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  • youtube animator: lmao what if [insert E-rated video game character here] did [insert obnoxious/illegal/sexual act here] while it made sound effects from the game?
I’ve heard some of the bikes can fly,” said Alec eagerly. He sounded like Simon with a new video game. “Or go invisible at the flick of a switch. Or operate under water.

City of Bones


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what do you think song video game is about? because this sound like some gameboy just play games all the time and don't care about lana and lana just cry and will do everything is her life for him.

Video Games is about a relationship between Lana and somebody she loved, and how she loved them so much that “Heaven [was] a place on earth with [them]” and a simple thing, such as watching them play video games, was enjoyable because she just enjoyed his presence. It’s far from “some guy who doesn’t care about Lana,” it’s actually one of Lana’s happier songs.

“I was writing about this guy I’d been seeing and the way our relationship was at the time. It was a time in my life when I had let go of my own personal career ambitions and just enjoyed being with him at home.  He would come home from work and play video games. I would write and watch him. When I was writing that song I was reflecting on the sweetness of it but also something else I was longing for at the same time.”


“Hi Shay.” Cara said “You got it? Congrats!” she smiled and Teagan smiled too “Where are you? In the elevator? Well come on over then.” Cara hung up the phone and the door opened a second later and Shay walked in with a big smile on her face.
“Hey! Hi Teagan, oh my god, you look gorgeous!” Shay gave Teagan a quick hug before sitting down.
“Thank you.” Teagan chuckled “What’s with the smiles?”
“I just got a new job!” Shay said excitedaly “It’s at this fashion magazine.”
“That’s so cool!” Teagan said “We should celebrate!”
“My thought exactly.” Shay chuckled “I wanted to invite you guys over to our apartment tonight for some cheesecake, that Ellis taught me how to make by the way. And maybe some drinks and games or something?”
“That sounds like fun.” Cara nodded “Okay with you T?”
“Yeah of course.” Teagan smiled “We were actually gonna go to the gym now.”
“Oh, in uptown? May I join you guys? I’ve been slacking lately.”
“Yeah for sure.” Cara nodded “Come on girls.”

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will you be getting the vampire game pack? what are your thoughts on it

I will definitely be getting it! I love the look of the new hairs and build/buy items (ESPECIALLY THE IVY omg I’m a sucker for ivy) and that’s reason enough to buy in my opinion lol

but I’m also excited to play as a vampire because it just adds a whole new dimension to the game (and the power/skills thing sounds cool too) I’m much excite 

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Holy shit. Resident Evil is good again? I don't know how to process this.

I wonder if people are going to react to this the same way they did to that Devil May Cry reboot, since it sounds like this game doesn’t have much in common with everything that came before it.

“I’ve heard some of the bikes can fly,” said Alec eagerly. He sounded like Simon with a new video game.

Alec in CoB

I will forever be bitter that Alec was the one who loves bikes and only Jace got to ride one/have one. It felt so unfair.

I wish they’d give him one on the show, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • [during yoshi's cookie]
  • arin: i'm sorry. did i mess everything up for you?
  • dan: whatd'ya mean? you'd never mess anything up for me.
  • arin: really?
  • dan: yeah, your friendship is a treasure.
  • arin: okay, now you're just being facetious.
  • dan: [sounding legitimately offended] no, it's a fucking treasure, arin.