sounds convincing
Ed Harris on anger, Westworld and his top secret Jennifer Lawrence movie
Ed Harris emerges from a side-door at the Trafalgar Studios in Whitehall.

Ed Harris talks briefly about mother!:

Among the films Harris has worked on that will be released this year is Darren Aronofsky’s mother!. (His co-stars Javier Bardem, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer came to see Buried Child a couple of weeks ago.)

“I’ll be real curious to see how it turns out because it was shot very specifically – take after take after take,” he says, recalling the director admitting, “This is where I get to exercise my OCD to its fullest”. “You knew you were working with somebody who had a driving vision.”

And apparently Jen, Javier and Michelle Pfieffer went to see Ed Harris’ play in London a few weeks ago.

John wakes and feels tears on his face. His heart is pounding but he doesn’t quite know why- he can’t remember the specifics of the nightmare, he can only remember the vague feeling of running, of danger coming and him being unable to stop it.

He briefly wonders if this is the only reason he has woken but then he hears Rosie’s cries through the baby monitor. Sherlock stirs next to him and makes a deep “Hmmm?” noise, hovering between deep sleep and the beginnings of waking up.

John quickly reaches across and turns the baby monitor off. It’s not fair, it’s not fair on Sherlock.

He slips out of bed and goes to her. She is red faced with crying, little hands making little stubborn fists. John picks her up and she squirms. “Come on, Rosie, it’s okay,” he whispers, but he knows he doesn’t sound at all convincing. Pathetic.

She’s still hiccuping with the force of her tiny cries. John doesn’t know what to do. He carries her through to the living room, stands in front of his arm chair and tries to rock her.

But he knows nothing he’s doing is working- he can’t even soothe her with words now, his breathing is still all shallow and wrong, and she’s picking up on that, she can feel his chest heaving and John knows, God he knows, he’s just making everything worse, like al-

He feels Rosie being taken out of his arms. John inhales and gasps before noticing- it’s Sherlock, of course, standing in front of him. Beautiful, warm and safe and sleepy Sherlock.

“John,” Sherlock says. He tucks Rosie into his exposed shoulder, cupping her head gently with his hand. “John, it’s alright. Sit down.”

John feels like he can’t breathe. “John,” Sherlock repeats. His voice is soft and low and so incredibly thoughtful. “You can sit down, it’s okay.”

John doesn’t so much as sit down as collapse into his chair. Sherlock walks away with Rosie and John can hear him soothing her in the distance: “Hush, now. I know, I know, enough of that now, my darling girl. Hush. Hush. Ssh…”

John keeps breathing. He doesn’t know how much time passes, he’s only aware of Sherlock suddenly crouching down in front of him.

“That’s her drifted off again,” Sherlock says. His smile is so wide and genuine that the guilt pierces John all the more.

“Christ, I’m-Sher-I’m sorry. I just seem to m-make things worse.”

Sherlock shakes his head. Patient. God, how John loves him. “You know that’s not true, John. Besides-” He starts to grin a little- “- you got her the last two nights before I even woke up. It was my turn.”

John tries to laugh, but his breathing still feels all strange and wrong. Sherlock stands up. “Do you want- I could make some tea? Or water?”

“N-no. It’s okay, Sherlock, you go back to bed. I’ll just sit here, I’ll be fine in a minute.”

John closes his eyes, breathes in and out. He hears Sherlock’s footsteps fade away. Good. The man needs his rest.

But then, then come the oh so quiet notes of Sherlock’s violin. John opens his eyes and smiles. Sherlock is standing by the window, looking out into the night. He plays slowly and carefully, and John focusses on his breathing, relishing it becoming deep and even.

By the time John realises exactly what Sherlock is doing, he’s almost nodded off. The notes are soft and so slow, and John allows himself to follow them and…and he doesn’t know when his eyes were getting too heavy, but…and have they closed?…yes, he supposes they must…and his head, he can feel it moving forward down to his chest, and that’s fine…that’s…

A hand on his knee. John’s head slowly comes back up, his eyes open just enough to see Sherlock looking at him with the fondest smile.

“Come on, my good man, to bed with you,” he says.

John nods. It sounds like the best idea Sherlock’s ever had. He follows Sherlock as if wallowing through a heavy cloud- not inconvenient, it’s just everything seems so…slow…

He feels sleep pulling, he’s ready to be pulled under. He turns to Sherlock, half surprised that they’re back in bed. “Mmm, thanks Sher-” He yawns and Sherlock pulls him close, and John can’t keep his eyes open any longer. “Love you,” he manages.

