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Gochi completed fanfics

Soooo I can’t remember all the gochi fanfics that where completed but these are the ones I remember.  List for @kyabeko​ ♥ ♥

A Moment’s Peace 
A New Beginning 
A Simple Wish 
Loved and forgotten
Free Falling
Lust in Purity
Goku’s Diary
Do I Have To?
Second Chances
Garden Talk
Night Out
Z High
Striking The Heart
One Night Stand
Two Worlds One HeroThe Seduction
First Touches
Just You And Me
Play with me
The Outlaw and the Slave
Love Lost
Blast from the Past
Given Time
Pregnancy Scare
Iced Tea with a Little Help
Those Damn Pictures for Old Kai
Orange High
The Waterfall
Sleepless in Mt Pouz
Goku and ChiChi
Son Goku Always Keeps his Promises
I’ll Show You
Please Remember
Without Someone To Share It With
Forced Love
PS I’m hungry for you
Promise Stitched in Blue
Echoes of Love
Unmistakably the Same
Don’t change, I love you
Serendipity In College
A Long YearWedding NightPrairieNew MemoriesConception of a Hybrid  Chances  One Night Stand  More Than AdequateI Wanna Make You Feel BetterFrom the Top of Your Head to the Bottom of your Feet  Just Like The RestGive Me Back My Mate!  In a Year  The School Across The Lake  I Saw Daddy Kissing Mrs Claus  Wedding Night  My HeroGoku’s Test  While We Wait  An Unexpected Blessing  ChiChi’s Surprise  Only Three Days  Just Give Me Some Affection

if ur new in the SH tag here is a summary:
  • anti: i don't get it!
  • sh shippers: haha ikr i don't even know man
  • anti: they love other people!
  • sh shippers: lmao and apparently we love pain and suffering
  • anti: there is absolute NOTHING between them
  • sh shippers: sounds like a great plot point to work with!
  • anti: it's not canon! it's not official! it's not happening!
  • sh shippers: aw yea! right on! according to keikaku! (keikaku means plan)
  • anti: the mangaka ships other ships!
  • sh shippers: good that way he won't ruin our far-fetched headcanons
  • anti: it is trash! absolute garbage!
  • sh shippers: haha welp time to live in the dumpster where i belong
  • anti: *hurts the feelings of a real person in the tag*
  • sh shippers: now see here u little shit
lets talk about FUQBOI

more specifically the bridge (if you could even call it that)

the song already sounds very deep and serious when its actually about “fuckboys”

lets not forget “fuckboy” means slut in our society, and is a rape term in prisons

the song touches on how hes a stereotypical guy and how your friends wouldnt approve of you liking him, about how he’s not good for you because he wears someones earrings, and he tags his photos

and in fact, in the song, youre branding him as a stain, and saying being with him would ruin your chances with other people


Alright listen up people far and wide
There is a growing epidemic
And it does not just affect America
But the whole world
Keep your families inside
Keep them safe
We must eliminate these people
And if you elect me president I will
Exterminate each and every one of them

about /fuckboys/

they put a very serious tone on a very light topic

its hands down, the most offensive and stupid thing 

this has been in my drafts for 4 months

The Day Love Was Confirmed

Rating: K

Word Count: 1877

Pairing: Power Hug (HitomiChiduko)

Summary: Chiduko finds Hitomi protecting a kitten on the street, and learns something about her own feelings.

Notes: That new tenfes comic with Hitomi and Chiduko just shows I was on the right ship the entire time. I changed the name slightly for the title, though. Considering it involves Hitomi, I should tag @hitomishiga just in case.

Rain poured down as Chiduko happily skipped home. It may have been terrible weather, but that wasn’t going to put a damper on her good mood. She loved watching the rain falling down, like a cascading curtain that sounded like a beautiful storm symphony. Plus, she liked to huddle up under her umbrella like it was a shield, protecting her from getting soaked. Who wouldn’t love taking a stroll in the rain?

