sounds like a recipe for disaster

Sadly no recording, but-

So i joined a DnD group today because my friend(DM) absolutely begged me. When i got there, character sheets for the bard were on the Dragonborn mage’s space. I dont mean ro do harm, but these six were more green then broccoli. This is the very first conversation that I heard.

Bard(ooc): where the hell did my character sheet go?!

Mage, scooting it over: I believe this is it?

Bard: what, are you trying to be me? A mage as a bard sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Mage: I think trying to cast prestodigi- whatever was a bag idea. How was i supposed to know that it couldn’t hypnotize the orc! DM, where are our abilities?!

The DM sighed and set his head down in defeat.

Drunk-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Characters: Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Word Count: 698

Warnings: alcohol?

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: you help a drunk Stiles(based on a request)

(A/N) I want to apologize in advance, I may not be posting as regularly as I do for a while, I am going through a rough patch right now.

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Top 5 Buffy Episodes

1. Once More With Feeling - a musical episode in a vampire-related teen drama television series. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Turns out to be one of my favourite TV episodes of all time

2. Hush - almost a silent episode, Hush is such a well-done, creepy episode. Also, shout-out to Doug Jones as one of the Gentlemen

3. Tabula Rasa - Randy “Horny, Desperate for a Shag” Giles. Need I say more?

4. Fool for Love - I love this episode as a whole but I’ve put this on the list mainly because of that scene when it cuts between the past and present, Spike talking to/addressing Buffy.

5. Grave - in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I’m not going to spoil major details But that final scene with Willow and Xander is one of the most powerful scenes of the series, in my opinion

I really freaking love this show, okay? XD

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Hiii!!! i love your blog and your sanders sides fics give me life <3 i was wondering if you could do some fluff since there's a lot of angsty fics. maybe like a sickfic or something (ily and your blog so much and you're a total cutie :D)

Gah thank you sweetie!

You didn’t tell me who you wanted so you get LAMP human AU, hope that’s ok

Patton was just getting home from a late shift, when he opened the door to his apartment, surprised to still see lights on. And saw what looked to be an explosion.

Roman lay cradled against Logan on the couch under a pile of blankets and discarded tissues. He was snoring slightly and his red nose stood out against his paler than normal face. Behind them the kitchen was a disaster, discarded pans and half chopped ingredients littered the countertop and a soup pot was boiling over on the stove as Anxiety studied a recipe.

“What happened in here?” he asked somewhat shocked. When he had left that morning everything had been fine.

“What happened?” Anxiety echoed, sounding like he had been pushed well past being annoyed, “ what happened was Princey over there got a little cold and has been a royal pain on the ass ever since. Seriously, I made Logan come home early because I just couldn’t take it anymore.” He huffed, pulling the soup off the stove and sloshing it into a bowl. “Give that to him, will you? I need a break.” Patton watched wide-eyed as Ann stormed off.

He gave the soup a cautious sniff, wanting to make sure it was in fact fit for human consumption, before walking back into the living room. He set the soup down on the coffee table quietly upon realizing that Logan had also drifted off. He reached forward in an attempt to gently pull his glasses off without waking him. Which of course failed as Lo jolted awake, blinking at him in confusion a few times.

“Hey, how was work?” he yawned at him.

“Same old. How was your day? Sounds like its pretty bad if Ann made you come home early.” Logan just smiled at that.

“ the only person more dramatic than Roman, is Anxiety. I mean yes Ro was pretty fussy and demanding today, but Ann was convinced Roman was on his deathbed. I tell you those two just feed into each others fantasies. ”

Pat nodded in agreement, running a hand over Romans forehead to assure himself that the other wasn’t to terribly sick.

“Do we dare try and feed him this soup, or should we just get him upstairs.” he said with a slight chuckle, holding the soup up for Logan to inspect.

“Ugh. Roman did request chicken noodle soup, but I’m not sure that qualifies.”

Patton laughed again, running his hands through Romans hair. “Roman? ”

The sick man just grumbled in his sleep and turned his face into Logan’s chest. “Come on hun, lets get you up into bed.” he said and began peeling off the blankets.

“ Noooo” Ro moaned as Logan stood up, dislodging him from his lap. Patton took his hands and pulled him to a standing position.

“Oh Pats, I do not feel well at all.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.” he slipped an arm around his waist and began guiding him to the stairs.

“I’m all stuffed up, and my throat is scratchy. My head feels so heavy it may just fall off. ”

“I’m sorry baby” he cooed, knowing that’s all Roman really wanted. “I think I’ve got some vapo rub, do you want some before you go to bed?”

Roman nodded pathetically, sitting dejectedly on the side of the bed, where Ann was (pretending to be) asleep. Quickly he ducked into the bathroom looking for the desired medicine, but by the time he got back Prince was already asleep, Anxiety wrapped tightly around him. Pat sighed and set the jar down on the side table for later.

He made his way down the stairs slowly, exhausted from his long work day. Logan was already down there, cleaning up tissues and folding blankets. Patton looked at the kitchen and sighed again.

“Just leave it.” Logan said, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist. “Ann can get it in the morning.” he felt that was unlikely to happen, but followed Logan up the stairs anyways collapsing onto the bed behind him.


“Rise and shine” Roman said cheerfully, throwing open the curtains. His greeting was meet with triplet groans as it was early, even by Pat’s standards.

“I see your feeling better.” Logan grumbled into his pillow.

“Yes of course, every one knows that cuddles are the best cure for a cold.” He proclaimed with his usual flair.

Ann reached out blindly, finding Pat and gluing himself to his back.

“I’m dying.” he said past the scratchiness in his throat before coughing into his elbow and groaning miserably.

Here we go again, Patton thought.