He feels Sherlock press a kiss to his hair. He’s sinking down, down into the bed, his body so wonderfully heavy…

“Hush, now,” Sherlock says. “I love you, too.”

And John finally lets himself sleep.



Some strange sounds convince an older couple that their electronic skeleton toy is possessed. They put it to the test to see if it truly is. I don’t want to say anything else- I’ve said this before but WATCH THE ENTIRE 15 MINUTES ALL THE WAY THROUGH WITHOUT PAUSING OR SKIPPING AHEAD! To do anything else would be robbing you of a great experience. Gather your friends around and hit play.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) » Tuco

You never had a rope around your neck. Well, I’m going to tell you something. When that rope starts to pull tight, you can feel the devil bite your ass.

T-Minus 9 sleeps to BMAM-Mass my lieblings and in celebration of the upcoming festive season I give you:

Campwolfe Twelve Days of Christmas

Sung of course from Serena’s perspective with accompanying bonus lyric notes/commentary from Ms. Campbell herself.

On the first day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me, a lin-ger-ing look in the LIFT.

<she thinks she can woo me but bugger it if I’ll succumb>

On the second day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the LIFT.

<Nesting dolls?! As if I’d want any of that claptrap to remind me she took off to the Ukraine. The silly pillock labeled them “Fräulein” and “Army Medic”. She’s not putting them on my bloody side of the desk>

On the third day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me three vodka shots, two nesting dolls, and a lingering look in the lift

<Vodka.  Finally something I can work with. She left the bottle on her desk. I shared it with Morven and Raf.  HA!>

On the fourth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<After the vodka shots from yesterday I need all the coffee I can get.  She’s doing this on purpose. Currently taking the caffeine shots but ignoring puppy dog eyes telegraphing her need for a ‘chat’>

On the fifth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<She filled all of them with top shelf scotch. I informed her that I’ve switched to bourbon and her face went all mopey.  Glorious.>

On the sixth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift

<Ok I’ll grudgingly admit these are quite a lovely peace offering……IT WILL STILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE WE ARE IN THEATRE TOGETHER!>

On the seventh day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me, seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<Chateauneuf du pape?!?!? Seven crates? What did she do sell her left kidney? Perhaps there is something to this forgiveness thing after all.  It wouldn’t hurt to allow her just one teensy glass would it?

On the eighth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me, eight helpful F1’s, seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls, and a lingering look in the lift.

<I’ve never been able to find even one F1 who could do a spinal puncture on the first go and she’s found eight who haven’t made my life hell.  She also followed up on all their paperwork. And ran interference with Ric Griffin for me. Fast losing my grip on fury. Damn sneaky tactic Major. Well played.>

On the ninth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me nine ‘please forgive me’s’, eight helpful F1’s, seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<She used complete sentences.  That voice! And her lower lip even quivered a bit.  Came dangerously close to accepting her apologies. Settled for wiping away her tears. I may be losing this campaign.>

On the tenth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me ten evenings she’s minding Jason, nine ‘please forgive me’s’, eight helpful F1’s, seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<She’s offered to watch Mary Beard with him for the next 10 weeks so I can get paperwork done for the trauma unit. Or garden.  Whichever I prefer.  Apparently. Not quite ready to tell her but; I’m screwed.>

On the eleventh day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me, eleven medicinal breakfast pastries, ten evenings she’s minding Jason, nine ‘please forgive me’s’, eight helpful F1’s seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<Jason had her come to fish n chips take away. Sneaky sod. Since when does he bugger off to bed a half eight? It was a conspiracy. A bottle or two of Chateauneuf du pape later and suddenly there she was splayed out on the Egyptian cotton.  What was I supposed to do, allow her to drive home?  That would have been frightfully irresponsible. There aren’t enough pastries in Pulses to get me through the sleep deprivation…..>

On the twelfth day of Christmas that Blonde Job gave to me twelve office kisses, eleven medicinal breakfast pastries, ten evening’s she’s minding Jason, nine ‘please forgive me’s’, eight helpful F1’s, seven crates of shiraz, six leopard print caps, five whiskey flasks, four coffees strong ’n’ hot, three vodka shots, two nesting dolls and a lingering look in the lift.

