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Even if Harry was asked about the baby, we'd just get swerve city. 'Hey Harry, are you excited about Louis' baby?' 'Yes I am very excited, the new album is sounding great and we can't wait for you to hear it.'

He so would. He’s the king of swerve. He’d go with: “It’s a very exciting time for the band in general right now. We’re on our fourth tour, with tickets sold in a stadium near you. We’ve added the new single to the setlist, and we’re extremely surprised by our fans yet again surpassing our expectations. Their support is amazing. We’ve also just finished up our fifth album, and it’ll be coming out very soon. All the love.”

anavolena replied to your post “The fact that Hugh’s role sounds like potentially the bad guy is…”

YES VERY. This literally almost exactly the role I’d made up in my head for the next sort of thing I’d like to see him do I AM SO EXCITE.




gosh I love responding to free requests with “sounds great! I will do that if you pay me for it” :D

TO BE FAIR, a lot of them do sound great but yeaaaah I gotta eat and pay rent and other less than fun stuff, I hope I don’t sound like a jerk.


“Movie marathon tonight?”, Stiles whispered, glancing at you. You would usually have some sort of marathons every first Friday of them month, but you were sort of busy today.
“Sorry I’m going out with Isaac tonight. But we can meet tomorrow?”, so suggested, a sorry smile on your lips.
“Sure, sounds great”, he mumbled, giving you thumbs up. He was clearly not happy about it. 

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I've recently taken so masturbating once in a while bc I've heard that it can be healthy for you but every time I do, I just end up feeling a little bit silly and ashamed and bummed out because I'd much rather have a man make me feel that way than just myself. I'm also becoming a bit concerned with the fact that I'm 25 and never had sex. what if I just snap one day and decide to lose my virginity on a one night stand? I don't want that...but sometimes it sounds like a great idea.

There seems to be an unspoken understanding among our generation that everyone has “done it” and it can really make those who haven’t feel like they need to hurry up and hump their genitals with anyone who is willing. I understand why you would be feeling insecure about this, I do. But maybe a good place to start with your concerns is to examine your reasons for not having sex yet, because clearly they are important and they are part of you, and they have been influential in your life right up until your mid-twenties. Personally, I would really love for you to keep this going. I’d love to see someone in your position be confident enough to remain neutral about her virginity, rather than make it such a huge part of her identity and just be herself without giving a fuck, literally. Since you landed in my inbox, I can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to speak from within the cracks of my own heart, and paint you a more realistic picture than whatever the world has made super ordinary. I feel like I need to tell you that sex outside of a committed, loving relationship is the most unfulfilling and uncomfortable experience you will ever have. I mean, it just really sucks and its super weird and I’m willing bet you’d take the embarrassment of your virginity over the depth of loneliness I’ve felt after something temporary. Not to mention the fear of an unwanted pregnancy or STI.  It takes time to know bodies, and bodies work so much better when the heart and mind within them feel secure. How can something so powerfully intimate be any other way? And we know it’s powerful because of the way it strengthens relationships. It gives couples their own language and its perfect in the right context. Can you imagine this beautiful thing being used for a short thrill? You’ve heard of it before, it’s called fucking. And having attached body parts and a detached heart makes for a really lonesome aftermath. Anyway, being a Christian, I believe with all my heart that Gods design for sex is just perfect. I wish I hadn’t chosen to blatantly ignore it but sometimes I feel that since I have, I understand his reasons all the more. And I mean, people can say all they want about this not being a big deal, but whats so wrong with it being a big deal? Whats so wrong about keeping this deeply sacred? You’re going to make the person who finally gets to hold you feel so damn loved and you’re going to feel safe and good and perhaps since you haven’t found this yet, it might be a clear sign to you that you are exactly where you’re suppose to be, in waiting. As for masturbation and your reinforced loneliness, I don’t have an opinion, but  if it makes you feel more worse than good, then maybe its time to take a step back and consider what your sexuality means to you.