While on her way home, she found herself stopped in her tracks by a surprising sight. A short distance away was a cardboard box, clearly having ended up in poor shape due to the elements pounding away at it. In the box was a small white kitten, a poor, defenseless animal having been abandoned to the cold cruelties of the world. Her heart would’ve been wrenched in pain if not for the fact that there was someone else there protecting it.

It wasn’t that she was surprised that someone would come to the aid of that poor kitten. What she was surprised about was who was doing the protecting: Hitomi. The same Hitomi who chased a tardy student down the halls with a giant sword was crouched down on the wet ground, allowing her own body to get soaked in order to use her umbrella to protect the kitten.

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Married At 25 (810 words) by bowienarrow [AO3]

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, John Diggle, Tommy Merlyn, Donna Smoak, Moira Queen
Additional Tags: Arranged Marriage, Friends to Lovers

By law, all people must be married by the age of 25. After her mother arranges her one, Felicity is now Mrs.Queen, and has to deal with the changes in her life.

You know how I like to promote new writers.  This writer has done a few one shots but this is the first multi-chapter.  Sounds interesting if you want to check it out.  I read it and it sounds like a good premise.

10 songs i’ve been listening to on the daily Tag

tagged by @unbwilievable  ♥

  1. bruno mars - versace on the floor
  2. bts - a supplementary story: ynwa
  3. jay park - me like yuh
  4. jeon jungkook - we don’t talk anymore (cover), especially this MUCHO CALIENTE SALSA version lol
  5. lady gaga - million reasons
  6. lost kings ft. tinashe - quit you 
  7. migos ft. lil uzi vert - bad and boujee
  8. san e - what if
  9. turbo - black cat nero 
  10. woodes - rise

tagging: @jeonnings @hoshoks @rappertae @feelthetetsu @gungkook @jimintkookie

Tag meme thing...what

Rules: Answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better .

@spartanchan tagged me for a thingy! Thank you, pal. <3

I think I did something similar a while ago. But some of the questions seem different. What is this. Am I having a stroke?

a - age: 18

b - birthplace: Lower Saxony

c - current time: 20:09

d - drink you last had: A good ol’ glass of water.

e - easiest person to talk to: My best friend. 

f - favorite song: “Кукушка” by Кино, “Train Song” by Vashti Bunyan and “ “The Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel.

g - grossest memory:  When I got my wisdom teeth extracted I swallowed a lot of blood during the operation. The operation itself wasn’t gross at all. But as soon as I got home I had to vomit, so the whole room looked like fresh out of a horror movie. Blood mixed with stomach acid is not a pleasant smell. Not to mention that my whole mouth was swollen so I couldn’t even properly open it to puke.

h - horror yes or horror no: YES!

i - in love? I don’t know.

j - jealous of people?: Nope. I’m not much of a jealous person.

k - killed someone?: What are you? A fed?

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: No.

m - middle name: Pippilotta Viktualia Rollgardina Pfefferminz Efraimstochter Langstrumpf.

n - number of siblings: Two.

o - one wish: That my gum stops hurting like a little bitch.

p - person you called last: My dad.

q - question you’re always asked: “Was?”

r - reason to smile: My friends.

s - song you sang last: Alle meine Entschen.

t - time you woke up: 6:20

u - underwear color: Grey

v - vacation destination: Croatia.

w - worst habit: Overthinking.

x - x-rays: Right arm, right foot and teeth.

y - your favorite food: I don’t want to think about food right now.

z - zodiac sign: Scorpio.