“Friendly Stalker” One Shot

SUMMARY: You and Bucky happen to cross paths in the restroom of a bar. What ensues next is hilarious!!!

Word Count: 1,293

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Cussing 

PROMPT “I met you last night when you were drunkenly petting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you petting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night”

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imagine dan as a gq model

listen i support all of you and your creativity and vast imaginations but why the fuck is the headcanon of dan as a model so popular,,  , , , are yall really going to pretend like that would not be the most awkward and uncomfortable thing of all time,, this dude can’t even walk in a straight line without hunching his shoulders and waddling a little like he doesn’t want people to ever look at him or he’s never fully grown into his own height ,,, how is he gonna make a living out of bending his tree-like body into elegant or sensual poses for fashion magazines while some intense af photographer is up in his face and shouting instructions at him??? ?? ? ?? how is he going to give up his love of carbs and his hatred of exercise????? nahhh m8 i can’t see it, sounds like a recipe for disaster tbh

Mr and Mrs Denver

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Requested by anonymous:

“Hi!! Can you do a Napoleon Solo where the reader and him have to act like their married for a mission (like in the illya one) except Solo catches feelings for her and starts to love her and then she gets hurt. He starts to panic and confesses his love.”

Warnings: Violence, sexual comments, fluff, swearing

Note: Ah I’m so excited for my first solo imagine, I love him <33

The vacant, still street was completely silent apart from the clicking of your heels on the pavement. The night was cool, cold actually. So cold that each breath became visible in front of you like a wisp of smoke as you exhaled. A breeze picked up on the street causing a shiver to run down your spine. In response to this you automatically gripped onto your leopard print coat, pressing it into your body more.

It didn’t help that underneath this coat all you were wearing was a skin tight, barely there dress. It was designed to attract the attention of a certain sleazy, ex-government official and it had worked. You had retrieved the stolen government files just like Waverly had instructed you to do, now the problem was getting the hell out of here. Waverly had told you to meet him at a certain hotel but the problem was you had no money for a cab (there was no room for you to put it anywhere in your dress, obviously) and no way to call him to get yourself picked up. 

So, you had to walk.

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BTS as a family

Request: ‘ bts as 1 big family? I know u get the stuff w/ jin as the mom all the time but I wanna c what u think their roles are’

Headcanon Masterlist

Thanks for requesting! Check out my other HCs in the link above!

Rap Monster / Namjoon

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  • The Older Brother 
  • Joon
  • who thinks he can act like the father figure when dad is away, 
  • but really, it’s them who need to protect him
  • Somehow has more accidents than his dongsaengs
  • But he’s a really good tutor
  • So dad doesn’t have to always help with the kids’ homework
  • encourages Taehyung 
  • every time he thinks he’s found his dream occupation
  • even though it changes like 8473299 times a week
  • has a soft spot for the mysterious child that is Jeongguk
  • House is getting cramped
  • but they can share a room
  • Lets anyone share a bed with him if they’ve had a nightmare
  • cuddle monster
  • baby sits occasionally
  • plays peekaboo with the tots
  • and it’s all nice and fun
  • until he covers his eyes one minute
  • has to fish Taehyung down from a shelf
  • and pull Jimin out of the fridge
  • then Jeongguk’s crying because he’s due a nappy change
  • and then holy fuck why do safety pins exist when they make your finger bleed?
  • thinks his brothers are some sort of curse on him for a solid year
  • because the accidents only happen when they’re around
  • but then catches dad burning his hand on the stove like
  • oh
  • probably shouldn’t have held those rituals to rid the curse
  • has to study at friend’s houses a lot though
  • so he’s not always at home
  • very independent as a result
  • because as much as he loves his brothers
  • they get so goddamn noisy
  • I guess that’s why they can come sleep in his room
  • because many study nights turn into sleep overs
  • probably only sleeps in his own bed about 3 days a week during high school years
  • the most trustworthy child

Jin /Seokjin

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  • The single parent
  • with A LOT on his hands!
  • Don’t ask how he acquired so many children
  • He just did
  • “You’re adopted!”
  • when one of his kids just won’t shut the f*ck up!
  • But then goes soft when they cry
  • Even though it was their own stupid fault
  • “Goddammit, I suppose I should take you out shopping or something then”
  • Still puts notes in the kids packed lunches
  • he has to be both parents 
  • but somehow to the kids, it feels like he’s three or four parents 
  • because he puts in 150-200% effort in everyday
  • Gets distressed at every milestone
  • he doesn’t want them to grow up
  • Starts crying in the middle of the clothes store
  • because he was only here last week
  • for the same child
  • how tf did Tae go up 2 shoe sizes this week?
  • why do Jeongguk’s shirts keep tearing so easily?
  • when did Jimin’s voice break?!
  • no recollection of Namjoon being a child, help
  • Slipping Through My Fingers by ABBA on repeat
  • He does have a tendency to over do the whole protective thing
  • there’s going to be a lesson to be learned from this
  • but I’m just going to tell it to you now 
  • so you don’t have to go through all that upset and heart-break
  • but he gets some help along the way to let go a little
  • “Seokjin, why does Taehyung’s wallpaper now have a… rubbery theme to it?”
  • “Harry Potter is a bad influence and I will not have my baby having five thousand head injuries!”
  • “Jin, I know the kid can do some dumb things, but do you honestly think he’s going to try that many times?”
  • Makes the other parents jealous 
  • he doesn’t mean to though
  • he can’t help if he invites the kids’ friends round for tea, that his cooking happens to be better….
  • the other half of the parents of the kids at school however are single and all have a thing for him
  • Will buy everything his child needs for a project
  • perhaps a bit gullible at times
  • “a skateboard?”
  • “for science. gravity.”
  • “oh, okay”
  • Waves with a little hanky when the kids go on school trips
  • “have you got your bag?”
  • “have you got the lunch I packed you?”
  • “Yes dad, all 6 boxes of it”
  • Has some quirks that he won’t admit he has
  • or that the kids have picked up from him
  • “Why does Jeongguk make racing car sounds when he runs still?”
  • *shrugs*
  • “I have no idea”
  • *goes to put something on the shelf making a swanee whistle sound*
  • “Why does Taehyung still believe in unicorns?”
  • “Shut up! They’re totally real!”
  • Cliches
  • eat your crusts to get stronger
  • carrots to see in the dark
  • beauty sleep
  • the early bird gets the worm
  • *goddammit now the kids are waking up at 5am to take all the contents of the fridge*
  • err, too much chocolate milk makes you sad
  • “but it tastes so good Dad!”
  • “Goddammit children we should be endorsed for chocolate milk!!!”
  • Wants to hear all about your day
  • “Dad, I’m 27 now”
  • “I don’t care Namjoon. Tell me about your day.”
  • “Daaaad”
  • “and I made you hot chocolate and cookie, come snuggle on the couch with me”
  • Family photos at xmas with matching sweaters
  • From the
  • “Look at this piece of art that Jeonggukkie made for me today!”
  • *sticks it on the fridge but it’s made of pasta and lolly sticks so it keeps sliding down*
  • to the
  • “Oh my life my ChimChim has graduated uni!”
  • even the
  • “You just burped the alphabet? My son is so talented!”
  • “You made a rap about breakfast? Genius!”
  • Everything the kids do is amazing and a big achievement

