sounds like october

wake up in up the morning feeling like

hey there’s a fucking hurricane outside


Alex and I grabbed something to eat and sat down at the counter he took a bite then swallowed then he then started to talk about how he was reconsidering his music career path and how he wanted to try something different, As a supported friend I listened to his concerns but one thing I did noticed was him mentioning a future with his girlfriend, I didn’t know he had one or he liked anyone since breaking up with Anna Lawson.

Alex: So I have been doing research and a simstube channel sounds like a great idea, October said no James and Nick said yes, Blaire is downs and Kaid said he will think about it, It wont be only music it will be like a multipurpose channel, all different videos
Pax: October said no to it? I think the idea is pretty good but how are we going to manage it, and what about the scholarship to University?
Alex: I turned it down, I can’t be stuck in some job I hate, I want to be my own boss and I want to try this route so what do you think?
Pax: I’ll talk to October but I’m in hey I have an Idea what to call it, since we all love this house so much let’s name is Neon Experience giving everyone a dose of Neon love
Alex: Neon Experience, I like that a lot

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 Drake Talks Beyoncé, ‘Trophies’ And Next Album In VIBE Interview Outtakes

Recently, Drake covered Vibe magazine’s Winter issue. More often than not, there is much more that is talked about in these interviews than pages there are to print. So today, Vibe decides to let go of the outtakes from their Cover Story. Incase you missed it, you can read Drake’s full VIBE Cover Story here. Hit the jump to take a look at the outtakes from the interview.

It’s nearly 1 a.m. on a chilly November night and Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena is dead. Two hours ago, the Bobcats’ stomping grounds was bustling as Drake’s Would You Like A Tour? concert sent thousands home reciting their favorite Nothing Was The Sametracks. But now, it’s just you and Toronto’s greatest rapper tucked away in a Drakified team locker room for the encore presentation: A first-listen of Drizzy’s new collaboration with Beyoncé, “Mine,” which he finished recording last night.He’ll allude to the the track a few times before finally pressing play on a song that’s definitely not Bey. From the two seconds that slip, it sounds like Jet Life artist MaryGold, who makes a quick cameo at the end of his “Worst Behavior” video. Fingertips suddenly sweaty, you brace yourself as he reassesses his cluttered MacBook Pro desktop. And then it hits. Slow and somber, the opening stanza erupts from dancing piano keys to nimble percussion. He’ll narrate as the instrumental blooms. “Sampha’s on this, too,” he informs. When you mention that her lyrics have that signature Drake transparency he chuckles and offers a modest thanks.“I had fun with it. I always wanted to write for her,” says the singing rapper, careful to embargo the then-untitled track from Bey’s hush-hush fifth solo LP. “She never really sings that minimal… We’ll see where that goes.”

Drake has been chatting for quite a bit longer than the scant 40 minutes allotted by his management for this cover story, but he doesn’t seem to be in a rush. There’s none of the “Get the fuck up out my dressing room confusing me with questions” bitterness that he expresses on “HYFR.” He wants to deconstruct his new album as thoroughly as possible, while his security, managers, father and OVO fam members shoot the shit outside. He smiles big and often, punctuating and tenderizing his more confident or abrasive statements. We’ll go on some tangents, but after an hour-and-a-half interview there’s a bit more goodness than there are pages to print. From whether he’d ever record a concept LP to Mase’s resurgence to NWTS‘s follow-up, here’s the best of what was left on the cutting room floor. —John Kennedy

VIBE: You start the song “Furthest Thing” with the line, “Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.” What does that place feel like?
Drake: It’s just forever hanging in the balance of knowing in the far-off distance there’s this vision of being as legendary as Hov, Pac, Bob Marley—who knows what the possibilities are? I’m not sure what I mean to this generation; I won’t understand until the story plays out. But there is that vision of the legacy. There’s also so many opportunities to plummet and not reach that. I keep pushing forward, but sometimes I glance back like, Damn, that shit’s crazy back there. Look at all those guys back there. That shit’s scary. That shit can drive you crazy. That’s what that line means to me. There are two directions you can go. It’s up to you.

