sounds that were not human were uttered

Standing For Love

Prompt: He says “me too” instead of I love you. 

He stood a distance away from you, wringing his sweaty hands as he watched the gentle morning breeze sweep a few strands of hair into your face. You were grooming Octavia’s horse, gently brushing its mane and admiring its majestic beauty while Bellamy was admiring yours.

He wondered if you knew just how much he cared for you. Did you notice how you made his heart swell with such profound joy or the way the peaceful sound of your voice quelled even his most raging inner demons? Were you fully aware that he had just realized that you were certainly one of the best things to ever happen to him?

Bellamy had never felt this deeply enthralled, this intensely passionate about another human being. He had never been this…in love and it was terrifying.

Bellamy had been plagued with such bewilderment over his sudden romantic awakening. Love was such a foreign concept that he had only just begun to grasp since you graced his life with your divine existence. He never had much experience with the word, only ever uttering it in the presence of his mother and younger sister, and this newfound emotion left him filled with great doubt.

The questions ran rampant in his mind. Was it too early to express such a sentiment? Was there ever a perfect time to confess? Could you ever love someone as complicated as him? Was it even possible for him to profess his feelings for you and would you requite?

Surely, you had witnessed his love for you represented in his physical conduct – from the way his hands held onto you like it was the first and last time you had ever touched, to the way he savored every sweet kiss and relished in each warm embrace. And surely you had seen his love radiating from his soft and affectionate glances because although his mouth frequently failed him, his eyes always told the truth.

His eyes said you were the only one for him, immediately flocking to you, even in the most crowded area, and marveling at you like the rarest and most intriguing blossom in a flowering field. They spoke volumes of his adoration, his longing and his need for you, but Bellamy wasn’t convinced that a mere look was enough.

Bellamy pushed his fears aside and mustered up enough courage to walk over to you, deciding to take the road of overconfidence since humility had given him his fair share of cold feet.

“I’m Bellamy Blake. I laugh in the face of rejection. Hey, fear. Go screw yourself,” he thought to himself. He rolled his eyes, realizing just how stupid he sounded. “Who am I kidding? I’m scared shitless.”

He took a deep breath and tapped you on the shoulder.

“Y/N,” he started, the extreme, false bravado immediately deflating as soon as you greeted him with that angelic expression. His usually slick and charming tongue had been reduced to that of a thick knot. His voice cracked as he went on, “I-I have something that I need to say.”

You waited only to receive stagnant silence.

Before Bellamy had the opportunity to freeze up for the millionth time, you turned to him. You stood before him, confident and assured, as you held tightly onto his calloused and perspiring hand.

“What would you say if I told you I loved you?” you asked.

The butterflies in Bellamy’s stomach stopped swarming and fluttered away. You had taken every inch of doubt, every worry, and every concern, melting it into pure bliss with one inquiry. 

Maybe you were already aware of the uncertainty that afflicted him and just how infantile and useless his tongue was at self-expression…or maybe you were just that perfect. 

A faint pink flush stained his speckled cheeks and a relieved smile stretched across his lips.

“I would say…me too.”


I could feel his breath on my neck as he held me close, protectively like he feared at any moment I could slip out of his arms.

I wasn’t going anywhere…

My head rested on his shoulder, as always enjoying the slight height differential between the two of us. I felt safe in his arms. I felt comforted. I felt like I was where I belonged.

His fingers danced slowly over my skin as if they were hitting the keys of a piano attuned to the soft song playing in our background. It felt just like that, background noise, as I found myself entranced instead by the sound of his breath escaping his body. The melody of human movement seemed to be even more intriguing to me at the moment.

This was a feeling I had never felt before though oddly I had been in this position. My feet moved along the floor, making sure my heels avoided the long train of my gown as it swept under me a few times. I knew all eyes were on us and some were probably filled to the brim with tears. I knew my mother’s were as she watched her youngest daughter dance along with her now husband.


It felt weird to utter that label and now associate it with Rafinha but it felt…refreshing. It felt refreshing to now be attached to a new start and a new relationship that was officially cemented by the exchanging of rings. Some would argue that we moved too fast considering we had only been together for less than a year but with Rafa, for me time didn’t exist. Every day felt like a lifetime.

A pleasant lifetime.

It was a lifetime that brought change, mostly change to me and who I was as a person. I grew from being that softspoken girl trapped within her own mind to one who now had no fears on voicing her opinion. And I had that stain of a previous marriage on my resume but that ugly mark was ignored by Rafinha as he took me into his life as if I was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

It was a powerful love marked by the desire to do any and everything for one another. I had never felt that before. Sure, I had been embraced into a marriage when I was only 18, back then thinking that my childhood sweetheart was the love of my life and we would share memories together forever but that was before I realized that I hadn’t married the one.

