sounds very much the same things

of all the things i saw straight jaal defenders say, the “it’s more realistic this way” is def my favorite so far.
because you know what doesn’t sound very realistic to me? almost all aliens being pretty much just humans with different skin texture and same stereotypical traits for the whole species. aliens having same old gender binary doesn’t sound realistic. the need for a homosexuality limit in a sci-fi rpg “for realism reasons” doesn’t sound realistic. it doesn’t even sound sane, to be honest.


Part 2 of Fuji TV Heros interview:
This was aired on 9 Feb 2017 but the interview with Yuzu is from the one aired on 8 January.  It shows parts that were not aired before (but nothing very much that’s new).  I translated briefly what Yuzu said.

What he wants to check at the rink in 4CC which is the same rink as PyeongChang Olympics:
“The condition of the ice, the temperature, the way the sound spreads in the venue.”
“Like for the SP, does the beat come in strongly, or does it echo and I can hear a dub (double), and my FP, can I hear every single one of the piano notes, I want to pay close attention to these things.”

“It has now become the era where it’s out of the question if you can’t jump 2 or 3 types of quads, and it is also meaningless if you can do that and can’t do anything further.  But I enjoy it, it’s always enjoyable doing this….”

“How many quads can be jumped? And how high in quality can those jumps be? Not just winning with the number of quads and combinations, but to be ‘true’, same as the kanji for Mao (Asada)’s name, as in the truth, I think this is the 'true quads era’.”

(my rough translation) (thanks to pino16.17 for the video)

If you missed Part 1 of the interview in Jan, see HERE.

Stone Cold (Sirius Black imagine)

Okay, so I just combined 2 requests for this this one:

  • Hello, I don’t know if you do oneshots based on songs, but if you do, could you give it a go on ”Stone Cold” by Demi with Sirius from the reader’s pov? Or the way you find it best to write? Thanks!
  •  Hey!!! Can you do a Sirius Black x reader, but I want it very, extremely sad!! A story that will make the reader cry. I hope it’s not too hard for you!! A big hug from me.

Warnings: angst, deep feels, broken Sirius and reader

                   H/G/N - his girlfriend’s name

People often said that in times of turbulence, you learned how to appreciate the little things. Poetic and whimsical notions like sunsets, the sounds of birds and the varying colours of dainty flowers.

Well, I could safely tell those people that it was all bollocks.

Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks.

Sunsets were pretty much the same every day, chirping birds were actually very annoying and I could care less about the shades of flowers. They all died anyway; all wilted into ugly, shrivelled shapes. Especially when winter was starting to strangle the life out of the world.

No, when times were bad, it pretty much distracted you from everything else.

And in my case, the broken heart I was forced to hold into my chest was the cause of my great turbulence.

Everything was irrelevant and distorted, clouded by the emptiness I felt in my chest all the time.

My tears dried long time ago, but the cracks in my heart were yet to be healed. I never thought a single person could feel such destroying, vicious emotions. Or that a person could induce them. And still… here I was. Feeling as if my chest was going to explode at any moment.

I was certain that, somehow, the ocean of sadness I constantly felt was going to swallow me up, drag me into its depths, suffocate me, drown me and strangle the dear life out of me. I didn’t need water to drown. My feelings were enough.

No - a voice from within me would say - it’s not just sadness, but disappointment and hurt too.

And I’d agree.

He knew. I know he knew. I know he knows. How deeply I was in love with him. How I felt happy for every glance he’d spare me and every word he’d shoot in my direction.

Remus told me one night. The apologetic look he gave me made me feel pathetic really. I bowed my head in shame and he engulfed me in a reassuring hug.

But he still did it. He would bring girls every three or four days to his dormitory. And the cruel fate made that every single time… I was there to witness it.

Maybe it was a warning. But I was too blind to acknowledge it.

God knows I tried to be happy for him. But seeing him with a girl sitting on his lap, kissing him fiercely made my blood boil and my eyes water. Even though my heart would ache, even though my hands would tremble and figure melt… I tried to be happy for him. I wanted to see him happy. Even if the happiness of his heart… meant the death of mine.

But it all came to a stop eventually.

