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build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

It was low tide, more or less. Algy flew over to the jetty where the humans did things with boats, perched cautiously on the cold, slippery surface, and turned his back to the freezing wind. It was rather a slimy spot, so Algy didn’t think that he would care to stop there long, but he liked to watch the shimmering light on the shallow water and wet sand…

About the Accents of the Founding Fathers and Other Ppl Related

Alexander Hamilton has a very strong New York accent w/ a lot of nasal sounds&a mouthful of slangs from Yiddish& Hebrew, just like any other New Yorker. However, when he’s in the company of Southerns, he sound rather Scottish than New-Yorker. One wonders why.

John Laurens has a not strong but very distinctive Southern draw in his voice, but he’s too cool&cuddly to be teased for it by anyone.

Lafayette’s French accent is just ADORED by everyone. His breathy r’s and sonorous vows are just absolutely captivating.

Hercules Mulligan has an awkward, mixed, Irish&New York, accent. His tone of speech is usually made by the Irish accent to sound kind of like singing. Everyone, including Mulligan himself, makes fun of his accent in a friendly way.

Henry Knox&John Adams have Boston accents so heavy that Southerners in the Congress hardly can understand them when they overhear the New Englanders talk amongst themselves. They say that, the two New Englanders drop so many r’s when they speak that they might as well just take the ‘r’ from their republic. (which is really a false idea, since Boston accents don’t drop r’s before vowels.)

Thomas Jefferson&James Madison have strong southern accents, and though they try to shorten the draw a bit when they’re in Washington, they are still often teased by the Federalists from up north, who would exaggerate, making every vowel about one-second long, doing hyper-correction pronunciations such as saying ‘earl’ instead of ‘oil’.

George Washington also has a southern accent, but he rarely lets it slip, and he refuses to acknowledge it when Hamilton brought it up in his nasal-sounding New York accent.

Aaron Burr has no accent. Sometimes ppl would think that he’s from the Great Plain, or specifically, Kansas.

Zootopia Fanfiction: Star of Ceratais chapter 2: The Last Night of Normal

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceratais. Ok I really want to thank everyone who has supported this new story so much within a week this story has amassed 143 followers, 109 faves and 70 reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys you really are great people and I hope you enjoy what’s to come. Oh and to answer a common question I’ve got this week Ceartais is a Irish Gaelic word for justice and it’s significance will be addressed in upcoming chapters. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 2- The final night of normal.

Hannah raised her paw and placed it under Robyn’s chin then guided her in for a kiss, Robyn could hardly believe what was happening, she closed her eyes and focused her other senses on the kiss. Hannah’s kiss was soft and sweet, just like her. Robyn’s heart was thundering along as she felt all the skin under her fur heat up, the butterflies in her stomach were dancing and her lips felt like they were melting. Hannah ended the kiss, pulled back before admitting shyly “I like you too.”

“You…you….you.” Robyn uttered, her head hazy from the kiss.

“I like you Robyn.” Hannah repeated, trying her best not to giggle at Robyn’s dumbfounded face.

Robyn’s face was a muddle of shock, confusion and celebration, she just didn’t know what to say. Her plan to ask out Hannah had never got past confessing her crush, there was no chance in hell she was going to admit she was in love, that would be a disaster. “Can you say that again?” she asked, pretty sure her voice was more shaky than usual.

“I like you,” Hannah smiled “I’ve always had a crush on you.”

“What?” Robyn squeaked “Hold on, you have a crush on me? Since when?”

“Honestly?” Hannah replied, looking at her feet “Since before I came out, long before actually…you were my first crush.”

“W-why didn’t you say anything?” Robyn reacted.

“I didn’t think you were into girls.” Hannah answered.

“Holy crap.” Robyn mumbled.

“Sooooooooooooo….” Hannah dragged, tilting her head and staring at Robyn with her aqua blue eyes “is this the part where you ask me something?”

“Oh yeah,” Robyn realised, she could hear her own racing heartbeat as she asked “You want to go out with me?”

“Of course you dummy.” Hannah answered before kissing Robyn again.

“I-I can’t believe this.” Robyn gave a lovesick grin.

“Well it’s a bit of a surprise for me too.” Hannah charmed, keeping her cool as she took hold of Robyn’s paw. “I have to ask though; who knows about you being Bi? I mean I’m your best friend and you didn’t tell me.”

“Only Luna and Kodi know.” Robyn revealed, loving the feel of Hannah’s paw.

“You haven’t told your parents?” Hannah nearly gasped.

“Look it was hard enough telling you.” Robyn jested.

“So when are you going to tell them?” Hannah wondered.

“My plan was to have you pick me up for a date and then kiss you in front of them.” Robyn joked, scratching her head awkwardly.

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Hannah complimented with a smile.

“Huh?” Robyn sounded, not believing that Hannah didn’t know she was joking.

“Skip the awkward coming out speech and just say ‘Hey this is my girlfriend’, your parents are cool so they won’t make a big deal out of it.” Hannah followed up. “I wish I had done that with my folks, would’ve been a lot easier.”

Robyn was about to protest but then actually thought about the option, Robyn knew that her Mom and Dad would have no problems with her being in a relationship with a girl, seeing a few of Judy’s siblings were gay and two same sex couples were close friends with the Wildes. Robyn could avoid all the anxiety and the uncomfortable confession by just showing up with introducing Hannah as her date. “Hmmm that ain’t a bad idea Savage.” Robyn grinned,

“So when do want to go out on a date?” Hannah asked, a little giddy.

