sounds like a recipe for disaster

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something that bugs me about the human zoo is. if they 'mate and have a baby how the hell do they take care of the baby? the people in the zoo are mentally young imo and probably dont know how much care a baby needs... and i doubt pink diamonds followers know about it either. Hell, even rose didnt really know much about babies before meeting one. who takes care of the pregnant person and their baby?? it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

oh fuck, I didn’t even catch that. I was gonna say maybe the earrings have instructions for this but, like you said, gems don’t know what the fuck a baby is. maybe instincts?????

Darcy/Ron, Let’s get silly

for @thestarfishdancer

 “Right then, so I’ve kneaded the dough.  With my hands.  It’s all sticky and disgusting…”  Ron poked at the ball of pizza dough on the counter.  “Now what?”  

“You roll it in cornmeal and then toss it.”  

“Toss it where?” He made a face.  “I do all this work on it and now I just toss it?”    

“In the air,” Darcy mimed.  “Haven’t you seen a pizza guy toss the dough before?”

“That sounds like a recipe for disaster, I’ll let you take a whack at it, love.”  He pushed it over towards her.  “You forget, I’m an athlete.  I might toss it right up through the roof.”  

She rolled her eyes.  “I live in an apartment.  If you toss it through the ceiling, my upstairs neighbor can just kick it down again…” She gave the dough a toss and punched it straight up to the ceiling where it stuck.  She sighed while Ron snickered behind his hand.  “Yeah…I’m just gonna call for take-out…”  

“What about that then?” he asked, still chuckling.  

“You clean that up.  Mr. Wizard…”  She reached out to poke his nose.

I want to see a story about spy gadget failures.  When the ejector seat goes off at the wrong time in a car chase, and the secret message self-destructs before it’s listened to, and the tear gas talcum powder goes off when the wrong person opens the suitcase.

The garrote wire in the watch comes loose and catches on things.  The rocket belt gets bumped in the suitcase and ruins the luggage (and sets off a smoke detector, and ruins some more things, possibly in a fancy hotel).  The voice changer sounds like it’s going through puberty. 

And honestly, who puts a laser in a wristwatch?  That’s a recipe for several different kinds of disasters.  The list is endless.

Maybe all this is because of a lack of funding, and a need to use cheap/old devices.  Maybe they’re prototypes that haven’t been tested properly.  Or maybe they’re just normal technology like in the real world, which doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to!

I can’t have an Exigent of Porcelain Goddess since super ceramic sounds way too silly. Plus she already has that demon-blooded apprentice.

A Porcelain daiklaive is okay though :)

There should be a high-end supermode Evocation where each of the “wheel” in the blade’s hilt start to spin and the porcelain patterns begin to move independent to your sword movements, it kinda looks like the sword’s flat is a portal to another dimension and stuff.

I should probably put a glass coating on the hilt though, holding something spinning with your bare-hand is a recipe for disaster, not to mention that each of those wheel spins in the opposite direction :p

Also, sword scabbard, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those thing for any canon daiklaive ever. Do people just hang their Artifact weapon on their back or something ? @_@

The Weight Of The World - Part 1

Hey Everyone! So I promised to post the first part of my next fic up and I did! With 52 minutes in the day to spare! Yay! I hope you enjoy it. It’s angsty, but not too angsty. It’s a camping story so not too much can go wrong. 

AU: Modern day-ish times, Finn’s been away all summer working for his uncle in Leeds while Rae got to know the gang. She was never in hospital and her insecurities never really grew into the severity they were shown at on the show. She also stayed good friends with Chloe throughout high school.     

Part 1:

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