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That you wanted to know if I was okay. That you had assumed these were defensive bruises. That you wanted to know someone else did these to me. That it will hurt you more to know I do these to myself.

She has to look away because she’s breathing in every thought Becky isn’t saying. It catches in the back of her throat. It’s hard to swallow, even with how she can’t quite work her mouth around it.

But there’s a sudden light smile that overtakes the side of her face still comfortable in movement. It’s so sudden and so warm it must be alarming. Her eyes soften with it. White-fire to the glimmer of the Mediterranean sea, clear and clean.

“Ah– thank you. That’s– so kind of you, Becky,” she takes the little box in hand– the dogs are immediate, and they’ve been sitting patiently beside the DA’s assistant for several minutes now, happily waiting. Guinefort, her largest, her prince, her wolfhound, stays glued to her own side. He’s not much for visitors, but aloof is as close to affectionate as he gets for strangers. Harvey is maybe the rare exception.

“It’s very much. –Did you know in Greek culture they believe just that, that jewelry given as a gift, because it bears good intent, is protection, afforded by the person who gave it?”

She could seem almost herself, when her head ducks and her hair falls in a meticulous tumble of deep black, when the tint of a rose-flush crosses her cheeks. As though she never knows how to take a gift, but Alana did not grow up in money, and so each gift given is in contrast beside all the things not afforded in childhood. Each thing is massively precious.

She takes the thing in hand, smooth, shiny and dark, and with a careful hand she breaks off the tip of it and slides it across the table.

“It’s most meaningful when shared. I’m not sure how much you want my luck, but I can at least promise my protection is a valuable thing to own.”

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it's alyssa again, did you get my ask about the concert in colorado? if you didnt, i'm gonna tell you about it again, because i am obnoxious and the happiest person on the planet. GOOD GOD WAS IT FUCKING AMAZING OR WHAT BRENDON TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF AND DID TWO BACKFLIPS AND THEY PLAYED THE FIRST EIGHT SONGS OFF DOAB AND HE TALKED ABOUT SPENCER BEFORE THIS IS GOSPEL AND DRUM BATTLED WITH DAN AND IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I CRIED HAPPY TEARS FOR TWO HOURS <3 <3 <3 -alyssa

i probably did but i havent been goin thru my inbox lately bc im lazy fhfjhchjsdfgf sorry about that but that sounds SO GOOD!!! im glad u had fun omg!!!  i love when he does two backflips in one night

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ugh i hate the fact that there's no pll tonight. after every pll episode on tuesdays i'm like "god i can't wait till next week" and now? they skip a week :(

this episode sounds so good too I’m so mad we have to wait another damn week

Listen to ZERO's new songs!

Hey so you guys might have heard the news.

Ryutaro together with his new group [ZERO] are releasing a single. I’m not sure how the whole single thing works exactly but the latest news is they already have an official youtube channel with contents so go subscribe here

You can listen to the short version of their new songs there. I promise the songs sound so good, I swear to god I’m not biased I’m just honest haha. Currently there are two songs uploaded - Direct and For You.
For You:

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Ryu has a Line account too. Add him!
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lmao I am so sorry I just spammed you all

but the new episode sounds so good and pure

and honestly the Garnet tag has so much quality content rn