sounds dirty

I really think the third yellow top girl is Sara Harvey, not Bethany. Maybe I just don’t want to believe they are going to bring yet another person back from the grave. I do think Sara would make more sense. 

We know that Bethany passed enough as Alison to get whacked that night. Assuming she was murdered because someone thought she was Alison. But as far as I can remember, we don’t know a whole lot about Bethany’s personality. However, we know that Sara basically was Alison. The queen bee, the group of followers, etc. Sara’s story mirrors Alison’s. 

It was said that the last time Sara was seen alive was the day after Labor day. This is a day after Alison went missing. By this time, Alison had already went into hiding. I believe A took Sara because she was just like Alison and has been “playing” with her (that sounds dirty but I mean it doll wise) ever since. A couldn’t have the real thing so they took a replacement. Like many children believe, you can never have too many dolls. Maybe A is a collector of Alison dolls. 

We have seen a picture of Sara, but on the wiki page it says that the picture was a stock image. So it’s obvious they’d have someone else playing her role if they decided to bring her into the story. CeCe was there “that night”. She’s also been said to play the role of Alison, dressing in her clothes and pretending to be her. If CeCe has disappeared and can’t be found, maybe A has kept Sara around to play the part of CeCe. The promo makes it look like Alison is there, recreating that night also. If so, maybe she’s being forced to play herself, and then Sara and Mona as Bethany and CeCe. 

The problem with rowing terms

When novices first overheard me discussing how everybody was catching crabs before they knew what that meant

When novices heard me yell for someone to grab a cox box before they knew what that meant

When novices first overheard me discussing with another coach that I couldn’t get everyone to finish at the same time before they knew what that meant

(didn’t help that “nobody had the same recovery time” either)

Magical Boy Burrito by AWOLowl

Set sometime in the future?  Maybe during a college break?  

I imagine that Ronan just wants to get away and have a nice camping trip (but like car camping, let’s be real) with Adam.  He’s looking forward to a tailgate dinner, an irresponsibly large bonfire, and sleeping bag cuddles.  But of course stupid Harvard Boyfriend Adam brought his books and insists on studying by firelight.  Seriously?  Seriously.  Fuckin’ nerd.

Ronan is going to get his snuggles in one way or a-goddamn-nother.  Deal with it, Parrish.  You deal with it, Lynch, you knew what you were signing up for.

Mine and Smitty’s play date.

WoD in the park. You see childrens play ground… we see pullups, box jumps and dips. Eights WoD (madeup): 5 R4T
- 8 box jumps
- 8 pullups
- 8 kb swings
- 8 body weight dips
- 80 JR singles
- finisher: run across park & back

22:44 for me, but I got all pullups and dips in unassisted. It got hot quick. So we hit up the lake. It’s recently been raised, so there were lots of crap in it (ABBY LOOK AT’DOSE TREES IN WATER) and decided to try a local pool. Completely empty minus a couple tan’ers. Swam for about 10 minutes. Starts raining. Change clothes to leave. Stops raining. Sun’s out. Weather’s drunk.

Good day. Hopefully tomorrow’s not so drunk we can hit up the beach lake.