He didn’t just hurt me that day, but disappointed me in a way I couldn’t describe.

I was laying on my bed, reading a one of my favourite books. It was his favourite too. I found myself sighing deeply, before I was cut off by the sound of my door opening.

He perked his head inside, as he did so many times before and smiled at me. The warmth of his smile and the gleam in his eyes made me melt. He made his way over my bed and collapsed next to me, his hair sprawled all over the pillow. He put his arm around my shoulders and gathered me close.

This seemed so normal, ordinary almost. His refreshing smell made me feel nostalgic and I hoped my eyes wouldn’t water at the twisting pain in my chest.

“Y/N” he whispered in my ear.


“What do you think about H/G/N?”

He asked that in such a relaxed tone, that my brain refused to work for a few seconds.

“What?” I murmured, abruptly sitting up and turning to face him.

“What do you think about her?” he repeated with a smile.

I blinked repeatedly, trying to chase away the tears that threatened to spill from my wide eyes.

“Uh- I-”

“She really is amazing, isn’t she? I mean, I feel like we… connect so easily. She understands me so well. She’s always there when I need her and… my family likes her, surprisingly. I just feel like she is the missing part of my heart” he said with a dreamy smile playing on his lips.

I honestly thought my heart stopped beating, his words stabbing it roughly. What was happening? Why was he doing this to me? I was hurt and confused as I stared at him with tear filled eyes.

“I think she is my perfect match” he continued, locking eyes with me.

“Stop…” I murmured.

“My… soul mate” he went on, ignoring me completely.

“Stop” I repeated, louder this time, my voice quavering, but pressing on the words.

“What do you think, Y/N? Isn’t she my ideal partner?”


The sound echoed across the silent room. A red mark was now perfectly imprinted on his white cheek. It was my palm that left the mark.

The last thing I saw were his eyes widening before I turned around and ran out of the room, out of the Gryffindor Tower… out of the school, my heated body being welcomed by the crisp air of winter and my tears blending with the rain.

I honestly thought that when I ran off that night, a piece of my heart was ripped off my chest.

In those few weeks I avoided him and his apologies, I understood that the worst type of crying is the silent one. The one when everyone is asleep. The one when you feel it in your throat, and your eyes become blurry from tears. The one when you just want to scream. The one when you have to hold your breath and hold your stomach to keep quiet. The one where you can’t breathe anymore. The one when you realise the person that meant the most to you, is gone.

I am now sitting at one of the windows of the Astronomy Tower. The waves of heavy feelings I just remembered hit me cruelly, my eyes closing to prevent tears from falling.

I lay my head against the cold and foggy glass and stare blankly at the white mess from outside. As I watch the slow fall of the snowflakes, a crooked smile appears in the corners of my mouth. The icy air, the snow covered earth and death of nature is mirrored in my heart. A never ending winter has taken over my heart.


I quickly whip my head around after hearing my name and freeze. There, in the middle of the tower, was standing the last person I wanted to see. 

Sirius Black.

My figure hardens and my chest constricts. Even now, it still hurts to see him in front of my eyes. I stare at him with cold, penetrating eyes. Even though I don’t want to, my body stiffens and I find myself holding my breath.

He looks right back at me. His eyes are red, with dark bags under, his hair messy and his face livid, almost white. He looks like he had been crying a lot.


I feel a satisfying sensation when I see him like this. Suffering. I want him to be sad. I want him to cry. I want him to be ashamed of himself. I want him to taste a little bit of my messed up feelings, even though I don’t wish for him to end up like me. I don’t want him to be broken. I’m afraid the shattered pieces won’t fit back together.

“Y/N” he repeats, closing the distance between us.

I quickly scatter away from him, pressing my back against the glass and gathering my feet close.

“Y/N, please…”

I close my eyes as he trails off, trying to calm my wild heart. I take in a deep breath, before shakily opening my mouth to speak.

“Please what, Sirius?”

“Please… let me explain this to you-”

I sink my teeth into my bottom lip in an attempt to stop myself from screaming at the top of my lungs at the little bastard in front of me.

“I don’t need any explanation-”

“Yes, you do-”

“No!” I defiantly say “Nothing you could say can make it easier to bear”

“It?” he frowns.

