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Can a young lady be taught nothing more necessary in life, than to sleep in a dungeon with venomous reptiles, walk through a ward with assassins, and carry bloody daggers in their pockets, instead of pin-cushions and needle-books?

an anonymous critique of Gothic novels published in The Spirit of the Public Journals, 1797

[S] Hero: Ascend to the highest point of the tower.
Homestuck / PMD:EOT/D/S mashup
[S] Hero: Ascend to the highest point of the tower.

bro. roof. now. bring time gears.

i was gonna wait and post this til i get my primary blog back but you know what? you know what?? it doesnt fucking matter this is my pmd blog anyway

anyway i found the upward movement drumloop sf2 and had to try it out on some stuff and turns out this…actually fits perfectly? i only needed to adjust the tempo by 3 bpm (temporal tower is 110; upward movement is 107) so its hardly even noticeable 

what might be noticeable tho is i used soundfonts from the first gba pmd games because……the soundfont for pmd explorers sadly doesnt exist and probably never will because of its very rarely used sequence encoding format that basically nobody can decipher even after all these years

just dont think too hard about it 
still sounds pretty impressively legit which is a feat imo cause quite a bit of sequence editing had to be done but anyway hell yes. hell. fucking. yes.

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TW Rape: My partner and I are both genderqueer & non-binary (AFAB). When my partner was younger, their father forced them to watch het porn as conversation therapy. Because of this, they developed PTSD-like symptoms, mainly when considering penetrative sex with someone who has a penis. I too experience similar PTSD after having been violently raped by cis men as a teen. Would either of us be considered transphobic for having negative reactions to the idea of penetrative sex involving a penis?

I’ve had this conversation on here a lot of times before. I could point to a post of mine in that debate but I think the best reply was bu unquietpirate, and it’s this one:

I appreciate seeing some people having this conversation, because this is something I’ve thought about a lot and haven’t had a clear articulation for. Basically, what it boils down to is a situation where two legitimate experiences of oppression are clashing — one in which survivors are triggered on the basis of legitimate trauma, and one in which marginalized people are having their marginalization reinforced by having their bodies treated as a threat.

Incidentally, this is a pattern we see in some other places, too. The one that most immediately comes to mind is the way that white women often respond to black men in public. On the one hand, we have women saying that they feel vulnerable around men, regardless of race, especially walking alone late at night, etc. and that sounds pretty legit. At the same time, we have people of color pointing out that white women’s fear and perception of black bodies as “threatening” has long been used as an excuse to oppress and incarcerate men of color.

Generally, when someone has less institutional power than you, publicly asserting that you find their body threatening is, in actuality, a threat against them. Because, as a person with privilege, the institution is interested in making sure you feel comfortable and not threatened — at the expense of the other person’s safety if necessary. In other words, publicly stating that you feel “unsafe” around “oppressed type of person X” is, on an extremely micro level, a little bit like calling the cops on a homeless person outside your house. “Hello, Officer? There’s someone sleeping on the street over here. They’re not really causing trouble, no, but…it’s just making me nervous. Is there anything you can do?”

I have a friend, a poor white queer woman, who was mugged in downtown New Orleans once when she was a teenager. The people who mugged her happened to be two large black men. And she struggles with this now because she doesn’t want to be a racist, and yet she finds herself avoiding black men on the street, partly because of lingering trauma from that experience. As a young person, she associated that experience with her muggers’ blackness and that became a part of her experience of the trauma of being mugged.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the experience of being mugged at 19 in a strange city is genuinely traumatizing. It also seems obvious, to my friend herself and to me, that as a white person with the power to institutionally harm people of color, she has more responsibility than she would otherwise to work through the elements of that trigger that are rooted in racism. It’s not necessarily that her avoidance of black men today is a show of active racism; it may simply and entirely be a trigger-reaction to past trauma.
But it’s likely that the trauma lodged itself in her psyche the way it did because of racist ideas she held at the time — after all, she subconsciously associated her experience specifically with the mens’ blackness; she didn’t just develop a phobia of “people who live in New Orleans”, or “pairs of large men”, or “men with guns”, or “muggers.” Her subconscious singled out and specified their Blackness as the relevant characteristic in her mugging — and then clung to that fixation for ten years.

And, because of the system’s desire to make her as a white person feel comfortable, her lingering psychoemotional phobia of a group of people who have less institutional power than her puts those people in danger.

Similarly, I get that some people have had legitimately traumatizing, sexually violent experiences with someone who had a penis. But, contrary to cartoonish cultural belief, a penis is not an autonomous entity with a mind of its own. A penis doesn’t commit rape. A person commits rape. And subconsciously hyperfocusing on the rapist’s genitals (or their skin color, or their socioeconomic class, etc.) as the source of the rape suggests something about prejudices that probably pre-existed the traumatizing experience — such as the cissexist prejudice that penises are inherently linked with masculinity and sexual violence. 