<Yes all right, fine, I’ve given in.  I took the strategic hills but she won the war.  I suppose it was a losing battle right from the start going up against the army. In her defence she’s promised no more Club Screw Up and in my defence her lips are exceedingly convincing.  Turns out full sentences weren’t really needed after all…..>

If anyone is at all interested I could be arm twisted in to actually scratching these lyrics out into some sheet music and posting it. I draw the line at singing - but if someone else wanted to have a go……

Episode 11
  • Mahiru: We're partners in crime!
  • Kuro: [mumbles under breathe] And partners in gay..
Kidnapping Sentence Starters


“Walk backwards – slowly. No sudden movements.”
“I won’t hurt you if you cooperate.”
“Kidnap? No. I prefer the term ‘surprise adoption’ ~ “
“Stop struggling or else!”
“You’d better hope they don’t go to the authorities.”
“Read this note and look into the camera. Make sure to sound convincing.”
“If you promise to be good, I might just let you move around freely for awhile.”
“Don’t even think about trying to run away.”
“If you scream, I’ll kill you.”
“Shut up! What did I tell you?”
“You’re trying my patience.”
“I guess your family and friends don’t care enough about you to pay up.”
“Looks like they broke the rules. You know what that means.”
“I think it’s time I remind them what I’m capable of.”
“They went to the police. Now I have to punish them – with you.”
“Did you really think I was going to let you go? No, you’ve seen too much.”


“Please just let me go.”
“I’ll make sure you get whatever you want!”
“Please don’t hurt me.”
“I’ll listen to you.”
“I don’t want any trouble!”
“I won’t yell. Please.”
“I need to go to the bathroom…”
“Please, I’m starving!”
“N-No, please give them more time…!”
“I’ll find a way to pay you! Don’t do this.”
“Don’t come any closer!”
“L-Let me go!”
“Help! Anyone, please help me!”


all for the game series → conversations: Matt & Neil

Neil pushed coins into the slot and dialed Matt’s number from memory. Matt answered after a couple rings with an incoherent mumble. "Matt, it’s Neil. Did I wake you?“. "Nah, I’m up,” Matt said, but Neil heard the yawn in his words. “Where’ve you been? I didn’t hear you come back last night.” “I’m in Columbia with Andrew.” “You're— what?” Matt went from half-asleep to wide awake in a heartbeat. “Jesus, Neil, what the hell did you do that for? Did he—” Matt aborted that and asked again, “Are you all right?” “I’m fine,” Neil lied. He thought he sounded convincing, but maybe Matt wasn’t really listening, because Matt said, “I’m going to fucking kill him.” A girl’s voice said something in the background, too muffled for Neil to understand. Neil guessed Matt turned the phone away from his ear to answer, because Matt’s voice was quieter when he said, “He’s in Columbia.” “Jesus Christ.” That was definitely Dan, loud and furious. Matt was back on the line in a heartbeat. “Seriously, are you okay?” “I’m fine,” Neil said again, “but I need a favor. I think Andrew’s going to come looking for something of mine today. If I’m not there, can you keep him out of our room? I’ll owe you one.” “You won’t owe me anything,” Matt said. “Didn’t I tell you I’m good for it?” “Thank you,” Neil said. “We should be heading back soon, I think.” “You be careful, okay?” Matt said. “We’ll see you in a couple hours." Neil hung up and went inside the gas station.

i don’t think that one of the jacobis is real and the other is fake. both sounded very convincing; both were able to answer maxwell’s questions; both were able to speak in a profoundly human way, which hasn’t previously been true of the dear listeners. 

think about lovelace in ‘variations on a theme’: that episode may be highly conceptual in nature, but the three versions of her talking are very explicitly engaging with and disrupting the linearity of the story. it also shows multiple versions of her engaging with one another. they talk about past, future, and present as overlapping, simultaneous, ensnared in one another. lovelace talks about repetition: 

lovelace: and then…

second lovelace: rewind.

and at the same time:

third lovelace: fast-forward.

lovelace: I’m back. go straight to the hephaestus. do not pass go. do not collect two hundred dollars. 

third lovelace: meet the new gang

second lovelace: same as the old gang

lovelace: sequel’s never as good as the first movie.

again, this episode is highly conceptual: it is arguable that the three lovelace’s are simply a function of lovelace’s traumatized, sleep deprived, paranoid mind. it is possible that their interactions and statements have no narrative consequence. but the last time we had a conceptual episode dealing with the minds and thought processes of characters, it came back in a big way with the door that wasn’t there on any of the previous missions. what we assumed was metaphor became a physical reality with which to be engaged. what was peripheral became centered.