“How about tonight? I kinda’ had this little fantasy where we would go for a nice meal in the Sapphire quarter of Sahara Square.” Robyn voiced her plan.

“That sounds amazing, but aren’t you grounded?” Hannah shot down.

“Crap, I forgot.” Robyn huffed.

“We can do it next week, don’t worry.” Hannah soothed.

“Wait, I got an idea.” Robyn smiled, getting her phone out of her jeans pocket. Right now she felt like the luckiest girl alive, she just hoped that this streak of luck would stay with her as she selected Luna’s number.


In the business sector of Savannah Central different skyscrapers rose like trees in a woodland, some were gaudy eyesores, some were well designed pieces of architecture but one particular building stuck out like a sore thumb it was Zootopia’s first skyscraper ironically called the Small tower after it’s architect a Echidna named Cuthbert Small who designed the building for a steel firm back in the 1920s but now it was all refurbished and the corporate headquarters of Dawson Tech. A company that was leading the way in healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals and more importantly augmented limbs for amputees, within four years the company had grown to unprecedented levels and consistently making profits while keeping drug costs down for the consumer. The CEO and chief engineer of the company was Olivia Dawson and she wasn’t like any other CEO in Zootopia or the rest of America, she implemented some very conscious rules but also some very odd ones. The first and most welcomed rule was a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any type be it species, gender, sexuality, and religion but there were other rules like board member must take suggestions from staff and there was no dress code so you could either come in your best suit, pyjamas or cosplay if you wanted.

But as Luna Wilde stepped out of the elevator at the forty second floor, simply known as the lab she was wearing her best suit and holding two paper coffee cups and headed straight for the desk beside the lab entrance where a small pot belly pig barely out of his teens was typing away at a computer, he had very short white fur over him with black spots the most noticeable one was over his right eye. “Morning Pua.” Luna greeted brightly.

Pua looked up from his laptop, a little surprised “Oh good morning Miss Wilde, I didn’t hear the elevator.”

“Let me guess, you trying to organise Olivia’s crazy schedule?” Luna asked rhetorically with a laugh, passing the pig a cup of coffee “Hazelnut Latte with an expresso shot, just how you like it.”

“Thanks, you didn’t need to.” Pua replied gratefully, he was dressed in a casual white shirt and black shorts.

“I figured you need it with little miss tornado in there.” Luna chuckled, nodding at the lab entrance.

“Believe me Miss Dawson is a great boss, she’s kind and very caring,” Pua sighed “but she has more energy that any mammal I’ve ever met, I mean how can a person so small have that much fire in them?”

“Ha! She’s nothing compared to what she was like when we were kids, I remember one summer she modified my parents’ police cruiser so much it was like a tank and that was just with stuff she found laying around the precinct.” Luna reminisced.

“Sounds like her.” Pua replied before taking a swig of coffee.

“Is it cool for me to go in?” Luna asked, the manners instilled into her as a child would never die.

“Miss Wilde you own 10% of this company, you may go wherever you like.” Pua answered with a knowing grin.

“Thanks Pua,” Luna responded, putting her paw on the scanner beside the double door to the lab “and for the last time; please call me Luna.”

“Not going to happen Miss Wilde.” Pua bantered, as he went back to work.

Luna just shook her head as the door unlocked and she entered the lab, only to be met with the sound of very loud metal music and the clinical smell reminiscent of a surgical theatre. “Olivia?” Luna announced her presence, but received no answer. She walked by a glass case of robotic limbs of varying sizes and around the corner to see Olivia on a table top looking down a mouse sized microscope with a bank of rodent sized computer monitors next to the scope. The twenty two year old brown mouse had a wrapped lollipop tucked behind one of her heavily pierced ears, a simple white lab coat covered a red tartan dress with torn fishnet tights and had a multitude of necklaces hanging around her neck. “Hey!” Luna barked over the loud music.

Olivia looked up from the mircroscope and looked at Luna with a hint of surprise “Hey, I thought told you to swing by in the morning?” she queried, her Scottish accent sounding tired.

“It is the morning, it’s like 8am.” Luna tittered at the sleepy look on her best friend’s face as she hit a few keys on her computer to silence the music.

Olivia let out a groan then griped “Yet another night of sleep eludes me, I swear I’m starting to forget what my bed looks like.”

“Aww poor little genius.” Luna cooed “Anyway why’d you need me to come in? I thought we were meeting for drinks tomorrow?”

“We are but this couldn’t wait,” Olivia replied, sounding excited yet sleepy as she pressed a key on her computer, the large screen on the wall came on showing a schematic of what looked like a robotic insect “I finally cracked it.”

Luna’s eyes lit up with wonder and gasped “You finished the prototype!?”

“Prototypes,” Olivia corrected “I managed to make two batches last night; project steel blood is a go.”

“I can’t believe it,” Luna yipped “all your hard work has finally paid off. Medical assisting nanomachines, you’ll win a nobel prize for this!”

“It ain’t about the prizes,” Olivia said, sounding proud “it’s about who we can help. Think about it, cancer sufferers, mammals with HIV and Aids, we could change their lives.”

“So what did you program the nanomachines to do?” Luna asked, unable to tear her eyes away from the technical marvel.

“A simple command; adapt and survive.” Olivia answered.

“You do realise that medically that is the furthest thing from simple?” Olivia asked with a slight laugh.

“Meh.” Olivia shrugged “It’s only the prototypes.”

“I’m so happy for you, Olivia.” Luna expressed.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without your help, that’s why I’m crediting you as well when I announce it.” Olivia informed with a knowing smile.