VIBE:That song is one of a few where the beat evolves as you listen. That’s always been a musical theme for you, but it’s a bit more conspicuous here than in your prior works.
Drake:I gotta give the credit to 40. He wouldn’t just let a beat sit. I would leave the studio and by the time I came back the next day, he’d be like “I added some shit.” Even this Beyoncé record that we did (“Mine”). It’s kinda like ever-evolving, but I felt like we were working on an album and sitting on it for so long. We played [songs] for people and I started hearing that formula on other people’s stuff, too. That’s nothing to coin, to say we started that. But I think 40 does it the best out of everybody. He’s just been so amazing at making a piece grow or shrink, but it was all credit due to him for that. He was the mastermind behind the music.

You experiment with different flows on this one, too. Was that a conscious thing?
I remember asking people early on what can I do this time to make a memorable project. I want it to feel like a discovery. So Far Gone was a discovery of an artist. It will never feel like that, but I want to make it feel like you’re listening to somebody new. My biggest thing this time was working with my vocal coach just really finding a tone, a different tone. When I did “Wu-Tang Forever,” I’d play it and people would be like, “Damn, who you got featured on that shit?” All three voices are me. But I was varying my voice a lot. “Trophies” is another record where I started toying with the rap, the cadences. It was a very conscious decision to start toying with the voices and making it like melody, but not too much melody. Even on “Own It,” you get that “niggas talk more” part that becomes a chant, like, OK, if I’m a guy and I wasn’t into the high-pitched singing, I’m back on board.

You emulate Mase’s flow on the last verse of “Worst Behavior.” He’s been having a big influence in 2013: Jay swipes a line of his on Magna Carta … Holy Grail and Pusha mimics his voice on his album, too.
Yeah, it is interesting now that you say it like that. He’s just fucking incredible. Maybe it’s the right time to start referencing Mase. I feel like it’s always cool when rappers reach back to something you may have forgotten. But Mase is one of those guys; he just never stopped being cool. Even at OVO Fest, he just came out and started hitting that stride and it was like, Man, this guy hasn’t lost a step. He’s one of those guys who will be forever cool to me.

Have you started thinking about the follow-up to Nothing Was The Same yet?
Yeah. Last night was the first night I recorded—I finished up this record with Beyoncé. That was really dope. For her [LP]. As far as another album goes, I was gonna ask you, ’cause you seem pretty in touch with what I’ve had going on. What’s next? I like to ask people what they think is next. Maybe it’s a concept album. Maybe it’s a mixtape. I don’t always know exactly where I’m going. I remember reading that article where ’Ye was like, I have my next three albums mapped out, they’re called this, this, and this. He almost got there but then things changed. I always admired that, like “Man, what a commitment and you made them all dope.”

I’m still looking for Good Ass Job.
I think it’s gonna come. Or maybe he just grew out of that title. That happens to me, too. But yeah, I don’t ever have it mapped out. I didn’t know after Take Care would be Nothing Was The Same. It just happened. I’m not sure where I’m going to next. I don’t have a title either.

It seems like the tide is shifting back to more lyrical days. The Rap Olympics, so to speak. Between Eminem’s “Rap God,” J. Cole’s success and much of the stuff Lupe has dropped this year.
Is it working?

On a commercial level, I’m not sure. With Eminem getting into it—one of the biggest rappers in the world—that gives it some legs.
Yeah, we always need change and thriving in rap. I don’t know if rap’s going to turn some corner into super-lyrical everything. It’s crazy to be on an arena tour right now, my first one ever, and really see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be so convinced about someone else coming out on your set and killing some shit you’ve been listening to for the last however many weeks. For example: “Pound Cake” isn’t the record of the night. It’s still gonna be “Headlines” or “Crew Love” or “All Me.” People love to sing. That’s what I never forget. People fucking love to sing. If you get your melodies and flows together you will be out of here. I fuck with rap and hip-hop—I do “Tuscan Leather” on my album with no hook. I even say it. Sure it may be dope on Rap Radar and shit, but it’s not the world. It’s a very small piece of a population. When I’m at ALIFE Backyard performing, it’s different records that work there than at Barclays Center. I’m part of both worlds. A lot of guys that perform at Barclays Center don’t go to the ALIFE Backyard to perform. I go to both so I get to see what works on, like, some tryin’ to be the biggest artist in the world and what works for being the biggest artist on the blogs, you know? Can you do both?