in light of this episode, and in light of the two equally convincing jacobi’s carrying the same knowledge and the same fears, i can’t help but think that this isn’t as simple as one of them being fake and the other being real. i don’t think that there is a simple answer to which is the original and which is a replica. is it not possible that they are both real? that they have, in some way relating to the star, been split or duplicated? 

lovelace lost three years of her life. it was claimed that her craft fell into the star. whether or not this is the case, it is confirmed by hera that her shuttle’s computer appears to have never even been turned on before her encounter with the new hephaestus crew.  she came back, after three years of being missing, in a ship that had certainly not experienced three years of space flight: we don’t know what happened to her, but whatever it was doesn’t make sense in the context of a linear progression of time. she seems to have almost been out of time, blinking back into the narrative world from nothingness. she also expresses uncertainty as to who she is after this gap, stating “it’s all different. it’s all the same. rhea. hera. selberg. hilbert. lovelace. me. whoever I am now.” I initially interpreted this as an alienation from self as a result of her trauma, but now I think it might also be very literal. 

so here’s the thing. lovelace as we know her now may not be lovelace as she was when she embarked on her mission with her original crew. but based on everything we’ve seen of her, and on ‘variations on a theme’ in particular, I don’t think she’s an evil double. in her internal monologue, she has shown herself to be profoundly hurt, desperate, human. we see her at her most intimate, and she’s a terrified, angry, traumatized woman trying to survive and trying to save as many people as possible. whether she is the original or not, whether she has been changed or not, she is real, and she is a person. i think the same is true for jacobi. i think he has, in some way, been repeated: copied, made real in two places and moments. i think both are real, and both were scared, and one was made to die horrifically all alone in the cold. i think lovelace made a terrible, cruel choice that also made perfect sense given the lack of knowledge and context she has for this. i think we’re going to see a lot more doubles as the show progresses. i think we’re going to see more overt disruptions of linear time around wolf 359. 

  • 707: Yoosung! Should I tell you how to keep an idiot in suspense?? +_+
  • Yoosung: Wow, I wanna know! How??
  • Yoosung: Seven! HOW?!?!
  • Yoosung: Seven?
  • Yoosung: Seven don't leave me hanging like that!!!
  • Yoosung: ...Oh

thesyrupypancake  asked:

Hey Star, I have a VA question myself, I normally enter myself into topics on Casting Call Club, a great place to be discovered as a VA, but so far nothing has been... well, accepted. Do you have any tips to sound more convincing in your work, or maybe more invested?

Hmmmm, it really depends on what kind of emotion you’re going for. Typically you have to consider what that character themself would do, for example when I voice alphys I know that she has a nervous tendency. So whenevr I voice her I bunch my hands together and curl up, which helps give my voice that nervous high-strung quality, or for example I’ve been working on Zelda for tale of two rulers, and so I’ve been projecting my voice and keeping my posture very pure and shoulders high to help give my voice that regal, commanding tone. Physical portrayals of the character will help you get that voice quality you need, which will help your performance come across as more genuine. Hopefully that helps! Dont under estimate putting yourself in the characters shoes, it will really help! (also whenever I voice crying I actually cry, hopefully that helps XD)

Conor Maynard Imagine - You know it

“We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Everyone has that little thing that helps them feel better when they’re down, that makes them forget. Yours was alcohol. You had never been particularly good when it came to managing your feelings, which eventually always led you to a certain kind of beverage. But you were okay with it.

 As you and two of your friends stepped out of the Uber and made your way into the club, you got a funny feeling on your stomach. 

You had seen the pictures of Conor kissing a random girl on the cheek a few days before “You’re jealous” your friend had told you, as she smirked at the look on your face.

“No, I’m not” you thought you sounded convincing, but the look on your friend’s face told you otherwise.

Conor and you had been something along the lines of best friends for the past year. You had never had a male best friend before, and he had never had a female best friend before, so it was still to this day that it felt weird to be together, but not together.

He had appeared in a few of your YouTube videos, and your audience seemed to approve your friendship, although quite a lot of them wanted you to become more than that. Conor and you had never talked about it. Sure, he let a few jokes slip about  what it’d be like to date each other, but you had shrugged it off quickly.