“What?” Luna gawped “No, I didn’t do anything important I just gave you some pointers.”

“You taught me how the nanomachines can act with white blood cells, hormones and enzymes. Without you I would’ve probably ended up making something that would kill a patient.” Olivia pointed out “You’re getting some credit for this whether you like or not.”

“…Thank you.” Luna replied timidly.

“Anyway there’s something else I need to talk to you about.” Olivia changed the subject as well as her facial expression, it was one of worry “I got some intel on Rosethorn robbery from Marian, seems the same thieves just arrived in Zootopia.”

“My Nan gave you this intel? Where did she hack into this time?” Luna asked, fully aware of Marian Wilde’s alter ego.

“The aviation authority’s network, seems like the same plane that the thieves used in Scotland landed in Zootopia yesterday morning.” Olivia relayed “These bastards stole all my data and the only working model of the Elixir system and bet my vinyl collection that there in Zootopia to attempt another raid.”

“What are you going to do?” Luna asked, guessing that her friend had already formulated a plan.

“Easy I’m going to track the lowlifes, Marian locked onto to one of the thieves’ phones so that a certain Metal Vigilante can welcome them to the neighbourhood.” Olivia voiced her plan with a little devilment in her voice.

“So I shouldn’t be surprised if I hear reports of Spitfire on the TV tonight?” Luna asked rhetorically.

“I could use another pair of paws on this, you sure I can’t persuade you to suit up for old times’ sake?” Olivia queried cheekily.

“No.” Luna said flatly, but her amber eyes looked sorrowful.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Olivia apologised.

“It’s ok, I miss the old days to. It’s hard to think it’s been four years.” Luna remembered with a sad smile.

“I just keep imagining that Andraste will make a heroic comeback.” Olivia hoped.

“Andraste is dead, the only way I can help folks now is as Dr. Wilde not as some mad vixen with a bow.” Luna said, trying to remain positive “Besides with work, hanging out with you and Aleks I’ve got no time to be a super hero.”

“How are things going with tall, grey and handsome?” Olivia probed, hungry for gossip.

“He’s so sweet, he had a candle lit dinner ready for me when I got home from my parents’ place. I’m thinking of asking him to move in with me.” Luna admitted.

“After only three months? Damn it must be love.” Olivia joked.

“Well he spends most nights at mine anyway, his apartment is like a shoebox and yeah I do love him.” Luna justified, realising how much Aleks meant to her.

“Well before you give him a key you best introduce your Romeo to your parents.” Olivia advised

“Do I have to?” Luna whined, the prospect of introducing Aleks as her boyfriend was daunting to say the least.

“What are you going to do? Wait for when you’re walking down the aisle with lover boy to say to your parents 'Hey this is your very soon to be son in law’?” Olivia badgered, knowing Luna was avoiding the conversation with her parents.

“Ok, ok.” Luna gave in “I’ll talk to Aleks later then see if Mom and Dad want to come out to dinner, I’ll have to make a nice public restaurant so Dad can’t make a scene.”

“There you go, I bet it won’t be so bad, besides I’m sure your Dad’s mellowed a bit by now.” Olivia assured, taking out the lollipop from behind her ear and unwrapping it.

“Ugh, I wish.” Luna grimaced, picturing her Dad’s reaction.

“So what happened with Robyn yesterday? You said something about a fight at her school” Olivia wondered, popping the cherry flavour confection in her mouth.

Luna was about to answer when her phone began to ring, she pulled it out of her suit pocket to see it was in fact her little sister calling “Speak of the devil,” Luna commented before answering the call “Hey Robbie.”

“Hey Lu.” Robyn greeted and instantly the older Wilde sister noticed that the younger was excited about something.

“Everything ok?” Luna asked, pondering whether Robyn had asked out Hannah.

“So I need a favour, a pretty big one actually.” Robyn opened.

“Ok shoot.” Luna replied.

“I need you to convince Mom and Dad to unground me for tonight.” Robyn requested.

Luna wondered why Robyn had asked for such a thing but answered “I can give it a shot, but I’m going to need a reason to give them.”

“I have a date with Hannah that I can’t miss.” Robyn revealed sounding giddy.

“Oh my god!” Luna squealed with joy “Robbie I knew you could do it! Don’t you worry I can make it happen.”


Judy wasn’t focusing on her surroundings, the bunny’s mind was still on her daughter’s brawl the day before, part of her knew that she needed to give her kit space to sort this out on her own but then again her maternal instinct wanted to get to the bottom of the problem so she could protect Robyn from it. She was only brought out of her thoughts when a voice spoke “So in closing; our ZPD overseas recruitment initiative has been a great success and I propose we make it an annual practice.” Commissioner Mason Bogo said in his usual deep tone.

“I see no problem with that, how about you Judy?” Mayor Trevor Moon asked for the chief’s opinion, the 78 year old wolf looking dapper as ever.

“Y-yeah, the recruits from Europe have been great.” Judy answered, caught a little unawares. The three were sat in Judy’s office at precinct 1 for their monthly meeting, the formal stuff only took about half an hour so the rest of the time the three friends would just catch up.

“Something wrong Chief Wilde?” Bogo asked, his cop gut telling him something was bothering the rabbit.

“It’s just something dumb with my youngest kit.” Judy tried to brush off.

“Little Robyn? Why what’s wrong with the little firecracker?” Trevor asked, concerned due to knowing the girl since she was born.

“She got in a fight with another girl at school.” Bogo answered instead of Judy.

“How’d you know that?” Judy asked instantly.

