building up the courage to tell my mum about my fear for supernatural evil-minded creatures (which is still present) and when I finally told her, having carefully chosen the moment and words in order to be taken seriously, she just laughed at me and went on with whatever she was doing at that moment. It was devastating. That moment I lost a lot of faith. Not only was I embarrassed for having this fear, but also was the little bit of confidence I built up over years all destroyed within seconds. I’ve spent ages writing this post and centuries building up the courage to post this, admitting that I have this fear, because I’ve lost all trust I had in people when it comes down to this. This fear of mine affects me on a daily basis and I have to face it on my own. Somehow I’ve managed to do it, but it can be extremely exhausting. I’m sick and tired of having this fear and of being so alone in this, but the worst is that I feel stupid for being terrified and no one should feel like that.

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I think even if we put asexuality aside we have very different perceptions of friendship.. you’re right. For everyone it will be something else. The idea that friendship is the deepest feeling is so beautiful… (please excuse my nonsense)xxx

I think asexuality plays into it in the sense that there are things I will never know or understand about people because of it, things they don’t tell me for personal reasons or out of respect for me or what have you, and I don’t really have those kinds of reservations from other people. If that makes sense. I might sound like nonsense too :P I tell pretty much anything to my friends, especially my mom, who I also consider a best friend. I do feel love very deeply and I also love the idea that friendship is the deepest. (Not that friendship is exclusive of other kinds of relationships, of course. But for me, friendship is kind of all I have and all I can offer, so it’s very special if I consider you a friend. hmmmm)

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"I hope you never forgive me for what I did to you."

                      To not forgive him?

                             Why would you want that?

Fierce eyes met the raven’s. It felt like he was stealing the air from her lungs, to not want to forgive him. To her it sounded like such nonsense to say. He was her teammate, her friend, and someone she considers close. Even if he may not feel the same.

His words angered her. He shouldn’t say that – ever. The kunoichi’s knuckles strained against leather gloves.

❝Don’t say that – Don’t you dare say that.❞ 

     ❝You may have done a lot of things that others find unforgivable, but me and Naruto… we’ll never turn our backs on you.❞

                        Sasuke, you’re so important to us. I wish you’d just see…

For the love of the plot

Yuzu’s bracelet is a combination of all summon methods. So by judging the ability, it makes sense she is the only one who can teleport the Yu boys away from each other let alone the fact it can legitimately transport them into another dimension by physical means. An instance would be Yugo placing his hands on Yuzu’s shoulder.

Besides, we never saw how Serena and Rin’s bracelet reveal their ability which I know it would take a few episodes. As soon as Yugo and Yuya meet, I am curious how Yuzu’s and Serena’s bracelets would react. Though I had a feeling the bracelets work quite differently from the other. Based on their summon method.

If Fusion, then Serena can fuse all the Yu boys and possibly the four worlds.

If Synchro, then it would involve time travel since, you know, by speeding so fast you create a paradox. Watch when the worlds fall in despair Rin will have to use time for Yuya and the others to travel back the day before Fusion became what it is now. OR not depending.

If XYZ, Ruri would use it to travel across other worlds.

And since Yuzu has all three, then I guess the bracelet has those same abilities though they are locked.

Or maybe the girls have the same ability as Yuzu. We’ll have to wait and see.

Though on the contrary, Yuya and Yuzu will be the ones who will summon all methods with the help of pendulum. Because they’re from Standard.

As for Ritual, it’s rather a tricky one. What would it look like? What would the final Yuya and Yuzu be? The bracelet’s ability? But I swear once they stop Academia, they’ll probably have to battle Ritual now. Consider this the fact only Synchro, XYZ, and Fusion (one day) are allies of Pendulum. Or maybe not. 50/50 chance is my bet.

I am getting annoyed that people still think Yuzu is Ruri. I get it you want it to happen but I say no. They are two separate people dammit.

Edit - I now accept the YGO series as separate universes. At least AU’s are now an acceptable thing in the anime.