I’ll tag: The easter bunny, @silly-lioness and everyone else who wants to do this. 

bri-studies-psych  asked:

hey there! I'm a new studyblr and just looking for general tips. today I worked 7.5 hours and I'm just kinda super tired but my coworkers were really nice and they did a lot of my work for me!

that sounds like your coworkers are great! i hope you were able to relax a little afterwards :) 

for tips i’d recommend tagging your oc with tracked tags so more people can see it! also maybe a navigation page or a link to your oc would be good! i love that you linked to your supplies in your about page, that’s a really good idea :) 

i was tagged by the lovely @dance-ophobia <3

PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people!

listening to good music
cuddles from kitties
the sound of rain on windows
watching a new movie that is really good
getting things (that aren’t junk mail) in the post

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Nicknames: Annie, Annina, @spelacchiotto calls me man
Star sign: Gemini ♊✨
Height: 165 cm (5'4", I think)
Time right now: 13:19
Last thing I googled: Makeup Revolution, I wanted to see their new products
Last tv show I watched: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
When I created this blog: I think my blog will be 3 years old in August
Why did you choose your url: it sounded good, and it was a joke between my classmates those days Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw ✨
Pokémon Go team: I never played Pokémon Go so I wouldn’t know?? 😅
Favorite color: green
Lucky number: 6
Favorite character: Javert, Irene Adler, Queenie Goldstein, Leia Organa, Winston Bishop, Dana Scully, Chirrut Îmwe, Scarpia from the opera Tosca
Number of blankets I sleep with: one (two if it’s really cold, or if it’s spring or autumn and I can’t figure out if I’m cold or not at night)

General Info: 

This network is going to be strictly for wincest writers, whom want a place where they can share their stories,  to have something beta’d, to swap headcanons, to be prompted, to find new friends, etc.  SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT?


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  • Must be willing and wanting to participate within this network and not just slap a link to it on your blog.  (aka lets have fun and be friends okay?!)
  • There is no deadline to this, you may enter whenever.  But I won’t start going through entries and making a list until it reaches at least 50 notes. 

What I’m Looking For: 

  • You must be active and currently participating within the SPN Fandom / Wincest community. (Aka you ship Wincest, it’s one of your OTPs, you’re gonna ride or die with this ship okay) 
  • You write a good amount of wincest fic, poetry, etc. 
  • I WANT POSITIVE PEOPLE HERE.  No wank pls. (lets leave that in the wincest tag okay?)
  • That’s pretty simple huh? 

Once Accepted: 

  • You will be messaged that you’ve been accepted and once a good amount of people are on board, I’ll make a bigger announcement post welcoming everyone.  
  • You will get a spot on the network page. 
  • You will be able track and post in our tag: #wincestwritersnetwork
  • You will be given access to a locked blog where we can all talk, swap ideas, ask questions..etc. 
  • And you can link to this network on your blog (again not required, but it helps spread the word). 

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Hi! I was looking to join the McReyes week, and I posted my day one story today, but it won't show up on the #mcreyesspringbreak tag (even in recent), and it won't let me @ this blog. I'm posting from mobile if that makes any difference? I'm new to tumblr as well. If you have any advice that would be wonderful!

I think that sounds like a tumblr glitch! We found the post on your blog and went ahead and reblogged it for you! Otherwise I would just try it on PC, since tumblr mobile isn’t the best. Good luck with your other posts though!! Give us another shout if you have any more trouble!!

  • 5sos: 5onthewall shit
  • 5sos: oh yeah new album sounds good feels good
  • 5sos: it comes out october 23
  • 5sos: new track fly away if you preorder
The New Doctor

Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Rating: PG
Length: Just about 2k. 
Author’s Notes: I actually finished writing something for the fytopkey challenge! lol I have a billion other things that are unfinished, but here have a fluffy little piece! 

Summary: There’s a new doctor at the hospital, and Jonghyun thinks he sounds too good to be true. 

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Ok I’m starting a new post so as not to continue with tagging someone that heartily disagrees with most of what was said about Doc. But I have to say I kind of take exception to this, because it sounds like no woman would want a “nice guy” so why would a woman ever think to write it? 


That’s just sad that she thought writing a “nice guy” was a good thing.