“Benjamin saw it on furbook, he is the king of gossip after all.” Bogo answered, used to his husband’s habits “By the sounds of it Robyn handled herself well, you should be proud.”

“It’s not about the fight, it’s about the reason for the fight, she wouldn’t tell me or Nick what it was about.” Judy complained.

“Didn’t you used to do the same at her age?” Trevor theorised.

“Of course I got into fights but it was always for a just reason.” Judy stated.

“Then there’s no reason to think that Robyn’s reason was unjust, she’s a lot like you.” Bogo countered.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Judy sighed.

The conversation was halted by a rapping on the office door Judy turned and said loudly “Come in.”

The door opened slightly before the smiling face of Luna Wilde popped out “Hey Mom.” The young doctor greeted brightly.

“Luna,” Judy replied, happy to see her daughter “I can’t remember the last time you came by the precinct.”

“Must’ve been when I was still chief.” Bogo smiled as the vixen walked in.

“My word, I felt old when I got up this morning but seeing you all grown up now makes me feel ancient.” Trevor joked as he got to his feet and went over to the young woman.

“Oh Trevor, you’re still the most spry and dashing wolf in Zootopia.” Luna played along, getting on her tip toes to kiss the wolf on the cheek.

“Flatterer.” Trevor replied smugly.

“If I remember correctly the last time you were in this office you pranked me.” Bogo remembered, kneeling down to hug Luna.

“Oh yeah,” Luna recalled, hugging the big buffalo back “I hid in one of your filing cabinets and frightened you with a Halloween mask while my Dad filmed you.”

Judy suppressed a laugh before saying “Then he posted to youtube.”

“Which resulted in him being put on parking duty for a month.” Bogo finished sounding victorious.

“How are the twins?” Luna asked, Mason and Benjamin had adopted two jaguar boys six years ago and it turns out both cops were natural fathers who enjoyed every second with their sons.

“Well Arthur is starting karate lessons this week and Alan is obsessed with his latest science project for school, both of them have so much energy me and Benjamin can barely keep up.” Bogo gushed like any doting dad would.

“Give them a hug from me will you?” Luna asked happily.

“I’ll make sure of it,” Bogo acknowledged “right Mayor shall we leave the chief and her daughter to it?”

“I think we shall, goodbye you two.” Trevor bid farewell as he walked out of the office.

“Oh Wilde one last thing, I’ve scheduled a meeting Monday morning with Skye to discuss if the MCB can help with the Spitfire case, can you be at city hall for then?” Bogo asked, unbeknownst to both high ranking officers Luna froze and started to scream internally at the mention of Spitfire, the very vigilante Luna was best friends with.

“Sure thing, I’d love her opinion on this case.” Judy complied with a nod to which the commissioner nodded back before closing the door and leaving the mother and daughter alone.

“Did he just say Spitfire? I thought that was some silly urban legend.” Luna questioned, acting casual and unbelieving.

“No it’s true the ZPD has opened a case file on this 'Spitfire’ character, some security footage was passed onto us from City Hall, this legend is very much real.” Judy informed “Never mind all that, what brings you here? Is everything ok?”

“Don’t worry nothing’s wrong,” Luna eased her mom’s nerves “I have a proposition for you.”

“What kind of proposition?” Judy asked in return with an arched eyebrow.

“I will give you the juiciest bit of news regarding my romantic life in exchange for a favour.” Luna offered, flashing a smile reminiscent of Nick.

“Romantic life?! You have a boyfriend?” Judy yipped with glee, clapping her paws together.

“I’m not saying another word until you grant my favour.” Luna bartered.

“Name it.” Judy responded, literally bouncing up and down with anticipation.

“I need you and Dad to unground Robyn for one night so she can go on a date.” Luna informed.

“Robyn’s got a date?! With who?” Judy gasped, overjoyed that both her girls were being courted.

“You’ll find out tonight when her date picks her up at 7pm, they’ll be back home by 10.30 I guarantee it, do we have a deal?” Luna baited, noticing the excited look in her mom’s eyes.

“Deal!” Judy said way too loudly and way too quickly “Now tell me about this guy your dating.”

Luna’s mind filled with images of Aleks as she smiled “Well he’s a fox, no surprise there. He’s softly spoken and sweet, such a gentlemammal and…I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I think, you know, he might be the one.”

“Oh sweetie.” Judy reacted with sincerity, her paws taking hold of the vixen’s.

“I want you, Dad and Luna to meet him this weekend, I was thinking we could all go to a nice restaurant in the rainforest district together…just please try and reign in Dad, you know how he can get.” Luna gave her concerns, she really wanted the first impression to go well.

“Let me deal with your father, tell Robyn she can have her date too.” Judy promised.

“Thanks mom, I’ll text her now. You’re the best.” Luna replied, kissing her mom on the cheek before leaving the very happy bunny in her office to run the precinct.

Luna was hallway to the parking lot and had already text her sister telling her the good news when she spotted someone very familiar to her across the foyer. He was slim built fox with silver fur in his early twenties with a pair of gentle but focused eyes framed by a pair of designer glasses, he was obviously a SWAT officer owed to the fact that he wore combat trousers and a black ZPD t shirt which body armour could cover over easily. This fox was Aleks Rojek, precinct 1’s latest recruit and the mammal who had a hold on Luna’s heart and his heart belonged to her. Luna was about to walk over to him when she spotted someone else approaching her boyfriend.

“Rojek.” Nick Wilde called out, holding a mug of coffee. Luna saw her dad and made a quick escape to the stairwell to avoid any awkwardness.