I close my eyes once again, refusing to look him in the eyes.

“The pain, Sirius”

My words are barely above a whisper and for a second, I doubt he heard. But he did.

His figure softens immediately. He brushes a hand through his hair and sighs. As I watch him, my heart sinks with a heavy feeling. Although I saw him doing this so many times before, this time is different. I guess I’m just realising that things are never going to be the same. And that destroys me.

“I know it hurts” he whispers softly, moving closer to me.

This time, I have no room to escape. He’s cornering me like a wolf would do with his prey. I can only watch him with wary eyes and knitted eyebrows.

Do you, Sirius? Do you?

“Then why did you do it?” I whisper.

“Because… I- I thought I was never going to receive you love… All those girls… they were just distractions. I thought I could forget about you. But I couldn’t. When you ran off that day, you took half of my heart with you. And I’m afraid I’m not going to get it back unless you… come back to me”

Hearing this, I can’t help but burst out laughing. A dark, sinister, humourless laugh that gives me chills.

“That must be the most selfish reason I have ever heard”

“I know” he mumbles, bowing his head in shame. “But it’s the truth. A truth that I hate, a truth that I despise, but… it’s still the truth”

His big hand reaches for my cheek.

I am unable to move. My body seems paralyzed as his cold fingers stroke my warm face. His decomposed face draws dangerously close. Even like this, with his messy feelings coming up to the surface… his face is still surprisingly handsome.  

“I haven’t only hurt you, but… myself too. Over these past few weeks I figured that… I can’t live without you. I’m left in darkness without you, Y/N… I- I-”

Tears glowed against his nutmeg eyes and my lips begin quavering at the sight of him breaking down.

“I love you” he finally whispers, his voice broken, filled with sorrow.

My own eyes threaten to spill all the tears I managed to accumulate over the past few days. It takes all my might to restrain myself and speak clearly.

“It’s such a shame you’ve got to hurt us both to finally realise it”

Sirius’ long fingers lock around my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes and for a moment, I think I see that part of my heart I lost not so many weeks ago.

And the next thing I know, is a warm sensation on my lips.

Sirius is kissing me softly, his wet lips moving against mine skilfully.

Even though that side of my heart which never forgot him melts, the broken shards inside of my body begin stabbing me, bringing back memories I wish I could forget. And as every moment spent with him replays in my mind, my heart twists and twirls painfully.

With a sharp breath, I roughly pull away from him and the loud sound of my palm against him face echoes across the room once again.

Now, as I look into his eyes, as my ragged breath escapes my lips, I can’t help but let all the tears fall freely, like a replica of the Niagara Falls.

“Y/N-” Sirius mutters, reaching for my arm, but I back away quickly.

“You knew!” I scream so loud, I’m afraid for a second the professors patrolling the corridors might hear us.

He freezes, his face contorted with a feeling I can’t quite make out.

“You knew!” I repeat, unable to stop myself from the truths I am about to say. “You knew but didn’t care anyway! You fucked those girls with such ease and then tell me it was because you thought I did not love you? Well, guess what. I won’t buy this shit! You may be sorry, Sirius, but… it doesn’t matter anymore. Do you know how hard it was for me? To see you in the company of a different girl every single day? To see you kiss her, stroke her face, tell her you love her… give her your affection and care? It killed me inside. Little by little, I was dying. I was dying watching you, my very love, with another girl. And it destroyed me to find out that… you knew. You were well aware of my feelings for you and still… didn’t talk to me about it. But, aside from that… I was trying to feel happy. I was trying to be happy for you! Even if I couldn’t understand why you were doing this to me! If it was for me to die… I would have died happy. Happy because you were happy and I didn’t stay in the way of your happiness. Even if your happiness meant the death of me. And that night… when you talked about her like that in front of me… you ripped my heart off. You left a bloody hole right where my heart was supposed to be.”

By this point, my face is filled with dry and fresh tears and my voice is shaking, filled with too much emotion. But Sirius isn’t too far off either. His cheeks are strained with salty water. Seeing him cry made me even more vulnerable.

