sounds like a date

Things I have stuck in my mouth every since I’ve joined fandons and now I’ll let it go:
First: Just because your fucking ship didn’t happen doesn’t make you entitled to bash on the writers job. We have hundreds of people working their ass off just so you can enjoy on your nice little couch, so I dare you to write something better than we talk. You didn’t like something? Fine. But bashing without any actual constructive criticism is disrespectful
Second: Chris Wood is not Mon-El. Let’s stop right there because otherwise I will sound like a broken record
Third: Melissa dates whoever she wants. Stop being delisounal. She doesn’t own anyone anything. Being someone’s fan does not give you to right to restrain their freedom. She dates whoever she wants. Stop calling her a slut or saying she must have waited. Y'all call yourselves feminists and and I just laugh because this ain’t feminism darlings.
Fourth: Being gay/bi/Trans/pan/demisexual/ace or any minority does not excuse harassment. I’m sorry but it doesn’t. NOTHING justifies bullying and Cyberbullying. You don’t get a free pass just because you are from a minority. You will still be an general nasty personal, sexual orientation or sexual identification does not mean you get to be horrible with other actual human beings that you don’t know nothing about.
There I said it.

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ok so theres this guy im friends w/ & i like him so much but idk if i should tell him bc hes been seeing this girl. So i text him like checking up on how theyre doing and hes like "i gtg do this hw ill ttyl love" Love... LOVE!!! Hes been calling me that for about a month now (i checked in the texts) and itll be "love" and recently "lovey" and he will use these emojis: 😍😘❤️😊.. anyways idk if he likes me i feel like he does when he says that stuff like he ALWAYS calls me love and im so ??!!!?

Don’t fuck up their relationship but he sounds like an asshole if he’s dating some other girl but saying that to you. I’m sorry but just my opinion because if you’re the “other girl” now, chances are there’ll be another if you’re the main girl.

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I just wanted to ask if you've ever seen Train to Busan. If you haven't, its a Korean zombie movie but it was so fucking emotional,,, its my fave movie and I've watched it 6 times, and I shit u not I've cried every single time I watched it

i must admit i’m not very up to date on korean zombie movies but that sounds like a concept i can get behind

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love confession thing: i went to gay prom with a girl and i got to dance with her, i was super bad at it but it was really fun, and later that night we stayed at a friends house to avoid parents and while she was sleeping she had her face in my tiddies for like 20 minutes and i got to stroke her hair ITS SO FLUFFY and in the morning a had my head in her lap, our friend called us cute but we arent a couple, but i kinda wish we were cause i love her so much and it was so fun!

GAY PROM??? I DID NOT GET INVITED TO THIS GAY PROM??? No one must have wanted to be my date, what a shame ; u ; gay prom sounds like a blast ahah. What a nice night, I hope you never forget how her fluffy hair felt aaaa~ You’re so lucky!!! 


inspired by this video (sfw, but a sex toy is being used as car repair, so take that as you will)

“Laura’s gonna flip,” Derek says in dismay, looking at the huge dent in the driver’s side door of the Camaro. Her most precious possession, the car she’d been saving up for forever, the car she waxes and washes every weekend, the car that she let Derek borrow to go to the Mathletes competition in San Francisco because Derek had a basketball game on Friday and couldn’t make the official school bus, the car that Laura made him swear his life on, is now forever ruined.

“Damn, if there ever was a good place to curse, that would have been it,” Stiles says, crossing his arms and looking far more attractive than he had the right to. “C’mon, Derek. Just say it. Fuck.”

Derek blushes, watching the word tumble out of Stiles’ pink mouth. “No, I… there’s gotta be a way to fix it. But if I call her insurance people she’s gonna know…”

“It’s totally my fault,” Stiles says. “I was the one who wanted to go to Tastee Freeze on the way back, and let some dingbat hit you in the parking lot. Actually, it’s their fault, whoever can’t drive.”

Derek shakes his head. It’s his fault. He’d been having too much fun this weekend; he’d spent practically all of it with Stiles. He’d had a crush on him forever— in fact, joined Mathletes at his request, and the whole year of practice, of spending afternoons with Stiles poring over math problems, watching Stiles lick Cheeto dust off his fingers— it’s been too much. Coupled with the fact that Stiles actually just plain forgot to catch the bus on Friday, and then caught a ride with Derek, meant hours in the car listening to him sing along to Hamilton and muddle through the rap bits, and sleeping next to him in the four-to-a-room motel Saturday night, and waking up with Stiles’ face smashed into his shoulder.

Derek had been too overwhelmed by it all, too overwhelmed by Stiles. Getting the chance to spend time with his friend this weekend had just intensified his feelings, and he knows there’s no chance that Stiles will ever feel the same, so he’s just drinking it all in, savoring these moments when he can.

It had been a terrible parking job, the Camaro was at a weird angle, that’s why the person rounding the turn had hit him. Derek sighs. He guesses it’s for the best. He’ll just have to pay Laura back. For forever.

Stiles is studying the door, eyes narrowed in concentration. “Actually, it’s not that bad. They didn’t even scratch it. It’s just a dent. With the right amount of leverage…”

“I’m sorry, do you happen to have a magical car-door fixer in your overnight bag?”

Somehow, this causes Stiles to turn bright red. “Okay. I have an idea. But you have to promise not to laugh.”