Aleks turned to the source of the voice and as soon as he saw a superior officer was addressing him he stood up straight, saluted Nick and replied with a clear “Captain.”

“Easy with the saluting rookie,” Nick laughed off “you ain’t in the academy anymore.”

“My apologies sir, your customs are still a little strange to me.” Aleks reacted, he spoke perfect English but his Polish accent was clear to hear.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to us crazy Americans soon enough.” Nick grinned “Anyway I didn’t get to compliment you yesterday.”

“Compliment, sir?” Aleks asked, unsure of what his captain meant.

“The way you handle yourself during that drug raid yesterday, you kept a level head and were always looking out for your fellow officers.” Nick praised “I’ve seen so many newbie SWAT officers go into a raid and be trigger happy but not you, I like that.”

“We’re handling weapons that can kill Captain, to use a gun so recklessly would be betraying the badge.” Aleks explained, pointing at Nick’s shield on his breast pocket.

“Damn your just like Carrots when she was a newbie.” Nick chuckled.

“Carrots, sir?” Aleks queried.

“Chief Wilde, when we first met she sounded exactly like you, you keep being you Rojek and you’ll go far.” Nick smiled, patting the younger fox on the shoulder before walking up the stairs to his wife’s office, leaving the worried Aleks wondering how Nick would react to him dating Luna.


Nick’s good mood did not last, as soon as he went to see Judy to discuss some cases his overly jubilant wife had dropped not one but two bombshells; that Robyn was going on a date tonight with a unknown boy and Luna was currently dating some mysterious guy. It irked Nick that Judy was so happy for the girls when all Nick felt was dread, dread that his two baby girls were about to have their hearts broken by two callous and despicable boys, he knew these unknown dates were after one thing because it was the same thing he was after at that age. He always wondered why the fathers of all the girls he dated as a young fox were so apprehensive of him but now he knew he didn’t want his daughters getting hurt it any shape or form. Now Judy had given Nick a firm warning about not going into his 'Nightmare Dad’ mode, not to threaten the suitors, not to do a background check on them (Which he couldn’t seeing as the girls had very cleverly not revealed their names) and under no circumstances was he to wave his tranq pistol in their faces to intimidate them. It was bad enough for Nick when Luna graduated high school early just after her 15th birthday due to her gifted intelligence, she was too young to move into college dorms so he thought Luna would avoid the sleazy college frat boys which thankfully Luna never socialized with, but soon enough she managed to find foxes her own age and instigated relationships, Luna was confident and beautiful it was easy for her to ensnare a date, it was Nick’s worst nightmare.

At this moment in time Nick was preparing a thai prawn curry for him and Judy to eat when Luna entered through the front door using her spare key, carrying a large bag from Furever 21 and wearing an elated look on her face “Hey Dad.” She said, closing the door.

“Kiddo,” Nick gave a half assed smile “what’s with the bags?”

“These are for Robyn, so she’ll look even more beautiful for her date.” Luna answered, clocking onto her father’s lame attempt at being gleeful.

“Oh…” Nick sounded “So who is this guy that’s taking Robyn out on the town?”

“No comment.” Luna smirked as she made her way down the hallway to her sister’s room.

“Crap.” Nick mumbled to him-self, he looked at his watch Judy said she was going to put a couple of hours at the gym so she might not be back when Robyn’s date arrives “Screw it.” Nick said, setting down the chilli peppers he was slicing and heading to his room to get his bow, arrows and his baseball bat. Judy told him not to threaten Robyn’s date but she didn’t say that he couldn’t show off his weapons.

Meanwhile Luna opened the door to Robyn’s bedroom “Hey I got you a surprise!” she announced holding up the bag.

Robyn who was lying on her bed reading a chapter of 'Lord of the Flies’ for her literature class “What kind of surprise?” Robyn asked looking at her sister with suspicion.

“Ok don’t freak out,” Luna answered grinning like a Cheshire cat as she pulled out an eggshell blue dress with thin straps “I got you a dress! It’ll go great with your fur colour.”

Robyn’s eyes bulged at the dress, it was a pretty dress to be sure, but a dress all the same and Robyn detested wearing them “There is no way I’m wearing that!” Robyn defied, standing up, mortified that her sister was attempting to make her more fashionable.

Luna had expected this reaction but was undeterred “C'mon you’ll look gorgeous.” She tried to sway her sister.

Robyn crossed her arms and stated “Not happening.”

Luna then locked the bedroom door and sniggered devilishly “Yes you are.”

Five minutes later Robyn was stood up defeated, feeling like a fool and clothed in the dress, which she did look amazing in. Luna had a face of pure smugness as she got out a make up bag and held up some mascara “Now for some mascara.” She grinned.

“You touch me with that I’ll break your arm.” Robyn threatened, her face like thunder.

“Oh don’t pout.” Luna responded.

“I appreciate all this Lu,” Robyn sighed “but I was just going to go in some jeans and a t shirt.”

“You’re telling me that you have a date with the girl of your dreams and you’re going to dress like every other day?” Luna asked in a judging tone.

“Well yeah, let my natural beauty do all the work.” Robyn replied.

“Don’t you think Hannah’s going to make an effort and dress up?” Luna pressured.

“…I guess.” Robyn conceded.

“So are you going to let me do this?” Luna asked, holding up the mascara pen.

After a few seconds Robyn let out a quiet “Fine.”