“Sirius you- you broke me”

He sinks down to his knees and mines give away immediately after, landing hard on the stone floor.

Between his strangled sobs, all I could hear was no, no, no.

“No, Y/N… Please, please… give me another chance. I love you…” he tilts his head towards me and looks at me through his messy black hair.

“Sirius…” I mutter back, but trail off, unable to continue.

I feel like I’m breaking down once again at the sight of his sincere pain.

After whipping my tears away, I manage to get up on unsteady feet.

“…I love you too. But… I can’t bring myself to this anymore. Not after all this pain”

Even though my voice is weak, with a last glance at Sirius’ crumpled form, I march out of the Astronomy Tower, closing the door behind me.

Once my fingers unclasp from the doorknob, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My hand goes over my wild heart, the beats pulsing throughout my whole body, making me tremble.

With a long, shaky sigh, I let my body slide down to the floor and rest my head against the door, knowing Sirius has done the same.

Now, our bodies are close to each other, but still… so far apart.

I guess that’s just the way things have always been. There has always been a wall between the two of us. A wall made out of glass, which we didn’t see until we painfully smashed into it, trying to get to one another.

As I lay there, with my head basically against Sirius’ and my eyes closed, I feel hopeless. And I know he feels the same. Maybe our somehow connected emotions are the cause of the deep sinking feeling I have.  

The sound of my powerful heartbeat rings inside my ears.

I may have lost him forever.

And as that thought crosses my mind, I let one last tear stream down my cheek.

I know… I left my heart with him, trapped between those stone cold walls.

Cute Marcellia Headcannons...

1.) They absolutely adore cuddling and love to snuggle up next to each other in front of the fire.

2.) One of their favorite things to do is read to each other out loud. Marcellus especially enjoys this, for Marcia’s voice takes on a richer, sweeter sound when she is reading.

3.) Marcia likes it oh so very much when Marcellus leans over and kisses her cheek when she is working. She is forever left blushing and stammering when he does.

4.) Marcellus like to play with Marcia’s hair and braid it occasionally. 

5.) Marcia knows no better way to relax than talking late into the night about anything and everything with Marcellus.

6.) Breakfast together in the morning always results in the same bickering over which is better: coffee or tea?

7.) Holding hands is their thing; they are both shy, giggling idiots who refuse to do more than that in public. Some people stare or think it’s weird that they are together but they don’t care.

very basic hebrew words

so i was bored and i made a small thing, if you are intrested in more let me know! (doron)

  • I - ani אני
  • you female - at את, male - ata אתה
  • ploral you - female (not used much) aten אתן,  male - atem אתם (also used for femals cause we’re lazy).
  • she - just like you would prounuce the letter “e” היא
  • he - hu הוא
  • them - male - em הם, female - en הן (same with you ploral).
  • us - anah-nu אנחנו  (h like that harsh sound hebrew/arabic speakers make that make people laugh at us).
  • me - in hebrew there isn’t a word for “me”. we have “from me” - mimeni, “with me” - iti (sounds like “e”+”tea”), when you say “you and me” it’s ata/at ve ani. it’s complicated!

  • and - ve ו <– yes it’s only one letter!
  • also - gam (sounds like “gum”) גם

  • good - male - tov טוב , female - to-va טובה
  • bad - male - ra רע , female - ra-a רעה
  • pretty - male - yafe יפה, female -  yafa יפה
  • ugly - male - me-ho-ar (that harsh sound again) מכוער , female - me-ho-e-ret מכוערת

  • love - a-a-va (people usually write ahava but i didn’t want to confuse you) אהבה
  • i love u - male to male - ani oev otha אני אוהב אותך,
  • male to female - ani ohev otah אני אוהב אותך,
  • female to female - ani o-e-vet otah אני אוהבת אותך,
  • female to male - ani o-e-vet otha אני אוהבת אותך.
  • hate - sin-a שינאה
  • i hate u - same as i love u just: male - so-ne שונא, female - so-net שונאת

  • dog- male - ke-lev כלב , female - kal-ba כלבה
  • cat- male - hatul חתול , female - hatu-la חתולה
  • dogs - male - klavim כלבים , female - kal-bot כלבות.
  • cats - male- ha-tu-lim חתולים , female - ha-tu-lot חתולות.

anonymous asked:

Hey:) I really love this blog it is very helpful - question - I usually really hate noise, like people eating etc and the people noise in crowded spaces terrifies me. However I love going to rock shows, standing in line and going in and leaving is really hard but the music is so loud that is all I hear and feel so it blocks out all people noise. I guess I was kinda doubting my autism which is silly but is this kind of thing something others experience?