Are We Friends or Are We More? Chapter 84

“Okay. Y/N, That sounded great, but lets work on the choreography now and give your voice a bit of rest.” They say. 

You nod grabbing some water before getting back on the floor. You’ve been in the studio the past few weeks recording your songs and you’ve chosen your first single, and you were planning on performing and debuting it at the VMA’s later this month. You were now in rehearsals every day working on the performance. 

“Now, let’s do this.” They say. 

You were on your 4th run through of performance, when Harry walks in with Kaia in his arms. Kaia gasps clapping her hands. Harry laughs as he stands on the side watching you. Kaia whines and hits his arms, which causes him to put her on the floor. She giggles and wobbling walks over to you and starts dancing with you. You laugh and finish your dance before picking her up. 

“Look at you my tiny little dancer.” You laugh out of breath. 

“Mama.” She giggles. 

“Kaia!” You giggle walking over towards Harry. 

“You looked great.” Harry smiles kissing you quickly. 

“Thanks.” you smile. “Sorry I’m all sweaty and gross.” You laugh. 

“I think you look hot.” He smirks. 

“You would.” You laugh. 

Kaia babbles and giggles. 

Harry smiles. “Are you almost done?” He asks. 

“Yeah. I don’t think I can do anymore. We’ve been here for a few hours anyway.” you say. 

“I made good timing then.” he smiles. 

“You did.” you smile. 

“So I can stop by and grab some lunch and meet you at home.” Harry says. 

“That sounds good.” You smile. “I’m starving.” 

“I bet.” He laughs as you all walk to the cars. You hand Kaia to Harry, so he can put her in the car seat. 

“I’ll see you at home.” You smile leaning up to kiss him. He nods kissing you back before getting in the car and you get in yours. 


After a quick hot shower, you meet Harry downstairs walking in with food and Kaia. 

“Mama!” She giggles. 

“Hi baby!” You smile taking her from Harry and walking into the living room. 

“Oh, Hi Harry, my hot and sexy boyfriend, thank you so much for bringing me lunch.” Harry says sarcastically. 

You laugh. 

“Thank you.” You smirk. 

“You left out a few more words with that, but I’ll take it.” He smirks putting the food out on the counter. 

You laugh. “What did you get?” You ask. 

“Some chicken wraps.” He smiles. 

“Yum.” You gasp walking over. 

Kaia giggles trying to reach over for the food. Harry laughs and hands her piece of fruit. She quickly puts in her mouth and giggles. 

“Let’s go eat outside and eat by the pool.” He smiles. You nod and you all head out there. 


“So, what do you think of the song?” You ask. 

“I love it. We were listening to it in the car, weren’t we love.” Harry smirks over to Kaia tickling her. 

She nods clapping. 

“How do you feel about it?” Harry asks. 

“I feel really good about it. I think it’s the perfect song to come back with, I’m just a little nervous about the performance though.” you say. 

“How come?” He asks. 

“Because this is a huge performance and it’s on live TV. It’s not like it’s just a regular performance in front of my fans. I’m doing this in front of other amazing artists and millions of people on their TVs. Besides this is the first time I’m putting myself out there like this after having a baby.” You say. 

“Are you worried about how you look?” He asks. 

“Maybe a little. I just.. I hate to say this, but I’ve seen what happens to women artists and celebs after they have a baby. As soon as they put themselves back out into the spotlight the first thing people talk about is if she’s back to where she was before and if she’s lost the baby weight.” You sigh. “I don’t want to be self conscious but I can’t help it.” You sigh. 

“Well, I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman in this industry, but I do see it and you are right. However, I just want you to know that you look amazing and sexy and hot and beautiful and gorgeous. And if others can see that then fu-screw them.” He says. 

“Good thing you caught yourself in front of the little one.” You laugh. “But thank you.” you smile leaning over to kiss him. 

Harry laughs kissing you back, when you both hear coughing. You pull away looking over at Kaia, who is coughing as her tongue swells. 

“Oh my god. She’s having an allergic reaction!” You say quickly.

