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Take My Love

So, I have always thought of Sterek as Zoe/Wash but I saw this prompt at 5am yesterday morning and then the whole fic was dumped in my head.

So, here, a “small ficlet” 7k Firefly AU! (Rated E too- oh god, this is a disaster.)

Derek has seen Stiles in a lot of outfits.

He’s seen him in a formal three piece suit, perfectly tailored and complimented by a pocket square and bow tie as Stiles attends fancy dinners with his clients. He’s seen him in a long, silk robe, belted loosely at the waist, that seems to always want to slide off Stiles’ shoulders. Once, he saw Stiles in nothing but tight black panties and combat boots and he suspects Stiles refused to cover up as a way of teaching him a lesson about just barging into his quarters without knocking.

Most often though, with clients, Stiles wears tight, soft black leather pants, without a shirt or shoes and it’s simple, but the effect is still devastating. The black makes his pale skin stand out and matches the eyeliner that Stiles usually wears and the black stud earrings and the fact that he is always barefoot somehow adds to the whole look. If he has time and is in the right mood, he’ll add drawn, dark makeup that curls around his arms, dark patterns that imitate the tattoos the Companion Registry will never allow him to get.

However, Derek’s favorite is how Stiles looks now.

He is wearing loose, comfortable gray sweatpants and a baggy green t-shirt that Derek thinks used to be Scott’s and he’s still barefoot (even though Derek has told him a hundred times that he should not be walking around the ship barefoot.)

His hair isn’t gelled into its usual modern style so it forms soft curls around his ears and he’s not wearing earrings right then, except for the silver hoop up by his cartilage that he never takes off. The black fingernail polish he wears is chipped and as Derek watches, Stiles looks away from Scott to pick at it some more, smiling in satisfaction when he scrapes away a large chunk from his thumb.

“You better not be getting that stuff all over my floor,” Derek grumbles as he enters the kitchen. Stiles looks up to roll his eyes at him but he’s smirking in a fond way.

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anonymous asked:

you reblogged that masterpost au and I just... can you imagine derek not liking swears? everyone looks at him and imagines the 'big buff and scary' guy can swear a storm and one day he spills tea and he says a swear so ridiculous everybody just starts laughing and he's oblivious (ofc stiles makes it his personal mission to make the guy fake-swear as much as it's possible)

Imagine that the swear Derek lets spill out is some really old and not well known swear word, that he maybe heard his grandfather say or something. And everyone just thinks it’s a swear word he made up, because it sounds so ridiculous, but Stiles, having done his fair share of research on old swear words, just stares wide eyed at Derek because oh my God, what a nerd (and maybe he falls a bit more in love with Derek cause lbr he’d feel so happy that someone else knows obscure swear words like he does)

Imagine Stiles doing everything humanly possible to get more old swear words out of Derek and doing everything humanly possible to see how far he can push him, until there’s finally a swear word everyone else will get. Because maybe no one believed Stiles when he told them that Derek Hale, the buff scary dude who never swears, just spit out an actual dirty word

Derek, of course, is embarrassed that he let that swear spill, because maybe he was taught by his mom not to swear, and Derek is a momma’s boy, so he does what she says. Her being dead doesn’t change that. And he does his best to not fall for Stiles’ (annoying) traps, because Derek Hale does not swear, no sir

Derek is just silently hoping for Stiles to lose interest if he just keeps ignoring him. But nope, Stiles only gets more persistent the more Derek refuses. And then maybe finally Derek gives up and lets another old swear word spill out, and Stiles’ entire face just lights up as he smiles and beams at him

Imagine Stiles suddenly not trying to get Derek to swear while they’re around the others anymore, and the others are happy that they could finally stop with their weird flirting

And imagine Stiles only having stopped because he got to hear just how dirty Derek could be in bed, and just how many swear words Derek really knew when they were less clothed and rolling around in bed together