But now, as you made your way to the end of the club to grab yourself a well-deserved drink, you started questioning your feelings once more. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Conor walked casually into your living room on his way out of the bathroom. It wasn’t strange that you took showers in each other’s apartments, or that you spent the night with one another.

You rose your head from your phone to look at him. His torso was uncovered, as his t-shirt was on his hands. His sweatpants were losely hanging from his hips, and his hair was still wet. You let out an unconscious sigh.

“As you know, I’m flying to Paris next month” he said, finally putting his t-shirt back on. You mentally cursed him for doing so.

“I do know” you smirked, not sure of where he was going with it, but you were definetly enjoying it. 

He looked at you, smirking back. There was just something so mysterious about him, that made your stomach tickle “What about it?” you asked “Change of plans? Have you realized already that you won’t be able to live without me for a week?” you joked, hoping he would say yes and stay in London.

Conor, being an international pop artist and all, travelled quite a lot. He had been in London for the past two months straight without going away a single day, and you already were in the habit of seeing him every day.

“Kind of” he said, smiling again “I was wondering if you would want to come with me?” as he dropped the question, your heart skipped a beat and then sank.

“Are you being serious right now?” you asked, and he laughed at the look on your face.

“Yeah” he assured you as you jumped into his arms. He laughed as he picked you up and planted a small kiss on the side of your head “They said I could bring someone with me, and I thought of Jack but you’re more fun to be around. Fuck him” he said, making you burst out laughing.

With your arms still wrapped around his neck, his hands on your back, you looked directly into his eyes “I would love to, Conor”.

So there you were, drinking your heart out while trying to figure out how the hell you were going to get into a plane with him in a week when you couldn’t even look at him without having your heart broken into a million pieces.

Your glass went to your lips again when you noticed that there was no liquid on it anymore “I’m gonna get me another drink” you told one of your friends, tapping her on the shoulder. She was chatting with some random guy “Do you want something?”

“Yeah” she said, getting closer to your ear “For you to stop trying to forget Conor by intoxicating yourself” 

You laughed. You weren’t even drunk and you had had three drinks already. As you walked away without saying a word, you thought it would take more than alcohol to forget him.

Once you got another drink, you were ready to go back to your friends when you saw that they were surrounded by a group of quite drunk and loud guys, and you were just not in the mood. So you stood by the counter instead, taking a sip of whatever thing they had mixed for you.

You felt someone tapping on your shoulder “Excuse me” a male voice said, and you turned around to see a tall blonde guy smiling excitely at you “Are you Y/N, from YouTube?” he asked.

Your heart melted “Yes!” you said, far too excitedly, the alcohol suddenly kicking in “I mean, yeah, that’s me” you repeated, trying to look cooler this time.

The man laughed “Cool, I’m Jared, big fan” he extended his hand for you to shake, and so you did. He had a firm grip.

“Thank you” you said “You really changed my mood. I was feeling so damn shitty, you have no idea” you vented out as you raised your glass and drank the rest of your drink.

“Damn, that’s too bad” he said, taking a sip from his own drink. He gave you a cheeky smile afterwards “You’re too pretty to be sad”

You swore you blushed “Nah” you simply said, not sure how to react. Was that total stranger not only a fan of you, but also flirting with you?

“Yah” he said, mocking your response. You smiled, now feeling better “May I buy you another drink?” he offered, and you simply nodded. 

Whatever he had ordered for both of you, it was strong. But you weren’t one for turning down a good old glass of alcohol. Jared and you made your way to the dancefloor, and danced together. After a small while, his hands left his drink and travelled their way to your waist, pulling you closer until your bodies were rubbing one another’s. The friction was uncomfortable.

Your eyes instinctively moved from Jared’s collar to just behind his neck, and you locked eyes with someone. 

“I need to go say hello to somebody” you shouted into Jared’s ear, so he could hear you through the loud music. He nodded and you released yourself from his grip.

“Jack” you simply said once you reached him “What are you doing here?”

He smiled “Are you the only one who’s allowed to drink to forget, or what?” he asked you, and winked at you before walking away.

Now you found yourself standing alone in the middle of one of the biggest and most crowded clubs in London. You were about to start walking away to try to find your friends when you felt someone grabbing you by the waist with one arm and pulling you closer to his body “Were you flirting with that guy?” a familiar voice asked in your ear, his other hand moving to your waist as well.

