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Had a dream where I went on a “who wants to be a millionaire” style trivia game-show, only you went on as game development studios, and if you won the game, the show would completely fund a game concept for you and your studio.

most of the questions early on were pretty easy stuff. What was the subtitle to the second Legend of Zelda game. How many coins does it take to get an extra life in Super Mario Bros.

The questions started getting more specific, sometimes more difficult. Stuf like game’s release years, the names of lead developers on titles, boss names, stuff from current games, especially multiplayer heavy games. But me and my buddies, my game studio, we kept on going, ended up using ALL of our life-lines and hints…

Then we got to the final question.

And the way the final question worked, was you chose ONE person to answer it, and everyone else got put in a sound-proof booth to watch.

After some debate, my game studio picked me to go up and answer the final question, to decide whether or not our game, our dream, would be a reality.

And the final question pops up on my little screen, and it looks like this:

The host looks at me and nods appreciatively. Everyone in the audience breathes a sigh of relief. I look towards my friends in the soundproof booth, and they appear calm and collected. I look back down at my answers. I start to sweat.

I move my hand over the screen. My fingers are shaking. I lean forward, going for the donkey kong faces. No, wait, the weird swath of blue color. Or maybe it’s The Elder Scrolls? A bead of sweat rolls down my nose, and then, I wake up. I still don’t know what the answer is.

I realize that when most people think about interpreters, they either confuse them with translators or just imagine them as boring people who sit in a box all day and repeat the boring speeches politicians give at conferences. Somehow I doubt that most people have ever thought about how important interpreters have been for the way we communicate and how the world today would not be the same without them. And I also doubt that people have ever viewed interpreters as badass or as heroes. Therefore, I’d like to tell you about:

The Interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials

I guess most of you already know what the Nuremberg Trials were, but here’s a short explanation for those who don’t: The Nuremberg Trials were a series of military tribunals, held by the Allied forces after the Second World War. They took place in the city of Nuremberg and they were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the Nazi leadership. As the people involved with the trial were American, British, French, German and Russian, it had to be conducted in four different languages. Which is why they needed interpreters.

I recently went to an exhibition about those interpreters and even though it was a really small one, it was super impressive- because of what I learned about them.

Here are some of the most interesting and impressive facts:

·         Before the Nuremberg Trials, simultaneous interpreting did not exist. Before the trials, people believed that the human brain was not capable of something like that. The simultaneous interpreting equipment used for the trials was the very first of its kind.

In this video you can see a demonstration of the simultaneous interpreting system. Later you can also hear some of the interpreters’ interpretations:

·         None of the interpreters had ever worked as a simultaneous interpreter before. (The reason was, of course, that this profession had not existed before the trials.) Some were translators, consecutive interpreters or linguists, and others were ordinary people who had grown up bilingually, or people who had fled from Germany before the war and lived abroad for a while. The bar was set very high and they had to pass difficult and complex tests, including mock trials, before they were allowed to interpret at the tribunals. Since none of them had any kind of experience with simultaneous interpreting, they had to train themselves in a very short time.

·         Without simultaneous interpreting, the Nuremberg Trials would have taken much longer or might not even have been possible at all. Before the trials, only consecutive interpretation was used. (With consecutive interpretation, the speaker stops every few minutes and the interpreter repeats what he said in the target language.) Since there were four court languages (English, German, French and Russian), using this interpreting technique would have prolonged the trials significantly. As the Cold War started soon after the end of the tribunals, it is unclear whether they could have been finished, had they taken any longer.

·         Simultaneous interpreters were not the only language professionals working at the trials. If a witness spoke neither of the four court languages, consecutive interpreters were brought in to interpret their testimony- which was then interpreted again by the simultaneous interpreters. There were also interpreters sitting behind the judges to help them communicate. The American and the British judge were seated next to each other, so they could exchange their thoughts, but if they wanted to talk to the French and Russian judge, they needed the help of their interpreters. Translators also worked at the trials. They translated the notes taken by the court reporters in shorthand. These translations were then compared to recordings of the simultaneous interpreters’ interpretations, to make sure that they hadn’t made any mistakes which could influence the outcome of the trials.

·         In total, the team consisted of approximately 50 interpreters, 200 translators and 100 people who compared the interpretations with the court reporters’ shorthand. Of course, this generated a lot of paperwork. One photo taken by the American military photographer Ray D’Addario shows employees in the court’s document room standing literally ankle-deep in translation paperwork.

·         Interpreters at the trials worked 85 minute shifts on their own. (In contrast, simultaneous interpreters today work in teams of two and take turns in shifts of up to 30 minutes.)

·         Sometimes, interpreters were not able to finish their shift- not because of exhaustion, but because they could no longer handle the psychological strain and could no longer force themselves to listen to what was being said. The trials dealt with the worst atrocities committed by the Nazis- war crimes, genocide, mass murder and crimes against humanity. Many interpreters had to be replaced -either because they left or because they returned to the translation department- and later many said that they had nightmares because of those trials. One interpreter, however, also said that he didn’t really catch all the details of what was being said, because he was always way too focused on getting the grammar and the vocabulary right. (And yes, that happens. A lot.)

