i’m so emo about dan talking about the laundry situation again like what the FUCK

the way he described it, he said he showed up at phil’s apartment super late with a suitcase, and when phil opened the door and saw him, one of the first things he said was “did you drop out? are you moving in?” it sounds to me like phil was fully prepared for dan to want to drop out at some point and want to move in with him- almost like they had this planned the whole time.

there is already the theory that dan chose manchester uni specifically because that’s where phil was, and this whole thing just reinforces that. what if he and phil had been discussing moving in together for longer than we think? they always make it seem as though they moved in together on a whim after dan dropped out for convenience reasons. but my theory is that before dan was even at uni, he told phil his fears about going to uni and not knowing what he wanted to do with his life and not being sure about even wanting to go to uni, so phil told him that if he went to manchester uni, he would be waiting there for him with a home if he ever changed his mind about university. 

you would think that when phil saw dan with the suitcase he would assume he was just staying the night, but he asked specifically if he was dropping out, and he was moving in. 

i know that dan could have misremembered the situation, or told it completely differently than what actually happened because it’s been so long, but it’s just so cute to think about them having this entire plan for their future together for longer than we think :(

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This one's just funny, not bad, but I was checking tickets at a door for It and a guy came up. "Did my mom come through here? She looks like me, but Hobbit-ish, and sounds like *ungodly high pitched sound like MREEEEEEEERRRR*" It took me a second but I knew exactly who he was talking about. And I even managed not to laugh until he walked away.

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i cant decide whether i should label myself as depressed. i dont want to because it will give me a reason to dismiss the emotions i feel. im giving myself a label, and that scares me, a lot. i dont know what to do with my life anymore and im just so tired of everything. i cant put on a brave face any longer. myabe its my time to go.

we’re living in such a strange time to be honest. so many different ways to connect to one another, and that’s the fcking irony. isn’t it? we’ve never felt anymore disconnected from people. it is depressing, but figuring it out? my god. that sounds like fun to me. it’s like treating your life as a video game. the stage difficulty level is set to unbeatable. so what do you do? you play it anyway. you’ll get your ass whooped, but you’ll keep playing. and eventually, even the hardest bosses will be beatable. if life is a game then growing up is just some messed up mario kart race– there are plenty of items, you just got to go and grab it.

bts: *banging pots and pans together* GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY!

hetties: idk we just…. :/ we cant be sure until they say something themselves and assuming someone’s sexuality is so harmful and gross anyway here’s 27 in-depth imagines of bts (male!!!!!! men!!!!!!!! with penises!!!!!!) eating you (female!!! woman!!!!!! with a vagina!!!!!) out and putting their PENIS in your VAGINA

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Rachel/Sarah 20.:)

“Rachel. You need to wake up.“


“Because I can’t do this without you.”

"Mmngh,” Rachel grumbled, “Sarah Manning, if you’re trying to tell me you’ve never masturbated, and that you can only come with my assistance, then I’m here to tell you that-”

“Not that!” Sarah exclaimed, swatting her, “You said that you’d help me with this assignment!”

“I did? That doesn’t sound very like me.”

Sarah groaned and shook her, “Wake up, buttercup, or you’re dumped.”

Rachel gave what could only be described as a growl before sitting up, glaring blearily out of one eye with an expression that promised a painful death, “Coffee,” she demanded.

“Alright, but if I get back and you’re asleep again, it’s going on the twenty thousand thread count sheets.”

“You wouldn’t.” Rachel gaped.

“Wouldn’t I?” Sarah clambered out of bed, staring at her and pointing, “Up. Now.”

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Our Mercy in group chat was drunk off their ass but to their credit still played well. Had a person flip out on them since they decided to take on the entire team(themselves not Mercy) So the Mercy player just cursed them out for a good three minutes. Like HEAVILY cursed them out.

hahaha sounds like me playing sober. however I have push to talk on and I’m too much of a wimp to press the push to talk key while i’m calling a charging Reinhardt a dumb asshole

I can see people’s auras… and it’s a curse.

by A10A10A10

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

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When the boy you like is sad so you want to cheer him up but your socially inept because you’ve been living in a shack in the desert and so you insult him accidentally but he knows you’re coming from a good place so laughs at the fact that you’re an idiot.

Dentist: You have different colored hair every time I see you. Normally I wouldn’t worry but I’ve seen you four times in six weeks. Is this a cry for help?
Me: More like a yell of defiance.
Dentist: Right on. Punk never dies. 

If you are squeamish about teeth or gums, don’t read the rest of this.

So I went to the dentist about the ongoing pain in the tooth he just put a crown on, and it turns out that while I was feeling nerve pain from the crown, it wasn’t because the crown had a crack in it. It was because a portion of the crown had chipped off – the crown is still intact – and embedded itself in my gum at the base of the tooth. It was digging into a nerve in my gums every time I chewed anything with that tooth. 

The dentist had a look and then said, “I can’t get it out with the tweezers, so I can either cut your gum to pull it out or I can try to lasso it.”

I thought lassoing it sounded like fun, because I’m me, so he made a little loop out of dental floss, managed to hook it around the porcelain, and tugged, and it felt like about a FOOT AND A HALF of porcelain came sliding out of my face. It wasn’t, of course, but it was a razor-sharp chip about an eighth of an inch long, which is a great deal when it’s in your jaw. 

Then while I was still recovering from the shock he dangled it in front of me by the floss and said, “This was in your gum for two weeks. I was wrong, you aren’t punk.”

I made REALLY BIG EYES at him from my chair of pain, and he said, “You’re metal.” 

Now I have a giant hole in my mouth that I have to rinse daily with warm salt water, but a dentist called me metal, so I’m gonna wear that like a badge of pride for a while. 


don’t you know

that this

 was not

 for real

So Keith and Lance have held hands, Keith has cradled Lance in his arms, Lance has cute nicknames for Keith, they both like to tease and flirt with each other, Lance is Keith’s impulse control, they go to each other for mutual support, they’re so soft and fond over each other, Keith is a water sign and Lance is a fire sign, they both have no chill when the other is in danger, Keith gets jealous when Lance flirts with Allura, and they’ve legit seen each other shirtless; how the hell are they not confirmed as dating yet…