Suga / Yoongi

Originally posted by yoongiyi

  • Grandad by blood to one of the kids
  • Pop-pops to all the kids anyways
  • No one is quite sure which kid is his grandchild though
  • Tbh he’s just here for some peace and quiet
  • (Chance would be a fine thing though…)
  • Owns that one chair in the living area
  • over the years, the general room design and furniture cahnges
  • but that chair stays
  • Just watches the kids do stupid shit
  • Guk’s about to put a crayon up his nose
  • and Tae is about to walk through a wall
  • but he ain’t gonna stop them
  • “Let the idiots learn from their own mistakes”
  • *crash!* *bang!* 
  • *crying*
  • “You raised morons.”
  • Makes less gestures 
  • but when he does, they’re huge
  • kinda like how some people pay for things weekly, and some monthly
  • One of the few grandparents that doesn’t constantly share their war stories
  • he just shares his own experiences when relevant
  • Though Taehyung is always asking for him to tell another story
  • “Tae, it’s 10pm”
  • “Just one more story pop-pops, please?”
  • He has more impact on the kids than he realizes
  • they adore him so much
  • and he wonders why the parents that helped create these kids don’t want to be around to raise them with Jin
  • but he wouldn’t have this family any other way
  • Gives the most heart-warming, tear-jerking toasts
  • everyone thought they were gonna cry at Jimin’s wedding because of the vows and love is beautiful and all the rest
  • but instead, everyone ends up being lame for the story of how pop-pops met his one true love
  • and the ending makes you emo for weeks
  • No one quite knows why he acts so indifferent
  • because he has such soft stories
  • Namjoon wonders for a while in his childhood
  • and then when he’s grown up
  • one day when he’s no longer living at home and drops in to say hello
  • Pop-pops is in his chair
  • watching the kids shooting each other with nerf guns
  • whites socks sliding on the kitchen lino
  • and sound effects
  • and then Namjoon sees it;
  • Pop-pops likes to just watch the kids progress day by day
  • watching them learn from their mistakes
  • watching them develop as people
  • that’s why he’d never step in when there was a recipe for disaster about to happen
  • He encourages Jin 
  • to make sure they grow up into well-rounded people
  • rather than put them in bubblewrap
  • and he couldn’t have done a better job.

J-Hope / Hoseok

Originally posted by gotjhope

  • That cool uncle
  • Uncle Hobi
  • That everyone adores, especially the youngest 
  • because he comes back with a gift every visit
  • Puts up with a lot of shit from the younger kids
  • because he can go home at the end of the day
  • Proudest uncle in the world
  • goes to all the kids events with Jin
  • although it’s a problem when he’s watching a match and two of the kids are on opposite teams like
  • “go on you reds! you can do i—”
  • “oh nice tackle blues! sock it to them!”
  • “I love both teams!”
  • all the other adults are confused
  • “Everyone’s a winner; go purple!!!”
  • Owns so much cool stuff
  • sometimes the kids sleep round at his
  • they’re fighting over the arcade machine
  • challenging each other to snooker or darts matches
  • arguing about the artwork on the wall
  • uncle hobi just smiles
  • Takes them out every weekend
  • so many fond memories
  • Spends all his money on the kids
  • there’s that one game Jeongguk’s not so good at at the arcade
  • but he’s addicted to it
  • so cool uncle hobi keeps giving him quarters
  • *2 days later”
  • “Look! Uncle Hobi! I finally won!”
  • “Well done, champ!”
  • Yeah, and it only cost him 200 dollars…
  • and guess who feeds Taehyung’s taste for Gucci?
  • or rather, guess who started it?
  • Jimin doesn’t ask for much
  • but uncle Hobi is always showering him with gift baskets when the others aren’t around
  • Namjoon sometimes joins them on their little outings
  • and he tells uncle Hobi all about the the new things he’s learned in school
  • and then Hobi find himself writing a cheque mid conversation
  • “Uh, Uncle Hobi, what are you doing?”
  • “Just take my money and go change the world!!”
  • It’s impossible to be prouder than Jin
  • but he’s pretty close