Back in the open plan living room/kitchen Nick had placed his high tech bow and an assortment of arrows on the table so they were clear to see, Nick looked at the time on his phone it was nearly 7pm and Robyn’s date would be here at any moment. “Little punk, coming to take my baby out.” Nick quietly growled to himself, holding onto his baseball bat. “I’ll take him out with this if he tries anything.” The over protective dad was considering calling in a favour with Jack or Finnick to see if they could track this Casanova in the Sapphire Quarter. Just then a knock at the front door came dragging Nick from his plotting, Nick gripped the bat tighter as he went to the door and opened with his spare paw. He opened the door wearing a stern face but it vanished as soon as he saw who was standing there, it was his goddaughter Hannah Savage wearing an expensive looking black dress coupled with her signature kind smile, in her paws was a bouquet of pink peonies that looked like they came straight from the florists. “Hannah?” Nick asked, still not figuring it out.

“Hi Nick,” Hannah replied before looking at the baseball bat and asking “you off to the batting cages?”

“Oh this,” Nick replied, a tad embarrassed, he leant the bat against the wall “it’s nothing. Come in.”

“Thanks,” Hannah said, walking and noticing the bow and arrows on the table “sorting out your archery equipment huh? My Mom goes mental when Dad does that in our kitchen.”

“Uh, yeah. I was just tuning up my bow.” Nick lied but he had to ask “So is this a double date thing with Robyn or something?”

Hannah stopped herself from laughing at her oblivious godfather and answered “Not exactly.”

In that second Judy, dressed in her gym gear, bounded through the open doorway and greeted “Hi.” But was not expecting to see Hannah holding flowers “Oh Hannah, what are you doing here?”

“Well…” Hannah began but ceased talking when a jittery Robyn appeared from the hallway with an excited looking Luna behind her.

“H-hey.” Robyn stammered, her nerves wracking and feeling like an idiot in this dress.

Hannah’s aqua blue eyes absorbed the beauty Robyn that was radiating from her right now, if Hannah was smitten before she was definitely hooked now “You look beautiful.” Hannah breathed.

“Thanks you look amazing too.” Robyn replied with shyness.

Hannah took a step forward and handed Robyn the bunch of peonies “I got you these, you always said they were your favourite.” She charmed.

“Thank you.” Robyn smiled, touched by the sweet gesture. Now or never Wilde she mentally rallied before biting the bullet, leaning in and kissing her girlfriend on the lips, she pulled back to see a pair of flummoxed faces on her parents, she then nervously added “I think you already know my girlfriend.”

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Dance of the Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
Bear McCreary
Dance of the Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)

I was washing the dishes and listening to this song and I went into this trance and the only thing I could imagine was that I was a warrior elf who was having a impediment with the House of China

 * evil dishes be gone * 

* there’s no space for you in this realm of water and iron * 

* aye guard my back sponges *

…and when I finished I was both happy and sad to know that another battle had been won but the war still existed because my mother had shouted “ Fá I have another glass here ” and so my watch begins again 

Parachutes 7b - The Mission

This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

7a and links to previous instalments can be found here

‘Well’ he said gruffly, ‘You look more fashed than me, so why don’t l take the chair, you take the bed for tonight?’

The hotel was quaint. Its ramshackled air of years of use gave it a homey feel.  Living a nomadic life with Uncle Lamb, then Frank and then the war meant I was comfortable with no place to call ‘home’.  I enjoyed my mission house and had slowly built up an attachment to it, but this place felt like the finished product.  Knick-knacks dotted about on shelves, small delft vases, with intricate patterns of forget-me-nots.  Paintings of places near and far and a warmth from the large open fire.  I liked it immediately.  The owner, Madame Escroc, took our identity cards and gave them the once over.  She did not look pleased at the sight of an imposing young man and a bedraggled looking woman.

Jamie began to talk.  

‘De Fresilere.  I believe my uncle booked a room for myself and,’ he paused and placed a strong arm around my waist ‘my wife, Claire’. He looked expectantly at me and I attempted the best smile I could find, grabbing his arm, the thistle ring he gave me on the train glistening.

‘I have my identity book here but it has my maiden name on it, I’m afraid. I hope that won’t be too much of a bother?’  I rummaged in my bag, and pulled out the tattered fake card.

The small woman behind the counter glanced at both Jamie and I, smirking behind her glasses.

‘Not at all my dear.  I understand the difficulties of the bureaucracy, especially in these uncertain times.  And Beauchamp?’ Her eyebrow raised.

I smiled nervously.

‘I know, it was a quick, last minute thing.  All in haste really.  It’s been a long time and with this blasted war, I didn’t want to wait a moment longer.’  I grabbed onto Jamie’s loose arm and he moved himself into me.  He took me into an embrace.  The heady musk surrounding him plus his radiating warmth seeped into my bones.  I shook my head to alleviate myself of it’s fuzziness.

‘We haven’t had time yet to change the papers madame,’ he said with such sureness that even I would have believed him as he looked straight into my eyes, placing his forehead onto mine, so close I could feel his breath on my lips.  I could feel my own hitch and my heart beat quicker.  ‘I regret the position that this puts you in, but I hope that you will see fit to give us a room.  If you need to speak to my uncle, I am sure that can be arranged.’  

Jesus H Roosevelt Christ I thought, he was so convincing that even I had begun to believe the cover.

‘Of course Monsieur de Freseliere.  There is the curfew to abide by so please remember that.  Breakfast is from 7 until 8 and a light supper is available on request.  Given the timing and…’ she paused, glancing at us both with a conspiratorial air that began to put me on edge.  She continued ‘in celebration of your nuptials, I’d be happy to bring a tray up and leave it outside.  Please, Madame, this way.’