·         One of the most famous photos of an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials does not actually depict an interpreter. The photo in question shows a young woman in a red suit wearing headphones and explaining the simultaneous interpreting system to the press. However, she was not actually an interpreter, but a lawyer’s secretary. The reason she was chosen as a model for this photo was that she always had the most fashionable suits, because her mother was a tailor.

·         Interpretations and Translations could influence the outcome of the trials. The fact that recordings of simultaneous interpretations were checked against the translations of the court reporters’ shorthand limited the risk of communication mistakes, but could not eliminate it completely. Many Nazis, like Göring for instance, tried to use this to their advantage- which, of course, put the interpreters under immense pressure to get everything exactly right. Richard W. Sonnenfeldt, the lead interpreter for the prosecution, remembered Göring asking him: “Could you find me a good lawyer? Although I might need a good interpreter even more than a lawyer.” After the trials, some defendants claimed that they had only been found guilty because of translation or interpretation mistakes. Interpretation or translation mishaps could also negatively affect the prosecution, though. A mistranslation of the word “Freimachung” (translated with “liberation” instead of “clearing”) caused a big problem for chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson during his first confrontation with Göring in court. Of course, some words also have more than one meaning. And sometimes, one meaning was more incriminating than the other. Those words quickly became bones of contention.

More about the equipment

·         Unlike interpreters today, the interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials did not have soundproof booths. Therefore, they had to be careful to not be distracted by ambient noise all the time. Their booths were nicknamed “the aquarium” because they were made of glass. However, those booths were not even closed glass boxes. There was one big glass panel in front of them, and smaller glass panels were used to separate the booths. The headphones were not soundproof either, and probably also not very comfortable.

·         Everyone had to wear headphones, except for the guards. There were more than 300 headphones in the court room at all times.

·         Each interpreter had a sign which said “slow”. They would hold it up if they wanted the speaker to talk more slowly. If a speaker did not see this (or ignored it), either the interpreters or a technician could push buttons which would light up differently coloured lights on the speaker’s table. The orange light told the speaker to slow down and the red light was a signal that there was a technical problem and the session had to be suspended until this problem was fixed.

What influence did those interpreters have on the future?

·         Together with other interpreters who worked at the trials, Colonel Léon Dostert, the head of the interpreters at the tribunals, founded the United Nations Interpretation Service. The technology used in Nuremberg became the basis of modern interpreting technology and ever since the Nuremberg Trials, simultaneous interpreting has become an integral part of international politics and diplomacy. Without simultaneous interpreting, international institutions like the UN, NATO, the EU or the WTO would look completely different today.

These interpreters did something that was considered to be impossible before the Nuremberg Trials. People believed that the human brain was not capable of simultaneous interpretation and yet those interpreters did it. In a short time, they taught themselves how to do it. They worked with newly developed equipment that was far from perfect: Uncomfortable headphones, people tripping over cables and no soundproof booths. They worked shifts which were nearly three times as long as shifts today, and all the time they had to listen to descriptions of the horrific atrocities committed by the Nazis. But even though they were constantly faced with these horrors, even though they were under immense pressure- the interpreters, translators, and other language professionals involved with the trials still did their job. They all put themselves through immense stress, psychological strain and possibly trauma, to make the trials happen and to make sure that Nazi war criminals received the punishment they deserved. Without those interpreters and translators, it would not have been possible. The simultaneous interpreters in particular were pioneers of their profession. Without them, simultaneous interpreting might not even exist. And without simultaneous interpreting, international institutions like the UN or the EU would look completely different today. The world might look completely different, too. After all, during the Cold War, fast communication with people who spoke different languages was essential. Who knows what might have happened without interpreters?

So, yeah, I don’t want to hear people calling interpreters boring ever again.

Just in case you’re interested in hearing more about this topic from someone who has actually lived through all this; here’s a speech by Siegfried Ramler, one of the interpreters who worked at the Nuremberg Trials:

[Finally, I’m not a historian or anything like that; I’m just telling you what I learned at the exhibition and from a few articles about it, because i found it interesting and super impressive. So if there’s anything that’s not correct, I apologize. Please let me know and I’ll correct it at once!]

Pregnant or not? - Jack Barakat OneShot

So what if you think you’re pregnant?
You don’t know if Jack even wants to have kids, so you are pretty nervous to take the test…
But you take it and it’s negative, or is it?

Pregnant or not? - Jack Barakat OneShot

I’m a giggling mess once Jack takes his bodyweight off of me and I scoot over, so he can sit down next to me. We’re both panting like we just ran a marathon…
“That was so fun… I love you so much for this”, Jack chuckles with me. I giggle lightly again and reach out for his shirt to cover my naked body at least a little bit.
“Noooo”, he whines and instantly pushes the fabric of my body.
“But it’s cold, Jack! And what if someone comes back?”
He grumbles a bit, but throws me my panties and my own top. I catch them and quickly slip everything on. In the meantime, Jack at least pulls on his boxers.

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Hot Water

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word count: 1,292

Note from the author: So, this was requested by @angstsuga and if you’re not following her, you’re crazy and should go hit the follow button immediately. I hope you enjoy this Jungdae, and I hope everyone else likes it too!