Originally posted by urnotnamjoon

  • The middle brother
  • Chim
  • Who gets to order Tae and Guk around
  • as they get older, he’ll double dare them to some stupid shit
  • and they’ll do it
  • Younger brothers are just there for his amusement.
  • It’s the only reason they were born 
  • Like remember that one time it was snowing and he triple dared them to lick that frozen pole…?…
  • Takes more influence from pop-pops than he realizes
  • “It’s not my fault they were stupid enough to do it”
  • Doesn’t like it when Jungkook grows up
  • Yesterday, he was at Jimin’s shoulder level
  • but today, Jungkook is patting his head 
  • Probably because of all those times Jungkook took the last of the chocolate milk
  • and
  • “Stop copying me Jeongguk; I did it first!”
  • but nawh, he does adore the youngest bro
  • back up older brother
  • you know that mem
  • the one where it’s like
  • *someone is sad*
  • and then
  • Jimin: [that picture of him peaking round the corner being a cute lil mochi]
  • He’s mostly like that for Tae
  • but when Joon leaves home
  • he’s there for Guk too in this way
  • He’s a good listener
  • which he gets from Dad Jin and brother Joon
  • bonds more with Tae as time goes by
  • mainly because the other brothers move out first
  • Falls for the best friend of the girl Taehyung is dating
  • oh look at that, it turns out she’s his soulmate
  • double dates with his bro
  • embarrassing childhood stories
  • but the girls just find it charming, really
  • so many family get together events because of these two brothers alone
  • 21st birthday parties
  • they could have had a combined celebration
  • but why do that when you can have twice the fun?
  • Taehyung’s friends are Jimin’s friends
  • and vice versa
  • Jin watches them on movie night from the kitchen for a moment being proud
  • and then makes them extra popcorn
  • “Dad, we’ll get fat!”
  • “Good; I like my children to have chubby cheeks”
  • what other life events? oh yeah
  • engagement parties
  • weddings
  • emotional toasts 
  • about how they’ve gotten closer these recent years
  • followed by a baby story
  • “Tae, I can’t believe you told them that!”
  • “What? You showed everyone my baby pictures at my last birthday party!”
  • It’s kinda weird when Jimin and Taehyung fall out
  • because when they fall out
  • it’s not even a proper argument
  • like they don’t even know how to argue
  • “Dammit Jimin! Did you have to dress better than me tonight?!… Like seriously, where did you get that sweater?”
  • “Kim Taehyung! Did you steal that hair dye I bought?!… Oh wait never mind, that really suits you”
  • Secrets that make them even closer
  • they don’t always like to burden Dad
  • so they tell each other instead
  • Tae helps Jimin come out of his shell
  • and in return, Jimin helps Taehyung understand people better
  • Very capable of living independent lives
  • but feel empty without one another for too long

V / Taehyung

Originally posted by kimthwriter

  • That child you cannot leave alone for 2 seconds
  • Bwi / TaeTae as a child, then
  • Tae as he gets older
  • “Okay, Tae Tae, I’m just going upstairs for something, so don’t touch anything”
  • Gets ice cream all over his face after one lick
  • Takes ‘the floor is lava’ game very seriously
  • creates the most laundry for Jin to do
  • because he’s always climbing and skidding 
  • and just being a boy really
  • Wants to pet everything, and
  • Wants a pet everything
  • “Dad! Can we get a dog?”
  • “How about a bunny?”
  • “How about a unicorn?”
  • “…Unicorns don’t exist Tae; they’re made up”
  • “Shut up! They’re totally real!”
  • (Like father, like son…)
  • Usually a carrier when there’s illness going round at school
  • “Look TaeTae, I know you don’t feel ill, but just be careful not to…”
  • *Tae sneezes really loudly without covering his face*
  • Lives for bedtime stories
  • loves fairytales
  • but comes to love underrated literature even more
  • so he really appreciates where those tales derived from
  • like old folklores and myths, etc
  • but also the more modern pieces that follow
  • and he knows all the pre-Brothers Grimm versions
  • but still somehow remains pure
  • santa is always real, no matter what you tell him
  • and the tooth fairy
  • and the easter bunny
  • Everyone knows Taehyung is a unique child
  • he just has a different perspective to most of the children
  • no one knows where it came from 
  • and not even Jin can credit himself for that
  • and he’s either going to grow up to be really smart
  • or a solitary eccentric
  • Has like a million teddy bears
  • they all get equal cuddles
  • one for each day of the week month year
  • Wants to try everything when he grows up
  • “Daddy, I want to be a surgeon!”
  • and it’s like a new occupation each day
  • “Lawyer!”
  • “Archaeologist!”
  • “Dentist!”
  • you never knew there were so many jobs in the world
  • “Shoplifter!”
  • “Shoplifter? What? Tae, you can’t steal things!”
  • Looking back, you wouldn’t believe that stupid shit came out of his mouth
  • he grows up so intelligent
  • and becomes a writer for children’s books
  • Defends any family member no matter what
  • even if there’s a chance they’re in the wrong
  • but that don’t matter because they’ve raised him so right
  • Jin cries when he leaves home because he’s raised
  • husband material
  • Ends up extending the family by 60%
  • adorable little puppies for children
  • and then adorable children as cute as puppies
  • and because he’s forever a child by spirit
  • he raises them to believe and be happy and have a little faith
  • It’s so hard to pick godparents
  • but he picks Jimin eventually
  • Fathers of a new generation of kids
  • Wow, they grow up so fast