Maybe that is not how it was meant, if so never mind. I am fine with people disliking Corso, as it was mentioned before, to each his own, and although it could be annoying to some I don’t see his convos as ‘invasive’ or ‘pushy’ like Doc’s are (plus you don’t have him talking about all the bitches he’s hit up and then left behind, <gag>). But I definitely think there are people (other than myself lol) that “nice guy” would strongly appeal to.

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You’ll leave so many kudos! 400 Kudos! Give Accursed Ones to your roommates and they’ll be good at crying! Make your roommates cry abnormally hard! They’ll cry as hard as mourners! People will watch them reading and think they’re mourning! They’ll cry as mourners against actual mourners and it’ll be a tie and they’ll get hired as professional mourners! Hey! Go with the sure thing!  Don’t gamble on your angst! NO EYES!!!
Try Accursed Ones! The fanfiction that will make you AHH! Cry! AHH!

episode 3 thoughts

•I love musashi I love his voice I think they chose a great VA for him; I kno a lot of people were wanting a gruffer , louder voice, but I like that he sounds sort of gentle ,, u kno
•musashi in general was great this episode those shots of his arms and legs were good content , best tho was his incredibly defined chest, upon which mob’s head was resting, this was exactly what I wanted
•I love those new body improvement posters…. I drew them
•I like how in the anime, musashi seems a little bit more gentle in bringing mob to the club room … in the manga he seemed sort of unconcerned but here he was p concerned and polite
•tbh was kinda lookin forward to mob glancing around the room to find something heavy to show off his powers… I had a good vision of it but o well
•damn tome’s line about mob ruining her enthusiasm just WASNT AS GOOD that line was so funny in the manga idkman
•personally didn’t feel the comedic timing for when mob was being invited to the LOL cult,, that scene in the manga was one of the first to make me laugh
•I love mezato
•"I won’t write about u in the school newspaper" ..was being written about in a middle school newspaper even a real threat in the first place,, like,,
•mezatos forced laughter sequence was REALLY GOOD I loved the spot on inclusion of the manga panels and the facial movements oh boy
•the run and LEAP off the stage of dimple to confront mob … good
•"smilemates", “smile masters”
•the whole thing abt mob liking milk and that was the only reason he agreed to the contest was really funny here holy shit (I loved that cow in the bg..) I think the timing between mezato asking why he agreed and that one frame really worked
•"get a clue" ??? sounds so weird … like in context with dimple saying it , there’s a sort of appropriate rudeness that I could forgive, but “read the atmosphere” or smth similar would’ve been better
•idk about that narrator’s voice either,, explaining everything … the tone and way they speak already rubs me the wrong way but I just feel like the director could’ve shown mob’s bottled up feelings thing rather than narrating it …. I felt like it sort of messed with the flow ??? ((honestly tho this is one of my biggest pet peeves with anime adaptations bc , as a visual format, it has a lot more room than manga to illustrate things and show rather than tell and I was looking forward to that in the anime bc with this content they have a lot of potential to work with that BUT lol))))
•oh shit the use of “yeah, I’m terrible” just hit home way more than “yeah, I’m the worst” …. like u can just so clearly see the self hatred oh my god
•the whole humor of mob saying he ruined everyone’s time at a literal cult using hypnosis when he actually saved them, juxtaposed with that clear self hatred and the fact that he’s interpreting things so that he’s the one at fault when, in fact, he did a good thing,, oh my god good job
•reigens advice also really made me like him more than that same stuff did in the manga idk man …. it’s just the phrasing and the voice and thank u terrible uncle
•please lord let dimple speak differently than that preview we got oh my god

overall thoughts: the first two episodes were definitely slower paced and all about world building and this one was a lot faster,, so I think that’s how it’s gonna b from now on… i liked it a lot …. also the soundtrack and animation are just GREAT and in glad to see its staying consistently very good instead of tapering off once people were drawn in by it…..