The snowflakes danced their way to the cold ground outside, swirling the air with beautiful streams of white. Winter had always been your favorite season. You loved the feeling of the cold air against your face, the way the snow sounded under your feet as you wandered, appreciating the white so delicately topping the tree branches. And the most important of all, it was around this time three years ago when you met the love of your life, Min Yoongi.

You had always yearned for him, smiling as you gazed at him from across the café or across the street. He had caught your eye the moment you saw him. The way his black hair contrasted with his pale, yet perfect skin, and how it fit so perfectly under the black beanie he was wearing. Your eyes widened as you noticed the trail of freckles along his cheeks and nose and how his lips appeared so soft and pink.

For three months, you wanted nothing more than to confidently approach him and say hello. But every time you worked up the nerve, you’d take one step closer and then run away. You were certain that he thought you were strange. Some unknown girl walking towards him and then taking off? That certainly wasn’t normal. It wasn’t until that December that the two of you met.

You had gone to your favorite café, which happened to be the place where you first laid eyes on him. Now, you went more for the off chance of seeing him rather than for the coffee. You took your order from the barista and headed to your usual table when suddenly you felt something collide against you. You looked up to see that you had walked straight into him. Your entire cup of coffee spilled on him. Your face turned deep red and you began apologizing.

“Oh god, I am so sorry! It was an accident! I wasn’t paying attention where I was going and..”

“No, it’s okay. Really, it’s my fault. I was distracted. At least I smell nice.” He said with a laugh. Oh, how his laugh made your knees weak.

“That was hot coffee that spilled on you, are you okay?” You said with concern. Of course, the first time the two of you met, it would be from you burning him with hot coffee. That day, the two of you exchanged numbers and hit it off.

Now, you stood in your kitchen humming along to Yoongi’s newest melody that he had created. You loved the sounds that came from his home studio, even his tiny fits of aggravation had become pleasant sounds to you. You loved that he worked on the songs from home, letting you catch little bits of the songs when he wasn’t using his headphones. You never really got to hear him recording lyrics though because he used a soundproof booth for that. But the small amount of what you got to hear was always beautiful, even if he disagreed.

You had spent the day decorating for the holidays. You put up a tree with silver and red ornaments, hung decorative stockings with each of your names on them and tea lights along the mantle above the electric fireplace. The presents were wrapped and placed under your tree. There were an awful lot from Yoongi, and you felt bad for not buying him as many, but you knew he was going to love the two big gifts you purchased for him and kept hidden. He wasn’t aware that you saved money on the side for the last year, working to earn extra wages to be able to afford them. But the look on his face when he saw the puppy you had so eagerly named Holly, and the gorgeous piano, which you were having moved in while the two of you would be out taking photographs, would be priceless. You had it all planned. You would take him out so he could take photographs of the snow, and your friend Seokjin would be coming over to ensure the piano arrived safely. He also was the one caring for Holly and would bring her over to the house. You had managed to secretly clear out your storage room to make way for what you knew would be his pride and joy.

You were lost in thought when suddenly you heard your phone buzz. It was a text from Yoongi’s mother.

We can’t wait to see you guys for the holiday! Please don’t worry about accommodations, we are only staying for dinner and then heading home.

You clenched your fists and nearly broke your phone that you were still holding. You could feel the anger building up inside of you like an active volcano. You were so lost in anger that you hadn’t noticed that Yoongi had come out of his studio.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong? Why do you look so angry?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because you invited your parents to dinner tomorrow night AND DIDN’T TELL ME?” You snapped at him.

“SO WHAT? I CAN’T HAVE MY FAMILY AROUND FOR THE HOLIDAYS? YOU’RE BEING RIDICULOUS!” He yelled. You had never heard him this angry before, but then again, he had never seen you this furious.

“YOONGI, DID YOU FORGET THAT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR HOLIDAY? JUST THE TWO OF US? I DIDN’T INVITE MY FAMILY, SO WHY DID YOU INVITE YOURS?” At this point, a tear began to roll down your cheek. You hated that about yourself. When you got pushed to a certain point, you would cry out of pure anger.

“JESUS, (Y/N)! WHY DO YOU HATE MY PARENTS SO DAMN MUCH?! THEY’RE MY FAMILY!” You took a few deep breaths and prepared yourself for the retaliation that would come after your next statement.

“Because Yoongi, your parents are horrible. They’ve never supported you or your dream, and you always get upset when they visit because they always end up bashing your music. Your parents should be your number one fans. But instead, they toss you into the dirt.” You said calmly. You knew he would get angry, but you also knew you were right.


You let out an angry sigh and replied.

“You know what? Fuck this. There is no point in trying to speak to you or reason with you because you will never see it.” And with that, you stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind you. You quickly undressed and turned on a hot shower to calm down.

Yoongi stomped around the house angrily, trying his best to justify himself and make you out to be the bad guy. He was too proud to admit he was wrong, but as the time ticked by and you remained in the shower, that pride began to fade.