Originally posted by eolljjung

  • Another child that needs constant supervision
  • ‘Guk / Jeonggukie / Gukkie
  • Puts everything in his mouth
  • “No Jeonggukie! You can’t eat uncle Hobi!”
  • With baby Bwi he’s a 
  • Not even sure he’s Jin’s kid
  • or just a friend Bwi brought into the house one day
  • No one realizes until he’s like 11 years old
  • that he’s one of Pop-pops’ grandkids
  • “How could you not tell us something like that Yoongs?”
  • “What? You never asked…
  • “…also, he’s a moron”
  • but pop-pop Yoongs doesn’t mean it
  • He just doesn’t want to give Jungkook special treatment
  • back to Guk
  • Gets way too hyper before his teens 
  • then one day Jin is the garage trying to fix the car and Jeongguk won’t leave him alone
  • and in a panic he sees some weights like
  • “Here have a go on these”
  • and that’s why Jeongguk grows up to be a 
  • muscle pig
  • becomes stronger than all his older siblings 
  • they actually get low key scared of him in adulthood
  • also becomes like really good at fixing stuff
  • so when Namjoon moves out
  • Guk follows not long after to share an apartment with him
  • and it saves a bit of money on repairs
  • so it’s kinda cute
  • because in childhood, Namjoon would fix Gukkie’s broken heart with his wisdom and wise advice
  • and in adulthood, Jeongguk fixes Namjoon’s broken furniture with his more practical skills
  • Won’t admit it but
  • copies Jimin
  • on purpose
  • but like I say, he won’t admit it
  • “Jeongguk!! I had muscles first!”
  • “Whaaat?” 
  • *crushes a walnut with his bare fist*
  • he just smiles
  • because he’s finally as strong as his great older bro
  • Gathers a lot of hobbies and interests
  • he has something he can share with each family member
  • If he wants to talk about something, all he has to do is
  • ask Jimin if he wants a video game night or
  • ask Dad to bake Gukkie Cookies with him or
  • sorry
  • ask Tae to meet at the book store or
  • ask Joon for an anime marathon or
  • ask uncle Hobi to come bowling or
  • ask pop-pops if he’s interested in a spot of golf
  • fortunately, he doesn’t even have to say something’s up
  • everyone knows that’s his go to move if he needs advice
  • Some people would say that all the things he has are down to luck
  • but he knows he wouldn’t be where he is without his family
  • and that’s the lucky part

Pretty much the main reason why I hope that Stakar and his team still have (at least a part) of their superpowers – just so that Peter can finally get to meet them and be absolutely unimpressed by it.

Especially with Stakar’s powers. Of course especially with Stakar’s powers.

Stakar gets angry at the little brat and starts glowing, powers activating?

Peter shields his eyes and goes “Dude tone it down we all get that you’re a bright star in the universe, alright”.

Stakar flies?

“We got Aero-Rigs for that”

Stakar mentions that he can fuse with Aleta?

“You fuse with your ex-wife? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.”

Imagine Stakar having flashbacks to very similar discussions with Yondu (at least Yondu had a bit respect towards him because he had granted him freedom, more than Peter, anyway) while he tries very hard to decide if it would be alright to smack the youngster over the head or if he should really crack a smile at the boy’s antics.

The rest of his team doesn’t have this reservations and straight out laughs their asses off, Aleta declaring “That’s my grandson, alright, I like that brat”.

Martinex shrugs with a helpless little grin as Stakar glares at him, posture nearly shattered as he swallows down his laughter. “Yondu’s boy, after all.”

“That explains it all,” Stakar mutters, causing more laughter from behind him.

Just, very done Stakar and very unimpressed yet secretly amused Peter. That will go so well.

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isak and jonas try baking while totally wasted. even to the rescue 🙄🙄🙄😕😕😕

This prompt is so cute!! Literally adorable and I may have veered off a bit into crack, but I’m dying.


Were there steps leading up to this moment?

Isak would like to imagine so… but truthfully the whole night is kind of a blur. Like one big mass of beers and then shots and then Never Have I Ever and-

Whoa, Isak has got to stop thinking this hard or he’ll tip over.

“It’s a great idea,” He says, a little louder and a little less coherent than he had intended by the looks that Mahdi and Jonas give him. Mahdi gives him the finger and rolls over to fall back asleep on the couch. He adjusts his volume, “We can do this.”

“Yesss,” Jonas downs the rest of his mixed drink, and points, “To the kitchen! What’re we making?”

Jonas sounds hammered. Isak laughs at the thought and nearly careens into Magnus, who’s passed out cold on the floor in front of the couch cradling an empty Vodka bottle like a teddy bear, “Oops.”

“Isak- man.. what’re we mak- making?”

“Oh- um,” he thinks real hard at the ingredients currently housed on Noora’s shelf. “Cookies? Brownies?”

Jonas smiles and fuck his eyes are squinted like fuck Maybe they shouldn’t have smoked a bowl in between drinks. “Cookies sound…. fucking amazing.”


Okay so it’s safe to say that it does not go well.

There is flour coating the floor from where Isak grabbed the bag too hard and it exploded. A half-opened bag of chocolate chips seem to be more smeared on Jonas’s face than in the sad excuse for a batter.

And they couldn’t find the measuring cups….or a written recipe- so he and Jonas just kind of poured things that would logically go into cookies and decided to see what would happen.

As it turns out- disaster.

Isak groans, “Even makes great cookies.”

“Eveeeennn,” Jonas drawls, using his hands to half knead the mass in the mixing bowl and throw chunks at Isak, “Where is he?”

And that- that’s a good question.

“He should be here!” And fuck, Isak is getting loud again, but the sudden excitement at the thought of his boyfriend makes him fucking happy, alright?

He pulls out his phone and tries the passcode. And tries. And tries.

“It’s broken.” Isak curses and then reconsiders, “Wait. Fuck, Jonas, what’s my birthday?”

“You’re so fucking trashed man.”

“Fuck you. Even’s is the 12th of February…. and mine is…”

“Do you not use the fingerprint?”