Derek watches, perplexed, as Stiles pulls his duffle bag out of the back seat, and then rummages around in it.

“Promise not to laugh,” Stiles repeats.

“I promise.” Derek is confused, but sincere.

Stiles pulls a bright blue dildo out of the bag. It’s springy, and jiggles a little with the movement. There’s a thick vein running along the side, and the base even has… balls.

Derek’s brain short circuits, an image of Stiles, naked, working himself on the girth of the toy, his mouth open, panting, as he tries to get the right angle, skin flushed pink from pleasure…

“Fuck,” Derek says.

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Nobody deserves to be forgotten- Tree bros/ Connor X evan

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Somehow, despite all odds, Connor had survived. His dad was furious with him, yelling about how he threw away everything he was given, Zoe was completely silent, fury in her eyes, and his mother was … heartbroken. They sent him to rehab, and Connor knew that deep down they all wished he hadn’t woken up.

He sighed, twitching slightly as he tried to get used to being without drugs, they had given him nicotine patches to help ease him into it but it barely helped. They had also put him on mood stabilizers, to help him out with his anger issues and depression. Getting him to take them was a fight every morning.

It had been a week and nobody came to visit him, and frankly it was exactly what Connor expected. It wasn’t like anybody noticed him.  It wasn’t like anyone gave a damn.  He looked up at the sound of footsteps, sneering at the nurse.

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consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

Teacher || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by relationshipwithbts

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

“Sangwoo, can you come here for a second?” The boy looked up from where he was drawing in the back of the class and locked eyes with you. He was sat alone in the corner, away from the other kids and it broke your heart to see him like this. Sangwoo was usually active with the other kids and used to always participate in class, but lately he had been pulling away from everyone.

The boy cleaned up the items he had been using and he slowly got up from where he was sitting. The sluggish movements of the six year old worried you and a frown came across you face. His eyes seemed to be locked on the ground as he walked towards you, not wanting to make eye contact. The action seemed to be his way of hiding from you and you sighed, slowly crouching down to his height.

“Sangwoo, do you have something you want to tell teacher about?” You asked. You hoped the words would be enough encouragement for the boy to speak but the words he said weren’t the ones you had been looking for. You became even more worried as you heard the words that left his mouth and you wondered if something was going on at home.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?” Sangwoo questioned. His tone made your heart clench and you quickly shook your head, cancelling all fears of his. He seemed to calm down a little bit at the fact that he wasn’t in trouble.

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why do some dog residues sell at different prices at the tem shop?

(undertale spoilers)

While it may seem like Dog Residue is Dog Residue no matter how one looks at it, this isn’t the case in the code. In terms of game mechanics, Dog Residue is handled as six separate items, each with not only their own separate flavor text, but also separate sell value.

This means that whenever the game fills out your inventory upon using Dog Residue, it actually picks from a pool of seven items (Dog Salad and the six types of Residue), rather than just two. This is why not all Dog Residue are sold at the same price.

Note: The Dog Residues are in the same order as in the previous screenshot.

Iconic Heathers The Musical Moments

• Thus ending her hangoverrrrrrr
• There’s been a lack of girls climbing in my bedroom window
• I was having my period
• HAHAHA…..haha…….haaaaaaaaaa…oH MY GOD!
• oh look, she was reading The Bell Jar GASP
• Man, how many networks did she run to?
• So……you avoided date rape… volunteering ME for date rape?
• You’re making me sound like AIR SUPPLY
• oh my god, I just killed my best friend..
And your worst enemy
• Hellooooooooo, ssssssssslut
• I’m like oxygen, I’m everywhere
• I didn’t catch your name
I didn’t throw it
• I’m sorry, but I really had to wake you. I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.
• Veronica? What are you doing in my room–?!
• Lick it up, baby. LICK. IT. UP.
• If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull I’d have two matching halves
• THERES NO ALCOHOL IN THIS! Are you trying to poison me?
• That was one heck of a fishing trip
• By the wayyyyyy………..You were my first
• Awe..Thanks, Heather. But I don’t really need to vomit right now.
• -The fight scene when he completely misses and JD just shrugs-
• That’s really sweet–OH SON OF A B****
• ..I don’t really like my friends
I don’t like your friends either
sorry, Heather…….
• I love my dead gay son
• If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn’t be human, you’d be a game show host.

Shut Up and Wink at Me

by kikikryslee

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

(14K Words)

“Did you get your housing information yet?” Louis asked.
Harry pursed his lips. “Yeah. So?”
“So? So it looks like we’re going to be roommates. Don’t you think we should know each other a little bit?”
“We’ve gone to the same schools since Kindergarten. I already know you.”
“Yeah, but we’re not like, friends,” Louis said.
“Ouch.” Harry pretended to be hurt, holding a hand over his heart. “That stings, Louis.”
Louis rolled his eyes. “Look, I would like to know at least something about you before I live with you for an entire school year.”
“What do you suggest?”
“I don’t know,” Louis said. “I guess just like, hang out and make sure we’re compatible?”
“You make it sound like we’re going on a blind date.”
“Trust me; we’re fucking not.”
“Again, ouch.”

Or, the one where Louis wants to go away to college to get away from everything having to do with his hometown. So when he finds out his roommate will be Harry Styles, perfect school athlete and the exact opposite of what Louis wants in a roommate, he’s not happy about it.

This was written for @butyouneverdo‘s High School AU Challenge