Can you?
I think so. I’m never gonna be the number one guy on the blogs but at the same time, you can’t ever say I don’t rap. You can’t say my bars aren’t up there with the best of them unless it’s just not your brand of music. In that case, it’s okay because I had artists I would never fuck with either before I ever made music. Everyone’s not gonna love you. I feel like majority when it comes down to it, it’s tough for people to be like, “Nah, Drake can’t rap.” [Laughs] With that being said, yeah all the lyrical shit is dope. It’s just people keep challenging me about what’s real rap. Is it the shit you know all the words to or the shit that sounds fast and complex? I don’t have the answer. At the same time, I know I can do a couple things. [Laughs]

Have you ever thought about doing a concept album?
I feel like the music that I write is utilized in life. It would be tough for me to go in conceptual storytelling. The last great concept album was [Kendrick Lamar’s] good kid m.A.A.d city—still obviously true to his life but very conceptual. Very specific stories that need to be told. I always say hats off to that album, that album’s incredible, what an undertaking. For me, I would never want to be restricted to that. But it depends on what you’d call a concept album. Would you call [Jay Z’s] American Gangster a concept album? If it is, then yeah, I guess. All he did was just make crack songs. I feel like I just made a concept album about a kid from Toronto that’s on. I’m not good at telling fictional stories, so I would never be able to do that. There are rappers that are good at telling stories about people that aren’t themselves. There are people that have vast imaginations to go and make up a story just to achieve a point. I draw off life experiences.

Have you ever tried telling things from your imagination or other points of view?
Everytime it just comes out as shit that’s going on in my life. I think the next album I do is gonna be different. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily return to family stuff and stuff that I feel I really summed up well on Nothing Was The Same. The problem is I don’t participate too much in social media, so my music is always the update that you’re looking for in my life. Twitter is not my outlet to get my message out there. My outlet is the music so my music always ends up becoming my life. I don’t know how to stop that.

It’s also important to live life in order to have content for your project. Is that why you take your time between putting out albums?
Yeah, and that was kinda like the learning process. 20-whatever years to make So Far Gone, then one year to make Thank Me Later. I was like, I don’t know, let me get a bunch of features and make some good music. I went back home and wrote Take Care, got influenced by the city but I was in a dark place. I don’t know if I was coming back home with the best energy in the world. I was coming off a record where I loved that album with all my heart but I knew I wanted to do better. I was just getting more money than I had ever seen. I was like in this indulgent state of mind. It was a weird time for me. Now, this album is probably the most aware of self that I’ve ever been. I did this album all over the place but for the first time have no strife. I’m here. I’m gonna own this now.

Happy Juvia Day 

Happy Gajeel Day (10.2.2016)

Little backstory: Usually, Juvia Day is on June 3 (6/3 Roku San in japanese, which sounds like Lockser )and October 2(10/2 Jyuu Ni in japanese, which sounds like Juvia ).

HOWEVER, I found out that some fans has designated October 2 as Gajeel Day. My only guess is because October 2 is a day of steel in japan (according to bad google translate information). I just find this coincidence highly hilarious.

61 autumn day was for me - for the most part - quiet and homey. And although strangers (like demons) attempted to destroy my inner calm, I was able to save my sad heart not wounded.
31 silence of October sounded like a Sarabande. Again.
November leaves me dead body of my Autumn and skeletons of trees gnawed by northerly winds.
Now, in the darkness, the world seems smaller.
As if I was wrapped in a black scarf … or locked in a closet.
But I always liked the closed small cozy corners .

What Happened in Vegas

Summary: History of Dan and Phil’s relationship, from meeting to Vegas to a bit beyond now.

Genre: Mostly fluff, some angst, 1480 words

Warnings: Mentions drinking and homophobia

A/N: Thanks again to nerdinessisawesome for reading this over and encouraging me to actually write these stories.