The phone rings for about 20 seconds before Even finally picks up. And when he does, he sounds just like he does in the rare mornings that Isak is awake before him- grumpy and out of it. “Isak? Are you okay?”

“Evy!” Isak turns away from Jonas when he boos at Isak’s cute nickname for his boyfriend, “Hallaaa.”

There is silence on the other line and Isak frowns.

“Are you drunk? Or high? Or some mix of the two?”

“Maybe.” Isak grabs a rolling pin and gestures for Jonas to throw him a scrap of dough. The roller would make for a good American baseball bat, so he treats it as one and smashes the dough back at Jonas, “Come over. I miss you and I want to see you.”

“Baby,” That’s Even’s patient tone, “It’s 3am.”

“Please?” Isak glances at the mess on the counter, “we’re baking. what if we like- burn the house down or something. You’d feel pretty bad if you weren’t here for that.”


“See you sooooooon.” Isak hangs up and high fives Jonas. Or attempts to. Jonas’s hand is a bit blurry and moving a bit too fast.


Even uses his key to be let in, which is great because Isak and Jonas are currently on the kitchen floor singing their hearts out to ABBA and there is no way Isak would have heard him.


Isak climbs up from the floor and pulls Even into a kiss almost immediately. Even entangles himself after several long moments. “I hear you’re baking?”

“Mmhmm.” Isak steps over Jonas, who has gone from singing the lyrics, to mouthing them on the floor as his eyes droop. “Here.”

Even takes one look at the bowl and grins. “That is the shittiest batch of dough I’ve ever seen.” He pokes it, “Did you even put eggs in it?”

Isak shrugs, “I don’t remember.”

“Okay, Gordon Ramsey,” Even puts the bowl down and wraps his arms around his swaying boyfriend. Which feels awesome. Isak is content with this situation. “You smell so bad. Like weed and beer and sugar cookies. It’s awful.”

But he doesn’t move away, so Isak counts it as a win.

“I’m so fucking tired.” Isak yawns into Even’s chest and gestures toward his room. “Can we finish baking tomorrow?”

Even snorts and turns off all of the burners- which had no business being on- and then the oven. “Yeah alright. Let’s go to bed.”


In the morning, just when the pounding in Isak’s head was at it’s very peek and he was curled up into Even’s side, he heard the front door close.

And then.

And then.



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Can u write one using "ur a terrible cook" for gajeel and levy make levy the bad cook

Consequences Are Not Levy’s Friend (Unless It’s In The Bedroom)

Pairing; Gajevy

Word Count; 356

A/N;  Have some fluff!

“You’re a terrible cook.”

“And you’re a terrible boyfriend.”

“Tch, I’m the best and you know it.”

“If you were the best then you wouldn’t have forced me to cook in this.”

Levy pouted at Gajeel, gesturing to the frilly black and pink apron Gajeel had picked for her to wear, nothing else except for a matching pair of underwear with a large bow on the back allowed.

“Guess ya shouldn’t have doubted me when I told ya I could make Bunny Girl snort beer out her nose,” he shrugged. Levy’s pout deepened.

“You only did that by dumping glitter on Natsu.”

“Bets a bet,” Gajeel said, grinning at her. And pushing away the beyond burnt plate of what was supposed to be shepherd’s pie, and ended up being somehow blackened and undercooked at the same time. 

Levy huffed as she sat down across from Gajeel, glaring at the untouched food. “I know I read the recipe right…” she mumbled, worrying her lip. Levy continued to examine her disaster, ignoring the sound of Gajeel’s chair scraping against the tiled floor and his heavy footsteps. He was probably going to get the lacrima and order delivery. She hoped he would get pizza. 

“Don’t get like that Shrimp,” Gajeel said, voice low in her ear. Levy squeaked, sighing in defeat when Gajeel picked her up. She laid limp over his shoulder, eyebrow quirking when she realized he was carrying her to their bedroom. 

“What are you going, Gajeel?” Levy asked, looking over her shoulder and at the side of his face. His red eyes were sharp and wolfish when they darted to her, wide grin sending heat to pool in her gut. 

“I just thought we shouldn’t let this outfit go to waste. I hafta punish ya for ruining dinner, don’t I?” Gajeel growled, gripping her ass roughly and giving the flesh a firm shake. Levy whimpered, nodding as he opened the door. She had agreed to be his maid for the day, and there were consequences when a maid didnèt do her job. Consequences that hopefully involved the fuzzy pink handcuffs in the box under the bed. 

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something that bugs me about the human zoo is. if they 'mate and have a baby how the hell do they take care of the baby? the people in the zoo are mentally young imo and probably dont know how much care a baby needs... and i doubt pink diamonds followers know about it either. Hell, even rose didnt really know much about babies before meeting one. who takes care of the pregnant person and their baby?? it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

oh fuck, I didn’t even catch that. I was gonna say maybe the earrings have instructions for this but, like you said, gems don’t know what the fuck a baby is. maybe instincts?????

Slade, that’s just petty.

Deathstroke #24 is a ton of laughs in a way I was not expecting. Even if 90% of it comes from Wally being reeeeeallyyyyy bad at spying and Slade embarrassing him by playing his intel to the entire team. But in it Priest managed to capture that more awkward part of being a teenager, that part where you expect things to go a certain way but they turn out embarrassing or worse. Wally bounces from one such moment to another, be it making rookie mistakes when trying to stop the shooter, Joey using him to pick up a hot guy, being caught between Rose and Terra about to kill each other and making a fool of himself to stop them, being caught spying by Slade, kid cannot catch a break. 