“Fuck. I shouldn’t have done that to (Y/N). God, she probably hates me right now.” He whispered to himself. Then he realized you didn’t have a towel in the bathroom and knew immediately what to do. He quickly grabbed a few towels from the closet and threw them in the dryer.

You stayed in the shower until the water ran unbearably cold. You were still angry, but knew you had to come out eventually. You exited the shower to see a stack of hot towels and a note sitting on the vanity counter.

(Y/N), I am so sorry for being a thick-headed moron. I should’ve asked you before inviting them. Here are some warm towels to start my apology. I love you so much darling, and I hope you will forgive me for being so stupid. ­– Yoongi

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Here’s your final drabble, @redprairielily! Written with love by your Valentine, @flirtmcgirt. Fess up, did you know it was me? Hope you enjoyed this week; I had lots of fun coming up with stories! Have an amazing holiday!

“You got it. Yeah, like that.  Arch your back – oh, shit, Rae, that looked hot- hang on, not yet! Wait, wait…OH!”

Rae grinned from her position on the couch. “So, what’s the ruling?”

“Left ankle.”

Rae bent to remove her trainer and sock. “Turned on yet?”

“Positively throbbing with lust, m'dear.“

“Yeah, what else is new?” Rae said with a laugh. “I’ll have you know, in the old days, showing off my ankle would be scandalous. That exposed elbow of yours isn’t bad, either, Finnley.” Rae shot him her best gaze of desire, but both began snickering as soon as their eyes met.

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Dates At The Agency [REQUEST]

Here we go! A little pre-debut scenario for Chanyeol! This was probably heavily influenced by all the high school k dramas I’ve been watching recently. (The uniforms are just so cute!)

Anyway I hope you enjoy Chanyeol, featuring Baekhyun!

Jade xo

You had been walking home from school when Chanyeol called.

Smirking to yourself, you swiped your phone and lifted it to your ear. “And why are you not working?” you accused, stopping to sit on a nearby bench. “You haven’t even debuted yet and already you’re slacking off?”

For four years Chanyeol had been your boyfriend. You were in the same class at school and every time he walked past your desk, he’d drop something just so he could stop and talk to you. After weeks of him relentlessly asking you out for lunch, you gave in and said yes and since then, you’d been inseparable.

After a year of dating, Chanyeol was contracted to S.M and you wanted to break up with him. He needed to be completely focused on his training and didn’t need a high school crush dragging him down, no matter how much you wanted to stay with him. But Chanyeol was stubborn and even though you tried to push him away, he just held on tighter. It was hard dating him. You couldn’t tell people you were together and all your dating was done in secret. But you loved him and he loved you, so you found a way to make it work.

“I have been in the dance studio since 5am, thank you very much,” Chanyeol retorted down the phone, his voice making you smile uncontrollably. “What are you doing right now?”

You looked at the pavement in front of your and swung your legs out absentmindedly. “I’m just on my way home from school. Why? Do you need me to bring you chicken again?” You blew the hair off your face and rolled your eyes. “You’ve got legs Chanyeol, use them!”

He was going to moan … you just knew he was going to moan. “Oh noona!” he whined cutely and you knew they were a pout to go with it. “Can you just come to the agency please? You don’t have to bring food but I’d love you forever.”

“First, you should love me forever anyway! I put up with enough from you and the boys,” you started, pushing yourself off the bench and heading for the bus stop. “And secondly, I’m only two months older than you … that’s hardly noona material!” Even though you were arguing, you couldn’t help but smile. Your bickering made you feel like a real couple.

Chanyeol’s laughter was so loud, like the mic on his phone was literally in his mouth. “I’ll make it up to you if you did. I have a little surprise for you.”

You laughed and looked up and down the street, crossing the road quickly. “A surprise?” you exclaimed excitedly, jumping up onto the pavement on the other side. “For future reference, you should have started with the surprise.”

“Noted! Does that mean you’re coming?” he asked hopefully, his voice rising excitedly.

Fighting the urge to roll your eyes, you checked the time on your watch and sighed to yourself. “Fine, I’ll come right over. But I need to be back by eleven to finish my essay,” you told him, looking at the bus timetable for when the next one would arrive.

“Yay! We’ll get ready for your surprise,” Chanyeol exclaimed and you could hear murmuring in the background so you knew he wasn’t alone. “Bring chicken too!” With a quick ‘I love you’, he hung up, leaving you slightly dumbstruck as your bus pulled up front of you.

After two buses and waiting ten minutes for the chicken, you arrived at the agency and headed up to the dance studios, peering through each door’s window to try and spot Chanyeol. A lot of people recognised you and waved, especially at the fifth studio you looked into when Sehun, Jongdae and Baekhyun spotted you and starting running for the door. Chanyeol wasn’t looking in your direction but you instantly recognised his tall stature and pointy ears.

“Did someone order some chicken?” you called dramatically as you poked your head inside. All the boys in the room immediately charged at you and hugged and squeezed, swiftly taking the chicken out of your hands and moving to the sofas in the corner of the room. Meanwhile you found Chanyeol and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Hey baby,” you said coolly, pulling him to the floor where the boys were currently attacking the chicken boxes.