And like a rabbit in a headlights, I found myself just like that, in what I supposed was the ‘honeymoon suite’.  I entered first and took it all in, remembering a time when it was my honeymoon.  Frank and I had stayed in a small place just outside of Inverness before the war.  I swallowed and closed my eyes, willing to forget for a brief moment. A fire, with a small amount of fuel ready to be lit, two chairs opposite with fading fabric, a mahogany table placed in between.  Lace doilies everywhere.  Except on the bed, which was overflowing with eiderdowns, blankets and pillows.  It looked delicious comfy and after all the travelling I ached to just jump on and curl up onto it.  

‘I’ll give you an hour to get settled and bring up your tray, I trust everything is to your approval?  The water closet is just up the hall here.  I will be downstairs should you need anything.’

Behind me, a large, scottish sound emanated from Jamie and I quickly turned around.

‘What’s wrong?  What have you seen?’

‘Oh no, I canna stay in your room.’

Seeing the door open, I quickly moved past him and shut it.  

‘Why not? Jamie, we have to pretend we’re a married couple.’

‘But, we’re not, in the eyes of the law, and God.  Jesus, I thought that at least Gaston would have thought to get connecting rooms. Or even twin beds.’

I shuddered at the thought of having to share with Gaston.  Turning to Jamie, I tried my best to have a reassuring smile.

‘And what about your reputation?’

‘My reputation?  Jamie, we are on a mission, a vital one and the quicker we can get into that factory and find what we need, the quicker we can get back and resume as normal.  Until then, shall we take turns to sleep in the armchair and bed?  There is a screen here to get changed so we don’t arouse any suspicion.’  I motioned to the slightly flimsy looking wooden contraption I could loosely call a screen.  I hoped it would be enough to satisfy his modesty.

‘Well’ he said gruffly, ‘You look more fashed than me, so why don’t l take the chair, you take the bed for tonight?’

The Occasion of Sin

This little stand-alone fic is a missing scene from Outlander book 1, set in Leoch after Jamie and Claire were married. It’s my explanation as to why Laoghaire left the ill wish beneath Claire’s pillow. Warning: It has approximately no redeeming value, and is purely an excuse to write Drunk Claire, Horny Jamie, and smut. Plus bonus Jealous Laoghaire.

We were drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Or rather, I was drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Jamie had only had ale at dinner, and was tipsy at worst, while the Mackenzie had plied me with glass after glass of his potent alcohol. I only realized sometime during my third glass, when he asked me all too casually about my parentage, that he still wondered whether I was a spy and hoped I was drunk enough to loosen my tongue. Now that I was Jamie’s wife, I was technically related by marriage, but our rushed and unexpected nuptials had done little to erase his suspicion. Nor did my arrest and capture by Jack Randall. While Dougal seemed convinced of my innocence, having seen firsthand the bruises that resulted from my encounters with the Captain, his brother was not. I could hardly blame him. I couldn’t be entirely honest with him, though I was hardly the threat he imagined me to be. But though I couldn’t tell him everything about me, I happily disclosed everything I remembered about Randall and Fort William.

As I took another sip, I glanced over at my new groom, who was deep in conversation with Alec and Murtagh. I didn’t know what they were talking about, nor did I care. I was entranced by the planes of Jamie’s face in the firelight, the defined jawline, the sparkling blue eyes, the flame of his hair. My attraction to him was undeniable. It had started earlier than I was willing to admit, and had only gotten stronger as I knew him better. Between his exuberant love making and the gradual, sincere opening of his heart, I was becoming quickly enamored of my young husband. He broke out in a gale of startled laughter at something Murtagh said, and I found myself involuntarily smiling at him. He caught me watching and gave me one of his solemn, owlish attempts at a wink.

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anonymous asked:

I need the perfect hangover cure and you seem to know your stuff, please share your wisdom?

I like how that makes me sound like Scottish Tumblr’s resident alcoholic.

You’ll need:

Half of a 2 litre bottle of Irn Bru…must be 1 litre from a 2 litre bottle. It must be shaken not stirred until semi-flat.

Next up…a breakfast munchy box.

Enjoy and get better soon.

sophie-the-snail  asked:

Could you do wolfstar telling jily about their relationship?

Remus moaned, pressing harder against Sirius. His body contorted and conformed, fitting in all the gaps of Sirius’ until he wasn’t sure where he ended and Sirius began. Sirius pressed his lips against the column of Remus’ throats, laving his tongue along the exposed flesh as Remus’ fingers dug sharply into his upper arms, leaving little red crescents in his wake. Sirius’ lips met with Remus’ collar bones and he sucked on the flesh until was a vivid, dark red. Sirius grinned as he saw the mark, his gaze flicking up to meet Remus’ hooded, lustful gaze and crooked smirk.

Just as Sirius started to move downwards, the door to the room burst open, slamming against the wall. 


Remus’ and Sirius’ eyes met, panic evident in their expressions. They were supposed to have the entire dorm to themselves – Peter was in detention for blowing up his cauldron in Potions (which had really been Remus who was absolutely abysmal at Potions) and James was on his first date with Evans. They were supposed to be alone. That’s why they were here, in bed, shirts off and down to the skivvies.

They hadn’t told anyone yet about their relationship; it wasn’t that they really expected something bad, the wizarding community wasn’t nearly as prejudiced as the muggle one towards relationships of their nature, it was just that they didn’t want to be at the center of the rumor mill, and they certainly didn’t want to give Snivellus and his band of losers more ammunition. They also weren’t really sure how James and Pete would react. James’ parents, while loving and supporting, had grown up in more traditional, restricted cultures and they weren’t quite as forward thinking and as such they weren’t sure what James’ opinion would be. As for Peter, the fourth Marauder had a tendency to get a bit awkward with anything overtly romantic and sexual, and Remus and Sirius’ half-naked make-out session would definitely count in both categories.

