sounds like liz phair


Sounds Like: A synth-pop Liz Phair headlining Warped Tour

For Fans of: Ellie Goulding, Chvrches, Lorde, dystopian concept albums

Why You Should Pay Attention: Ashley Frangipane, a.k.a. Halsey, may be new to many, but to her loyal and devoted following, the mermaid-haired 20-year-old has been setting trends and speaking to fellow young girls on the web for most of her teen years. “I wasn’t trying to gain a following,” Halsey says of her early fame on MySpace and other social networks. “The seemingly bohemian life of me and my friends may have seemed appealing to people.” Poems and artwork she posted on Tumblr helped transform Halsey into a songwriter, and her debut LP Badlands — due August 28th — is about to launch her into international pop stardom. In the same way that she initially drew attention to herself online, the singer-songwriter is doing music her own way, and her album is a concept record told from the perspective of a person living in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian society where all negative behavior is permitted. “I felt very much like I was living in the Badlands,” she recalls. “I just entered the music industry and was surrounded by all these pressures. I felt trapped inside my own head, and I couldn’t escape.”

They Say: “It was nice to live in a world where he and I were living, sleeping, eating Badlands,” explains Halsey, who recorded the entirety of it with executive producer and then-boyfriend Lido “It was really nice to get up at six in the morning to work on the record and wake up in the arms of someone that I loved. I made this album for me. It was very therapeutic and was my way of figuring out why I was in a mental Badlands. I needed to escape it for myself. I think if someone can relate to that experience and understand that story, hopefully they will find some solace in the fact that I managed to escape. I would rather be an artist that’s believable and real than an artist that’s relatable and contrived and fake.”

Hear for Yourself: New single “New Americana” is a rebellious and anthemic preview of Frangipane’s massive debut. By Brittany Spanos