“Your girlfriend is the best,” Jongdae muttered, chicken drumsticks in both of his hands. The other boys grunted in agreement, all of them with chicken in their mouths. “Hold on to her Chanyeol!”

Pulling you onto his lap, he kissed your temple and reached for some food. “Like you could steal her from me Jongdae! Just eat your chicken before you embarrass yourself,” he joked, handing you his chicken before taking another piece for himself.

You just giggled and ate your chicken quietly, happy to just sit back and relax after your hard day at school.

“How was class today?” Chanyeol asked in his hushed voice that sent shivers down your spine. “No one’s been bothering you, have they?”

You turned to him and tried to smile. “Are you going to come and beat them up if they had?” you asked jokingly, kissing his lips softly to distract him. “Class was fine.”

It wasn’t though. There was a girl in your class who couldn’t seem to leave you alone. All you wanted to do was go to school, learn and then leave, but this girl seemed to have other ideas. And recently, everything had been getting worse. You tried not to let it show – you’d be leaving for university soon and she wouldn’t be able to bother you anymore. But Chanyeol was far too perceptive for his own good and could tell when you were lying.

“I know you’ve been having a hard time. I hate that I can’t be by your side to help you through this like I want to be.” You could see the lump in Chanyeol’s throat and you just squeezed him tightly, hoping he hadn’t been distracting himself with worrying about you. “I wish you didn’t have to go through this alone.”

You fed him a little bit of your chicken and smiled. “Thank you for caring but it’s nothing honestly,” you told him softly, giving him a little kiss. “I’m happy right now and that’s all that matters.”

“Then allow me to make you a little bit happier,” he replied coyly, smirking mischievously at you before looking at someone behind you. You gave him a confused look and then turned around to see Baekhyun smirking at you too. “Ready Baekhyun?”

He nodded and then started to get up.

Chanyeol lifted you up and the pair of you got to your feet. “Save us some food, we’ll be back in a minute.” Taking your hand firmly in his, he pulled you out of the dance studio, following Baekhyun down the hall to a little soundproof booth.

“What’s going on Chanyeol?” you asked as he pulled you into the little practice room and sat you down in one of the chairs. “Is this the surprise?”

“Yes, now sit there and listen,” he replied sternly, leaving a little kiss on your nose before moving to the pair of stools on the other side of the room where Baekhyun was already sat. He picked up his guitar and got himself settled on the stool before nodding to Baekhyun and counting to three.

Lightly Chanyeol started to strum his guitar, building a soft and slow melody that sounded beautiful. Then Baekhyun started singing slowly, his voice soft and melodious, perfectly matched with Chanyeol’s guitar playing. It was new, something you hadn’t heard before but instantly knew it was written by Chanyeol. Only he could make your heart flutter with such excitement over a song.

As soon as Chanyeol strummed the last chord of the song, you jumped to your feet and started clapping, giving them both a standing ovation. “That was amazing,” you exclaimed excitedly, hurrying over to give both of them a hug. “You’ll debut soon, I know it!” you told them proudly, patting Baekhyun on the shoulder as Chanyeol pulled you closer to his side.

“I’m glad you liked you,” Baekhyun said with a bow and a smile. “I’ll make sure they’ve saved you some chicken,” he added, quickly ducking out of the room and leaving you alone with your boyfriend.

He turned to face you and push the loose strands of hair behind your ears. “Did it cheer you up?” he asked optimistically, nibbling cutely on his bottom lip as he anticipated your answer.

“Of course,” you scoffed with a roll of your eyes. Stretching up onto your tiptoes to look him in the eye better, you beamed the brightest smile you had in a long time and pushed yourself closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You were amazing; especially seeing how far you’ve come since you joined the agency.” You cupped his cheek and giggled at his puppy dog expression that melted your heart. “I’m a very proud girlfriend.”

“Ah you’re so cute,” he squealed excitedly, grabbing your cheeks and scrunching your face up. “I know being my girlfriend isn’t as easy as it used to be but I’m so thankful to have you by my side.”

You tried to shake out of his grip but he was much stronger, so instead you did the exact same thing to his face, forcing his lips into a pout. “It’ll take a lot more than you becoming rich and famous for you to get rid of me,” you teased, brushing your lips against his for a split second before pulling back and leaning away. “Besides I kind of like our dates at the agency.”

“Whatever gets me a kiss,” he said with a shrug, leaning down with his lips poised in a pout.

You scowled and jumped back, managing to get out of his grip. “Is that all I am to you? A kissing machine?”

“Of course not,” he exclaimed, dropping the pout and slinging his arm around your shoulders, steering you out the door of the little studio. “You also bring the chicken!”

In a flash, Chanyeol was sprinting down the corridor while you were still reeling at his words. When he stopped halfway down the corridor and gave you a little wave, you snapped out of your frozen state and started chasing him.

“You’re not famous yet, Park Chanyeol!”