Kaia starts crying as Harry quickly picks her up and rushes to the car before driving to the ambulance. 


“Music you can wear”

Finally found the headphones that is both Fashionable and has a great sound quality.

I’ve been an audiophile myself and owned a number of earphones/headphones/in-ear earphones. (senheisser, coloud, jbl, shure etc.)

This is by far the most Stylish and Classy.

Sound is very vibrant and you might be surprised that you’ll hear some musical elements that you haven’t heard before with your past earphones. The overall sound quality is on par with it’s price not to mention the build quality…

Though it has some issue… well for my ears personally.

It’s a little tight for my ears… maybe because it was designed for women’s head. (just a theory) but it’s a nice fit overall. :D

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my bf is aries and im taurus (f) and tbh it's one of the best relationships I've ever been in. ppl say we're not really compatible but I think my patience/need to plan and think things thru helps with him bc he's super impulsive and aggressive lol. it's true when they say aries are dominant and when they're in love they're jealous and possessive (it's actually kinda cute).

aw this is cute

also this is an excellent example of how astrology doesn’t dictate the strength of a relationship, it just suggests compatibility & ease. you guys sounds great :-)


this is honestly so nasty. “move on and start over in all ways” jfc she’s a person not a fucking new pair of shoes or one of his ugly pieces of graffiti art. how can anyone read this and think “yup, that sounds like a great guy! go zayn!” he is TRASH and has proven himself to be so disloyal so many times. idk how you ppl do it.

Clear Lakes 44 Theory COMING YOUR WAY

Guys…What if Clear Lakes 44 takes place BEFORE Marble Hornets? I have a major theory plotting in my mind, but I just don’t know how to write it.

Like, if we we’re to see a “younger” version of everyone? Like Timmm????? Didn’t Tim tell Jay back in one of season 4 entries (I think) that he’s been like, paranoid and all that since he was a kid? But his doctors put it off as Schizophrenia? Right?

He lived near Brian. Brian could’ve been the same way, since they sounded like great friends. Leading to maybe having the secret video labeled “Brian_test.wmv” being related to him in some way.

tumblr ppl should be in government

What if we ran for places in government as soon as we became old enough and actually did stuff to change the world instead of waiting for old white men to do it? (No offense to old white men bc Bernie Sanders is cool but?? Feminist women/people in positions of power sounds great)

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Hey man! I have checked out your band, and I just wanted to say that you guys sound great; best of luck with everything. I am an aspiring musician myself. I have recorded and released a 4-track EP on bandcamp, but I only have the bare minimum of equipment (audio interface, laptop, cables etc). I was wondering, could you perhaps give me some advice on what to use to record, and how to become a better musician/music producer? I do all mixing/editing through software at the moment i.e. garageband.

Thank you man! I honestly have barely any equipment too! There’s not a lot you can’t do with a laptop these days and for everything I’ve produced for Roads it’s been 100% DIY with a mac and a zoom r16 interface! For this upcoming release we’re doing live drums too which is really exciting and pretty cool to be doing on such a small set up! 

Absolutely nothing wrong with being software based, is the point I’m getting at, and don’t let your equipment slow you down! My biggest advice would be to get yourself a copy of Logic Pro (which is essentially garagebands big professional brother) and watch as many youtube tutorials as you can both within and outside of your chosen genre! Teach yourself and read and read, try and soak up as much information as you can, and don’t be too critical of yourself!

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( Mystery Falls because why not -shot- )

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holowned replied to your post: ♕|| K went around and gathered some partners up…

Oh, yes, most definitely! I’m in

♕|| Sweet! Also awkwardxcrimson will be joining us :D although I’m sure weaponbychoice will be chill with it I’ll wait to send in the application until I get their ok

and Mystery Falls Sounds great! Unless someone else has a name they are really wanting, I’ll use that

Lastly, for the whole guild leader thing I bet some of your muses would prefer to go for more of a democracy style so I think that may be for the best. Though for the application I’ll put Jedediah as guild leader