October 2009
Phil smiled at Dan in the mirror, ecstatic that they finally met. They had just finished filming phil is not on fire, and were doing their best to clean off their cat whiskers. Dan was scrubbing his nose with soapy hands.
“Here,” said Phil, holding out a sponge, “Let me.”
Dan nodded and closed his eyes as he turned towards him. Phil couldn’t help but think about how beautiful Dan looked. Phil softly stroked Dan’s soapy cheek with his hand. Dan’s eyes fluttered open.
“Phil, I-” Dan started stuttering.
“Shhh. I know.” Phil was nervous, but not because he didn’t think Dan wouldn’t like him. He was pretty sure they had mutual crushes on each other since the first Skype call. Phil was scared to mess up what they did have. But he had this chance, he had wanted to do this for so long, and he wasn’t going to pass it up. He pressed his lips softly to Dan’s. It was a sweet kiss that lasted a long time. Once they broke apart, Dan started giggling.
“We’re covered in soap!”
Phil stuck his tongue out. “I think we could be a lot cleaner,” and he grabbed the soap bottle and started squirting at Dan. Their laughter echoed around the bathroom. Phil knew this could bloom into an even more beautiful relationship.

December 2011
Phil sat down on his bed and scrolled through Twitter. He grimaced as he saw tweet after tweet to him and Dan about Phan. Why couldn’t people leave them alone? There was so much pressure to come out, and they were not prepared. He heard a knock at his door.
“Come in.”
Dan slunk in. “Hey. I’ve been wanting to tell you something.”
Phil moved over on his bed, making room for Dan, who took the farthest corner to sit on.
“What’s up, Dan?” Phil prompted him. He looked tired and trodden upon.
“I can’t do this anymore,” Dan said after taking a big breath. “Just turn off my relationship with you in front of everyone. Make sure there isn’t any evidence of us dating in every one of my videos and refilm when there is.” Dan slouched and hugged his knees.
“Do you want to come out then? We can stop hiding.” Phil thought about it, how much simpler it would be, and how nice it would be to not have to worry about accidentally outing himself.
Dan shook his head, and continued where he left off. “I want to break up.”
Phil flinched. Did Dan really want to break up rather than deal with the homophobic people? He saw Dan start to tear up.
“Do you remember when you met me I talked about being bullied for being bi? I thought I was over it, I mean at least I had you and I left school, so I didn’t care about the bullies so much, but I guess the fear never really left me. And the fans won’t stop talking about it, and -” Dan stopped talking and put his hands over his mouth as tears slid down his face.
“Okay,” Phil said. He wanted to go over to Dan and hold him until he stopped crying, but it seemed like Dan didn’t want that anymore. “If that’s what you want.”
Dan nodded and quietly padded out of Phil’s room into his own where he could finish crying. Phil couldn’t believe it. It was over. He closed his laptop and rolled over on his side, trying to sleep with his eyes wide open.

June 2012
Things had been rough the last couple of months. They were still best friends, they were still living together, but everything was different. There were so much silence in the apartment. Nights had turned cold and lonely. Laughter still occurred, but much less often than before. However, when Dan’s grandma gave him two tickets to Las Vegas for his birthday, he didn’t have anyone he wanted to go with more than Phil. Thus, he and Phil rode the plane side by side until it landed in Nevada and they left for their hotel.
Dan looked around in wonder at the bright lights, and Phil felt a pang in his gut. Dan was so gorgeous, and he used to be his. Phil sighed and looked on.

They weren’t that drunk. Just a little tipsy. Sober enough to walk into the elevator and punch their floor number. Phil had his arm around Dan, who was having a little more trouble holding his alcohol than he was. They stumbled into Dan’s room, and Phil dumped him onto his bed, but as he pulled away to head off to his own room Dan muttered something.
“What?” Phil asked as Dan pulled on his hand. If he hadn’t been drinking, he would have been able to stay on his feet, but with the slight pull, he flopped on top of Dan’s bed.
“Stay,” Dan whispered and he snuggled closer to Phil before yawning.
Phil decided he was too tired to get up anyway, so he put his arm around Dan and drifted off to sleep.

Phil woke up when Dan rolled on top of him. All his air left his lungs, and Dan woke up because of the bumpy surface.
Phil lightly pushed Dan off and looked into his eyes.
“Good morning, Phil,” Dan said in a sleepy voice.
Phil groaned. “I feel so hungover. I don’t want to get up.”
“You don’t have to,” Dan said, and he continued, “I’ve realized that I made a stupid mistake. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sorry for thinking that I could give you up. I love you so much. Will you forgive me? Can we be something again? I don’t care if we’re closeted. I don’t care if we’re out. I just want us to be real.” Dan finished and looked nervously at Phil.
Phil slowly smiled and hugged Dan.