I had married someone I thought would protect me for life, love me for life but that was the tricky part about love. One day it could be there and the next day it could vanish as if it never existed. I grew numb after that and found myself alone at the age of 20.

No one wanted to be alone at 20.

It was a dark period for me. I separated myself from my family, my friends, my life. I wandered trying to find me and who I was without my partner who I realized had begun to define me. It seemed nothing could drag me out of the depression I was faced with until I met Rafinha.

He noticed my sadness, noticed my loneliness but unlike others he didn’t allow me to continue to wallow in my own misery. He worked to uplift me and in that time I found myself falling in love. I learned then the difference in falling in love and being in love.

I was in love now.

The soft touch of his hand to the nape of my neck as he brushed my hair away to place a gentle kiss to my skin made me shiver. With the slow melodic music playing alongside us, it felt like every touch of his painted a lyric to my skin.

Lyrics full of love, life, pleasure, gaiety.

We hadn’t spoken since being led out to our first dance but we didn’t need to speak. Our eyes told a story of their own. I could see a happy glint in his eyes when he looked at me like I was some sort of angel put on this Earth to bless his life.

I thought it was the other way around.

My mind went back to the day he led me to the empty Camp Nou, a boyish grin tugging his lips before he tried to hide it between his teeth. I was led to the middle of the pitch, unsure of what exactly Rafinha was planning in his head but when did I ever know what he was planning? He took my hand between his and even now, I could practically remember every word he spoke starting with:

Having you in my life has been the best surprise of my years by far. I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to be the man that got to see you blossom into what you are now. I knew the very first day I saw you that I wanted you in my life in some way. Even in my fear that you would push me away, I kept trying. I couldn’t just let you slip away and I am so glad I didn’t.

I did push him away. I could remember the times where his calls to my phone would go unanswered on the nights I preferred to just cry myself to sleep alone. He would just send me another call and a message. He was never too afraid to show how forward he was. He didn’t shy away from challenging me in my ability to run away from him. It seemed to work out well for him and for me too.

I thought back to the moment he dropped down to one knee, the moment I could feel my heartbeat quicken to speeds I wasn’t even sure were healthy. I would have nearly fainted if I hadn’t willed myself to stay focused on the sweet words flowing out of his lips followed by, “Will you marry me?”

The words came out of his lips like he was singing my favorite song, the part of my favorite song that I had to keep rewinding and replaying just to make sure I had digested the lyrics correctly. I still think I was replaying his song in my mind months later.

And now here we were, at our wedding sharing our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. surrounded by those that loved us.

“You look like an angel tonight,” he whispered into my ear. It was one of the many compliments he had whispered to me today but the best one had to have been the one he didn’t verbally express, when he was looking at me walk down the aisle and a hint of a tear formed in the corner of his eye.

That was all I needed to see to know that I looked like a woman who was filled with joy, happiness and love.

“Thank you,” I whispered back, still slow dancing in his arms.

I removed my head from his chest to look up towards him and he looked down to me, taking the time to take my available lips onto his for a moment. The electricity that flooded my body with his kiss was warm. It was fulfilling. I wished I could bottle all of these feelings in a container to be enjoyed later.

By now, others were filing onto the dance floor area to share a dance with their significant others as well. I turned my head to see Thiago and Julia sharing a dance, Thiago giving me a playful and encouraging wink. I was reminded of a conversation we shared a few nights ago where I expressed my fear of sharing this first dance, reminding him of my clumsiness. He assured me it would be fine and if anything, Rafinha would guide me through it. He was right.

I could see Antonella and Leo enveloped in each other’s eyes. I was reminded of her words of her advice given on how to handle being married to a footballer. We spent all night talking to each other, me downing wine and her downing various sweets to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. I knew I would remember her advice forever.

I then looked up at Rafinha who was too busy staring down at me to notice anyone else around us. I broke into a smile which caused him confusion. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing. I just…I always love when you look at me like that.”

“Like what?” he challenged.

“Like I’m the only person in the room.”

“That’s because it feels like you are, like it’s just me and you in this room.” He raised his hand to tuck a strand of curls behind my ear.

I can feel home in my soul again

Been numb for some years now

Starting to feel

Like I’m not alone again.

gif credit to brazilaf

Wings- Castiel Imagine

Summary: You’re an average person living a normal apple-pie life, when you get hunted by a rougaru. You are about to be killed when Castiel saves you, only to discover that you can see his wings, when no other humans can.

