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Album four is staring to feel more and more like a cryptid every day. There is word that it exists, and whispers from people who claim to have heard things, or captured a low quality sound bite of what they think may be new music but no concrete proof. The album’s existence and “first sightings” (aka release date) have been discussed and theorized about for over two years now with no official date. There have been multiple false alarms and doubt hangs over every news tidbit like a specter, by the time we actually DO hear the album or look at it in our iTunes library we may not even believe it

Bob Dylan & The Hawks - Island Gardens, Hempstead, New York, February 26, 1966

One more live in the USA audience tape! 

Ryan: Did Daniel Lanois record this? Because this whole bootleg is dominated by reverb, echo, and ambient atmosphere. But from a historical perspective this might be an accurate representation of how Dylan and the Band sounded from the cheap seats in 1966. Despite the sound quality issues of this recording the acoustic set is fairly listenable and not too distorted. At the very least it’s a good document of Dylan’s vocal phrasing evolution. 

Haha, yes, this is a deeply raw audience tape – it’s a little amazing that it’s survived all these years. You might think the taper would say “Eh, no one else is ever going to want to listen to this.” But hey, here it is, officially released via a multinational conglomerate entertainment company. Then again, maybe the taper went around in the months before Blonde on Blonde was released playing it for everyone he knew? But I did get into the overall performance, sooner or later … 

R: Throughout the acoustic set Bob’s harmonica cuts through the mix in a low-fi but pleasant way. The solo during “Baby Blue” is especially imaginative, and I agree with the man who at the end of that song says to his friend, “I like this guy!”

T: Yeah, the harmonica playing is definitely on a Euro tour level here, even if the sound of the instrument occasionally seems to threaten to shred the tape into a million tiny strands. The playing on “Tambourine Man” is wild – I might be overstating the case here, but fuck it: it’s Coltrane-esque! Some incredible runs there, amazing breath control. I love that someone near the taper exclaims “YEAH BABY GET INTO IT” when Dylan starts singing that one. Yeah, baby. 

R: The recording quality of the band set suffers a bit from the sports arena echo muddying up the mix, but Robbie’s guitar and Garth’s organ flow in and out in a very psychedelic way that is kind of pleasant. Probably due to being recorded so far away from the stage, sometimes the drums sound a little behind the rest of the band, tempo-wise. It is especially noticeable during the instrumental solo of “I Don’t Believe You” where there is a strange throbbing, pulsing effect, and everything seems unhinged. I like it.  

T: Yeah – I think Island Gardens was primarily a basketball arena? So the drums really suffer in the recording; maybe what we’re hearing is the reverberation of the drums off of the back of the hall, making it sound all out-of-time. Either that or the drummer (differing reports on whether it’s Sandy Konikoff or Mickey Jones) is blowing it big time. But probably not. 

R: If you use your imagination to cut through the thin wild muddiness of this recording you can tell the electric set was a huge success. The band really gets the audience worked up into a frenzy by the end of “Pillbox Hat” and everyone seems happy. No boos to be heard this night in Hempstead! 

T: Yes, really sounds like they love it – huge crack ups in all the right places during “Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat.” I guess the sound can’t have been that bad, seems like most everyone can hear all the lyrics. The Hawks are on fire here, for sure. As this is our last U.S. show, before heading down under, it’s a revealing look at where Dylan and his cohorts were at right before the Aussie/Euro tour. They were probably feeling good, like the music was gelling and coming across. I wonder if they had any real inkling of what awaited them in the coming months … 


This is a pre-production test that I animated of Chel for El Dorado. 20 years ago! My friend Kristof re-shot it. Sorry about the sound quality, it was not done to production sound. She says, “Ooooo, Oh my! This is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in!

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Going to make you do another list- favorite scenes in Critical Role?

Oh, this is just cruel, especially since I’ve gone and decided I was gonna do timestamps. These are just a few that popped into my head and I’m sure I’ll remember thirty as soon as I post it. Enjoy the complete emotional whiplash of this random assortment of moments. 

