sounds strange enough

How 'bout we pretend Jack is still dead?

Fandom: Jack was killed by Anti….

Jack: *from Ireland* Quit telling everybody I’m dead!

Fandom: Sometimes we can still hear his voice….

Lick U Clean (KMFDM Remix)
Lick U Clean (KMFDM Remix)

Godlike voice of Free Dominguez, remixed by KMDFM…

As far as I’m too useless and sleepy these days, I think I just need to share this beauty. KMFDM. Ouch. Germans ALWAYS rock at heavy sounds. Plus, the first time I heard Kidneythieves they were very much in Glorious and Disgraceful End Of The Millennium style and their album was called “Trickster”, which made a point for me - and that was bloody great… but I’ve never thought they can get THIS greater.

So. This lady. This sound.
I want more souls to fell in love with them.

External image

YES, it’s free and very much downloadable.) See the source and bless these guys.))

Keep telling yourself that.

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Prompt for Nao getting stabbed. When, how, or what happens after is up to you.

Today was a beautiful day. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, stretching out far beyond the tops of the buildings at the edge of the horizon. There wasn’t a cloud in sight to mar that pristine scene above him, the sunlight shining warmly against Naomasa’s face. Really, there was only one thing he could complain about, and that was the hunting knife buried four inches into his chest. 

“…ar me, ‘Masa? It’s going to be alright, I promise.” A familiar voice calls out to him. Eyes flitting to his left, Naomasa frowns. He didn’t expect his friend to be so pale, and it’s kind of hard to focus with how distant Toshinori sounds. 

“What ’ppned?” Strangely enough, he doesn’t feel any pain. Nothing registers even as he looks down at the damage, a thin stream of blood trickling across his skin. Only his breathing feels ragged, which made sense with a blade piercing his lung. “This’s annoying.”

Naomasa reaches for the polished wood handle, intent on removing the offending weapon. Toshinori panics when he does, his hands cupping around Naomasa’s to keep him still.

“Do you want to bleed out? Wait for the ambulance!” 

“Hey… hey, it’s not as. Bad as it looks?” He tries to shift up, because Toshinori wasn’t supposed to look like that. Worried. For him. Then the pain hits, the delay finally crashing over him like a wave, blood pooling into his airway and drowning him from the inside.

Wheezy breaths are all Naomasa can get out. It’s terrifying. Grasping at Toshinori’s fingers, he trembles at how quickly his thoughts slip away from him. Why did this happen? They were walking down the street, just like any other day. 

He’d wanted to buy another pack of cigarettes from the convenience store, and Toshinori had joked it would kill him one day. Hopefully, Toshinori wasn’t feeling guilty about his choice of words. Then… what? A glaring break in his memories gives Naomasa no good answer. 

Gathering up his strength, he drags Toshinori’s hand to his lips, brushing a kiss across the man’s knuckles. Ignoring the crowd of people around them, Naomasa focuses on his tired friend. Toshinori was trying his best to hold back his tears, the stress of why help hadn’t come yet getting to him.

“Sorry… sorry. If I still had OfA I could take you to the hospital myself.” His eyes begged for Naomasa to stay awake, and his lips moved in shapes that resembled words. No sound came out – that, or Naomasa could no longer hear them. 

Darkness closes in, spotting his vision. It wasn’t so bad, having Toshinori be the last thing he sees. Closing his eyes, everything dulls to one long dreamless sleep. No sound, no pain. Just rest. 



A part of Naomasa preferred the quiet. The steady hum around him was soothing, but every so often he would hear that-


Yes, that. His body feels too heavy to move, even opening his eyes seemed like a hassle. It would be nicer to sleep again, to go back to wherever he was before. He might have too, but the sound of shuffling is too loud to ignore. A feeling of warmth presses next to him, then a low concerned voice at his ear.

“…’Masa, ‘Masa… wake up.”

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Speaking of you guys resembling other couples, I don't know if you heard anything about Torchwood but you guys resemble Jack and Ianto. Magnus is Jack, the immortal, Polyamorous (though he can be monogamous), powerful man who is known as the most handsome man alive by everyone and has been involved with countless people of all genders despite always getting heartbroken. Alec is Ianto, the bashful man who is afraid of hurting Jack when he dies, but can't help being with him.

Magnus - I will admit, it does strangely enough sound similar to us. Perhaps I’ll try and find more out about this Torchwood. I’m assuming it’s a TV show or movie?

Roman Rain

Many of you already know I’m quite an appreciator of Roman Rain, who is a Russian Gothic music performer. Amongst the other songs, he has this one - slow, fragile tune called ‘Requiem’.
He sings this song on very rare occasions.
When people ask him for 'Requiem’, he just laughs and says that it’s not time for it yet.

That’s it. The song of thin layer of ice, of torn storm clouds, of traces of ashes on the glass, of silence. And that howling at the end, oh. That’s one of the most quiet and slow-paced songs he ever composed.

Thankfully, he gives links to his music for free on his website, so I can share with you…


Few days ago, while Maddy and me were having pancakes and rum at some smoky grunge club, we’ve heard her for the first time.
I can’t even imagine WHY HAVEN’T WE HEARD HER BEFORE.
She is mad, glorious, and, like, our lost soulmate.

Go on, love her. 