This is definitely something I experience! I am very sensitive to sound and as much as fifteen minutes in a noisy place can give me a meltdown. However my issue is not with volume, but with the amount of sound sources. Three quiet sounds coming from different places is really bothersome, but one very loud sound coming from one source is fine.

I felt the same when I went to a concert - the line, the waiting, it was extremely overwhelming, I was wearing headphones the entire time to block out the noise. Then the concert started and the music was blasting so so loud but I wasn’t bothered at all cause it overpowered all other noise, and there was only one source of sound. So from that point the experience was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I was still very tired after the concert though. So yeah I don’t think this is weird at all, I understand exactly what you mean.


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"ALL YOU HAVE TO DO (IS STAY)" WHAT THE FFCCKKCK. WHAT THE HECK. I FEEL VERY MENTALLY STRESSED OUT AND EXHAUSTED JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT SUMMARY. (The things we do to Shikako. :( Jfc it tripped me THe fuck up. This precious child. (I actually would lOVE to read this verse because it sounds like so much SUFFERING. (I swear I love Shikako.)))



Like. It’s stressful but it’s also kind of fun?

I would really recommend reading Watches ‘verse (unless BBC Sherlock is not your thing, understandable, given the way it’s gone downhill, though this fic was written before said swan dive), because it has the same sort of mental gymnastics that really good time travel fic does but… without time travel.

I think I’d put her fourth reality as a Fire Temple monk, though. Just for that well of calm and serenity because four lives in the possible vicinity of Danzo is TOO MUCH, and I also like the idea of the monks figuring out something’s going on with her but not saying anything until it becomes a danger to her. Because monks, or at least the Fire Temple versions (not those awful Jashin monks), are great. And being able to explore the world of Naruto and ninjutsu and militaristic societies from a culture of pacifism might be a fun exercise in world building/analysis.

Bad Intentions

[ part oo1 ] aka the one where justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, y/n’s too petty to let things go, khalil’s the ringleader, hailey has beef with chantel, za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

if the summary sounds familiar to you then you’ve probably read the masterpiece that was me and you got it deadlocked. i’ve finally turned it into a fic since it’s still one of my favorite things i’ve ever written. it won’t play out the same way as the imagine but it may get a lil repetitive since some scenes will be reused in the fic. idk man, i’m nervous, just enjoy this.

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Hoshidan Festival: Subaki and Kana (M) Parent-Child Convo

As requested! Poor Subaki. He really beats himself up when someone sees him make a mistake… He’s going to eventually go mad if he doesn’t learn to accept himself. I think Corrin is well on her way to helping him realise that, but… He still needs some help, as this conversation indicates. …Also, he wasn’t at all worried or angry at Kana for sneaking away to ride his pegasus?? That seems dangerous, but they pretty much gloss over it… I would think that would be a bigger deal!

It’s very hard, perhaps impossible, to show this in English, but Kana mimics Subaki’s speech style throughout most of this conversation. In the Japanese version, Subaki has a tendency to draw out the last syllable of his sentences, ending them on a higher tone. Kana does the same thing through most of this convo. It’s cute! I imagine him mimicing his dad’s voice too…which would sound kind of weird in the English version, actually. Subaki’s voice is much, MUCH deeper in the English version of the game.

…And how is it that Caeldori manages to miss every instance of her dad’s clumsiness, anyway? I think she could REALLY benefit from seeing that side of him! 