Conor’s cologne was unmistakeable “Yeah, what about it?” you said cooly, as your heart raced so quickly you thought it would come out of your chest.

You had been avoiding Conor for the past few days, and this was not how you imagined meeting him again “Do you not love me?” he asked you in your ear again, and you couldn’t really tell if he was drunk or not.

You turned around so you were now facing him “Are you drunk?” you straight up asked him. He shook his head “Just had two shots with Jack” you knew Conor could take much more alcohol than that without getting drunk, so you believed him.

He pressed your foreheads together, and you brought your hands to his chest, as if to stop him “Conor” you said “What on Earth are you doing right now?”

He shook his head, as he hid his face on the crook of your neck “I can’t wait for Paris” he said, and you shivered. 

“You still want to go with me?” you asked, a tint of unintended jealously on your voice “What about that girl you were kissing the other day?”

He chuckled, and you wanted to punch him “I was not kissing her” he said, and laughed afterwards. You normally loved Conor’s laugh after his own comments, but now he was just pissing you off.

“Yeah, I bet she was just your friend, right?” You pushed him away, not sure what you were doing or why you were behaving like that. But you felt in charge. It took him off-guard, as his smile immediately left his lips and he frowned.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N?”

“Forget it, Conor” you shook your head “I’ve got someone waiting for me” you said as you prepared yourself to turn around and leave, feeling even worse than before. But a pair of firm arms around your torso stopped you.

“Stay with me”


“Don’t go back to him” he almost pleaded.

“What is your fucking problem?” you turned around, almost shouting at his face “We are just friends and that’s it, although you probably are aware of that, so just let me go on with my fucking life” you yelled, holding back tears.


“Conor Paul Maynard!”

“Shit, Y/N” he screamed, catching you off-guard. You had never seen Conor angry, let alone rise his voice “We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Your heart stopped as words left his mouth. Your body relaxed in his arms, as he released a hand from your waist to rub his eyes “Are we not?” you asked, more calmly this time.

He looked right into your eyes just like he had many times before, and you finally understood what he was hiding behind them. Because you were hiding the same thing “At least not for me” he mid-whispered. You found yourself lifting your hand so it was now resting on his cheek. He was looking down, licking his lips casually. 

You chuckled “You know, you would’ve made things a lot easier if you had told me this before” you told him softly.

His eyes moved slowly from the ground until they were locked with your own. His hand travelled to your neck, grabbing it carefully as if it were to break into a million pieces. He leaned in until your lips were lost in each other’s. Your stomach did that thing again, only this time, it was far more intense. Your lips moved in perfect sync, and you suddenly realized you were kissing your best friend. But his lips felt so soft against your mouth, and his touch on your skin was so delicate it sent chills down your spine.

You pulled away a few seconds to breathe out before pressing your lips together again, more passionately this time. His hand on your waist brought you closer to his body, so close you felt the smell of his cologne filling your lungs.

He pulled apart, and looked directly into your eyes before pecking your lips shortly but sweetly. You laughed out of nervousness, hugging him so you could hide your face on his chest. He kissed the top of your head, smiling as his brother gave him a thumbs up from not so far away.

Oh, what a week in Paris was waiting for you.

I mean… yeah I can totally see Mr Smiley being a comedian back then.

He was voiced by Sinbad after all.

If he can sound convincing even after that he can do anything.

“What was your routine Mr Smiley?”

“Steven I was a stand up comedian, half the jokes I had would make your guardiands take my head off if I told them to you.”

“Oh I know, I should use my super strength to tap the back of this extremely old and fragile toy!”

“Ah damn my hubris!”

Maybe this is going to sound delusional, but I really don’t care. 

The spoilers on the TSDF forum state: 

“He [Daryl] doesn’t like hearing that Carol left the Kingdom. Zeke allows Daryl to stay and before they leave, Rick directs Daryl to try and convince Zeke to join sides with them.”

Maybe I’m reaching, idk, but it sounds to me like convincing Zeke to go to war isn’t the whole reason why Daryl stays at the Kingdom. It’s part of the reason, yes, but it seems like perhaps Rick will tell Daryl to get Ezekiel to join as kind of a “hey, while you’re here, try to persuade him…”

Like I said, it might be my shipper goggles or whatever, but I think that a part of the reason why Daryl stays at the Kingdom is that he is thinking of looking for Carol. 

Just my headcanon. 