That doesn’t mean the trauma’s not real! It just means the trauma is manifesting through the cultural lens that the traumatized person brought to the experience. That cultural lens can still have oppressive socialization in it; that slate isn’t wiped clean by the fact that the person was victimized — even though it sucks that they were.
I’m not sure if I’m articulating this very clearly. I guess maybe what I’m trying to say is this: The OP seems to be asking for a compact way to express, “I’ve had traumatizing experiences with some people who had penises, and I’m not currently willing or able to prioritize resolving that trauma, so instead I don’t want to interact with any people who have penises right now.” That’s a completely legit desire, depending on where that person is in their healing and recovery process. But I don’t think it’s a simple enough desire that we should boil it down to a one-word identity label.

Although, again, in the course of our each of our healing processes, I’d encourage prioritizing the healing of traumas that makes us dangerous to vulnerable people first. If I’m recovering from battlefield PTSD, the first thing I want to do is make sure my own safety needs are met, and the next thing I want to do is make sure getting triggered doesn’t result in me lashing out and hitting my spouse. Likewise, if I’m recovering from a traumatizing experience with a penis, the first thing I want to do is just make sure I’m okay, and the next thing I want to do is make sure getting triggered doesn’t result in me lashing out at trans women.

I mean…analogies are tricky, obviously…but let’s say I was raped by a very large, strong, heavy person who used their size to overpower me sexually, and now that makes me feel nervous around people who are physically bigger than me — including (but not limited to) fat people. How do I explain that I don’t want to date fat people because I’m triggered by their bodies because I was raped by a fat person once? How do I express that in a way that both allows me to take care of myself and avoids perpetuating fatphobia?

Or, to go back to the original analogy: Let’s say I was raped once, and the person who raped me was a black man, and now I feel nervous around black men and don’t want to date them. How do I express that? And how do I express it in a way that doesn’t perpetuate racism?
Because, ultimately, these scenarios are similar to, “I was raped once, and the person who raped me had a penis, and now I feel nervous around people with penises and don’t want to date them.” How do you express that in a way that honors your healing process but doesn’t perpetuate transmisogyny?

I don’t have an answer to any of these questions. I guess I’m just trying to point out that I don’t think coming up with some word people can slap on their blog along with the rest of their identifiers is appropriate in any of these situations. Negotiating the tricky space between setting boundaries that keep us safe and trying our best not to perpetuate oppression is difficult and important and it’s always going to be difficult. I really don’t think there’s a shortcut around that process. And I also think there are lots of considerate and compassionate ways to turn down dates with people who trigger you besides telling them that they trigger you.

I just can’t imagine trying to come up with a “polite” word people could use to say “I don’t fuck fat people. Their bodies freak me out” even if the reason fat bodies freak you out comes from some kind of trauma. There have got to be better ways to navigate that situation. And I think there have got to be better ways to navigate this situation than coming up with a newer, gentler, more compassionate word to describe people who are afraid of trans* bodies. I mean, come on, we already have a word that literally describes people who are afraid of trans* bodies: Transphobic.

All we’re really saying here is that, when someone is transphobic in a way that fixates on trans womens’ penises, sometimes that transphobia is based purely in generalized cultural prejudice about penises, and other times that transphobia is based in specific instances of personal trauma with people who had penises. That’s fine. Whatever. The ultimate impact of your phobia on trans women is the same — your fear still makes you still dangerous to them.

So, if you want to argue that your transphobia is a result of trauma and that you’re not ready to deal with it, fine, that’s where you’re at; just own that shit. Accept that one of the many negative consequences of your experience with sexual violence is that it made you more transphobic, and that sucks, and that dealing with it isn’t a priority for you right now. Have the decency to be transparent about that, so trans women folks can know that you’re not a safe person to be around right now and avoid you if they want to.

I mean, look, on some level everyone’s prejudice is an artifact of trauma. Isn’t it? Personal prejudice against marginalized folks is an element of systemic abuse. Most people become abusers because they, themselves, were abused. That’s worth being compassionate about, absolutely. But it’s not enough to get people off the hook when they do abusive shit.

Picture this: America and Canada were actually born from the same parents (possibly Vikings, hence the fair skin and light hair; Vikings were in North America first) and actually are twins. Matthew enjoyed the cold and snow of the north and even befriended the polar bears (Kumajiro), so he stayed in probably what is now Ontario. Alfred liked the southern heat and the springtime bunnies (Davie episode) so he went down to probably modern day Virginia, and that’s how they ended up being separate countries–nurtured by Native Americans in respective areas–before being discovered and claimed by England and France.

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Some guy called the store and I answered, said he was promised a free sandwich by a manager because we previously messed up one that he had ordered. Sounds pretty legit we do that sometimes for take out orders but usually we require it to be same day and you have to bring back the offending food. Well then he says "I can't remember the manager's name but it was a guy." Instantly I knew he was lying. All our leads/managers are female. When my female manager picked up and told him this he hung up.

People will try anything to steal won’t they.


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"Although the boys couldn't be here tonight, they want to say thank you for all the support during their time in the band. It was a short five years, but a memorable one that I'm sure they'll never forget as they continue with their solo endeavors. Massive thanks to Ben Winston and Gabe Turner. Thanks again." He definitely would have tried to imply that the band would never reunite. Hence why Liam was extremely pointed in saying "One Direction is who we ALWAYS will be".