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The diabetic Watari stuff made me so happy Thank you!!! And I'm sorry that the needles freaked you out! But with a pump it's one needle every three days instead of two shots every day! :0 but anyway! I'm here with more!!! I remember you talking about Fukunaga who can eat a ton and not gain a pound, but consider inuoka being the same. The first dining out experience with the two was when Kuroo decided cheap fast food was the best idea ((or just not bring both at the same time ~dealer Anon

I’m glad you liked it Dealer Anon~<3

Wahh, it’s really no biggie lol, I’m just a maj weenie about needles~ And 1 every 3 days sounds much more tolerable +o+

But yesssss, rip Kuroo’s wallet because the only thing worse than one person with a blackhole for a tummy is multiple people with one

rip me, I had to cut it in half lol, otherwise it wouldn’t have been very legible, gomen.

i bet they fill their bags with all kinds of junk food to take to training camps, so before leaving there’s a search to weed it all out because junk is not proper volleyball fuel and ‘why are you packing more food than clothes, rethink your priorities omg’. They’re probably some grade-A food smugglers, the kind of people you wanna go to the movies with because you won’t have to pay anything for snacks, they’re loaded up with all kinds of goodies hidden on their person. I wonder how much their parents suffer buying groceries.

When they hear you moan for the first time (BTS)

Requested: @corruptself45

Hope you enjoy!

Namjoon:  Namjoon would be very turned on by your sudden outburst. He always had his assumptions on how your moans would sound, but never once had it crossed his mind you’d sound like that. The quiet, cute little peep that came from your lips would surely shock and turn him on. Make sure you’re ready to deal with his problem.

Yoongi:  He wouldn’t react to it much; he’d just keep doing his thing. He’d keep the same face, not letting you know anything. But inside, it’s killing him; he tries deeply to stay calm. Yoongi would be constantly complimenting it but he’d never say the words. “Let me hear more,” he would say in his head before completely devouring your lips.

Jin: Jin would full out fanboy. It would range from just saying “Cute” to full out little screams, all while making you moan more. He’d keep whispering in your ear sweet compliments on how cute you were. But don’t think just because he’s fanboying doesn’t mean he’s neglected you; his actions make you spew all kinds of noises.

Hoseok: Shocked. Nothing more was written on his face. He just had to take a minute to really think, “She really just made this noise.” But once he was done, he’d full on attack. He’d knock you down back onto the bed, making sure his message got across to you.

Jimin: He’d giggle at you, like a full on laugh. Not laughing at you technically, but he wouldn’t know what else to do. He’d giggle, not only because it was so cute, but because he couldn’t believe that’s what you sounded like when he got you all heated. This wouldn’t stop him from making those noises ring in his ears more times.

Taehyung: Honestly, he wouldn’t notice right away. He’d be so caught up in the moment, so caught up in you, he wouldn’t even notice. It’d be a couple of seconds, minute’s maybe before even noticed but when he did, you’d better be ready to give him what he wants and to hear how cute you sounded to him.

Jungkook: NOW, LET ME TELL YOU, THIS BOY WOULD STRAIGHT ON MOCK YOU. I’m not taking mocking the look on your face, but full one the noise. He’d stop all that he was doing to just sit back and mock you. This would only result in you punching him and chasing him out of the room, but don’t think this stopped him from making the same noises you did.

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This isn't a request or anything, but thank you so much for posting. You alway post really funny or precious requests/scenarios and it's always a joy to read them. I like that you also post a lot of stuff at once, and I appreciate that although you may be busy, you still have the time to do this. Thank you so much, and I really love your blog! I'm sure many others appreciate and love you as well. Your posts get me through some rough times, as weird as that may sound but I'm very thankful. ❤

i….. don’t even know where to start…..

i’m so thankful for having such amazing readers??? some of you say that my posts help you cheer up on sad days, and the same thing goes for me when you all send me asks like these…… i mean, you’re all busy as well, yet you still take the time to come back here and read my writing, which i appreciate so much….. i wish i could give each one of you a hug right now. just know that i love you all very much :’)

Based off this post.  This is Cosima.