And Kieran is the son of the King of the Unseelie Court,“ said Mark flatly. "He did everything for me in the Wild Hunt. Protected me and kept me alive. And he only has me. Julian and the others, they have each other. They do not need me.”
But he did not sound convinced. He spoke as if the words were dead leaves, blowing across some hollow and aching space inside him. And in that moment, Cristina yearned toward him more than she ever had, for she knew that feeling, to be so hollowed out by loss that you felt as if the wind could blow through you.
“That is not love,” Cristina said. “That is debt.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight (page 358)
To those who argue that Mark does not feel. indebted to Kieran.
Who is the next black paladin?

I know there are a lot of theories about who the next black paladin is going to be. And if Shiro is going to come back. While I think that Lance, Keith, and Allura are all likely candidates for this position. I am here to show the truth, who the next black paladin is most likely going to be. Slav. I know it does not sound convincing that this character we just met has the ability to be the black paladin, but just hear me out. 

The black lion takes the most energy to pilot. and who has a lost of energy? that’s right Slav. When we are first introduced to Slav we see a energetic character who not only has a high intellect but shares some of the qualities Shiro has as well, like the ability to think things threw. 

Another quality Slav has that points to him being the next black paladin is his ability to see in other realities. This can come in handy when they are battling Hagar/Galra Empire (possibly Lotor) in the next season. 

Still not convinced? The creators of this show put so much thought into there work that this next part will be shocking. They already knew that Shiro was going to go have some me time and treat himself at the end of the season so they were already looking for new paladins. Most people think it could be Keith because in the original series he was the black paladin. Others think that Lance and Allura both have a chance. While I completely agree with these, Who was the paladin that found Slav? Shiro. 

Yes that right, the voltron crew is already ahead of us. Lance could have found Slav but Shiro did hinting at the black paladin succession that is going to happen in season 3. While i would like to see black paladin Lance/Keith/Allura Slav is the real deal.

Lastly I want to point out that voltron was built to unit the galaxy. All of the paladins right now have been humans, so this is the perfect moment to bring diversity to the group. 

The only problem I see with this theory is that Slav has many arms.

So I don’t know how he would wear the black paladin uniform. Also Shiro is still wearing it?

Anyway Slav is our next black paladin.

When you`re ready

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@nephilimwolf​ I ship you with Remus Lupin!

“Remus come on, just tell me.” You smiling up at him, your hand gripping him firmly by his tie. He looked at you and scratched the back of his neck, smiling nervously. “It`s nothing, we just deal with some. . Problems together.” He said, not sounding convincing. You got a worried feeling in your gut saying something was off. “Remus, where do you and the guys disappear to?” You asked him a little more sternly, your smile now gone. “Ehh we-“he started, but got interrupted by Sirius, James and Peter coming around the corner to the hallway you were standing in “Moonie you ready to-, oh, did we interrupt something.” Sirius said with his signature smirk. “No you didn`t, I`ll leave.” You said shortly and walked away from the guys, a little angry but also hurt that Remus didn`t trust you enough to tell him. “y/n wait.” He said and started to step towards you, but James put his hand on his chest, causing him to stop. “We got to get going.” He told him. He looked back towards you again but you had disappeared around the corner already. “Bloody hell.” He just said with a sigh, he hated to keep his secret from you, but he was more afraid of what your reaction would be when you found out. “She`ll come around, don`t worry mate.” James said reassuring. He didn`t reply, he just started to walk towards the shrieking shack.

You were sitting in a sofa in the room of requirement, you needed some peace and knew no one usually came in here except for you and the marauders. Right now the room were filled with beds and sofa`s, a place just to relax. You loved Remus that wasn`t a question, and deep down you knew he would tell you what he was hiding sooner or later. Of course, you wanted it to be sooner but you have to trust him.

The door opening pulled you out of your daze and brought your attention to the noise. It was Remus, he was covered in bruises and few scrapes. You gasped shocked and ran to him. You stopped in front of him, afraid to hurt him if you touched him. “What happened?” you asked, looking at him worried. He gave you a weak smile “Just been sorting out a few problems, didn`t quite get it right.” He told you. You brought your hands to the sides of his face and pressed your lips to his. Then pulled apart to look at him. “You don`t have to tell me, just promise me to let me help in anyway I can. I`m here for you Remus, always will be.” You told him. He leaned in and kissed you again, when you pulled apart he embraced you in a hug and kissed the top of your head.  “That`s all I need.”