Customers listened to latest record release inside soundproof listening booths, HMV 363 Oxford Street store, London 1955 (LIFE magazine)

Anime and Music / Soundtrack:

Oldies but Goodies:

Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub

Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz Hop

Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Disco

Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin, Flamenco, Fusion, Folk

Post Punk, New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Ska Punk

anonymous asked:

For the first25 thingy you wrote for the other anon, can you do it for Kookie too if you don't mind and have spare time? /hides/

sister fic to this one 

requests areclosed

25 seconds
rated t for tangible
word count: 1,896

It takes 25 seconds for the world to change—and here are the 25 firsts that come before


You are the space between daring and darling and he can’t seem to find where you end and where you begin because when you catch his eye for the first time, all the way down the hall, a trainee’s badge clipped to your chest, you fill in every part of him he’s ever missed.

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herstrionics  asked:

narry 39 ;) :*

2.5k, canon compliant light angst warning for things you forgot to say

Niall gets the phone call while he’s stood in line waiting to get through customs in Heathrow. He’s got four solid black guitar cases, a couple of mics, and his in-ear kit with him, and the line is taking absolutely ages. Usually accepting unknown phone numbers is a big no-no, but this is his work phone, and if he doesn’t talk to someone soon, he’s going to go mental and land himself on the no-fly list for sure. 

“Hi,” he hears, a slow, drawling voice. Niall actually stops dead with his messenger bag slung suffocatingly across his chest and his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. “Hello?” 

“Hey,” Niall answers finally. He shakes his head. “Hello, how are you?” 

Harry laughs. It sounds different than it used to, Niall notices. At least he remembers the way it used to be. “We’re not doing an interview, mate, relax.” He deepens his voice and follows up with, “Though I suppose we could. How are you doing, Niall Horan? Where are you at, you globetrotting superstar?” 

Niall says, “Fuck off,” mainly on instinct, and is relieved when Harry just laughs again. 

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The Story of Radio Abel

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the entirety of Season 3 Radio Mode!

Procrastinating from writing this blogpost, I decided to do a bit of digging through old files to try to find the very first bit of Radio Abel I wrote (scroll to the end of this post). It’s dated to exactly three years ago (coincidentally, to my 26th birthday), and contains this apology in the margin: “a first stab, a bit too sentimental maybe, but you get a bit of a sense of the banter / tension between them”. I guess that just about sums up this post as well: “a bit too sentimental, maybe, but you get a sense of the banter: The Story of Radio Abel”.

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard the final parts of this season’s radio mode, and you’ll know that this is goodbye. After three years, I’ve decided to give Jack and Eugene the happy ending I’ve been longing to since their first transmission and let someone else take over the airwaves around Abel Township. I’m a fanboy at heart, and I could no longer resist the temptation to send them into the West. The boys and I are off the air for good.

It has been a real privilege to write these characters for the past three seasons, and to work with such an incredibly talented group of actors in bringing them to life. Amy, Felix, Nathan and Rhys are the reason that radio mode ever made you laugh, if it did, cry, god forbid, or feel anything else at all under the sun. Working with them has been a joy since the beginning and I can’t ever thank them enough for everything.

Whatever else I thought when we started working on the radio stuff, I’d never imagined how warmly it would be received, and whatever else has happened in the past three years, the community’s reaction has been a constant source of light in my life. Thanks to everyone who’s listened to our dumb radio show, whether you liked it or not, and whether you’ve told us about it or not. Without an audience, we’d be nothing other than five people in a soundproof booth talking to ourselves.

Alright, enough with the soppy stuff. As this is the last you’ll see of them, here is a list of things you probably don’t know about Jack and Eugene:

  • Eugene came first, and was originally on his own. This was short-lived as writing nothing but monologue was driving me crazy.
  • His name, embarrassingly, comes from my favourite episode of “Band of Brothers”: “Bastogne” - the main character in that episode being Eugene Roe, and the whole thing taking place in the Woods.
  • Once it became clear that having a solo radio host wouldn’t work, I did the laziest thing possible to make the earliest scenes into dialogue: I took all of ‘Gene’s self-corrections and interruptions and put them under a new voice: Jack Holden. Eugene’s habit for self-correction is, unfortunately, something we share in buckets.
  • Jack got his first name because it played nicely with “Gene”, and the “Holden” came from the only British player at that year’s World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table.
  • Jack’s location on day zero is just a big love-in for this song.
  • Eugene’s old career is pretty much just stolen right from Nathan’s life. If you haven’t seen any of his food and drink reviews, go now! Any time there’s a foodie reference in radio mode, I’ll write something as a placeholder and then wait for Nathan to give me something better during the recording.
  • The season two radio clip “Smiling Too” is an original song that Rhys brought in with him one day, having written it on the way to the studio and asking if he could include it in the game.

And finally, before I hand over to Naomi to explain a little bit about how season four radio’s going to work, here are some of my favourite moments from the last three years of recording. Let me know what yours are!

  • Amy barely being able to contain her laughter while recording “The Ablers”.
  • Felix dancing while he rapped during “MC Cheeseman”
  • Richard Bell’s amazing sound design on the first three clips of season two radio.
  • Rhys and Nathan doing impressions of each other in season one (this bit was entirely improvised between takes - just the boys messing around with each other).
  • Everyone singing “Running Down To Cuba”.
  • Nathan’s insanely heart-breaking delivery of the line “They never brought him home”.
  • Hearing all the community call-in clips and having loads of fun writing responses.
  • Felix’s face when I played him the clip of a fan proposing to Phil (he had no idea what was coming).
  • Rhys recording the “Eugene is sick” clips. We had to record this stuff at 5.30am as Rhys was heading off on a tour that day, so it was a very bleary-eyed session, which added to the atmosphere.
  • All the stupid sound effects in “Runner Zero”, as well as that theme tune! We spent quite a bit of time on these sections, but mostly because we couldn’t avoid corpsing. One of the best things about recording the radio content has been how consistently we struggle to get through takes without laughing.