Damn, did you steal Simon’s cue cards or something, because that sounds pretty legit. 

and speaking of not-great Master Qui-Gon (one of my favorite tropes since the old Jedi Apprentice books, okay?) let me tell you about the Stars Wars: A Christmas Carol idea I had whilst folding bunches of laundry.

Alright, so one day, new Padawan-haver Anakin Skywalker screws up something with Ahsoka’s training. Nothing big, but he’s new at this and gets pissed afterwards and yells at her. And then, for good measure, he yells at Obi-Wan, too, b/c obviously this is Obi-Wan’s fault, if he had been a better master, more like Qui-Gon, Anakin would know how to deal with this and would not have messed up, that’s just logic.

And Obi-Wan, conditioned by his sad life, is like, yeah, that sounds pretty legit and he goes to meditate on his myriad personal and professional failures, dying a little more inside and probably wanting a drink.

And perhaps all would have continued as normal, ending with, you know, fire and limb-removal, EXCEPT:

That evening Anakin is visited by the Ghost of Padawans Past, who swishes him away on a journey of personal growth and learning to understand others just a little bit, Anakin.

And from there it can go two ways. Either it straight up follows A Christmas Carol, and Anakin gets swept back in time to see Padawan Obi-Wan and Master Qui-Gon, where he realizes that, holy shit, Qui-Gon was actually not a great master? And if Anakin had been trained by him be probably would have run away and/or gone on a murderous rampage? But Anakin can only watch, fruitlessly, while baby Obi-Wan gets convinced he’s a perpetual failure/not important/etc. 

And then the Ghost of Padawan Present shows up and whisks him back to the Clone Wars, where present Obi-Wan is repressing his own issues to comfort present Ahsoka, who thinks Anakin hates her and is currently developing all kinds of neurosis that will negatively impact her later in life. Anakin is like, shit. Perhaps I have screwed this up, we can stop now, let me off this ride.

But the Ghost of Padawan Future is not done, and takes him to the future, where the Temple is a husk that stinks of death and Anakin is like… are we looking for Ahsoka’s padawan (he can spot a theme when it kidnaps him in the middle of the night) and the Ghost points at the ground, where Ahsoka’s beads are just abandoned, and Anakin has had enough.

And then he wakes up back in his room, with a new view of the world, and things go a lot better for the galaxy as a whole and for his Jedi family in particular.


The Ghost of Padawans Past drops Anakin back in time, with Padawan Obi-Wan and not-great Master Qui-Gon, giving Anakin a more-depth look at Obi-Wan’s early life and all the ways he got seriously screwed up, culminating in Qui-Gon abandoning Obi-Wan (again) and Anakin swooping to his rescue, before returning to possibly slug Qui-Gon across the jaw in a fit of righteous indignation. (The entire event has a very strong effect on young Obi-Wan’s developing view of the world. Having a dashing Force sensitive guy sweep into your life, give you a lot of attention, stand up for you in front of your Master, side with you, and then punch your Master in the face would do that to anyone, much less a hormonal teenager.)

Of course, Anakin is swept back to the present before anything else can really happen, where he has a new understanding of his Master and how he should treat his apprentice and long, emotional talks are had by all, no one wipes out a bunch of younglings and all is eventually well in the galaxy.

since I listened to ep 66 all I’ve been able to think abt is taako and lup and the line “what the hell would I be without you” (from this) and let me tell you taako’s apathy at the start of the new ep killed me

Working on 3 smutty wrestling one-shots...

And it’s going to be GLORIOUS!!!!

Roman Reigns will be The Masseuse at the spa you’ve been dying to go to while you’re on vacation.

Seth Rollins is going to be that smokin’ hot Personal Trainer you’ve been drooling over since he started working with you


Dean Ambrose is going to be The Mechanic with the nice ass, that’s been assigned to work on your piece of shit car after it crapped out on you.

And this is going to be my mindset while writing all three:

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

And Finally

Step Five:

(Yep, sounds pretty legit)

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based on the clues so far, what do you think is the title of the song/album?

Berry hot sounds pretty legit to me 🙊🙊🙊

Hackers Get Hacked: Elliot x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you maybe do an Elliot/Reader fic where the reader’s like the child of the owner of Ecorp and she went with the ecorp team to allsafe, you know during the scene in the first ep… And Elliot kinda found her interesting and he hacks her but he doesn’t know that she’s as techy as he was and he/she found out so she kinda leaves him little clues like changing her password into something like ‘stophackingme’ or something and they just kinda became friends with eachs other thru that…

Word count: 1, 305

You sighed as you followed your dad into the building. He opened the glass door and walked into, what seemed like an office, but with several cubicles placed next to each other. You let your eyes roam over all the cubicles, often letting your eyes linger at an particular person. You asked your dad if you could join him at work for a few days, so you could get some work experience. He was less excited than you thought, but he let you shadow him for two days. You didn’t expect to make a trip to his cyber security company, and also join him for a meeting there.

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