  1. How to soothe them
    1. let her vent. actively listen but let her do her thing.  snuggles.
  2. Favorite color
    1. navy blue.  this throws delphine off bc she thinks bc cosima wears so much maroon.
  3. Favorite candy bar
    1. any combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
  4. Favorite movie
    1. the first matrix movie.  
  5. Best date night
    1. since delphine and shay are so different in their going out tastes, she just likes to stay in with the both of them.  that way everybody’s having fun and she gets to see both of them at the same time.
  6. Best friend
    1. sarah
  7. Favorite pizza toppings
    1. the only thing she really truly misses from going vegetarian is pepperoni
  8. Personal style
    1. hippy/nerd clash
  9. What they want in a SO
    1. someone who stimulates her mind, body, and soul
  10. Do they like roller coasters
    1. Yes.  Very Much.
  11. The song they dance their ass off to
    1. cosima is such a show off that she dances to the sound of the dishwasher running.  she’ll dance to everything.
  12. Something that always makes them cry
    1. delphine crying.  she happy cries more than she sad cries.  so like she’ll remember how lucky she is to have shay and delphine and get all choked up.
  13. Puppies or kittens
    1. kittens
  14. Preferred weather
    1. drizzly and rainy
  15. First impression of this character
    1. a hot nerd talking about epigenetics….. gay thoughts, in my mind? it’s more likely than you think
  16. My thoughts on this character now
    1. please stop hurting her.  pls let her talk about her feelings.  pls let her act like an adult and give her the ability to choose things.
  17. Best thing about them
    1. so very smart.  so very good at what she does.  she cares about what she does a lot.
  18. Worst thing about them
    1. she puts her whole heart into things.  this either ends with her hurt or her lashing out and hurting other people when it doesn’t go right.
  19. Their happiest moment
    1. each life milestone she gets to cross with delphine and shay.  their engagement.  their first house.  their wedding.  birth of their child/adoption papers going through. etc etc…
  20. Their worst moment
    1. that brief moment where she thought she’d lost both shay and delphine.  to her, one was missing and both probably hated her guts.  she hates being alone and she had never and has yet to feel as alone as she did for that period.
  21. Dream vacation
    1. tropical island for an obscene amount of time.  like.. where you forget what people who aren’t with you look like, long.
  22. How they hold a holiday dinner
    1. it is her preference to have junk/comfort food and just a giant potluck style thing.  with delphine in her life that is… about 40% what happens…
  23. Which week they go home on bake off
    1. i suppose i could have googled this by now…..
  24. Are they a bad cook or a good cook?
    1. it is a danger to let Cosima in the kitchen.  she either lights things on fire or makes a colossal mess.
  25. Signature dinner dish
    1. takeout.
  26. If they had one month to live
    1. i don’t even want to think about this in regards to cosima
  27. How they’re mischaracterised
    1. again.. 2 ways.  uwu bb y is everyone so mean to her!!  she’s just sad.  and the other is she is is such a brat she should just grow up and see that she is being a baby.
    2. yes.  she has been hurt, unjustly.  she should be allowed to grieve and react however she feels she needs to.  but!! that doesn’t give her the right to lash out and yell at people who are trying to help her.
  28. How to hurt them
    1. get the last word in in an argument.  leave her without closure or knowing why something is happening.
    2. she also, late at night while high, gets really emotional about how a great majority of society doesn’t want her to have her relationships.  like either it’s bc it’s wlw or bc it’s polya… like up until 2 years ago her country didn’t even recognize a monogamous marriage that she would want… she just wants to love her girlfriends and it’s something that cuts deep.

‘To my understanding then, captain Treville…’ the cardinal’s voice is very matter-of-fact, but at the same time it is a bit too *much* matter-of-fact and it sounds false, like a performer that was overacting. 'To my understanding, this is… the end?’

Treville freezes just before the exit door.

It is clearly a question, not a mere statement requiring confirmation. What is the difference between the two? He knows that some difference probably is there, somehow, but he is done with racking his brain in tries to understand it. He has enough.

He turns his head to Richelieu. He stands behind his desk, both palms on the wooden surface, tall, dressed in black and impressive.


Treville only frowns.

'I daresay, Your Eminence, that neither of us owns a luxury to truly *end* this, not under the current circumstances. My attitude has not changed and I shall still fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities. However, I have no desire to spend here any more time than you deem it necessary. I wish a good day.’

With that, he left.