So, that’s it from me. It’s been an absolute pleasure to bring you Radio Abel for three years. Stay safe out there — Matt Wieteska (@gamecat).

And a word from Naomi:

Well. I’ve teared up, and I’m sure you have too. When Matt first told me he wanted to stop writing Radio Abel of course I did what any good Lead Writer would do and imprisoned him in my basement, got out my lump hammer and mentioned that ‘the operation was called hobbling’. But even in the face of my uncannily accurate impression of Kathy Bates, he remained adamant. And, after some treatment in a state correctional facility, I’ve come to accept his choice.

Over the years I’ve seen enough writers try to take over other writers’ beloved characters to know that it just doesn’t work. The fans can tell. It always feels ‘off’. So Matt’s retirement means Jack and Eugene’s retirement too. The ending he’s given them is beautiful and right: it feels like where those characters were always heading, where they were always supposed to be.

It would be wrong, I think, to try to replace Jack and Eugene outright. So there will be radio mode in Season 4, but we’re going to be mixing things up, trying out some new ideas and new characters, keeping radio mode as a lighthearted counterpoint to the Oh God It’s So Dark And Why Am I Crying of our missions. I’ve got some fabulous writers lined up to write radio in Season 4, and those of you who know how much I love the salty tears of the players will be glad to know that I’m not planning to be one of them!

And a little sliver of comfort for you: though Matt created Jack and Eugene, Phil and Zoe were created by Rebecca Levene, so you might just hear a little something from them every now and then.

Jack and Eugene have been part of what’s made Zombies, Run! great, and I’m sad beyond words to see them go. But Matt Wieteska, with everything from his patient, thoughtful, clever and insightful direction to his skills at game design, to his letting us *use his bedroom* to record Season 1, has been a much bigger contributor to all the success we’ve had, and to the million+ players we’ve helped get fitter. So though I’m sad to see Jack and Eugene go, I’m so grateful that we still have Matt on our team. Thank you, Matt.

“What Has Been Seen” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: Sam walks in on Kurt and Blaine doing real wanky stuff on Mercedes’ couch somewhere between 5x14 and 5x20 and they get lectured by the diva herself.


Warnings: super light D/s 

~2100 words | AO3

Sam cradles his paper grocery bags in one arm, fumbling with the keys to his (and Mercedes’ and Blaine’s) apartment. He can’t wait to dump the bag on the kitchen counter, take his newest pint of Ben & Jerry’s to the couch, and settle down for another Facts of Life binge. Blaine’s out on date night with Kurt, Mercedes is working at the studio, and his next photoshoot isn’t until tomorrow afternoon; it’s a perfect opportunity to stay up late following Mrs. Garrett and the girls’ wholesome lesbian adventures.

He finally gets the door open—nearly losing his beloved ice cream in the process as it tilts dangerously towards the edge of the bag—and immediately hears the sounds of porn.

Wait. What?

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An Interview With The Boys - Niall Imagine

Anon: Could you do one where you’re a rising punk-rock/alternative/whatever people want to call it star and your in a combined interview with the boys and some how Niall admits to being a huge fan and liking you?

“So Y/N you’re scheduled for a quick meet and greet with your fans from 12pm to 3pm, and then we shall head straight over to the BBC Radio building for a combined interview with a surprise guest” your PA, Elise explained to you as you got ready to step outside into the world of screaming teenagers.

“May I ask who this special guest is?” you questioned, looking at her through the mirror as her straight face witched, trying to fight back a smile. “I’m afraid not Y/N, it shall remain a secret” she stated with a wink. “You’ve got to be down in 10 minutes!” she stated as she sauntered outside with a glint of amusement in her eyes.

“Urgh! I hate when you don’t tell me things Elise!” you yelled from the door, earning a quick laugh from her as you heard her heels click down the stairs.

“Hmmm.. wonder if it’s 5SOS, they do have a similar style of music as I do… we’ll I’d say I’m more punk rock than then” you said, joking to yourself as you brushed your hair.

You were a pretty famous punk rock singer, but nowhere near as famous as them, you were a huge fan of their music since day one, even before One Direction discovered them… ahh 1D, the people who inspired you to sing. Oh what you’d do to meet them!

You decided to check your twitter and you screamed at the notifications, one of them particularly standing out.

@NiallOfficial is now following you

Niall Horan just followed you on twitter.

Niall. Frickin. Horan.

“OH MY DAYS! NIALL HORAN JUST FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” you screamed out, causing Elise to run upstairs and discover the reason for all of the commotion.

She burst into the room, panting as she frantically looked around to find you jumping up and down on your bed chanting “Niall followed me on twitter” over and over again. She suppressed a laugh and shouted your name, causing you to stop.