Oh and having his crush on Tanya revealed, that’s super awkward, thanks, Slade. Although, maybe crush is here too strong of a word, I think a lot of teens find their friends of opposite gender attractive. Don’t get me wrong tho, I think playing a some sort of love triangle involving Raven, Wally and Tanya could be interesting….but maybe not across two separate books? That sounds like a recipe to make him look like a cheating jerk, the same way Sam Wilson at Marvel comes off when you realize writers of his own book and Avengers/Legacy had completely different ideas who is he dating. Since Wally is soon back on the Teen Titans (by the way, who wants to bet this whole thing with him being fired was because Damian wanted him to spy on Defiance and Slade?) and this team is kinda a step from exploding because it’s attached to walking disaster that is Slade Wilson, maybe Tanya could later join Teen Titans. Or if Defiance manages to stay together but breaks away from Slade to strike on their own (please let it happen DC) you could get Raven join that group in their own adventures and then play any potential love triangle then?

Probably reading too much into it, should have learned to trust Priest more. He likes to drop such bits that will get fans worried and then resolve them later. He did that with Terra - last issue he implied she’s working as a prostitute, this clarified she’s a “bodyguard posing as a date”. Good explanation for me, even if not for Rose.

Oh, we also have a very interesting development regarding mysterious redhead and The Forgotten - he tried to ask Slade for help catching her but Slade said no. So he called a favor from a Chinese Secretary. And then we got this panel

Priest is gonna put Kenan Kong, Super-Man of China on the collision course with Slade and Defiance.

Prompt List

So as promised the prompt list is up! Feel free to send in a number with a character and we shall write it out for you! The restrictions remain the same: no smut and no writings on real life actors\celebrities. Fluff, sure but that’s it really.

Have a great day guys! 

Loads of love,
Circe and Charlie 

1. “Am I missing something here?”

2. “That was definitely not how it was supposed to turn out.”

3. “Oh jeez! How long have you been standing there!?”

4. “Wait! You’re not…? But I thought….!” ____ said. “Yeah that makes more sense.”

5. “Hey aren’t you supposed to be somewhere right now?”

6. “Are you absolutely sure that this is a good idea?”

7. “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.”

8. “And your point is…?”

9. “Congratulations. I think you found the world’s thinnest argument.”

10. “There is no way I’m going out in public with you looking like that.”

11. “You’re blocking the view.”

“I am the view.”

12. “Thank you for your valuable insight you idiot, now shut up and sit down.”

13. “Hey is that my shirt?”

14. “I wanna see you try.”

15. “Whaaaaaat? Pffft. No!” *Nervous laughter* 

16. “I’m ready for anything!”

17. “I have nothing to do with this!”

18. “This is a recipe of disaster.”

19. “But did you die??”

20. “It’s all about skill, precision and- oh fuck just hit it!

 21. “I could have died!”

“You tripped over it!!!”

“I could have died!”

22. “Uuuuuh I’m dyyying.”

“Calm down, drama queen. It’s just a cold.”

23. “I love you.”

“Thank you.”

“Aren’t you gonna say it back?”

“I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Like sure I’d roundhouse kick someone who tries to hit you but I’m not sure about love. Or about a roundhouse kick cause I can’t do that.”

24. “There is absolutely nothing which can come between us.”

25. “Can you cuddle with me please?”

26. “I’d choose you over Brad Pitt any day.

 27. “I don’t deserve you.”

28. “Can I have a kiss in return?”

29. “I don’t care what anyone else says, I love you and I’m sticking with you.” 

30. “Hey look at me. Look at me. This idiot loves you.”

could it be? - prologue

I guess before I start telling you the story, I should introduce myself. My name’s Ellie, and my mom is Elsa. Yes, the ice queen. My life has always been a little rough. Sure, my mom made peace with her people, but outsiders still fear her capabilities…and by extension, mine. My powers, a topic that is frequent whenever someone learns of my origin. Most people believe my powers to be greater than that of my mother’s, powers that can end all things. What they really don’t know is that I have no powers. I wasn’t born with extraordinary gifts, and I’ve never been the cause of some supernatural accident. I’m just me, a seventeen year old girl with not much to tell. I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, but we managed to convince King Adam of my non-magical abilities and I’ve finally been invited to attend Auradon Prep. It’s all a little overwhelming and a little rough to get used to- leaving my home, going somewhere I’ve never been before. Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster.



Sabrina Carpenter as Ellie

Dylan O'Brien as Aaron

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Mitchell Hope as Ben

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Avan Jogia as Aziz

Lily Collins as Rain

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Logan Lerman as Flash

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Olivia Holt as Alex

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Could you write a story in which Rin and Makoto try the 'no burp' Dr. Pepper chug challenge, getting bloated and both needing to burp until one loses, letting loose all the pressure in their bellies, and giving the winner the opportunity to unleash the beast? :3

AN: Wow, guys, look at me I actually did a fic are you proud or what??