I’ve been lazy in question of sharing peculiar music these days, so - fixing it.

Today I want to tell you about Lakmus (in English that would be ‘litmus’, literally).
This band existed in period of 1998-2010; in short time of 2008-2010 I was blessed with a chance to communicate with their lead singer - in fact, she is one of the most pleasant singers I’ve ever spoken to. “Lakmus” used to top the radio charts for some time, but then the band suddenly turned into an underground project. Underground or not - I’m very grateful for the lucid perception of music the band members have; I can name very few Russian bands that can provide people with the sound of THIS quality.

“Lakmus” shared their music on their site on a free basis, so I’m sharing one of their latest works. This is the track “Прощаюсь ([I’m] Saying Farewell)” from their album “Точка необратимости (The Point Of No Return)” they released in 2006.  I really feel like people should know this music. And I’m very sorry I missed the chance to see them live.

I think I should share more of their sounds, just to make this tumblr a place that sounds right


Because I love violin music.
And dubstep.
And ice.

Anyway; I’d listen to this anyway, but I’d love if the beat was even harder.
Oh, and for the geeky musicians: imagine Saint-Saëns/Liszt, “Danse macabre”, with DUBSTEP CORE. The mere thought makes me shiver with delight. Somebody should do that, oh, somebody really should… 


This blog needed something sexy, beautiful, and truthful.

I mean, what straight woman doesn’t feel like she has a brain full of men from time to time?..


In case you didn’t recognise: these girls somehow didn’t win Eurovision in 2009. 
In case you didn’t know: “päikese poole” is Estonian for “to the sun”.

That’s exactly what I need now. The sheer beauty of this voice, this language, this string music - and the warmth it brings within.

I think I just needed to share this. 

Masha i Medvedi

It’s almost 3 AM at my place, AGAIN, and I’m that miserable pathetic owl creature, who just cannot go to sleep at such time. Whoah, sleep? Sleep’s for loooosers… or that what’s my brain keeps telling me.

Sharing weird music.

I think those of you who are Russian enough (sorry for such term, it just seems accurate)) for knowing the band I’m sharing with you now… you surely know the song. A couple of years ago one could catch it on the radio at night, or so. The band’s name Маша и Медведи (or Masha i Medvedi, if you want to try and pronounce that; or, Mary and The Bears; NO, DON’T ASK - RUSSIANS, BEARS, THAT’S SOMEHOW RELEVANT, DON’T LOOK FOR LOGICAL EXPLANATION, BEARS ARE MORE RELEVANT TO RUSSIANS THAN LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS ARE, thank you), and this is one of the most sedative and slow lounge things I’ve heard from them.

It looks appropriate to share it at night.
Well… to be frank… it’s stranger than most things I’ve heard from Russian singers.))

Watch on

There are some things that make me shiver. EVERY TIME. This is one of them.
The film is something I still can’t watch to the end. It’s too much for me; too painful to bear. But the song is something that keeps appearing on my playlist again, and again, and again. It is one of the most insanely, awfully beautiful things that happened to the music I know about. That’s the sound I’m walking alone to. That’s the music that makes me start different paintings.
Wait for the moment the industrial sound starts and share my shivers.

My body was discovered at 5 AM. There was a folder with a protocol near me; one of the pages contained the drawing of a face, and the next one — the question about the meaning of my life… and all the rest was filled with the answer — which was only one word.
That’s all.
© “Goddess”, a film by Renata Litvinova.

Здравствуй, мама - плохие новости
Hi, mom — bad news
Герой погибнет в начале повести
The hero is going to die at the beginning of the story
И мне останутся его сомнения
He’s leaving me his doubts
Я напишу о нём стихотворение
I am going to write a poem about him

[Любовь, как случайная смерть]
[Love, like an accidental death]

Здравствуй, мама - опять не очень
Hi, mom — things aren’t going too well, again
Так сложно быть хорошей дочерью
It is so difficult to be a good daughter
Твои открытки я получаю
I keep getting your postcards
Ты расскажи ему, как я скучаю
Tell him, how I miss him

[Любовь, как случайная смерть]
[Love, like an accidental death]

Венерические болезни
Venereal diseases
Бесконечно тоскливые ночи
Endlessly wistful nights
Телефонный звонок как инъекция морфия
The phone call is like an injection of morphine
Как мне увидеть тебя среди прочих?
How can I see you amongst the others?
Всё случится после
Everything will happen later
Если случится после
If the ‘later’ will happen
Я вдыхаю твои обстоятельства чтобы
I breathe your circumstances in
Выдохнуть и оказаться возле
In order to breathe out and get closer
© “Love, like an accidental death”, OST by Zemfira.


A few months ago I’ve shared the shots from the live shows, that included the performance of Russian ‘dream gothic’ band Ange Noir. I’m still enchanted by their lead singer and songwriter’s voice and her ultimate being in character every second of her performance, and I’m glad to share their new work. This whole video was basically made by half a dozen of people, which is rather impressive even for an indie project. I’ve seen her performing on stage in this white outfit, and may God be my witness, she moves and sings just as easy as she breathes.

The song’s name is “Light”, and it is hard for me to describe something you just should listen to. One last thing I want to say about this: I seriously consider doing fanart for this music story. Count that as my absolute love.