Tried to keep the descriptions as spoiler-free as possible so people can just jump in wherever, but I’d skip this if you’re really worried. Every link leads to the exact timestamp, some of which are obviously very spoilery. Here we go!

Episode 3: Vex and Keyleth say “fuck it”. (Note: early episode means v. loud at times and sound quality is pretty rough.)

Episode 4: Laura gets to the episode a bit late, just in time for an elaborate and extremely well-thought-out plan to go into play.

Episode 17: Grog mopes after a rough fight.

Episode 18: Matt gets a subtle revenge after Percy absolutely wrecks shop with multiple natural twenties… while wearing buttflap pajamas.

Episode 19: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has a helluva moment as Zahra during a particularly nasty fight in her first-ever D&D game.

Episode 22Vex is Not Pleased.

Episode 23: Matt invents Victor the blackpowder merchant on the spot.

Episode 24: The party refuses to let Percy face the Briarwoods alone.

Episode 24: Vax gets revenge on Grog for tripping him several months ago.

Episode 25: Vax alone.

Episode 25: Vex charges in with the most dramatic dice rolls possible.

Episode 26“Here’s my plan… we’re all cows.”

Episode 28: The show takes on a distinctly different and more disturbing tone. Welcome to Whitestone.

Episode 31: [Jurassic Park theme intensifies]

Episode 34: The sixth barrel.

Episode 34: To quote an earlier post: the walls are people and magic is dead. Everything is fine.

Episode 35: Scanlan casts a spell on Percy.

Episode 36: Percy gives Grog a sentient sword. What could go wrong?

Episode 36: Keyleth, Scanlan, and Percy take in a magic show during the festival. They’re… still a little frazzled.

Episode 38: Scanlan’s flirtatious relationship with Kaylie takes a dramatic turn.

Episode 39: Everything changes.

Episode 40: The party starts to fracture under the strain.

Episode 41: Finding Gilmore.

Episode 42: Vex’s limerick for Scanlan.

Episode 44: Matt is DMing a room full of twelve-year-olds.

Episode 44: Half the party’s character arcs turn on a single roll of the dice…

Episode 45“I like you people, okay?”

Episode 47: Vex seeks help with a magical artifact.

Episode 47: Vax and Grog slip into nightmares.

Episode 48: Vex does some flying target practice over breakfast. Things escalate.

Episode 49: Grog escapes the portal in the most heartbreaking possible way.

Episode 51: Scanlan coaches Kaylie through a distraction.

Episode 52: Unbe-fucking-lievable sequence of dice rolls.

Episode 53: Bickering twins being bickering twins.

Episode 55: “Left.” Chills every time.

Episode 56: Grog gets his hands on a magical artifact. Experimentation ensues.

Episode 56: Percy and Keyleth talk about cities and lifespans. Unbelievably good improv.

Episode 57: Chatting with trees.

Episode 57: Vax has an unexpected late-night visitor.

Episode 58: Scanlan to the rescue. (”I don’t do these things!”)

Episode 59: Percy has a couple of late-night conversations after a charm wears off.

Episode 59: Pike commissions a family portrait.

Episode 60: Vox Machina is a close-knit group.

Episode 63: Saundor and Vex. Link is to the fixed audio, because the background music times up perfectly and it’s a little uncanny.

Episode 64: A belated discovery and farewell.

Episode 65: The perils of mist-walking in a desert environment.

Episode 65: Scanlan looks for someone to help him out with a drug deal.

Episode 67: Keyleth, the airship, and the storm.

Episode 68: Scanlan and the Onyx Dog.

Episode 69: A letter for Keyleth.

Episode 69: An ominous meeting.

Episode 71“I sing at it.”

Episode 72: Vex and Percy talk about forgiveness.

Episode 74: Cenokir introduces himself. Things get a little weird.