Between the condensation and his own sopping wet hands, Makoto was lucky to have even caught the can of Dr. Pepper that Rin had so haphazardly thrown his way.
“Careful, Rin! That could have busted all over the floor! Do you want us to have an ant problem?”
“Tch…” Makoto received little more than an eye-roll for his concerns. “You sound like such a housewife sometimes, you know that? We’re having a contest, you and me. Let’s see who can drink their can the fastest, yeah?”
“Geez, Rin, we let you practice with us for one day and you start this kind of thing?”
“Shut up, Gou.” Rin continued on, paying no attention to the frightening red hue his sister’s face had taken. “Did you expect me just to quietly swim laps the whole time and leave? Oh, Makoto, there’s one more rule. First one to burp loses automatically, got it?”
Makoto swallowed heavily. This whole thing just sounded like a recipe for disaster. Or, at the very least a recipe for vomit, which was not something he was interested in seeing or doing today. But by this point the entire team had stopped what they were doing to watch. Even Haruka had stopped swimming, arms folded over the pool’s edge with a half-interested look that Makoto knew disguised his complete attention.
Makoto was never a show-off, but all eyes being on him was really waking up his competitive side. At the very least he couldn’t back down. That was losing without trying, and that would be even more shameful than hurling Dr. Pepper all over the deck. Well, maybe.
“Well, I mean… I guess I can-”
Makoto almost dropped his can for a second time that day.
Rin had a head start of a couple of seconds, but it wasn’t much. Makoto’s larger frame allowed him to take in more liquid without stopping. By the time that Rin pulled the empty can away from his mouth with a small, gurgly burp, Makoto had already been finished for several moments. He had yet to burp, however, and was looking towards the ground with an uncomfortable look on his face.
“What’s the- bruuup- matter, Makoto? Was it too- URP! Much for you? Ah, man… that one hurt…” Rin pressed a fist into the side of his stomach, pushing out a long burp that ended very forcefully. A chain of burps followed, ending with an even longer and louder belch with a wet edge to it. “There it is… Man, it feels a lot better once you get ‘em out. What are you waiting for, Makoto?”
Hearing Rin belch like that made his throat and stomach ache. He would have given anything to be able to let out a belch like that. Even in front of all of his teammates. The pressure and discomfort were getting to be far too much for him to handle. The bloated feeling had taken a slightly nauseous edge, and taking in a full breath was starting to become more difficult. He needed to burp, and he needed to burp now, no matter who was watching.
But when he opened his mouth, sucking in to try and force himself to, nothing came out. It was hopelessly stuck.
“C’mon, Makoto, you aren’t even going to burp? You already won, are you trying to embarrass me?”
Makoto opened his mouth to reply, but his words turned into a whimper when a sudden cramp shot through his abdomen.
Now Rin seemed worried. “Makoto? What’s the matter? You… you’re not gonna hurl, are you?”
“Aww… poor Makoto, it must be stuck. I bet your tummy’s hurting, isn’t it?” Makoto’s face turned cherry red, the concern and sympathy in Nagisa’s face were far too genuine for him to be upset. “Oh, I know, try swallowing some air! That’ll help you get the first one out, then the rest will follow!”
Makoto didn’t even bother facing his teammates as he started to gulp air down. This was so embarrassing, but he had to get some air out. Every mouthful of air that he forced into his already distended abdomen hurt, but he kept going for as long as he physically could. At this point he already knew that any burp that left his system was bound to be embarrassingly huge. It didn’t matter anymore- he had to get it out.
Yet, when he finally opened his mouth, nothing would come out but a few tiny, strained burps, soft and gurgly with no force or substance behind them, and no relief to his tormented stomach. By this point the pressure in his stomach had doubled, and his chest was aching. He whimpered again, and clutched at his stomach desperately.
Only for it to suddenly be hit with Rin’s elbow.
“Rin, what are you doing?” Rei hissed, “You’re going to make him vomit! Ohh, I can’t watch this…”
A short but loud belch suddenly rumbled up. Unlike the previous ones, this had some weight to it. They started to come up one after another, uncontrollably. Makoto felt a huge weight suddenly shift from his stomach to his chest, and he started to wonder if Rei had been right.
He doubled over with a longer belch that was unmistakably wet, and everyone jumped back.
“Rin…” Gou’s teeth were clenched, “You’re cleaning this up.”
“Relax, sis, just give ‘em a minute.”
Makoto straightened up slightly before an extremely massive belch suddenly ripped from his throat, his body shuddering with the force of it. After a few second he moved his hand from his mouth, the bitter yet overly sweet taste overwhelming his senses. By the time several seconds had passed, the burp was more soda than air, wetly pattering off. His face crimson, Makoto cleared his throat and stood up straight, the sudden movement pushing up another shorter, less violent belch.
For a moment, there was silence.
“Woah… that was really cool Makoto!” Nagisa offered him a high five, which he took meekly and with great reluctance.
“More like gross…” A part of Makoto died at Gou’s words. “But, I’m glad you feel better.”
He really, really did. The feeling of going from the extreme discomfort of the pressure and nausea to the cool, airy feeling of a mostly empty stomach was very satisfying, almost slightly euphoric. It was both a figurative and physical weight off of his chest.
“See, Makoto, that wasn’t so bad, was it? You won the contest, and now that you got that behemoth out of your system… I mean, that was huge! Have you been practicing or what?”
If it was even possible, Makoto’s face turned a deeper red with mortification and repressed anger at Rin’s words. “Rin… shut up.
As Makoto sauntered off towards the locker room with gritted teeth, Haruka put a hand on Rin’s shoulder. “He’s mad at you right now. Very angry. You’re playing a dangerous game, Rin.” Having said his piece, he jumped back into the pool.
“What? What did I do?!”

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i've been thinking most of the day about shiro and keith + kitchen disasters! not sure if that is something you'd like to explore haha

of course!! that sounds like a recipe for disaster, which is totally my kinda thing. i also know next to nothing about cooking myself, so that totally works for this. gonna shove it under the cut though, in case it becomes long-ish.

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I want to see a story about spy gadget failures.  When the ejector seat goes off at the wrong time in a car chase, and the secret message self-destructs before it’s listened to, and the tear gas talcum powder goes off when the wrong person opens the suitcase.

The garrote wire in the watch comes loose and catches on things.  The rocket belt gets bumped in the suitcase and ruins the luggage (and sets off a smoke detector, and ruins some more things, possibly in a fancy hotel).  The voice changer sounds like it’s going through puberty. 

And honestly, who puts a laser in a wristwatch?  That’s a recipe for several different kinds of disasters.  The list is endless.

Maybe all this is because of a lack of funding, and a need to use cheap/old devices.  Maybe they’re prototypes that haven’t been tested properly.  Or maybe they’re just normal technology like in the real world, which doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to!