July 2012
Dan was looking over his footage from Vegas. He knew he promised his subscribers a vlog, but he and Phil were so clingy in all the shots. How drunk had they been?!
“Phil!” He called. Phil walked over and came into his room.
“What’s up?”
“I can’t use any of this footage. We won’t let go of each other.” He looked up at Phil and continued, “If you want, we could come out. What do you think?”
Phil hesitated. “I don’t know. I think that there’s a better way to come out than to just release a video where we’re suddenly a couple. I think we should stay where we are until we make a video of us coming out.”
Dan nodded. “But what should I tell everybody? I promised them a video.”
Phil promptly replied, “You can tell them that you lost the footage, I mean vlogs take forever to edit,  long enough for something like that to happen.”
“Sounds good. How should we act around each other in videos then?”
“How about we act natural, you know, at first it might be awkward, but eventually I think we can be really close, and maybe we’ll come out when we’re one hundred percent ready.”
Dan smiled. “Sounds like a plan.”

October 2015
“Ready, Dan?” He nodded.
Phil pressed record on his camera.
“Hey guys! So as you have probably guessed from the title of the video, Dan and I are dating.”
“More like Phil and I are engaged,” Dan said, showing off his ring to the camera.
Phil smiled at him, so happy they could finally do this, and continued, “We were tired of hiding from you guys, and we decided it was time to tell you.”
“We thought marriage would be harder to hide than dating, and we thought we should be the ones to tell you.  We didn’t want leaked photos or anything.”
“And while we’re talking about this, we also just want to say that it gets better to any of the LGBTQIA+ people who are having difficulties.”
Dan smiled and said, “Back at school when people found out I was bi, I was bullied pretty horribly. But now, I couldn’t be happier. I’m with the love of my life, and I have a whole bunch of accepting friends, and I’m so glad I stayed strong when I was younger. It does get better.”
“Yeah. I always knew that I was interested in girls and boys, and even though it was difficult to come out to my friends, I did it, and was much better off because of it.”
“Thank you guys so much for understanding and being  supportive. We love you so much.”
They smiled at the camera and said goodbye. Once Phil turned off the camera he faced Dan.
“We just need to edit and upload,” Phil said.
Dan stood up and hugged his fiance. “I’m so excited.“


My brother is an editor and was recently named editor of a girl who looks promising. She recently handed his first novel, called “SOUNDS LIKE OCTOBER” (If you got that sound of the song “The Futurist” of RDJ, not blame) that speaks of an actor. He said that the novel is incredibly good and the main character, who told Cupper or BJC, is a lot like Robert Downey Jr.

Today my brother told me that the girl comment to he, that she reliance on the public life of Robert Downey Jr. for his character and many situations in the novel are based on things they know about him. You also among his acknowledgments, the last is for. She does not say soopenly, but says:

“A RDJ, who is my muse, my inspiration and my hero.”

My brother did not want to give me the document to read it, but he said that in one part have a tumblr mention, a two URL. Obviously the two do not exist, but maybe the girls names that are mentioned as if there Cupper fans: Katherine and Kayla. If your name is this and you’re a fan of RDJ, you are in a novel dedicated to him.

I Know it’s hard to believe, but according to my brother, this novel could be published in 2012, for the really believe it is promising and so is the girl.

PD: The novel is in spanish, sorry. But, I can’t belive it. I WANT TO READ THAT SHIT!

EDIT: The author is called (at least so is her stage name) Lena Salvatore. Does anyone know her? Maybe she is on tumblr.

Drake didn’t sell more records than Eminem or make more news than Kanye West in 2013, yet Kanye himself declared the rap game as “Drake season”, called him a “rap god”, and cited him as the influence for Watch the Throne.

When Drake dropped “Started From the Bottom” in March it was suddenly everywhere. “Started –” became a thing. Since then, Drake seemed unstoppable – releasing a consistent stream of undeniable hits. And in a summer with massive pop tracks dominating the airwaves, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” became a fever. Drake finished the year as the artist with the most top 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100

His star-studded “Would You Like A Tour” was two hours of hit songs, reminding you how relevant Drake’s been for awhile. Even his responses to Kendrick’s boasts, when it seemed like no response could stand a chance, stood out because, well, he’s kind of right. Though Drake seems to be in it for the long haul, this year especially Drake really hit a peak. We just have to see what he does next.