“But anyway, that’s enough about me, tell me more about yourself”, Nick said, flashing all of his teeth in his award winning, yet blatantly fake smile.

“Well, I travel a lot, just living on the road at the moment”, you said, trying and most likely failing at putting a believable smile onto your face. You could already tell this date was a bust. Nick was pretentious, and was your typical grade-A jerk whose narcissistic personality was too much for you to handle for just one dinner, let alone a whole relationship. You silently cursed your friend for setting you up on this blind date. Sure, he was a pretty good-looking guy, but his personality was a bust.

“Look Nick, I better be heading out now, it was nice having dinner with you”, you smiled apologetically, and you both said your goodbyes before you exited the restaurant.

It was dark outside, probably about 10:30 pm. You sighed, and pulled your jacket further around yourself, before setting off down the street towards the subway. You couldn’t wait to get back to your motel room; the chilly Illinois weather was biting through your thin jacket relentlessly.

You turned off of the main road that the restaurant was on, and turned down a much quieter, almost empty street. You continued strolling down the sidewalk until you passed a narrow side street between two buildings. You went to continue walking past it when you heard a muffled noise from down the alley.

It sounded almost like someone had screamed into another person’s hand. As soon as you heard the noise, it stopped, only to be replaced with the horrible sound of something tearing. Curious, you peered down the street, and saw a figure crouched over something.

You watched intently for a few more seconds, as the figure lowered their head and ripped a chunk of something off of the thing on the asphalt, hence the strange noise you heard.

Suddenly, the figure stopped. You quickly stepped back so that the brick wall hid you. Your heart was hammering in your chest as you slowly stuck your head out once more. With a sudden jolt of horror, you noticed that the pile on the ground was a human. A dead human.

With a sickening thought you realized that the other man looked like he had been —eating— the corpse, and that the sound you hear was skin being torn clean off of the bones of the victim. But then an even more horrifying thought struck you. The consumer of the dead body was gone.

Your eyes were wide as you turned to leave, only to see a figure standing behind you.

You stared up at the face of the man. He looked human, but only vaguely. His skin was disgusting; it looked like a worm’s skin, and his eyes were a bloodshot red colour. He stared at you, and uttered an animalistic growl from deep within his throat.

You weighed your options in your mind, before deciding to run. You turned and began to sprint. The creature behind you stood for a few seconds, and made an odd sound resembling a laugh, before beginning to run after you.

Your rasping breath fought to get out of your lungs as you sprinted down the dimly lit street, the smell of garbage and blood overtaking your other senses. You stared behind your shoulder, and saw the cannibalistic man running behind you gaining on you easily. His speed was unreal, just another factor adding up to the fact that this humanoid was not really human.

You took a sharp right down an even darker alley with no lights in it, and just some moonlight for guidance. You sprinted down it and made a sharp turn towards some dumpsters. You ducked behind it, trying to silence your out of control breathing.

You saw a shadow cast over the entrance of the alley, and held your breath until it disappeared. You allowed yourself to exhale slowly, and began to think the worst was over. But then suddenly, the dumpster lifted up in the air and was tossed behind you. You screamed and cowered into the shadows away from the man.

He walked towards you before grabbing your hair and ripping your head forward before slamming it back just as hard. Your head made a sickening crack as it hit the concrete wall behind you with such force that your vision momentarily disappeared completely.

You could feel the blood streaming out of your fractured skull, and knew that you wouldn’t live for much longer. The beast grinned cruelly before lowering its head towards your throat. You were weak as the blood continued gushing from the wound, and couldn’t even find it in yourself to resist.

You accepted your fate, and just as you closed your eyes, right at the moment that you could feel the beast’s disgusting breath on your face, your vision filled with a bright light, even through your closed eyelids.

I must be dead, you thought, until you heard the guttural scream of the creature dying. You opened your eyes, and through your blurry vision saw the monster slumped on the ground, dead.Standing over him was a man wearing a trench coat, with two magnificent wings spouting from his back. Your stared at him, the onyx coloured wings mesmerising you.

“You have wings… You must be an angel. So… I must be dead…” You mumbled, smiling as the throbbing pain in your head eased up and you felt like you were floating. You felt sleepy, and resisted the urge to sleep only to stare at the angel in front of you.

“You must be hallucinating from the blood loss. Let me help”, the man said, walking forward and placing two fingers on your forehead. A weird yet warm sensation spread through your body, the centre of the warmth being your head.

