sounds pretty legit

Picture this: America and Canada were actually born from the same parents (possibly Vikings, hence the fair skin and light hair; Vikings were in North America first) and actually are twins. Matthew enjoyed the cold and snow of the north and even befriended the polar bears (Kumajiro), so he stayed in probably what is now Ontario. Alfred liked the southern heat and the springtime bunnies (Davie episode) so he went down to probably modern day Virginia, and that’s how they ended up being separate countries–nurtured by Native Americans in respective areas–before being discovered and claimed by England and France.


Just saying, don’t feel like you have to experience every single kin feeling to be legit.

Not everybody experiences déjà vu (fictionkin), memories, phantom limbs, painful emotions, etc and that’s ok.

While those kind of feelings indicate kintypes, the only “mandatory” kin experience is feeling like you are somehow that thing at core.

Don’t feel like you need to have a “checklist” of kin experiences with most of them checked.

As long as you identify as that thing spiritually or psychologically on a deep level, maybe experience just a few other indicative kin feelings, and/or you don’t know why else you might feel this way, that sounds pretty legit to me.

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I just saw someone's theory that boredom is a milder state of disgust. Which I could totally see, because I also feel better after cleaning. Less annoyed and frustrated and more able to let my mind stay on one thing. When I'm bored I tend to move from thing to thing not really focusing on anything. You should totally do a post on how to stop being bored

that sounds…pretty legit. I somehow feel a lot ~less~ bored when my space is clean. More energized and less lethargic.

then again, my mental health has also been the shittiest this week and this boredom feels more like it’s part of that tbh

(cleaning my room did help though and this messaged gave me the little motivation I needed to get started with cleaning so thank you very much)

xx Munira

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Appearance: long flooffy brown hair, skinny and like 5'11, hazel eyes, space-themed sweaters with skinny jeans Date we'd go on: I come to your house and we cook food and watch movies

You’d have to bear with my inexperience when it comes to cooking but overall sounds pretty legit I’m gonna go with yes 👌🏻

(Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say whether I’d date you)