Episode 75: Pike teaches Grog to read.

Episode 76“I’m so amazing!”

Episode 78: Kashaw the strategist.

Episode 81: Grog finds a famous (infamous) D&D magical item.

not to sound pretentious but the quality of indie films vs studio films is so drastically huge in my opinion like for every one good blockbuster there’s at least 10 better independent films that make significantly less money and it’s actually quite astonishing


Hello everyone! I have posted my top 10 anime of 2016 on Anime Planet.

My decision was based on the following criteria:
Animation Quality
Sound (soundtrack, voice acting)
Story (Overall entertainment, plot holes)
Access (I only have Crunchyroll)

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If you disagree with the order or what should be on the list, I love talking about it with others so be my guest! 😄


“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]

Tales Games I've Played Rated By Amount of Dog
  • Tales of Symphonia: There is an entire sidequest based around finding as many dogs as possible. Dogs get names and you are rewarded for interacting with as many dogs as possible. Noishe is a prominent side-character, and he is a """dog""", as far as Lloyd is concerned. Points deducted because Yggdrasill says that one does not introduce oneself to a dog, insinuating that dogs are lesser and inferior. 9/10.
  • Tales of the Abyss: No dogs feature in the plot, but when you talk to NPC dogs, they make a quality "Bark!" sound effect. Good solid background Dog. 5/10.
  • Tales of Vesperia: A dog is a main party member, enabling you to play AS a dog. In the PS3 version, you can walk around the map as a dog. A lengthy sidequest involves talking to dogs and fulfilling a dog's personal pee-based wishes. This is where Tales reached Maximum Dog, 10/10.
  • Tales of Graces: No dogs are featured in the plot. Instead, the animal-based sidequest revolves around cats, the mortal enemy of Dog. 0/10.
  • Tales of Xillia: Neither cats nor dogs get focus in this game. Both appear as NPCs, but this game removes the ability to talk to dogs and get a speech bubble saying "Woof!". 2/10
  • Tales of Xillia 2: Once again, dogs cannot be interacted with. Instead, cats are again given the spotlight. A dark era for dog. 0/10.
  • Tales of Zestiria: Dogs are discussed as part of characterization. Mikleo dislikes dogs, so points are deducted, but Sorey and Dezel both like them so it works out to a net positive. Some people corrupted by malevolence turn into canine-based furries. This is good, because more exposure for dogs, but bad because it's negative representation. Overall, this game is solidly average for dog. 5/10.

Hayley & Taylor at the end of the last show of Parahoy 2016

  • Nordics and Estonia: Happy Birthday Finland!!
  • Finland: awww, thank you everyone~ how sweet of you~
  • Sweden: I got you a present.
  • Estonia: haha, but I'm sure mine is better~
  • Sweden: I got you all the albums of your favourite band.
  • Estonia: and I got you a high quality sound system so you can listen to your songs in full blast!
  • Finland: Wow!!!!
  • Norway, Iceland, and Denmark: *sobs* goodbye ears...
The Signs as Obscure Things From The Original Heathers Trailer

Watch it Here

The fact that they used the song “Three Blind Mice” to open the trailer and to end it but then they never put in in the movie.

Taurus: The huge drop in sound quality when they censor “megabitch” to “megaBRAT”.

Gemini: The knowledge that someone probably took Winona Ryder into a recording studio just to say “BRAT” into a microphone.

Leo: “JD has come to answer her prayers.”

Virgo: The really bumpin’ music that starts playing right after Veronica says “That stuff will kill her.”

Libra: “He’s got a way with women…a way with words…and a very special way with a gun.”

Scorpio: “Veronica can’t live with him…and she cant live without him.”

Sagittarius: The clip of the weed girl when she says, “What?”

Capricorn:  The narrator’s deep, sultry, voice.

Aquarius: “Their meeting was destiny…their love…has a body count.”

Pisces: Shannen Doherty’s name misspelled as Shannon Dougherty.