Your vision cleared entirely as the attractive man took his hand away from your face, and you raised your hand to the back of your head only to realise that your head was no longer split.

“You aren’t dead, but I am an angel of The Lord. My name is Castiel, though my friends seem to favour calling me Cas”, said the angel.

“I’m Y/N. What was that thing?” You asked. “A rougaru. They are humans who turn into monsters through eating long pig. It’s instinct for them to eat it, but once they do, they are no longer human”, Castiel replied.

“A rougaru? So monsters are real?” You asked incredulously.

“Most of them, yes.”

“And angels are real too. And they have superpowers and wings and everything”, you clarified.

“Are you feeling well now, because you seem to still be imagining my wings”, Castiel said, looking more confused than usual.

“I feel fine, but you definitely have wings”, you responded, also confused. Castiel’s eyes widened, and a look of understanding spread across his face.

“I thought it was only a legend”, Cas murmured under his breath. You were very confused, but did not feel scared. Castiel’s presence seemed to calm your whole being, and you felt safe. However you could not drag your eyes away from his beautiful wings, and how they reflected the moonlight so beautifully.

Suddenly Cas stepped forward and placed his fingers onto your head once again. You felt an uneasy and dizzying sensation, and closed your eyes so you would feel less motion sickness.

After a few seconds you stopped moving, and opened your eyes to stare first at Castiel’s ocean blue eyes, and then to drag your eyes from his gaze and survey your new surroundings.

You were on the side of a dirt road beside a black Chevrolet and a semicircle of bricks with a door in the middle of it.

“Where are we, and how on earth did we manage to get here so quickly?” You said in confusion, your voice raising an octave from the uncertainty of the situation you found yourself in. You felt sick to the stomach, and just wanted to lie down somewhere.

The funny thing was, you almost felt like you wanted this stranger to be lying next to you. And you had no idea why.

“Don’t worry, we’re safe now. This bunker is the safest place on earth. Rougarus and other monsters cannot get to you here. Two hunters live here, called Sam and Dean Winchester, and they know how to kill monsters and they will not hesitate to protect you,” Castiel replied.

You tried to avoid the angel’s intense stare, and stared away from his ocean blue eyes. Cas stared at you for a few seconds longer, trying to catch your gaze, before giving up and opening the door to the bunker, gesturing you inside. However, you firmly stood your ground.

“Thanks for the protection, but I have a life to live. Now please just tell me where we are so I can go back to my motel room”. You said with a slightly harsh tone in your voice.

Suddenly you felt a horrible pain in your heart and chest as you locked eyes with Castiel’s own.

His whole body slumped forward in despair; his entire figure seemed to be distressed and distraught. His eyes were the most pain filled ones you had ever seen, as everything seemed to just melt into unforgiving sadness within them. And ultimately, you couldn’t help but feel sorry that you were the one who caused the angel this grief.

“We are in Kansas”, he said. You were so shocked; how could you have gotten from Illinois to Kansas so quickly? But then again, he was an angel, and a lot of things you thought were impossible seemed to be happening today.

“Look Y/N, I am not going to stop you from going, but you will be in grave danger if you do. Monsters will be after you, and everyone you love, to attempt to get to you through them.” Cas murmured, his gaze never once leaving yours.

“That doesn’t make any sense, I haven’t done anything wrong! Why are they after me?” You said, beginning to panic. You could feel the urge to scream building up inside of you. You considered the possibility of him lying to you, but quickly shot the idea down. For some reason, you felt this sixth sense to trust him.

“It’s not so much you they’re after, but me. Y/N, you can see my wings. This means that you are my soul mate. Regardless of whether you stay with the Winchesters and I in the bunker or if you go back to your normal life, you will be hunted. If one rougaru knows who you are, then they will all know. I can protect you, and your family and friends will have more chance of survival if you cease to contact them. But I am not going to force you to do anything” Cas said. You could already feel the strong devotion you felt towards him rising up in you, and he was obviously feeling the same affections for you.

However, you still had a life, despite not having too many serious ties. Were you really willing to let it all go so suddenly? But you knew you really had no choice in the matter. If anyone you cared about was murdered, their blood was on your hands. And so, you raised your chin, stared at Castiel, and said the three words that would decide your fate for you.

“Alright, I’ll stay”

“Thank you Y/N, you won’t regret it,” Cas replied, smiling softly before leading you into the bunker, and your new life.

A/N- I might turn this into a part 1 and 2, but it’s undecided yet. Let me know if you want a part 2!