—  a sample from one-shot in writing

anonymous asked:

Howdy :-) First up - I think you are awesome for attempting a weekend away. I don't think you would even have contemplated it in the past. Is it for work or pleasure, and do you know anyone else who is going? If it is for pleasure just remember you will be surrounded by people who enjoy the same things as you. You don't need to make friends for life, and try not to overthink interactions. Do you have far to travel? I always find that the worst bgit food-wise but you sound prepared. Have fun! xx

Hi 💜

Thanks for this. You are right, I would never have managed something like this before. I accepted the invitation very spontaneously without knowing much about it at all- I only found out a vague outline of what we will be doing on Thursday when I asked.

I don’t know any of the people going but I did speak to one of the organisers on Thursday. It isn’t for work or pleasure. It’s a little complicated to explain without going into details I would rather not right now but there’s a group of about 20 of us and I am meeting up with one person for the first lag of the three-hour journey shortly. ☺


get to know me

i was tagged by the amazingly lovely @gaywillbyers to give a few facts about myself!!! thank you very much, Mars! <3

Name: Whitney
Pronouns: she/her
Country of origin: usa
Sexuality: Bisexual (with female preference)
Star sign: cancer
First language: english
Other languages spoken: I can speak a little Spanish, and I can also speak a good bit of French and Welsh as well!


  • writing
  • reading
  • rain
  • lipstick
  • the smell of the air after a thunderstorm
  • being outdoors
  • music
  • traveling 
  • learning new things
  • horror (books, movies, etc.)
  • shopping

9 dislikes:

  • the patriarchy 
  • spiders
  • heights
  • being late to anything (SAME HERE)
  • overly greasy hair (on myself, I can’t stand it)
  • the sound of people burping
  • humid days (they are COMPLETE AND UTTER HELL where I live)
  • wearing a bra (I have to wear underwire which is so uncomfortable RIP)
  • forgetting stuff

other facts:

  • I’m currently working on a novel/a few short stories that I hope will be published someday!
  • My top 3 all time favorite bands are: Green Day, The Strokes, and Fleetwood Mac
  • I’m a Psychology major and English minor
  • My birthday is June 22
  • I’ve been to New York City and I loved it
  • I love dogs more than I love most people tbh
  • My favorite author is Stephen King

i tag anyone who would like to do this!! You can say I tagged you, if you’d like!

anonymous asked:

apparently dan was 'emotionally manipulative' when he was in a relationship with erin. Opinions on that? ofc he is not like that today (hopefully) but he was ofc young and tbh as much as i like dan i could see him as being like that...

i dont believe it because it just seems so unlikely you know? the problem we’ve heard the same exact thing about phil and we’ve heard it from multiple sources that have nothing to do with each other. either way, i’m positive that he’s changed now. though the other day his twitter replies sounded very… 2012…

- alyssa

Holy heck you guys. Holy heck. I don’t mean to sound conceited but my god I am so so pleased with the improvement I’ve made over time. The funny thing is, the patterns are more or less the same, I did very minor tweaks for this new pair. Just goes to show that sewing skills are just as important as patterning ones.

Just wanted to take this moment to say thank you so much to my watchers and followers, your support and kind words really mean so much to me, to those of you who have been here since the start, and all the new people who have joined in along the way ♥

Also boy am I glad I don’t have to do manual satin stitch applique any more (in case you couldn’t tell, I’m awful at it haha)

anonymous asked:

Thank you for your inspiring pictures. I'm a 47 year old married with 3 children german male, engineer working in IT, photographer and podcaster. Found your blog because of my love to Jinhao pens and just wanted to say that I bought an Pilot Capless Matte Black. Today I came back and still totally like your 450 with the black goulet nib. So I ordered a black nib today. Thank you very much! Bye Stephan

Hi Stephan! You’re very welcome! My favorite thing about Jinhao pens is how much you can tinker with them. I like to hack them with Zebra G nibs to make temporary fountain flex pens. 

I’d also like to clarify real quick for everyone else that the Pilot Capless and the Vanishing Point are the same pen. In the US it is sold as the Vanishing Point and pretty much everywhere else as the Capless. Personally I think we in the US got the better end of that because how cool does Vanishing Point sound?