ngl I re-watched DoB after I re-watched RttE and like…Dagur was in like 5 episodes out of the whole series?? (Maybe 10, I don’t really care.) I didn’t remember much about it so I kept waiting and waiting. And fuck man. Dagur pops up in a season one episode like halfway through and it’s like “here’s this asshole you wouldn’t wanna be stuck sitting next to at Christmas dinner” and episode ends, there he goes…then he pops back up and throws a piss fit cause bby didn’t get what bby wanted and “my brother lied to meeeeeeeee” and really he has potential to be a great villain, but that’s all it is–potential. He was a huge jerk who obviously has some issues, but that never really made him ‘evil’ just messed up. After his change of heart in RttE he still has those issues, but he’s taken steps to keep himself in check (I’m so fuckin proud of you babe). I think it’s reasonable to say that from the beginning he always had the potential to become a decent dude, like he was high on his own fumes, but not in the same way Viggo is. Bluh idk what I’m talking about, but basically Viggo is the villain the show needed cause really Dagur was not bringin the evil, he’s too much of a goofy goober. Viggo wins the asshole race someone get this dude an “As Much Of A Jerk As You Could Have Been” award.

Inked: Michael Clifford

“What were you looking to get?” The tattoo artist asked, snapping me away from my thoughts. I began babbling on, explaining that I wanted the words “don’t forget to breathe” in script handwriting on my ribs.
“Sounds great, I’m going to get the stencil made,” he smiled, his forest green eyes dancing with light. I took a couple deep breaths, staring mesmerized at all the colorful pieces that consumed the walls of the room.
“Ready?” Michael asks as he re-enters the room.
“Yeah,” I breathed out nervously, laying down on the table. I wore a sports bra here, purely to avoid the awkward notion of removing my shirt in front of strangers. Michael wheeled himself over in his chair, keeping the stencil straightened and laid it right below the line of my sports bra. He turned back to counter, opening a new needle and preparing the ink. The buzz of the rig started, and before I knew it, Michael was asking me if I was still ready. I nodded and let out a breath and he started. I curled my toes at the shape unfamiliar pain, staying that way until finally slowed into a dull ache. I relaxed as I adjusted to the pain breathing lightly to avoid causing Michael any trouble.
“Alright, I’m moving on to sort a sore spot, so don’t jump,” he informed. I nodded; and mentally prepared myself for when he started tattooing again. I didn’t jump, but instead reached down and grabbed his leg. I swore I heard him groan, but I was too wrapped up in other affairs to acknowledge it.
“You’re done,” Michael said, turning off the rig and setting it on the counter. I muttered an embarrassed, ‘sorry’ and pulled my hand off his leg and sliding off the bed a taking a few steps toward the door
“The only thing you’ve got to be sorry for is if you leave me here like this,” he says, standing behind me and placing a feather of a kiss on the back of my neck. I leaned into his touch, a small moan ghosting past my lips. He smirked against my skin, pressing his lips back to my neck. I turned to face him, placing my hands on his chest as he ran his hands along my torso. He ducked his head down and pressed his lips to mine, his hands pausing for a second before resting themselves on my ass and squeezing roughly. I gasped, to which he took full advantage of and slid his tongue into my mouth. I reached down and palmed him through his jeans, trying gain back some sort of control.
“Don’t tease me,” he whispered in my ear, lifting me and setting me on the bed as he began fiddling with the button on his tight jeans. I swatted his hands away, undoing it on the first try and pulled his pants and his plaid boxers down to the tops of his knees. He was impressively big and I couldn’t help but stare, which didn’t go unnoticed.
“Like what you see babygirl?” He smirked, pulling my shorts and my panties down my legs. He ran a thick finger up my folds, rubbing a couple tight circles on my clit.
“Please Michael,” I whined, and with that he ever so slowly pushed into me, taking nearly a minute to fully enter me.
“How are you even this tight?” He grunted, retracting himself at the same speed. He barely left the tip in before slamming into me, creating an entirely new unrelentess rhythm.
“I’m gonna wreck you baby,” he whispered, his calluses fingers digging into the skin on my hips. He continued whispering obscene thoughts in my ear as he kept thrusting. It was unbelievable how fast he was going, driving me over the edge like no one has before.
“You like my thick cock huh baby? I can feel you clenching around me, trying to hold it in,” he said through clenched teeth as his thrusts decreased in precision.
“I’m so close Michael,” I whimpered, and just as I said it his tip rubbed against my g-spot sending my flying into euphoria just before himself. He pulled out of me and we both got redressed before walking out towards the front of the shop.
“How much do I owe you for the tattoo?” I asked as I remembered that I hadn’t paid yet.
“You’ve already paid,” he winked and sent me on my way.

@theherocomplex replied to your photo “¦yikes. The fandom doesn’t matter. When you start compiling a list of…”

I don’t even know what’s happening but WOW, sounds like something to avoid.

Somebody in one of the more popular recent fandoms on Tumblr decided that people shipping certain ships were “problematic” and “triggery” and thought it would be a SUPER GREAT great idea to compile a list of people who shipped the things. Personally, I think it sounds like a great way to find new and interesting people to follow, but that’s obviously not what’s going to happen.

(In my day, if you didn’t like a ship, you shut the fuck up about it or you had a good old-fashioned flame war. None of this moral posturing bullshit.)

Me: I got sick, and now I’m going to spend all my free time watching serials.
Brain: Yeah, cool, just remember that you need to do homework and write notes for all the lessons that you will miss.
Me: Mmm, how about to leave it all on the late evening of my last sick day? Yeah, that sounds great. Good plan.
Brain: What the fuck

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How a group called the Timber Wolves attack Negan's Sanctury, steal his supplies and take Lucille. Negan goes out and finds them and discovers that their leader is a beautiful female named Artemis.

Love it! Sounds great, will do

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Hi I was going to ask if I could request a Ahkmenrah x Reader. The plot I thought of is that the reader was a roman woman found in an odd tomb out in the Egyptian sand dunes in the 1950's, but was brought back to the Museum of Natural History in New York a few weeks before Larry started as a security guard. So a few days after Larry opened the tomb of Ahkmenrah one of the other exhibits accidentally opening up her tomb and ends up allowing her to meet the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Sounds great!


The magical wonders of letting someone else post something on your blog! XD My friend was like: “your favicon is a cup of coffee! You don’t like coffee!” ///she proceeds to go to my askbox and was disappointed I had anon turned off// lol.. so she just did it that way LOL. It was amusing to look at and the comments you guys gave were amazing too XD

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