“Fuck I’ve been wanting to do this for years,” a deep, Scottish trill sounded, bouncing off the walls of the dorm room. Sirius’ and Remus’ eyes widen in unison – Evans! Lily Evans!

“Oh really?” a smug voice responded. James! 

“Yup.” There was the sound of rustling clothing and then a cried out moan from James. Remus and Sirius were pretty sure they didn’t want to know where that came from.

There were thuds as Lily and James moved around the room, more moans from both parties. Remus dropped his head, burying it in the crook of Sirius’ neck. If it wasn’t bad enough that they were trapped in such an obvious position, the sounds of Lily and James made it a hundred times worse. 

“Which bed ‘s yours?” Lily said headily as there was a sound of snapping buttons and more rustling clothing. 

“Doesn’t – ah! – matter. S’long at in–umph!–nt Pete’s,”James replied. Sirius shook his head, his lips quirked slightly in amusement. Remus glanced up at Sirius as he gave a hard poke in the ribs.

There were more footfalls, a grunt, a groan, and couple more moans and then–

Oh fuck.

James and Lily fell back through the curtains, James’ head hitting something soft and squishy, He glanced up and his eyes met with Sirius’. James shrieked. Lily’s head whipped up from James’ lap, green eyes as wide as saucers. Remus’ heterochromatic eyes were just as wide, a cherry red blush spreading across his cheeks. Sirius was blinking rapidly.

“What the fuck Padfoot?!” shouted James, scrambling off the bad, his hands fumbling as he grabbed the blankets off the bed, wrapping them around his completely naked waist. Lily, in the background, had grabbed her bra and put it back on and she was now stumbling into a pair of too large jeans. 

James managed to grab the sheet, pulling it off the bed and revealing the rest of Sirius and Remus. Revealing the fact that they were just in their pants. Bollocks.

“I want to know why you two were about to have sex in my bed,” said Remus. 

“Why are you two in–” James motioned to them.

“Clearly they were doing what we were doing!” Lily snapped, now wearing James’ jeans and searching frantically for her shirt. James was half-turned to her and half-turned to Remus and Sirius, gripping the sheet around his waist with white knuckles. 

James looked back at Remus and Sirius, searching for something. Anything. Sirius rolled his eyes. 

“That was quick Evans,” Sirius said, looking past James and leering at Lily. She rolled her eyes, snapping up the buttons of her tartan shirt. 


“I’m still curious about the whole you were going to have sex in my bed thing,” Remus said, drawing the attention to him. Lily shrugged at him, her expression wholly unapologetic. Remus narrowed his eyes at her.

“I want to know how long this has been going on!” James growled, everyone’s gaze turning to him. He his expression was a measure of frustration and embarrassment. “Have you two been, like, doing this while we were sleeping? God, when I was studying? Has it been on my bed?” Remus rolled his eyes at the last question.

“What does it matter to you, Potter?” The question, surprisingly, came from Evans. Sirius blinked at this before giving an approving nod.

“I– What if they were having sex while I was combing my hair?” James sputtered.

“God, you are self-obsessed.”

“How is that news to you, Evans?” Sirius ask, raising an eyebrow. Lily’s only response was just to stick her tongue out at him. Sirius pulled a face and she rolled her eyes.

“So,” Remus said, drawing the attention away from Sirius and Lily’s banter, and smiling awkwardly, “good date?”

“Good date,” snapped Lily as she made a face. She ran her hand through her messy red hair, glancing around the floor for something.

Sirius’ and James’ eyes had met in the meantime, and they were silently communicating. Remus glanced at Sirius, brow furrowing with concern as Lily looked to James. Sirius’ face was hard, his expression closed off. James’ face read of confusion. Then, suddenly, something seemed to dawn on the messy-haired marauder and his face lit up with realization.

“Padfoot, the only thing I’m concerned about is if you had sex while I was combing my hair. Be as gay as you want,” he said, giving Sirius a grin. Sirius’ lips curled and he nodded; Remus, at his side, smiled too.

Sirius crossed his arms, smile turning into a smirk; “now go find your own room.”

British Tea Party

Title: British Tea Party

Character: Crowley, Rowena  ||  Pairing: Crowley x demon!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: ~1k

Prompt: “Brits are the best.” “I know, that’s why I’m possessing one.”

Summary: Family afternoon tea with Crowley and his mother always make for an entertaining hour.

A/n: This is for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll ‘s challenge! I loved getting a personalized prompt about our shared love of British awesomeness, thanks for hosting the awesome challenge! Also everyone reading this, please forgive me if my Rowena isn’t perfect, I’m only on season nine so it was mostly improvising (but I loved the idea way too much to not write it). ENJOY <3

“Fergus” Rowena sounded exactly like she always did when talking to her son, in a know-it-all manner and with a not so subtle bitchiness to it, “Why is it that your ‘girlfriend’ sounds more Scottish than you do? Is someone ashamed of where he comes from, dear?”

You quickly took a sip of your tea to hide the smile about to spread on your face. Tea parties with Crowley and his mother always tended to end in discussion, though this one seemed like an entirely new one. Usually it was more of an if-I-were-to-rule-hell-I-would from Rowena’s side while your king stuck more to the how-to-British-polite-threaten-your-annoying-mother kinda small talk. Needless to say you were the only one that got to enjoy those afternoons.

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