“Right.. Y/N compose yourself please, we have to get going” she said in a tone that indicated she wanted to laugh. “Yeah. Okay. Let’s go” you said grabbing your jacket and walking out.

On the way to the meet and greet you couldn’t contain our excitement as you tweeted:


Almost instantly, you got a reply and had to refrain from jumping up and down in your seat.



It was now after the meet and greet and you were elated at the response of your fans from your debut album which was self-titled.

You laid back in your seat and huffed, completely in wonderment of what your life had become over the past year.

You closed your eyes and drifted off into dreamland…

Moments later you were awoken by a jolt and you opened your eyes to find that you were at the BBC building, you go out tiredly and walked with Elise too oblivious to notice the screaming girls that had gathered there.

You arrived at the room where the incredible Scott Mills was interviewing people that you couldn’t really see since their backs were to you and they were hidden away by a screen. You gathered there was more than one because Scott’s eyes would dart to different places, constantly laughing and pointing in different directions of the screen.

You couldn’t really hear what they were saying since the booth was soundproof but an assistant came up to you and said Scott would signal you when to come in so you fixed your hair, checked your makeup… wait a minute. You’re on radio you idiot. Why do you need to fix your makeup.

All of a sudden, Scott waved to you and motioned for you to come in, as you opened the door, oddly not making a sound as you stepped carefully to the screen and froze when you saw who it was.

One Direction.

One. Direction.

What in the world…

“Y/N… Y/N!” Scott called out, breaking you from your trance as you sat down on the end seat as you put on the headphones and turned to greet the members only to notice that Niall was right next to you.

15 centimetres away from you was Niall Horan. Woah.

“So Y/N! I gather you weren’t told about this interview” Scott said as heh handed you a mic making you chuckle as you shook your head.

“My P.A, Elise didn’t even tell me till this morning” you said as humorously as possible, shooting a glare at Elise who shrugged her shoulders innocently behind the glass.

“Anyways! Before you arrived, we were talking about a certain tweet this morning eh” Scott winked as you blushed furiously, staring at your lap, the design on your top suddenly sparking a huge interest in you.

“Umm… yeah uhh thanks for that Niall. I really appreciate it” you said into your mic as if you were a shy school girl.

“No problem Y/N, I really meant it, I’m a huge fan, I just bought your album on iTunes a few days ago” he said before carrying on, shocking you with his next statement “You’re insanely beautiful- UHH TALENED, I MEAN TALENTED” Niall said, quickly changing his sentence as ‘ooohhhs’ emitted from the other boys.

The rest of the interview went smoothly, of course odd teasing here and there from Scott and the boys, but mainly album talk and what your plans were.

At one point in the interview, the boys had to pretend to ask you out using the most cheesiest chat up line they could think of, it went a little like this.

Louis started off by saying “Hey girl, do you do squats because that ass of yours is finer than mine” and of course you laughed at this, considering Louis Tomlinson had the most gorgeous and the most bodacious bum you had ever seen on a man.

Liam’s was the oldest in the book as he said “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running in my mind all day” causing all of us to groan at the most annoying chat up line ever.

Harry being the flirt he is, got up from his chair and grabbed your hand as he kissed it, Scott announcing that on the mic was going to have twitter blow up within seconds of course. “So… I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours?” he asked as you winked at him and said “We’ll see Styles” making all of the other boys laugh.

Then Zayn came and ever since that SNL thing, he’s been focused on one phrase so… he used that “How’s your guinea pig… girl?”

“Yeah great thanks for asking” you replied, again making the boys laugh.

And finally, Niall came, your cheeks redden and you looked him in the eye as he stared into your beautiful y/e/c eyes for a good few seconds before speaking.

“Can I have a map? Because I got lost in your eyes” he said softly, making you smile at his words… even though they were for the interview, you couldn’t help but think they meant more.

After the interview was finished, everyone was relaxing and talking, you sat on the sofa scrolling through your twitter, gasping at some of the tweets you read, some positive, some negative… however there was one tweet that caught your eye.


You blushed a deep red and Niall walked up to you as he looked at your phone. “Haha… I see the comments flying in already?” he asked humorously as you nodded.

“Say.. you want to make them true?”

“What!” you looked up at Niall who had now turned a deep shade of red as he stared at the ground, our lips curling into a smile at his cuteness.

“I’d love that Niall” you said with a smile and he looked up, a twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes

“W-what! Re-really?!”




From Show Girl in Hollywood (1930). This shot reveals what an early talkie musical would have looked like while being filmed—from inside one of the enclosed, soundproof camera booths which became so sweltering at times that they were ironically called “iceboxes.”

Static Noise

pairing: jikook

length: oneshot, 2.2k

genre: hurt/comfort, fluff

summary: Jimin is recording his first solo track–officially. All Jungkook wants to do is just hold his hand.


“He’s going to kill you if he sees you here.”

The expression on Namjoon’s face is only relatively unamused. And the fact that Jungkook was clad in a cheap pair of sunglass he had found laying around and a washed out black hoodie with the hood pulled up didn’t really help him going unnoticed.

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